Food charity gets budget reprieve

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'I have listened': Scott Morrison to restore funding to Foodbank


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Do silly foolish things then said I listened? Why do we need you there?

''A CHRISTMAS CAROL'' by Scrooge scomo

Sooo out of his depth. Government by thought bubble. But the fact that he and his government could even think of depriving hundreds of thousands of already desperate people of their FOOD is just unconscionable. Mor'on, you're going straight to hell. Federal election now urgent.

After the fact Scomo. We’re beyond stunts 🤮

I should think so ScoMo ... What would struggling families do without Foodbank

Newspoll says 55-45% to Labor. The people have decided.

The fact that 710,000 people every month need Foodbank help, is a huge indictment on this government. 'Strong economy' for whom?

Maybe the game is 'lets take away money from emotionally charged areas in the community, then Scumo comes riding in on his White Christian charger, to reverse the cut and save the day! 😇

I can't wait for the next election

The only reason it was reinstated was the fear of losing votes nothing to do with feeding the underprivileged. This mob are all about saving their own jobs

Such a wrong-footed move. Looney Tunes stuff. Indeed, the government's Foodbank ineptitude is reflected in the opening sketch here:

How about putting your brain into gear BEFORE making half-baked decisions and start listening to the right kind of people ? Doesn’t sound hard to me.

A particle board Christian. Just a veneer on the outside, rubbish underneath it.

Why do I have this nagging feeling that this was orchestrated like some low rent Machiavellian plan to make Morrison appear more humane.

Scrooge scromo folded under the weight of public outrage. What he never listened to in the 1st place were the promptings of his own heart or a Christian conscience. This dud is even tone deaf to political savvy.

Common sense at last has prevailed!!

ScottMorrisonMP you listened? It shouldn't have even got to that stage!

He should ask who reduced it in the first place and sack them.

Can you listen to many others and get everyone off Manus and Nauru


/facepalm Another 'leader' in title only...

It's like watching reruns of the tv series Flipper 🐬

Good try Scotty !

It should nevertheless have been cut in the first place.

Tired of being manipulated of course it always was...Yeah Morrison you and your affiliations are the good guys..

Its the party, it’s beliefs, it’s IPA DNA, that has to change.

Scott Morrison should take up gymnastics. I reckon he’d make the Aussie team with all these back flips.

Another well thought out brain-fart. I'll give 9.9 for backflip on this issue and 0.0 for brain-farts ScottMorrisonMP auspol

Mr Flipflop will do anything for the next 6 months.

He’s listening, he’s hearing, he’s freaking out

ScottMorrisonMP keeps stumbling from one false move to another .... really he is truly an agent of change .. change of government at the next election

He’s listening, he’s hearing, he’s undoing

The fact that it was cut in the first place shows that the Liberal party have no idea what people deal with everyday.

Morrison is a lot like Turnbull, makes a decision and changes it the next day or so. Really.

but which program has had its funds repurposed to provide the additional $ ?

🔨 🔨 🔨 🔨

Well done ScottMorrisonMP now do the same thing with immigration mainly Muslim countries

The backlash was phenomenal - he had no choice than to restore funding. Some 'Christian'!

Oh! I forgot to say, Scotty....that’s the way run a Country. 1. Throw out a lunatic idea. 2. Get smashed by the public for it. 3. Reverse you decision. 4. Tell everyone “You are listening” to them. That’s why people should keep you in power. Ha Ha Ha Ha - Great leadership]

Every stupid decision Morrison makes can’t simply be forgotten by saying ‘I have listened’ and reversing it. Just for once this guy needs to take into account all the facts, all the implications and try and make the right decision in the first place.

Too late flip flop- nobody listening any more.

Really? At which point did he stop and think to himself '....mmmm....I wonder if withdrawing funds to a foodbank that feed poor people is a good idea?'

Maybe he needs to start listening BEFORE he opens his Muppet shaped trap.

more knee jerk action to bribe us He is prepared to splash billions to win the election Scomo bus tour was a total flop

Only after being a dick and getting called out.

Amazing non-indigenous Australian looking after indigenous & immigrant foreign blood non-indigenous Australia & the shit hole of Jerusalem too!

Another ‘Thought Bubble’ implosion, ah Scotty?

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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