First doses of the Moderna vaccine land in Australia

Pharmacies to administer shots after medical safety body gives approval.

17/09/2021 11:24:00 PM

The precious cargo came into the country last night on an Emirates flight, which landed at Sydney Airport. 9News

Pharmacies to administer shots after medical safety body gives approval.

Moderna have arrived in Australia.The precious cargo came into the country last night on an Emirates flight, which landed at Sydney Airport.The second shipment of the vaccine is expected to land on our shores in the coming days.The first doses of the mRNA vaccine Moderna have arrived into Australia

(9News)One million doses of Moderna are expected to be in Australia from this weekend.The coronavirus vaccine was created in the US and famously is partly funded by singing icon Dolly Parton, who gifted US$1 million ($1.37m) to aid research for its development.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) first gave provisional approval for the use of Moderna in Australia last month, making it our third COVID-19 vaccine, alongside AstraZeneca and Pfizer.Health Minister Greg Hunt said yesterday thatover 1800 pharmacies will start distributing Moderna jabs next week

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, once testing by the medical safety body is complete."They will start aggressively during the week as they are ready and as supplies arrive to them," he said.The precious cargo came into the country on Friday night on an Emirates flight, which landed at Sydney's Kingsford Smith Airport

(9News)70 percent of Australians have now had their first jaband almost 97 percent of aged care workers have had their first vaccine, Mr Hunt said.

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I hear we have purchased 280 million doses.... is that correct? Stick em up ya poopa Are these the one Japan rejected for having metal particles ? Make sense to you ? Israel failed with 2 jabs! Started so called 3rd and 4th booster jabs. Africa is doing better as they are taking artemisinin. India and Japan started Ivermectin! Who is collecting money from the vaccine? Who is responsible for the side effects?Time to have alternate treatments!

Moderna, many people may not realise means to 'Modify your Rna'. Let that sink in for a second.... Start making vaccinations mandatory across the board until the target is reached so people can start living again

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The precious cargo 🤣🤣🤣🤣 the hysteria is amazing

Victoria records 510 COVID-19 cases as state hits 70 per cent first vaccine targetVictoria has reached its first vaccination milestone - but authorities are increasingly concerned about a rise in COVID-19 cases across Melbourne's southern and eastern suburbs. Reporting on Covid should not be cases but population vax %, hospitalisations, intubations & deaths. Cases without serious consequences are irrelevant. Zero covid cases are never gonna happen Victoria has reached a vaccination milestone but the puppet show still goes on. The authorities must enforce restrictions using police presence. The community leaders including unions should actively participate. If the government can’t do the above, Victoria will continue to have high infection rate.

First Sydney drive-through hub opens as NSW set to reach vaccination milestoneAfter how many preventable deaths So does Sky News think this alleged corrupt individual GladysB will give our freedom back due to the Vaxxed being protected from the un-vaxxed if it works considering the variants also,when International Travel is allowed? Because we still don’t know where delta came in? lambda Meanwhile there’s a treatment that works and no one is talking about it.

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