Firefighters tackle factory blaze in Moorebank, south west Sydney

DEVELOPING: Firefighters are struggling to bring the factory fire under control. #9News

10/09/2019 9:41:00 AM

DEVELOPING: Firefighters are struggling to bring the factory fire under control. 9News

Firefighters are struggling to bring a factory fire under control in Sydney's south west.

Firefighters are struggling to bring a factory fire under control in Sydney's south west.The blaze has been burning for two hours, and surrounding businesses in Yulong Close, Moorebank, as well as nearby homes, have been evacuated.Thousands of litres of flammable liquid is alight, firefighters say.

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Moorebank factory fire comes dangerously close to homes (Nine)It has come within 15m of homes, with fire fighters battling the fire front from the fence line.The fire started at 2pm at Baker and Co, an ingredients factory, which contains food, chemicals and oils.

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Fewer cars in Sydney CBD opens way for cycleway, more pedestrian spaceA drop in motorists driving into Sydney's CBD has opened the way for construction of a key cycleway and the expansion of permanent pedestrian-friendly spaces | Mattonews Mattonews . Well, the more 'third world' we become, the more pedal-powered rickshaws we'll need... Mattonews Make the place unusable and people stay away so 'cyclists' can enjoy the space because no one wants to come near the bomb site win/win except for that retail or trying to do business Mattonews This is the dividend from improvements to public transport, pedestrian and cyclist access.

Flights delayed as damaging winds continue to batter SydneySeveral flights have been delayed at Sydney Airport as damaging winds continue to wreak havoc on the city. 9News First world problems, no big deal.

Wild winds cause Sydney flight cancellationsFollowing on from a weekend of wild winds across parts of NSW, more flight delays are expected today in Sydney as strong gusts batter the coast.

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