Fears for man missing in croc habitat, after boat found washed ashore - ABC News

4/05/2020 2:29:00 AM

Fears for man missing in crocodile habitat in Far North Queensland

Fears for man missing in crocodile habitat in Far North Queensland

Police say they are concerned for the safety of a man who has gone missing in a well known crocodile habitat in Far North Queensland.

A major search and rescue is underway after Anthony Vanharen's boat was found washed ashore at Winning Point, near Weipa in Cape York on Saturday afternoon.A 20-year-old man involved in a fatal collision which took the lives of two women on Anzac Day has today been arrested and charged with numerous offences, SA's Police Commissioner says.Malaysian authorities are rounding up undocumented migrants as part of efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus, the country's police chief says.The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved emergency use of experimental anti-viral drug remdesivir to treat patients with COVID-19.

Cape York Acting Inspector Kevin Goan said a rescue helicopter, volunteer marine rescue vessel, SES volunteers, and police were searching a vast area for the missing 42-year-old."There's quite a large number of crocodiles in the proximity of where the vessel was located and there's other marine activity that would be quite concerning if someone were to have entered the water.He was also charged with one count of causing harm." "The area is quite rugged terrain in terms of vegetation.The operation was aimed at preventing undocumented migrants from travelling to other areas amid movement curbs imposed to contain the spread of the outbreak, Inspector-General of Police Abdul Hamid Bador told state news agency Bernama.It was slow-going for the searchers yesterday.Witnesses described seeing a Volkswagen ute "flying through the air" from the second-storey window of a nearby home." Acting Inspector Goan said Mr Vanharen appeared to have been living in his boat and last made contact with his family on April 29."We're humbled by this being an important first step for.

Anthony Vanharen's boat was found washed ashore on Saturday at Winning Point, near Weipa."This is a tragic set of circumstances for everybody involved," Commissioner Stevens said.Coronavirus cases have started slowing down in Malaysia of COVID-19 infections in South-East Asia.(.

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