Fast food pay agreement changes spark union fight

4/05/2020 1:35:00 PM

A suite of changes to give employers including McDonald's and Domino's more flexibility has prompted one union to accuse another of undermining job security.

Workers at some of the country's largest fast food chains will face reduced shifts and forced leave as part of a temporary change to workplace rules that aims to save their jobs

A suite of changes to give employers including McDonald's and Domino's more flexibility has prompted one union to accuse another of undermining job security.

failing to make employees better off.Larger text size Very large text size Australians are tightening their belts by switching to discount brands and shunning new borrowing as spending across the economy sinks to its lowest mark since the coronavirus pandemic hit.Victoria's native wildlife protection laws will be reviewed after the deaths of more than 400 wedge-tailed eagles at a remote farm in East Gippsland.Share via Email The Warriors' sacrifices to remain part of the 2020 NRL season and keep the competition alive have extended beyond the players, with the club's entire staff agreeing to a base-level wage to avoid redundancies.

Innes Willox, Chief Executive of the Australian Industry Group, which negotiated the changes on behalf of employers, said it was in "everyone's interests" to preserve the viability of businesses and jobs."The fast food industry is one of the biggest employers of young people in Australia, and young people are particularly vulnerable in economic downturns", Mr Willox said.Last week spending in Australia was 20 per cent below what was normal before the coronavirus outbreak.Loading The SDA's national secretary Gerard Dwyer, whose union negotiated the deal, said it would "ensure work for as many fast food employees as possible in a sector hard hit by COVID-19" and said it largely mirrored the federal JobKeeper scheme.Murray James Silvester told the Sale Magistrates' Court that his boss told him to do it.But Josh Cullinan, secretary of the activist Retail and Fast Food Workers Union, which was not part of the negotiations, argued it was structured to benefit corporate stores from franchise giants like McDonald's and Domino's.It also reveals the well-timed economic boost delivered by the first phase of federal government stimulus - a one-off $750 payment to social security recipients - has faded.Those companies were unlikely to have suffered a steep enough fall in revenue to have their own stores pass the revenue downturn test for JobKeeper because their finances are bolstered by the fees they collect from franchised stores, Mr Cullinan said.On Sunday they left family members behind in Auckland in tearful scenes, vowing to make the club-wide sacrifices worth the while.

"We’re really concerned that the attack will casualise part-time employment," Mr Cullinan said, referring to the proposal to let businesses change part-time workers' rosters.AMP chief economist, Shane Oliver, said spending could be further affected as gloomy official figures on economic growth and unemployment are publicised in coming weeks.The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) investigated Auer for two years, but due to a statute of limitations the case was closed without further charges being laid.A bid to allow similar changes was rejected by the Fair Work Commission last year.The Fair Work Commission will consider whether to adopt the proposal on Tuesday.“If people hear more and more negative stories, especially about unemployment, that can affect confidence … the bad news can feed on itself.Meanwhile a coalition of unions in the disability care sector are pushing ahead with their bid for an almost $5 an hour pandemic allowance to workers who care for people with the virus." DELWP investigators were limited in their ability to prosecute the case further due to the scope of the existing Wildlife Act."We’re asking them to run into this crisis, and I think it’s fair enough that the government or providers should appropriately reward the additional skills and changed practices they have to implement," Health Services Union national secretary Lloyd Williams said.Last week federal Treasury secretary, Stephen Kennedy, said he expects the unemployment rate to reach around 10 per cent by the June quarter, the worst in more than 25 years.There's a bit of trailblazing there on our part but also there's a huge responsibility Warriors coach Stephen Kearney In all likelihood, June is the earliest that will happen, with the Warriors eyeing a Central Coast base where families are able to safely isolate with players.

Domino's said it would comply with the award..Simon Bligh, the chief executive of illion, said consumers had become thriftier during the past fortnight."A review of the act will be to modernise the act, and that includes its penalties regime," Ms D'Ambrosio said.

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McDonald work force r teens They r lowly paid n the boss wants to cut their hours If they take 1hr to go to work for only 3 or 4hrs shifts Just a waste of time on d buses B4 corona we were importing foreign cooks like cruise ships NOW they r redundant asking for bailout Again with the unions, they just look for something to moan about. I have had to take forced 10days annual leave and reduced pay by 20% while no reduction in work hrs. Its only temporary and get to keep jobs. Unions just trying to justify their existence

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