Extinction Rebellion's 'nudie run' protest bares all | Sky News Australia

Extinction Rebellion protestors stripped off for climate change in Melbourne on Saturday, marking the sixth day of climate protests across the nation. #NewsNight


Extinction Rebellion protestors stripped off for climate change in Melbourne on Saturday, marking the sixth day of climate protests across the nation. NewsNight

Extinction Rebellion protestors stripped off for climate change in Melbourne on Saturday, marking the sixth day of climate protests across the nation. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia

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Interesting as I was there. However they are blaming the previous generation. Yep the ones who didn’t have University educations. Those who worked hard so the kids had iPads. iPhones. Great food. Cars. Ect. They haven’t figured out there the problem now. klimateklowns They successfully convinced the public this whole thing is a hysterical reaction. Similar to the bob brown bus tour of mining towns in qld.

the naked truth they porn movie makers These people are flogs who trivialise a major issue with global warming by nudie marches and dancing in the streets. Their real issue is with our democratic institutions which they want to destroy with a socialist revolution. They have no concern for the climate.

That’s a lot of lost productivity in this week-long protest. And we’re up for another week? It’s a farce. Bring in the Tanks! Have these clowns all boarded a psychedelic time travel bus & arrived from the 1960’s or is their creative director so out of touch he/she thinks only crusties give a toss about the environment & they will prompt us “Straights” to feel guilty?WE ARE IN 21 CENTURY NOW!WE ALL CARE!

Extinction Rebellion protestors to 'nudie run' in Melbourne todayAll eyes are on Melbourne this morning, as protestors plan to storm the streets at 10am with a "nudie run". Yuk... Why are they all women Better shave their armpits before then.

Extinction Rebellion becoming ‘a serious challenge to our institutions’ | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Peta Credlin says it’s democracy that Extinction Rebellion “is really protesting against”, and its ongoing demonstrations are “developing into a serious challenge to our institutions”.\n\n“They don’t like the government the people elected, so they're trying to make the people suffer in the hope that voters will eventually tire of the inconvenience and give them what they want,” she said.\n\nMs Credlin has warned there is “no surer way for government to lose the confidence of the people than to lose control of the streets”.\n\n“In the end, the most basic responsibility of government is to maintain law and order and if they can't, then in a democracy, we've got to change the government.”\n protest all you want but get the fuck out of my way. While correct it is only a few imbeciles who are best ignored. Peta Credlin was responsible for Tony Abbott - she doesn’t need to taken seriously

Former Paralympian climbs on top of plane in Extinction Rebellion protestA Paralympic medallist climbs on top of a British Airways plane at London City Airport as part of ongoing protests by Extinction Rebellion. Did he use environmentally friendly glue? Now they learnt techniques from Hong Kong thugs. That is plane (pun intended) illogical, how does a Paralympian manage to climb onto a plane?

Victoria police urge commuters to leave work early to avoid climate change protestsVictorian police have urged commuters to leave work early to avoid 'significant disruptions' brought on by expected climate action protests throughout the Melbourne CBD. Nothing decadent at all about this, nothing at all. looks like the protest are starting to have an effect at least on part of the system is taking notice. Give them some trees to plant and stop them from wasting valuable police time.

Police urge city workers to head home earlyPolice have urged city workers to leave work early if possible as Extinction Rebellion protestors gear up for more peak-hour disruptions. 9News Arrest them. My sympathy for them has gone extinct... Good.

Why the crackdown on Extinction Rebellion is good news for protestersAs the movement grows stronger, so do attempts by state and federal governments to stop it. Here's a prediction. After a few weeks or perhaps months, the bulk of these protesters will give up and move on. Remember KONY 2012 More activism for an Apocalyptic Doomsday Cult by TheirABC, disguised as journalism. The key message from these eco terrorists is no message at all. All emotional trash and they are simply using a suspect reason to cause as much disruption around the world as possible. Not a single solution being offered and not a single fact being espoused. Disgusting!!

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