Extinction Rebellion protesters to end week of action

Climate change activists are set to continue disruptive mass protests in capital cities today as a week of demonstrations closes.


Protest group Extinction Rebellion will aim to shut down roads and interrupt traffic flow in its campaign to raise awareness about climate change. 9News

Climate change activists are set to continue disruptive mass protests in capital cities today as a week of demonstrations closes.

Protesters at the intersection of Swanston and Lonsdale Streets in Melbourne, on Wednesday. The week of action is expected to continue today. (Photo by Daniel Pockett/Getty Images)

Police made 35 arrests, including serial protester Eric Herbert, who was taken into custody for the eighth time.

Police equipped with power tools freed them but not before they caused mass disruption to commuter traffic.

Forty one people were arrested in the city, bringing the total of demonstrators taken into custody this week in Melbourne to 110.

A climate change activist, identified as British para-athlete James Brown, climbed on top of a plane on the runway of London's City Airport yesterday, reports CNN.

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How does a person let alone a Paralympian get on top of a plane at an international airport without assistance All these protests are to distract the public while Turkey invades Syria

'Australia is in freefall': Climate protesters cause mass commuter outrageExtinction Rebellion protesters continued disrupting major intersections, buildings and transport routes across Australia in day three of a week of climate rallies. Good job on him

Fury at Extinction Rebellion over plans to shut down London airportClimate action group Extinction Rebellion has been panned online after announcing a plot to “occupy and shut down” a London airport to demand government action on the climate crisis. Murdoch's still attacking Climate change protesters using “Koch-style” tactics

Protesters stage mock funeral and block streets as Extinction Rebellion hits Brisbane CBD againPolice arrest dozens of people as protests in Brisbane's CBD see a catamaran dumped on George Street and a mock funeral held outside State Parliament. These peoples brains may well need intensive care, i bet most of them were made to watch Al Gores: Inconvenient Truth, at school 🧐. Start your DigitalHumanitarianDemocracy world wide parties NOW. Don't wait any longer. Digital memberships on global scale. Founding President GretaThunberg. Close down WestminsterSystem trading with percurrent national politicians digital employment hubs. euronews USATODAY Great! I love seeing the bogans and boomers get upset for things they're either too stupid or too selfish to understand and accept. Keep blocking those neoLiberal-Party-voting banking/finance/real-estate-working clowns in their European SUVs

Protester’s secret video from watch houseAn Extinction Rebellion protester has captured what it is like inside a Brisbane police watch house after smuggling her phone inside when she was arrested. Bet ya 100 bucks she ain't got no JOB!.. TheGreatUnwashed

Climate activists use bikes to block morning trafficOne commuter said the ExtinctionRebellion traffic block on Hoddle St was frustrating, even though he supported climate action. 'Does it have to be at peak hour?' he asked. 'It makes me a little against the cause in a way.' 'Preventing human extinction is important, but not important enough to inconvenience me in the slightest' You can be against Extinction Rebellion actions but still support action on climate change. I think ER are ok with that. Don’t conflate anti ER with anti action on climate change. And the world was eternally grateful, as extinction was saved due to the galant efforts of thirty priveliged unemployed white people, stopping traffic with bicycles! How did we not think of this solution before

Extinction Rebellion protesters subject to bail conditions 'designed for bikie gangs'Protesters arrested as part of the Extinction Rebellion have been told not to attend any further demonstrations organised by the group and have been ordered not to go within 2.5 kilometres radius of the Sydney CBD Works for me! Booyeah! Justice prevails Have a go at the teeth on this boy

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