Extinction Rebellion protesters subject to bail conditions 'designed for bikie gangs'

Some of the 44 protesters arrested this week claim to have suffered injuries and say they were asked to sign bail conditions 'designed for bikie gangs'.


Protesters arrested as part of the Extinction Rebellion have been told not to attend any further demonstrations organised by the group and have been ordered not to go within 2.5 kilometres radius of the Sydney CBD

Some of the 44 protesters arrested this week claim to have suffered injuries and say they were asked to sign bail conditions 'designed for bikie gangs'.

Some of the 44 protesters arrested this week, including former Greens senator Scott Ludlam, claim to have suffered injuries and say they were asked to sign bail conditions "designed for bikie gangs".

Disgusting if only the same could be said for Former Politicians turned Lobbyists then we mite have a better country.

"When I remained silent, they picked me up and dragged me back with my arms in what they call a wrist lock and the pain was intense, and they continued to do that even though I told them I would walk. When I got to the police van, my arm started to swell up ... and they took me to hospital because they thought they might have broken my arm."

She said it would also be difficult to identify other members of the large protest group in order to not associate with them.

“Anyone who chooses to flout the rules and cause trouble should expect to feel the full force of the law," he said.

"I was kept in a police cell for 27 hours and was offered no food for the first 17 hours in custody and police tried to force me to sign onerous bail conditions that were designed for bikie gangs," Ms Campbell said.

Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald

Geez you don't need to protest to stop Sydney traffic... Just try driving at peak hour NSW has laws that would make the Taliban blush Is this Australia or North Fucking Korea? MSMWatchdog2013 JOURNALIST NEED TO EXERCISE THEIR COMMITMENT TO THE FOURTH ESTATE. I CALL ON ALL JOURNALIST TO REBEL & REPORT THE TRUTH. STOP COLLUDING WITH IPA AGENDA RETURN TO YOUR CALLING & PASSION REBEL & REPORT WE NEED AN INDEPENDENT 4TH ESTATE

MSMWatchdog2013 This is ILLEGAL DO NOT AGREE TO THE TERMS OF BAIL THE POLICE ARE TRYING TO ENFORCE. IT IS ILLEGAL. CALL LEGAL AID. Environmental protests are protected under the constitutional implied freedom of political communication. Ah, My First Police State testing grounds have gone well given the general public seem absolutely fine with their rights being stripped away. Idiots.

Yeah sure..they will do that....not! You know that they did this in 1933, after a mentally ill person set fire to the Reichstag - they took away everyone’s freedom Injuries, and who's fault is that ?

'Cable ties, street barricades and a $40 bike lock': Hong Kong demos inspire Extinction Rebellion's 'accessible' disruptionExtinction Rebellion protesters are planning to copy civil disobedience tactics from the unrest in Hong Kong to try to disrupt Australian cities. Perfect for the office run (and back!) Protest has to hit without someone being on the receiving end. It’s about energy. Disrupting traffic, thus being directly responsible for increasing vehicle emissions and getting the public offside will definitely help the cause. 🤷‍♀️

Interestingly there's no criticism whatsoever when it's police force from a western country interfering with protests. But when it's HongKongProtest the narrative becomes so much different. She should be protesting for more dental care. james_eoghan oh cool creeping fascism Well if the planet’s fucked we may as well do away with civil liberties too...🤷‍♂️

. You can be pretty certain the solution to climate change won’t be found by these exhibitionist clowns. Sounds good. Anti capitalism and doesn’t know it Blocking regular people from getting to work isn't the way to endear people to your cause. The tactics the Extinction Rebellion protesters are using is losing them support. I'm a scientist, I firmly believe we need to do something to combat climate change, but not like this.

Disgusting overstep of the courts here. Hope to see more protesters take to the streets in the coming days. Have a go at the teeth on this boy

Extinction Rebellion: London's Westminster shut down by clime protests replicated around the worldLondon's parliamentary precinct has been shut down by Extinction Rebellion protesters who are gathering in cities across Europe to demand climate change action.

Booyeah! Justice prevails Works for me!

Who are Extinction Rebellion and why are they blocking your commute to work?Workers have been getting to work late because of protesters bearing an image of an hourglass in a circle. So what's it all about? ABC Extinction sounds better. Have become the Far Lefts propagander pusher. Imagine all the ocean trash we could clean by defunding. Free plugs on the tax payer $! defund Do let us know when the climate school strikers grow into angry unemployed juveniles wont you? Short answer: They’re not.

Climate activists use bikes to block morning trafficOne commuter said the ExtinctionRebellion traffic block on Hoddle St was frustrating, even though he supported climate action. 'Does it have to be at peak hour?' he asked. 'It makes me a little against the cause in a way.' 'Preventing human extinction is important, but not important enough to inconvenience me in the slightest' You can be against Extinction Rebellion actions but still support action on climate change. I think ER are ok with that. Don’t conflate anti ER with anti action on climate change. And the world was eternally grateful, as extinction was saved due to the galant efforts of thirty priveliged unemployed white people, stopping traffic with bicycles! How did we not think of this solution before

Haunting pictures from mass protestsPowerful pictures have emerged of climate protesters from Extinction Rebellion (XR) blockading roads and holding mass demonstrations in London and across global cities on the first day of a two-week “rebellion” as they demand action on climate change. Water cannon and tear gas are all that is needed to curb these arseholes. I'm not fan of ICOs, some are OK but majority just take your money and run, free airdrop is the way to go, just like GetDeepOnion did $ONION

Protester's bizarre apology giftA serial climate change protester has avoided jail and instead been given 40 hours of community service after breaching his bail conditions and protesting in Brisbane's CBD. this low life 40 hours community service? Well, that will teach him, he'll never do that again 🙄 News Corp, a serial climate change denier attack another climate action messenger

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