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Extinction Rebellion, Rebellion Protest

Extinction Rebellion ‘beaten’ attacked in London

Fuming commuters have dragged Extinction Rebellion demonstrators from the roof of a Tube train as protests caused rush-hour chaos in London.


Fuming commuters have dragged Extinction Rebellion demonstrators from the roof of a Tube train as protests caused rush-hour chaos in London .

Fuming commuters dragged Extinction Rebellion ecowarriors from the roof of a Tube train as the protesters caused rush-hour chaos in London today.

Dramatic footage shows a mob of commuters pulling the Extinction Rebellion (XR) protesters off a train roof at Canning Town as a huge crowd cheers.

But fed-up passengers appeared to have had enough of the two week chaos the climate change group have brought to central London.

London commuters furiously respond to Extinction rebellion protest at Canning Town station in East London. Picture: Supplied

Even XR spokesperson Fergal McEntee appeared to backtrack on the chaos today — telling LBC he wouldn’t have supported stopping a Tube.

Organisers have also backtracked on the protest and apologised for the stunt.

He is then pulled from the roof after kicking out at the crowd below — as other commuters give a leg-up to fellow passengers to help remove another protester.

Commuters dragged the protester off the roof of the train. Picture: Supplied

He then forces him to sit down as the baying mob below grab on to his kicking legs and drag him down into the crowd.

the crowd got “vicious”, adding: “There were still arguments after they left, the crowd was very tense.”

Footage showed him being pulled over by a crowd of people as he tried to cling on to his camera.

One of the protesters arrested at Shadwell was today unmasked as 77-year-old Reverend Sue Parfitt.

Tube passengers were being urged to find alternative routes — with the delays also causing minor delays between Stanmore and Finchley Road.

Eight people were arrested following the disruption. Picture: ITN via AP

British Transport Police confirmed eight people had been arrested at Stratford, Canning Town, and Shadwell on suspicion of obstructing the railway.

“This illegal action is extremely dangerous, counter-productive and is causing unacceptable disruption to Londoners who use public transport to get to work.

Climate activists protest outside the Supreme Court, during the eleventh day of demonstrations by the climate change action group Extinction Rebellion. Picture: Tolga Akmen/AFP

The group are currently on their second week of protests aimed at highlighting climate change.

XR have also planned a march from 5.30pm starting at Tate Modern after a showdown with cops who want to ban them from gathering in London.

The group’s co-founder Gail Bradbrook was arrested on Tuesday for smashing a window at the Department of Transport with a hammer and screwdriver.

At least 1600 people have been arrested during eight days of protests in London.

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Woohoooo, what a crack up simpletons Ha! Good times... Stop calling them demonstrators. They are now domestic terrorist's, breaking the law. So if this is demonstrating, what is a bank robber doing? He's demonstrating that cash is useless. Like XR. well done Brits Everyone is cheering!! Well done ladies & gentlemen, girls & boys.

Disrupting every day people puts the public offside which I imagine doesn't help the cause. That’s what happens when pollies pander to a few and police cant carry out justice swiftly Bound to happen, only a matter of time, XRebellionAus Will hopefully learn from this Well done the only way to handle these barstards.

London commuters drag Extinction Rebellion protesters from roof of Tube trainFootage shows two demonstrators being pulled from the top of the Tube by a crowd of angry commuters. LOL That's how it's done folks, well done to the Brits for having restraint. Great news!

Brilliant Its pretty easy to attack the protesters when you live in comfortable wealthy nation. But its also ignorant and selfish. Literally billions of people in poverty are or will soon be suffering, but fuck them hey, they chose poverty. Ignorant c..ts London Tube patrons rebel against Extinction Rebellion demonstrators. Sir David Attenborough has announced they are now currently listed as Endangered species.

These fools fail to realise that they disrupt the majority of people, the working class families who make up the highest % of society. And by doing so alienate them to their cause. If they were truely intelligent they’d disrupt the wealthy elite in their day to day activities. 🤷‍♂️ 🎶 ...and many more....!! 🎶

Then they should put them under the train. I hope they beat them real good Choosing firmly working class Canning Town in East London for this stupid stunt could not have been a bigger mistake. Brilliant to see.

Brawls and arrests as climate activists Extinction Rebellion disrupt London trainsClimate change activists from the controversial Extinction Rebellion group have disrupted rail services in the east of London , sparking a physical confrontation between angry morning commuters and a protester But they are not climate activists!!!!! Let's disrupt a environmentally productive mode of transport so people can go back to their carbon emitting cars. Real counterproductive there.

The end of the world as we know it: are we on the brink of a mass extinction?Explainer | An alarming claim has been made about the future of our Earth in recent months: that, at best, we're facing the collapse of civilisation or, at worst, a mass extinction. And are they right? No. It'll be just like all the other bullshit claims: That's what you and all other fake news media have been telling everyone for two decades.

Extinction Rebellion Tube protest a ‘massive own goal’ | Sky News Australia Sky News reporter Caroline Marcus has called out the “daft” behaviour of Extinction Rebellion protestors in London after they super-glued themselves to an electric train.\n\n“Even Extinction Rebellion had to concede it was a massive own goal,” she said. Seem sane to me 🙄 Getting dragged off a train roof and receiving some shoe pie will make you revaluate your position. But the violence isn’t a problem Caroline?

Hong Kong pro-democracy leader hospitalised after hammer attackHammer-wielding assailants attack the leader of one of Hong Kong's largest pro-democracy groups. Disgusting freakingcat Pro-democracy candidates for local council have been regularly assaulted. This is Xi’s “bodies smashed and bones ground to powder' looks like. Won’t anyone hold this psychopath to account?! Wait a minute The so called pro democracy people have been smashing a lot of people, both young and old (over 70 years old)

Climate change protesters disrupt London rush hourClimate-change activists disrupted rail services in London on Thursday, sparking a clash between angry commuters and a protester who had climbed onto the roof of a London Underground train during rush hour. . Making climate activists look stupid everywhere.

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