Elon Musk overtakes Bill Gates to become world's second-richest person

Elon Musk overtakes Bill Gates to become world's second-richest person

24/11/2020 6:24:00 AM

Elon Musk overtakes Bill Gates to become world's second-richest person

Elon Musk's year of dizzying ascents has hit a new apex as Tesla shares roared higher.

Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text sizeElon Musk's year of dizzying ascents hit a new apex on Monday (US time) as the Tesla co-founder passed Bill Gates to become the world's second-richest person.The 49-year-old entrepreneur's net worth soared $US7.2 billion to $US127.9 billion ($175 billion), driven by yet another surge in Tesla's share price. Musk has added $US100.3 billion to his net worth this year, the most of anyone on the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, a ranking of the world's 500 richest people. In January he ranked 35th.

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Elon Musk is now the world's second-richest person.Credit:BloombergHis advance up the wealth ranks has been driven largely by Tesla, whose market value is approaching $US500 billion. About three-quarters of his net worth is comprised of Tesla shares, which are valued more than four times as much as his stake in Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX.

Tesla closed 6.5 per cent higher at $US521.85. A year ago, they were fetching around $US67.AdvertisementAmazon co-founder Jeff Bezos remains on top of the list with a net worth of $US182 billion.Tesla shares have surged in recent weeks after being added to the S&P index, though the soaring market value of the company headtopics.com

is presenting Wall Street with some problems.Musk's milestone marks only the second time in the index's eight-year history that Microsoft co-founder Gates has ranked lower than number two. He held the top spot for years before being bumped by Bezos in 2017. Gates's net worth of $US127.7 billion would be much higher had he not donated so prodigiously to charity over the years. He has given more than $US27 billion to his namesake foundation since 2006.

With Monday's move, Musk unseats an occasional verbal sparring partner in Gates, who the Tesla billionaire has ridiculed on Twitter for, among other things, having "no clue" about electric trucks. The two have also traded barbs over COVID-19. Gates, whose charitable foundation is one of the preeminent bodies backing vaccine research, has expressed concern over Musk's stated suspicion of pandemic data and embrace of certain conspiracy theories.

The year has been a lucrative one for the world's richest people. Despite the pandemic and widespread layoffs that have disproportionately affected the world's working class and poor, the members of the Bloomberg index have collectively gained 23 per cent - or $US1.3 trillion - since the year began.

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Bill Gates think he will continue being the 'windows lord' after make deals with China. The thing is, he doesn't know China is about to take his company by the nuts. Don't tell him is a surprise. Quick Bill, get that vaccine out there! I guess he will shortly overtake me too! No fan of Bill Gates, but he did create a profitable company. Now the richest two men in the world run companies which hardly turn a profit.

Tesla's market cap is now $50 billion higher than Walmart. Sales... Tesla: $28 billion Walmart: $549 billion Net Income... Tesla: $556 million Walmart: $20 billion. 👀👀👀👀 Who's no.1? Did he sign up to the giving pledge? The sickness continues. mrelliop guy's on a mission this week I’m sure bill won’t lose any sleep over that 🤔🤔

Yay!...wait what? Is that before or after Vladimir Putin? I wonder if he will become ‘minime’? Yeah, but on Mars. Maybe he can get better cheek implants with the money somebody's gotta do it