‘Egregious attack’: Dutton wants Andrew Thorburn reappointed

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Opposition Leader Peter Dutton says no person should be discriminated against because of their religious views and that Andrew Thorburn should never have been forced to resign as Essendon CEO.

Mr Thorburn sensationally stepped down from the role as Essendon CEO just one day after it was announced following significant criticism levelled against his links to a christian church.

Stream more Australian news with Flash. 25+ news channels in 1 place. New to Flash? Try 1 month free. Offer ends 31 October, 2022 “I do sometimes disagree with things I hear in church - but I believe strongly in the right of people to say them, especially when taken in context.” “I’m very deeply concerned, about the development in relation to this Essendon situation and the dismissal, frankly, should be reversed and Mr Thorburn should be reappointed to his position.”

“The views that have been expressed by a pastor at this church in relation to gay people, or to the issue of abortion – they’re an abomination and I condemn those points that have been made by that particular pastor,” he said. He was also reportedly unaware of the views expressed in the 2013 sermon which raised the controversial topics in question and clarified that he did not hold those views personally.


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Racist homophobes gotta stick together right?

Dead right Peter

He should never have got the role at all

“Peter Dutton says” - no one cares. Voters dumped that shower of neoliberal cultists, all now desperately seeking relevance

It wasn't about religion. It was about how he could simultaneously promote and support the values of two organisations as a leader when those two sets of values were incompatible.

In the meantime dutton at his best implies that 20 Australian children shouldn’t be released from detention in Syria to come home.

How do you get forced to resign? If he was sacked that would be a different story.

The Spud is searching for relevance.

Dutton is a joke, he's a laughing stock and doesn't even realise it lmao

He wasn't 'forced' to resign 🤣. The sooner religious nuts in Australia leave and move to Gilead, the better off all the real Australians will be.

No religious person should be discriminated against just because they discriminate. Thats why we have minority groups. Well that sort of seems to be his message.


Peter who

Dutton went to 🇺🇸, met with Republicans who taught him how to pretend to be a Christian, all the while rotting the people , and stealing from the countries coffers. He’s hooked himself onto a bandwagon that he thinks will get him the PM seat. Desperate ex QLD cop.

So he wouldn't descriminate against a radical Muslim for their beliefs? Starting to figure out that for Christians its ok to descriminate against everyone except those who are Christian

Should sue essendon for bullying many will contribute

Rubbish. You cannot have people in charge who discriminate against particular groups of people. Everybody has the right to feel safe in their workplace. That includes gay footballers.

Does this bloke get up in the morning and think how can I make myself more evil

Who cares what Dutton says? He has no credibility.

Showing why he’s unfit to lead us ALL

Would Thorburn want to return after the treatment he received

Yet he’s against bringing a heap of Muslim women back to Australia.

I want Mr Dutton investigated to see if he was eligible to sit in parliament while a member of a cabinet that may have made decisions that financially benefitted his private businesses. It looks like we don't always get what we want Mr Dutton.

SKY cookers oblivious to reality and happy for bigotry to be common place amongst the religious sect.

By that argument, Scott should be reinstated. He was forced out because of his views.

What about discrimination on grounds of sexuality Mr Dutton?

Was this the presser where only 1 journalist turned up to listen to Spud's bullshit.. ?

Peter who?

Dutton likes to keep discrimination simple: gender, class, etc

He backed the Religious Duscrimination Bill that backs just that....Allowing people to be discriminated against because of their religious views.

He might well want it. But the club don’t. He wasn’t sacked, he resigned.

Peter Dutton you really are a tool, nobody wants to hear from you. You and your liberal party have left this country 10 years behind the rest of the world.

And no person should br discriminated against because of the religious views of some. This is the crux of the issue .

General Christianity: good, Westboro Baptist: not good. Move on.

'Sorry Santa, gotta let you go'.

I guess Isreal Falou should be reinstated into the Australian Rugby Union then under peterdutton statement.

The left preach 'tolearation' but practice persecution.

Peter's right. No religious institution should be able to sack employees for not believing in their God or practices, or for what they say. No person should be discriminated against for their beliefs. Even priests who challenge orthodoxy shouldn't be allowed to be sanctioned

Does Dutton understand what’s happened here? Who headed up the review to find a new CEO

Says a man who backed the right of the religious to discriminate on the basis of sexuality...

Good on Peter I’m sure ScoMo wants his old job back too 🤣😆🤣😆🤣

Aussies deserve to have a religious point of view and NOT be discriminated against by Lefty’s, Greens or any other godless people!

Except for Muslim women and children trapped in Syria.

Spud please...

If you are in capable to handle the Nazis then request assistance from the rest of the world, as it is beneficial for all Australians to live without Discrimination and fair and equal rights. Advanced Australia Fair?

so Dutton would be happy with a gay man as the chairperson of his church?

Tell us the reasons why this is acceptable.. Address the REAL issues first.

PeterDutton_MP If you wish to address the Discrimination of all Australians you should first address the issue of terroists groups such as the Nazi groups running their recruitment websites. Why have we been blocked to access Graphic news etc, when they are free to recruit?

He wasnt discriminated against. He was asked to make a choice. He chose his faith. There is nothing wrong with that.

We are treated at sub standard. Discriminated will aspects of our lives at the hands of the controlling Nazi's that take their ideological behaviours with them to their workplaces. And encouraging others to follow and join Nazi groups to continueOnWith theirUselessIdeology

Non news.

What about resigning as head of NAB?

When we speak up, we are made out to be the problem, saying I do not understand English and the Australian Culture, Whilst I mainly speak English and have lived here for 18 years. I have contributed so much to society and still do not get treated like a first class citizen

The “because LNP hate people based on race/sexuality, we can hate people based on their churches” argument coming from Labor supporters will lose their party seats. Australian left wingers moving toward Americanised hatred of high profile Christians is a bad move for elections.

Go on..push the Dutton line

😆😆😆😆😆oh really who could really vote for this boof head I think you have bigger problems than worrying about Essendon fc

Geez I'm sure he doesn't hold the religious views of Muslims with equal regard. Also, when did we ask, Lord Potatomort? Bad spud and sit down boofhead 🥔

This is why people have turned against the conservatives. Will they ever get back into power with these archaic views?

*sigh* Religion shouldn’t come into anything business or government related. Treat it like smoking! Plain package it, make it available and optional, prohibit it indoors and 4m from an entry way, illegal unless you’re older than 18 and tax the shit out of it.

Cannot lay a finger on the ALP, so looks elsewhere to try and be relevant.

Thorburn would have been ok if he had been Rainbow coloured though.

Peter Dutton is right - Thorburn has been viciously attacked by a rabid mob of bullying nobodies led by arch bully Daniel Andrews who is beginning to resemble his hero Putin more and more every day.

Ku Klux Klan point to the story of Ham in the Bible as justification for their racism. Does PeterDutton_MP say they shouldn't be discriminated against, especially if they want to work for an organisation with anti-racism values?

He RESIGNED fool !

No one should discriminate a person who wants to discriminate, lol

Spud, U r out of touch with Ur Fam, friends, loved ones & MOST Australian people, Quietly sit down, shut up, retire, repent, retreat, resort 2 common sense & empathy 4 the millions of innocent Aussie children, women &. men U & Ur putrid - X - Scomo's LNP Fed Gov't have damaged.


People are entitled to any religious belief they choose, even wacky ones like creation, a recent worldwide flood, or homosexuals being possessed by demons. However, they are not immune to certain consequences of those beliefs. Losing a position of trust is one of them.

When will Spud put his “mind” to something remotely useful. More like a timely appointment reversal by Essendon!

When people call for religious tolerance what they are actually asking for is the acceptance of the intolerant religious.

He chose the church. How can he be reappointed when he chose to leave? Dutton is a fool.

AlisterHenskens provided false and misleading answers to budget estimates questions! NSWTAFE $4.9 million in wage theft Corrupt managers protect by minister! Witnesses are still being intimidated and bullied by corrupt managers! Taxpayers money spent to hide proven corruption

Skynews “character assassination” of individuals against Murdoch is ok.. except when other people do it 💁‍♂️


Maybe he should never been appointed given his proven lack of ethics when he was CEO of NAB.

Just imagine, Dutton, that you are public head of an organisation that demands re-nationalisation of CBA and Qantas, tax increases for the wealthy, a boost in royalty payments by miners and the end of state aid for private schools. Would you be appointed leader of the Libs?

Dutton again misses the point

Thorburn wasn't forced to resign. Thorburn CHOSE to resign because he refused to abide by AFL inclusivity requirements. Thorburn runs a far right extremist org (under guise of 'church' to avoid taxes) which persecutes women & LGBTQI. No religion involved.essendonfc bigot

He should have just left it at 'No person should be discriminated against...' Bigoted potato's gonna bigoted potato, I suppose.

I was discriminated against and lost a job for retirning a positive drug test when I was simply consuming cannabis in accordance with my Rastafarian beliefs..

Yes, he should have

So why was he hired in the first place? Essendon should really ask this question BEFORE they appoint a CEO next time…….

DuttonIsALoser who cares what he thinks, about anything actually.

It's only fair that kochi ask the views of homosexuality to the Muslim, Jewish, Mormon and Buddhist communities before any one religion is singled out. I for one would like to know as I'm all for equality however I'm all for not being ostracised because of one's belief.


Freedom of religion yes but not to force to other people your beliefs we need to be a Secular country


He has to be kidding

Dutton getting behind a grifter that charged dead people fees while at NAB and had to resign from that role in disgrace, what a shock.

He obviously means except refugees obviously.

Why is Dutton commenting on the actions of a private organisation?

I bet PeterDutton_MP would be mighty chuffed if he found out there was a Muslim teacher at his kids' schools.

The same PeterDutton_MP that is so incompetent he left the police force because he couldn't drive a car without distressing himself!!

Remember Yassmin Abdel-Magied? She lost her job and was forced to leave the country.

For a guy that makes jokes about island nations being submerged from climate change, I think I'll ignore his faux moral stance...

Good to see that SKY have found another martyr. In the end your probably don’t care about Thorburn - he is just a bit more grist for the mill of your endless culture wars, led by bitter old men who are intoxicated by the smell of each other’s farts.

from todays Anglican news '“We apologise for the shameful way we actively worked against and discouraged those who came to us and reported abuse,” Hywood said. “We are ashamed to acknowledge that we only took notice when the survivors of abuse became a threat to us.”

No one agrees or cares what Dutton says...he showed his true colours a long time ago!

Absolute BS! Think about his hate-hate affair with Muslims…, his ABF profiling intentions to drag people off the street based on how they look, let’s not mention non-white refugees either - but yeah Peter without embedded biases, not religious conservative based view: 👇

Andrew Thorburn was sacked for the views expressed by a leader of a church of which he is a member. Many Catholics do not support all the doctrines of that church.theboltreport 3AWNeilMitchell essendonfc

But bigotry & homophobia are just fine.

Bigots, fascists, racists and homophobic’s need jobs and representation too, that’s why the LNP under Dutton’s leadership will continue to encourage membership. You’ll never be judged in the LNP, unless you’re a worker, unionist or refugee.

Marxist have always hated Christians

You and your church promote hate and intolerance. Anyone full of so much hate for any minority group should not be in a leadership role. Stop using the bible as a divisive tool.

Spot on, we pander to far to many groups with their own agenda's.

Cough. Cough. Straw man. Cough.

Spud doesn't have the authority to order deliveroo Pizza now. He is just looking for controversial things to keep his name trending, from exile.

Would his church being so openly anti-gay have issue with him working at Essendon?

it is not really a defensible argument to claim that stopping you from discriminating against others is discrimination against you. He was given a choice between his extreme church am be essendon, and chose the church.

I'm surprised Morrison hasn't secretly had himself sworn in as Essendon CEO yet.

Spot on! Homosexuality, gays, lesbianism..what you do in your private life is your business.. I imagine this was never part of Thorburn’s thinking nor shld it have been.mainstream churches do not support homosexual activism but wld never dream of intruding into sport

forced to resign is been sacked he resigned

He had to make a choice, so he did. His problem.

Ummm But ok for religious schools... Opportunistic hypocrisy

As long as they don’t try to impart those views on others.

Everything gone to hell in this country since those uppity ALP, Greens/ Feminists, Aboriginals/Muslims/gays got in charge. SMILE.

But it’s ok for religion to discriminated!!! Needs to work both ways!

So, if the opposition leader, say, found a highly qualified political staffer who just happened to belong to a fringe Christian church that believed women were only there to do a man's bidding, he would not exclude him? It's not religious discrimination. It's good management!

Another hot serve of manufactured outrage...

The one issue which wakes the Dark Lord from his slumber is a wealthy dude resigning from a job because he would rather run a hate-filled church than a football club. The modern LNP’s priorities in a nutshell.

Essendon is on the side of the devil so I'm not suporting them or AFL anymore. Plenty of fun doing our own thing without the hypocrites from the AFL

He didn't view anything but agreed that sex out of marriage is wrong and it's sad to see unborn babies die.. Why not quote what he said that he supports all views in the workplace

Apart from non Christian according to him as well.

So he’s happy to bring back the Australian citizens from the Syrian camps now as they shouldn’t be discriminated against because of their religious views?

Pete……. You still alive?

His religious views are discriminatory. It’s like saying one should be allowed to be racist because his/her made up omnipotent being says it’s ok.

If the clergy boycott Essendon at least it will be a safe place to take the kids.

Putting the religious stuff aside he should never have been in the running based simply on his time as NAB CEO. Read the Royal Commission transcript.

This from a man that does exactly that, talk about no self awareness.

Who listened to him? That 1 reporter at his presser in qld? The only person to show up? Spud needed to stay in the ground with other potatoes. He’s irrelevant.

Who said that?

More tory culture war BS. If only yall spent your time making policy that benefits the nation, instead of being cartoon villains

What he did at NAB should have landed in jail and disqualified him from ever being a CEO again But y'all make it a culture war

Who cares what Dutton thinks..he will get ousted before next election.

Or not given the gig in the first place.

Here’s a man that stood by while he and his mates ripped off sqillions in fees Wow good character

Dutton as thick as..hasn’t got a clue what the issue is.

Why does Peter Dutton think he has the right to tell others what to think or do?

No section of society should be discriminated against just because Peter Dutton said their youth are marauding gangs. He's a hypocrite of the highest order.

I mean not unless they are trying to enter the country or seek asylum, that is different. Or if they are not Christian.

you say Dutton says '..Andrew Thorburn should never have been forced to resign as Essendon CEO', but his actual quote in our own article implies Thorburn was 'sacked'. Why the diff?

What else does Mr 17% have to say? 🙄

Crystal56406138 Nice to see he stands for something

Such a vote winner

Great to see Peter Dutton taking such a strong stand on this issue. It's utterly appalling. Clear and public discrimination. The AFL and AFL football clubs should stay out of politics, and stop shoving their bigotry and hypocritical political views down our throats.

Who is this bloke?

Sky noos can eat a bag of 🍆. I'd say Dutton can too but too scared to try something he might like.


Did PeterDutton_MP mean white conservative people shouldn't be discriminated against? 🤔

Speaking politically, I wonder how many votes Mr Dutton will gain by supporting a rather fringe version of Christianity? Speaking business wise, how much right wing support is there for a position that employees can flout express policies of their employer?

Australia's second biggest bigot MP, defend bigotry... Colour me surprised.

The simpleton probably said it without a hint of irony, too.

I'm a Christian. Andrew Thorburn's views are not 'religious'. They are merely human. You don't have to be religious for that. Just judgemental.

What drivel. Anti-abortion, anti-marriage equality RWNJs bringing US Culture War nonsense to a public forum should expect a public caning. That's what he got. Thats what he should have got. MurdochGutterMedia MurdochSewerageCo MurdochRoyalCommission essendonfc

If your 'views' include hatred and bigotry of others you have no place in any position of leadership. Jesus would agree


What - but it’s ok that someone is vilified because of their sexuality?

Says peterdutton 👇

Well now I’m convinced - Peter Dutton is right. No wait. He’s just being loud for cheap votes. And wait again…. Here’s sky news. MurdochGutterMedia MurdochSewerageCo I LIEberal trumpet. This is not journalism.

How incompetent a leader is this guy.

🤦🏻‍♀️ he wasn’t discriminated against for his religious views. A more thorough selection process would have uncovered that his employment history didn’t align with club values. How does one go from leading a review to FIND the new CEO to.. BEING the new CEO?🤔

Get your facts right Sky, Dutton distinctly said that Andrew Thorburn was sacked, and tried to implicate Dan Andrews.

OH SO OSAMA BIN LADEN or Ali Khamenei WOULD HAVE BEEN FINE THEN lol . Nope his religious views were totally against the views of the club & the league It was their choice who they selected ! The rise of religious nationalism is very concerning in our society

…as he hides another horcrux….

TBH who really gives a toss what Dutton says, he is the leader of a party that is not in govt., & in case anybody forgot the result of MAY 21 this year, they lost.

There is discrimination against people who do not hold religious views but we cannot have discrimination against people that hold religious views? Cannot claim protection if you don't offer it to others.

My religion demands I punch potatoes on a daily basis. Only between the hours of 2 and 4 PM. Dutton will *of course* be totally understanding when I do this to him during question time. I mean, it's not me, it's GOD!! He doesn't want me discriminated against, I know.

An irrelevant person talking about another irrelevant person.

Oooh look. It’s Sky being irrelevant again

Wait til it's a Muslim and check his response

He resigned. He chose leading his church over leading the club. His call. Couldn’t do both.

Wait, I thought you were all about the free market. Surely Essendon can hire and fire whoever they want?

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton says no person should be discriminated against because of their religious views , especially when discriminating others for their sexual views...

This is sure to pull on all the strings of those MAGA Liberals

Fixed your tweet: Dutton defends religious bigot & homophobe

Yep but we still lost our jobs during the mandates even if it violates our freedom of religion

Organisations have a right not to employ people who could do them serious reputational damage. It’s not his religious beliefs that are the issue. It’s his basic lack of respect for his fellow human beings and his innate intolerance. I, for one, would not work with him.

Yeah, good on you Dutton, keep up the good work, show these Dan Andrews Soyboys what’s what.

It won’t stop at religion


yes agree

OK, so what's Dutton doing to block the FederalICAC? It's pretty obvious that Labor's 'integrity commission' will be used to go after Christians in positions of power or influence. Even Gladys Berejiklian has Armenian Christian heritage, right?

Old white dudes showing their true values. Thorburn unwillingness to commit to upholding and representing Essendon's values is a poor reflection on him, not on Essendon.

100% agree. It's a very sad day when people have to choose between their faith and their job. Daniel Andrews should be hanging his head, for such bigotry. Now even if we're inclusive we're not welcoming IF we have a faith.. Now eat your words Andrews..

Thanks for speaking out

Interesting you can be CEO of and organisation who’s values you do not or cannot subscribe, novel concept.

No one cares about what Spud says and he resign because he's a BIGOT...

But it’s totes OK if they are LBGTQIA+, yeah? 🙄🙄


As a hard-right-wing supporter, I am outraged that Dutton has gone full-woke, in trying to control what a private company chooses to do! Keep your mitts off the free market you lefty socialist. Go back to sipping your latte!

Australia has lost all perspective, we don't punish people for thought crimes, we punish people for unlawful actions. There is no evidience Thorburn has engaged in unlawful (or any) descrimination.

He wasn’t forced to resign because of his religion; it was because he wanted to hold executive positions in two organisations with opposing values. It’s not hard to tell the truth.


PeterDutton_MP trying to get noticed... well what a hypocrite is this bloke? '🌈' people would be able to be fired from their jobs in church schools, if he and the Morrison Government had been given their way with their bill.

But it's ok for Thorburn to discriminate

AndrewThorburn Essendon Due diligence 😂 The two were subject to scathing assessments in the report from commissioner Kenneth Hayne.

If hell is a non-provable Christian concept and gay people can’t be Christian because they are gay; how can gay people be offended they’ll end up in a place that’s not actually real unless they are Christian? It’s totally bizarre the public conversation

Be careful Labor you are in Duttons sights and he is a switched on person. Time will show that

And no one should be discriminated against because of a religious view - religion is a fairy tale - wake up

He wasn't you unmitigated pillock !

The LNP-we’re all about small government Peter Dutton-that football club should do what I tell it

but religions are allowed to discriminate against others?

But happy for religions to be allowed to discriminate against people in schools etc?

So does that mean he agrees the ISIS wives can come home....

That’s why Pete has always been a huge supporter of the Taliban & Islamic State

satanism rules politics now AFL, worship satan or else

Who cares what Peter Dutton thinks or for that matter any of the commentators on Sky News? Not me.


Apart from the fact, the guy was forced out of the NAB, and his leadership was openly criticised by the banking royal commission - he's not fit to lead a horse, let alone a footy club

Dutton fantastic these are Australian values no discrimination👏👊 Interesting Albo, Adam Bandt & co gone missing🤷weak as piss😠

The new CEO cannot execute the role under the charter of which it operates, the CEO declares he is not willing to redact his comments or step away from his views. The club and CEO agree to part company and both parties move on. Dutton proving, yet again, he’s out of his depth!

How does he square that with statements on Islam?

Incorrect, I think : he was asked to chose as the two jobs were not compatible because of conflicting views and values.

Despite the numbers charged for no service as dead customers at his last CEO position

Bigots are bigots, Thorburn can still go to church.

LalitaMathias Was Thorburn appointed to do a CEO's job or promoting homosexuality? The club assertion of breeching Clubs Values means the professional Capacity of the man is not in question but his religion falls short of Club Dogma . Religious Freedom has therefore been denied here .

And that, dear reader, is just one of the reasons why the Coalition will be in opposition for a looooong time.

Mister contrary 17 per cent.

Except if you’re trying to settle in Australia then your religious views are vilified and will be used against you in any attempt over many years to prevent successful residency auspoI

Well Peter, I now look forward to your condemnation of Catholic and other religious schools, for their discrimination against Gay, Trans, and other Teachers who do not necessarily fit in with their ideals.

Here’s an idea! Don’t discriminate against people because of their religious views! Sounds radical. Why do sports MLB/AFL/NFL etc keep meddling in this stuff? they are out of their comfort zone &have no idea about lives of people outside their rich clique of woke addled warriors

Dutton’s actions show he’s only concerned about the rights of one religion and one colour of person. auspoI

Sit down, boofhead. After creating a poor culture at NAB, he head-hunted himself for the Essendon job. He chose his church bigotry over the club's inclusiveness and stepped down. It's not discrimination. It's him choosing regressive views over community standards.

Does he also include religious schools?!!!!

Wouldn't happen if he was a Muslim

“Forced to resign” That’s not how it works PeterDutton_MP You’re being disingenuous! He wasn’t fired because of his beliefs. He chose to quit. Once again you’re weighing into a topic to try to gain some political points. Sad & desperate!

There's a massive inconsistency with leftist's understanding of 'Religious Freedom'. Muslim's literally have the same view of homosexuality yet aren't as persecuted as Christians in this country. Coming from an Atheist.

Yes, it seems jabbing players with steroids is o.k, but not faith in God.

People started cancelling their membership, it was a business decision. Being intolerant is bad for business.

He’s not being discriminated because of his religious affiliations His bigoted hatred is another issue altogether RealityCheck he’s not a Christian FactsMatter

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