Dutton warns case over Biloela ‘anchor babies’ could go on for months

The Home Affairs Minister also accused Priya and Nadesalingam of using their children to justify their migration case.


The Home Affairs Minister also accused Priya and Nadesalingam of using their children to justify their migration case.

Peter Dutton has warned the Federal Court case over a Biloela family being detained on Christmas Island could drag out for months as he accused the parents of using their child as leverage to seek asylum.

Speaking to 2GB, Mr Dutton said the long-running fight for Australian protection had cost taxpayers"literally millions of dollars", saying there was no immediate end in sight to their Federal Court case.

“It’s been made very clear to them at every turn that they were not going to stay in Australia and they still had children.”

“The facts are that the conditions of Nades’ visa prevented him from leaving and then returning to Australia," said family friend Simone Cameron.

Mr Dutton said the latest legal challenge could take months to resolve.

Shadow Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration Kristina Keneally speaks to the media in Adelaide.

"It's not simply the act of having a child," she said.

“There are 6,000 people behind them who have similar family compositions.”

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The absolute definition of a psychopath... I am disgusted by such cruelty ... Let the Tamil family to go back to their home Biloela HomeToBiloela MSMWatchdog2013 What a brute. The parents have not used their kids in that way. Hundreds of thousands of Australians think the deportation is bastardy. That deliberate misrepresentation of the facts is despicable and unbecoming of a parliamentarian. But expected from this lot.

What a shocker that Mr Potato Head is a see you next time. The walking abortion wants to have a crack about anchor babies! Hopefully it takes close to eight years... That way the little girls will be eligible for citizenship... That maybe so but professional assessors, even artificial almighty ones such as Dutton, aren't allowed to offer up their own opinions - it makes their decisions appear personal and prejudiced.

Bollard Head If your and family's life were in danger, you'd look for leverage, too.

UK releases worst-case no-deal Brexit plan - 9NewsThe British government has been forced to release its plan for the worst-case scenario of a no-deal Brexit - it warns of food shortages and public disorder. 9News The English Government must be in competition with our Australian Government complete embarrassment to its citizens. 9NewsGoldCoast Time to rebuild ghe British empire? 9NewsQueensland I want to know what the redacted part says... it’s clearly so bad they don’t want people to know! I’m a Queenslander living in UK... and may need rescuing!

Mother who murdered baby in fantasy gone wrong fails to avoid life jail termA judge has ruled a young West Australian mother who violently shook her baby daughter to death must serve a life jail term, with at least 13 years behind bars before she can be released. Why is this crisis of women killing children not being addressed, filicide is becoming an epidemic in our country. Shhhh. We need to be talking about how men are violent. '... fails to avoid life jail term' Interesting choice of wording. What are you getting at?

WA teen mum jailed for murdering babyA teenage mother who murdered her four-month-old baby after the “fantasy” of motherhood did not meet her expectations has been sentenced to life in prison in Western Australia. DV in its purest form, rot in hell. What a shocking case of domestic violence. Appropriate sentence delivered. Waiting for a comment from whiteribbon about this shocking domestic violence murder.

Tamil family supporters call for meeting with PM | Sky News AustraliaFriends of the Tamil family - currently held in detention on Christmas Island - have travelled from Biloela to Canberra in hope of speaking with Prime Minister Scott Morrison. \n\n“We really just wanted to come down and hopefully get five minutes of the Prime Minister’s time to really put our case forward to him why this family is so important to us and why we want them back in Biloela,” family friend Angela Fredricks said.\n\nThe Prime Minister has so far rejected calls to use ministerial discretion to grant the family a permanent visa, warning it would re-ignite the people smuggling trade.\n\nThe family of four will remain in Australia until September 18 after the Federal Court extended an injunction preventing the government from deporting the youngest daughter.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia Similar to the way Bob Brown traveled to Adani? Yeah didn’t work then won’t work now Wtf part of ILLEGAL and 8 COURT RULINGS don't they get? letthemstay Thumbs down please

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