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Greenacre, Crash

Driver of SUV that ploughed into Western Sydney hijab store released without charge

Driver of SUV that ploughed into Western Sydney hijab store released without charge

22/05/2020 1:21:00 AM

Driver of SUV that ploughed into Western Sydney hijab store released without charge

NSW Police does not rule out the possibility of charges after allowing the 51-year-old driver of a Mitsubishi SUV , which crashed into a Greenacre store, to return home after questioning last night.

Key points:The 51-year-old driver was questioned by police after a mandatory drug testBut authorities did not rule out the possibility of chargesAll the injured pedestrians have since returned home after sustaining minor injuriesNSW Police said emergency services were called to Boronia Road in Greenacre at 3:15pm on Thursday after reports of a car crash.

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A Mitsubishi SUVcrashed into a vehicle stopped at traffic lights before continuing into nearby shop Hijab House.The driver was trapped in the car and had to be freed, while 14 people — mainly women — were injured in the incident.The 51-year-old driver was questioned by detectives at Bankstown Police Station after undergoing mandatory drug and alcohol testing but was allowed to return home last night.

However, investigators admitted they were in the early stages of gathering evidence and did not rule out the possibility of charges.Authorities are appealing for witnesses and drivers with dashcam footage to come forward.A person was seen taken out from the crash scene on a stretcher.

(ABC News)Video shot by bystanders at the scene yesterday appeared to show a car with smoke billowing from its bonnet in the aftermath of a traffic accident.Suddenly the vehicle accelerates across the crowded intersection and ploughs into a storefront in the corner of the intersection.

A spokesperson for NSW Ambulance said that paramedics were "met with a very chaotic scene"."There was a large crowd of bystanders who were quite distressed by what occurred," the spokesperson said.All the pedestrians were taken to hospital with minor injuries, the most serious being a broken ankle.

It is understood they have all since returned home. Read more: ABC News »

Sounds like you're trying to imply that there was some sort of motive behind it, when it was actually just a regular car crash. Classic ABC at it again. He nodded off Trying to stir up racism again?! ? HIJAB shop? men were in hijab shop must have been busy 12 No physical distancing It is the heart of Lebanon in Syd

‘The community is shaken’: A dozen people injured after SUV crashes into Sydney Muslim fashion shopNSW Police say there is no indication an incident that saw an SUV crash into a Muslim clothing shop in western Sydney, injuring a dozen people, is terror-related. Omg. Hope everyone is ok 😔 And how many are allowed in the shop under current restrictions?....... How many people were in the store amidst current restrictions law? Hope no casualties tho.

Teenage girl in hospital and driver released after car slammed into Sydney shop, injuring 14A 13-year-old girl is in a stable condition in hospital after she was injured by a speeding car that slammed into a shop in Sydney's west. 9News Using the mental health card to get out t of this one ...what a joke ..if his had prior chargers with driving then this one is bullshit ..wake up police you can't be that stupid

Driver released after crashing into Sydney Muslim fashion shopA 51-year-old man has been interviewed by police and released from custody after his car crashed into a Sydney hijab shop, injuring 14 people. Next to this store is the best chicken and chips store in Australia He must have been really HANGRY ? SBSNews auspol ramaDamn JesusChrist_mas Nothing will remove the smell from that car now.

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