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Doctor says she was 'thrown under a bus' by Health Department after man rushed from hotel to ICU

Doctor says she was 'thrown under a bus' by Health Department after man rushed from hotel to ICU

9/04/2020 9:12:00 AM

Doctor says she was 'thrown under a bus' by Health Department after man rushed from hotel to ICU

The doctor charged with looking after 70-year-old Kenny Watson says she has been made a scapegoat by WA health authorities

"The problem is that we still hadn't been receiving the PPE that the Health Department had been promising us, so I couldn't really do anything more than what the paramedic had done and stand across the corridor," the doctor said."I would have had to don the full PPE to go into the room to make some sort of more direct assessment.

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"I had my hands tied behind my back in terms of doing any further examination."I said perhaps this is just, you know, that everyone is getting upset and angry that they are up here in the Crown like everyone else … I'll deal with him, I'll come back and have a look at him, but there are so many other cases that I have got."

Breaking down the latest news and research to understand how the world is living through an epidemic, this is the ABC's Coronacast.It wasn't until the doctor received a phone call from a medical practitioner who had been on the couple's cruise ship, the Costa Luminosa, filling her in on Mr Watson's medical history and poor health during the trip that she decided to call another ambulance.

"When I heard this story, I was like: 'What! This is really bad and I better call the ambulance right now.'"Doctor says department must take responsibilityWA Health said it had requested Healthcare Australia make changes to their rostered personnel, saying the organisation"was not meeting the expectations of the state".

The doctor concerned said she was told on Sunday afternoon not to return to the Crown hotels.Monday would have been Ray Daniels's 74th birthday. But instead of celebrating, his Perth family are mourning their husband and father.But, she said the department had to take responsibility for the lack of staff and PPE.

"In a hospital, you would have one doctor in a ward with about 20 to 30 patients at most," she said."But that one doctor is also supported by a team of other doctors and nursing staff."The doctor also provided in an insight into the process for passengers with health concerns at the Crown hotels at the time she was working there.

She said guests would ring a guest services number which went to a Crown hotel call centre in Melbourne and that this would be redirected back to the hotel's reception where staff would write down the details on a post-it note and give it to a nurse.

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PPE was available, Health Department saysWA Health told ABC Radio Perth they were investigating the incident"as a priority".This included reviewing the nursing and medical support for about 2,000 guests at seven hotels across Perth and almost 200 people on Rottnest Island to ensure they had the very best access to care.

WA COVID-19 snapshotConfirmed cases so far: 495 Read more: ABC News »

RogerCookMLA WAHealth Poor planning + Poor execution = Poor outcomes. This seems a case of shared responsibility/culpability. auspol Australia COVID19au There were 600 people in quarantine of these only a small fraction required treatment. She is trying to suggest she was required to treat all of them, the situation is far from perfect but her primary concern seems to be to absolve herself from any blame

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Wow. Useful news from ABC. As if we don't need doctors. Horrific Politicians, Top Bureaucrats & mainstream media have completely mismanaged this entire covid19 'fake pandemic', just like the incompetent WHO. This what happens when the government doesn't act based on the best interest of the people but rather on hidden political agenda.

MiloWh007 Bureaucracy at its worst.Too many chiefs. Great interview Disgraceful. One doctor for 600 people in isolation. And the doctor told to not go back to the job she was given. Hope the doctor has no bad record out of this.

Pink supermoon just what the coronavirus lockdown doctor orderedA supermoon will be in southern hemisphere skies tonight, right in time to break that lockdown monotony and give you an excuse to step outside — at a socially safe distance, of course. Shame so overcast on the GC. Stop making up bullshit new names for moons Is there actually a “lockdown doctor”?

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Ruby Princess fiasco ‘starts and stops’ with the NSW Health Minister | Sky News AustraliaNSW Labor Leader Jodi McKay says responsibility for the Ruby Princess cruise ship debacle “starts and stops with” NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard.\n\nMr Hazzard has refused to take responsibility for allowing the cruise ship to dock and for passengers to be released onto the streets of Sydney and allowed to travel more widely, across the country.\n\n“When you have 14 people who have died, more than 600 cases of COVID-19 and decisions that were made largely conducted in secrecy' an apology and explanation is necessary, Ms McKay said. \n\n“It just comes back to ministerial responsibility,” she told Sky News host Peter Credlin. \n\nWhile the police commissioner said Mr Hazzard had no operational responsibility the state's system of government dictates “that he is responsible,” she said. \n\nMs Credlin said “a criminal investigation could find that Brad Hazzard did not break the law,” however his handling of the situation “wouldn’t pass the pub test”. \n\nImage: Getty\n Labor trying to deflect from the real culprits like usual, Liberal & Labor on the same team. This RubyPrincess shenanigans proves Brad Hazzard is out if his depth(no pun intended). Actually should be Federal and State leaders

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NZ’s health minister ‘placed himself as a political elite above coronavirus restrictions' | Sky News AustraliaNew Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has “amazingly” not sacked the country’s health minister after it was revealed he had hypocritically “undermined his own edicts” and broken the nation’s lockdown laws says Sky News host Chris Kenny. \n\nDavid Clarke has been stripped of his associate finance portfolio and demoted to the lowest level of Cabinet after admitting he breached a nationwide lockdown by driving 20 kilometres to the beach.\n\nMr Clarke said his judgement was very poor in breaching lockdown restrictions while instructing Kiwis to remain indoors.\n\nHe was caught mountain bike riding last week after his van - emblazoned with his face and name - was spotted in a car park near a trail.\n\nMr Clarke offered his resignation to Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern last night, which she rejected.\n\nMr Kenny said Prime Minister Ardern is “leading a progressive government that the green left in Australia sees as a model of egalitarian, woke nirvana”. \n\nYet, Mr Kenny said David Clarke, “was hypocritical, undermined his own edicts, broke rules designed to protect public health, and he showed an unforgivable arrogance, placing himself as a political elite, above the rules put in place for the voters, voters he's supposed to represent”. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia jacindaardern Could you imagine Auspol twitter if Scomo didn’t sack Greg Hunt if he stayed at his holiday house in Sorrento jacindaardern FauxLefties ozcrimenews ? jacindaardern This is our problem how?

'Wonderful' numbers but fears for Kimberley as two more health workers test positive to COVID-19Another two healthcare workers in Halls Creek test positive for COVID-19, but the WA Government is confident no Indigenous patients have been exposed to the virus. Any Hillsong conference tourist visit there before leavlng Aust.?