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Do the maths: Women winners dominate at the Prime Ministers science awards

Do the maths: Women winners dominate at the Prime Ministers science awards


Do the maths: Women winners dominate at the Prime Ministers science awards

Professor Cheryl Praeger received the $250,000 prize at Parliament House alongside other award winners in research, innovation and teaching.

A mathematician has won the 2019 Prime Minister's Prize for Science for her contributions to pure mathematics. Her work went on to influence how we keep information secure on the internet.

($250,000) — The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute team, for the development of the leukemia drug venetoclax.

Malcolm McIntosh Prize for Physical Scientist of the Year

($50,000) — Dr Luke Campbell, for inventing the nuraphone, headphones that adapt to an individual's unique sense of hearing.

Prime Minister's Prize for Excellence in Teaching in Secondary Schools

Much of her work has been in the field of group theory, a branch of pure mathematics which deals in part with questions of symmetry.

They're crucial to public-key cryptography — the way you communicate over the internet or with your bank to keep information secure.

"I was so cross and stubborn I got some different advice and ended up being able to study mathematics and science at university."

Professor Cheryl Praeger was one of the first female professors of mathematics in Australia.

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I've never met a mathematician who needed to use their genitals to count. 🙄 PM wanted women getting most of the awards; remember what happened with the CEO position of the ABC? Congratulations to the winners, although not sure why the ABC makes the winners gender the main talking point? I've worked with great engineers and scientists both men and women. Their gender had nothing to do with their competence

New Australian musical celebrates the young women who take their boy-band love to extremesFrom 'screamers' to 'rabid, knicker-wetting banshees', young female fans have been disparaged for centuries. Writer and performer Yve Blake aims to change that with her new show. One Direction? Don't be dense. The biggest boy bands for Australian fangirls are Korean.

Calls to rescue women from Syrian camp | Sky News AustraliaThe father of one of the women trapped in a Syrian detention camp has begged the Australian government to rescue his daughter and grandchildren.\n\nKamalle Dabboussy has led a delegation from the Save the Children activists group to Canberra where he's hoping to muster political action by meeting MPs.\n\nMr Dabboussy has rejected fears the women and children pose a terror threat.\n\nHome Affairs Minister Peter Dutton said some of the women have been active participants with Islamic state and bringing them home may pose 'the risk of a mass casualty event in Australia'. \n\nActivists fear time is running out before the group can be safely repatriated.\n\nImage: AP No one is discussing the truth here. Any woman married into Islam HAS NO CHOICES we can’t grasp that. They have NO CHOICE... to say that will expose the real heart of Islam. These women as damned either way. Just NO. This guy has got a nerve. Why should anyone risk their lives for this nonsense? Let's see how many parents of serving members volunteer to have their children's lives put at risk for these idiots. How come your daughter is over there? Was it something she learnt at home to make her go?

Australian women trapped in Syrian refugee camp plead for help as Syrian troops move inIn a harrowing voice recording sent to her aunt in Australia, and heard by SBS News, Sahra Ahmed - who has been detained in the al-Hawl camp since march - said the body of a woman had just been found mutilated in the toilets. Can someone tell me, did we show this much empathy the nazis after ww2, or vietcong after the Vietnam war? Did she show the same empathy to those who were mutilated by ISIS? Or is just harrowing to her now that she wants to cone back to Australia? Let the muslim world look after her.

Youngest-ever winner of Nobel Economics Prize 'wants to inspire other women'A trio of Americans on Monday won the Nobel Economics Prize for their work in the fight against poverty, including Esther Duflo, the youngest-ever economics...

Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo named joint winners of Booker PrizeThe judges tore up the rule book to announce two winners for the prestigious literary award.

Margaret Atwood and Bernardine Evaristo named joint winners of Booker PrizeBreaking: Novelist Margaret Atwood and British-born Anglo-Nigerian author Bernardine Evaristo have been named joint winners of the Booker Prize. Margaret Atwood was also born wasn’t she

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