‘Do not consent’: Wild $25 anti-vax letter

25/01/2022 11:40:00 PM

A prominent anti-vax group are selling letters for parents to give to their children’s schools, demanding vaccination not even be discussed around them.

Champion Dies, Debate Rages

A prominent anti-vax group are selling letters for parents to give to their children’s schools, demanding vaccination not even be discussed around them.

An anti-vax group is selling “legal” letters that experts say carry no more weight than a note scrawled on a piece of paper to parents concerned about their children being vaccinated.

Stream your news live & on demand with Flash. From CNN International, Al Jazeera, Sky News, BBC World, CNBC & more. New to Flash?It is titledThe letters originally cost $30 but the price has now been dropped to $25 and it reads as following:“Should the Principal or any other member or the faculty, staff member from the school or any other person(s), countermand this instruction, discuss with, or coerce the above named child to have the vaccine, in any circumstances; the family reserves the right to pursue legal action.

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Shattered Thurston condemns 'she'll be right' attitude

'Well it won't be right!'

I think people forget most teachers are usually stoically impartial on topics such as religion, politics etc. I think very few will even discuss it. I think the biggest issue will b what kids say to each other. At the end of the day its a parents choice, it’s their responsibility If it’s that important to them, why are they selling them? They should be free. 💉😷

Idiots! JFC, as if a school would ever jab a student without parental consent! These people are complete whack jobs, preying on people’s fear at a very stressful time. Back off, whackers 🤬 By all means report the news, but to then publish the letter, enabling the nut bags in our community to copy or reproduce the letter is encouraging this behaviours. That is appalling journalism.

Another level up of stupidity. Sad and angry at everything anti vaxxers. The letters are legally worthless and worried parents are being treated like cash cows with people happy to take their money over fear, uncertainty and doubt. It's a business model, follow the money.

University’s wild list of banned wordsA university has published a list of not-to-be-used words which as well as obvious suggestions also lists “grandfather,” “minority.” and even “red”. ... well that's just 'double plus ungood' Orwell That's going to save the HeraldSun a lot of money in ink, they would just about have nothing to say What a disgusting WOKE decision … grandfather banned ? Ffs… !!

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Anti-vaxxer’s sad act before Covid deathAn Italian anti-vaxxer who tore off his oxygen mask and insisted he did not have the disease while being treated at a hospital, has died of Covid-19. Bullshit More fake bs by media Just leaving this here for the poor Sheeple who believe the scare tactics of the MSM. Ask yourself why would they spend so much effort on cherry picking these individual 'anti-vax' stories? Fear = control. Remember recovery was 98% with Delta before the vax.

Queensland death toll rises by 13 as Premier pushes vax for studentsQueensland has reported 13 more COVID deaths and 10,212 new infections as the children of essential workers return to schools across the state.

Surgeon faces legal action for trying to sell Bataclan victim X-ray as NFTSurgeon said attempted sale of the image showing a forearm containing a Kalashnikov bullet without patient consent was ‘an error’ one of the only news articles i’ve seen recently where the content is actually worse than the headline makes it out to be. this is despicable

It comes as debate rages about children returning to school during the national Omicron outbreak.Fox News .Below is a selection of returns from some of the region’s notable funds: Advertisement Tech Turmoil Franchise Fund slumped 39 per cent last year, according to a newsletter sent to investors.formally censured by her state party .

Queensland has pushed back its school start date, while New South Wales and Victoria are charging ahead as planned. The letters are advertised by Human Rights Advocates Australia – a group that labels itself as an organisation “fighting for human rights & against discrimination”.” For example, the language guide states that the word “lame” is considered problematic because it’s “ableist. The majority of its website focuses on creating pseudo-legal letters for people who do not wish to be vaccinated or wear masks. Investor greed turned to extreme fear on overvalued growth stocks amid global inflation and Chinese regulatory tightening concerns, founder Simon Wang wrote in the commentary. Stream your news live & on demand with Flash. The guide also states that the term “minority” implies a ‘less than’ attitude toward a certain community. From CNN International, Al Jazeera, Sky News, BBC World, CNBC & more. It is 50 Republicans who have been adamant about not only pushing an anti-democratic agenda but also opposing our efforts to try to lower the cost of prescription drugs, trying to expand Medicare … to improve the disaster situation in home healthcare, in childcare, to address the existential threat of climate change.

New to Flash? Narelle Fraser is the marketing manager of Human Rights Advocates Australia. Inclusive language guide at the US University of Washington Staff advised against using the term ‘Grandfather’ The guide considers “grandfather” a “problematic word” because the term was “used as a way to exempt some people from a change because of conditions that existed before the change. Investors shifted to cyclical and mega-cap stocks, markets were driven by macroeconomic headlines, and retail traders derailed hedge fund short-selling, the person added. Picture: Facebook. News. “Housekeeping,” is another “problematic” word that the guide recommends should be avoided by others working in the information technology industry because it can “feel gendered.com. A December gain helped the Greater China-focused Brilliant Partners Fund narrow its full-year loss to 23.au has obtained one of the letters advertised.” The language guide also considers “preferred pronouns” as “problematic” because the term “preferred” suggests that “a person’s pronoun is optional. “And then I will tell you exactly what happened.

It is titled Non-Consent for COVID-19 Vaccine – Schools, and in a brief description of the product online it says the letter can be used: “If you want to put your child’s school on notice that you do not give consent for them to administer the vaccine under any circumstances”. The letters originally cost $30 but the price has now been dropped to $25 and it reads as following: “To whom it may concern, “This letter is to inform you that (parent’s name) has discussed this issue of Covid-19 vaccinations with: • (child’s name) and it has been agreed together that, they DO NOT CONSENT to be vaccinated with any of the Covid-19 vaccinations. ‘Racist tropes’ According to the language guide, using “red,” white,” or “yellow” to separate different teams is based on “racist tropes. The Benjamin Fuchs-led multi-strategy BFAM Asia Opportunities Fund saw its nine-year winning streak come to an end, with an almost 11 per cent loss in 2021. “Should the Principal or any other member or the faculty, staff member from the school or any other person(s), countermand this instruction, discuss with, or coerce the above named child to have the vaccine, in any circumstances; the family reserves the right to pursue legal action. “We apologise for the abrupt tone of this email; however, we need it to be very clear that the above named child is not to receive any of the Covid-19 vaccinations. The term “spirit animal” is also “problematic” because it uses “cultural appropriation,” according to the guide. “We request you reply to this email confirming you will not make the decision to have the above-named child vaccinated with the Covid-19 vaccine. Advertisement CloudAlpha Master Fund ended a volatile year down 24 per cent, after losing 25 per cent in December, according to an update sent to investors. We saw it last week in terms of the Voting Rights Act.

We also request that you make a notation on the school records reflecting this family decision and refer to it if or when necessary.” More Coverage Scathing attack on ‘ludicrous’ woke company The web page gives a sample prompt for employees to use when sending emails to vendors about this issue as well. z (sic)” A copy of the letter which can be purchased for $25. Picture: Supplied. “Can you let us know what efforts you are undertaking to move away from this language so as to create a more inclusive product/service?” Originally published as. CloudAlpha, which can invest in technology companies globally, soared 137 per cent in 2020 and took a positive spin on last year’s results. Ms Fraser frequently goes live on Facebook to speak about human rights. Picture: Facebook. And Republicans want to vote against lowering the cost of climate change, home healthcare, whatever it may be.

On its website and when asking for donations, Human Rights Activists Australia said it “employs research teams and legal counsel”. Aspex’s assets have mushroomed to about $US8 billion, the people said. But high profile Sydney lawyer Danny Eid has told news.com.au the business should be cautious in providing legal advice if they are not qualified to do so. It also gave a chance to exploit pricing gaps between mainland China, Hong Kong and US markets, he added. “In my view, the letter holds no more weight than a letter from the parent of the child,” he said. Bringing bills to the floor, he conceded, would really be about electoral politics ahead of midterms this year in which Republicans expect to take back the House and possibly the Senate, and the presidential contest in two years’ time.

“It appears to me that this letter is designed to guide parents on how to put the educational facility on notice that any attempted persuasion of the child to vaccinate, may give rise to legal action. “The letter in my view is poorly drafted. The move was intended to capture investment opportunities in areas such as base metals, energy and industrial stocks amid the global transition toward cleaner energy, the person added. You don’t need to reserve your rights to commence action. Further, if the letter is intended to be sent with the same letterhead purportedly signed by the parent and sent by the Human Rights Advocates Australia, then in my view that letter may not hold any weight.” Police keep an eye on a freedom rally in Melbourne. Tribeca Global Natural Resources Fund jumped 58 per cent, said Ben Cleary, its Asia chief executive officer.” Topics.

Picture: David Crosling/NCA NewsWire The letter is then signed by Human Rights Advocate CEO Sonya Nicolaci and is sent by marketing manager Narelle Fraser. A massive 95.3 per cent of people aged over 16 have had one dose of a Covid-19 vaccine in NSW, while 93. Seth Fischer led his Oasis Management hedge fund to a nearly 16 per cent surge, said people with knowledge of its performance.9 per cent are double vaccinated and 33.8 per cent have had their booster shot.

Up to 82. Asia funds that employ multiple investment strategies and those that maintained more balanced bullish and bearish wagers and tight risk limits weathered the 2021 turbulence well.7 per cent of children aged 12-15 have had one vaccine dose and 78.3 per cent have had two. Chief health officer Dr Kerry Chant on Monday said the virus is “stabilising” across the state, but warns cases could pick back up once students return to school.2 billion Segantii Asia-Pacific Equity Multi-Strategy Fund rose 9. “It is pleasing that our assessment indicates the spread of the Covid virus is slowing,” Dr Chant said on Monday.

“Our situation is stabilising.” Last month, the Therapeutic Goods Authority approved the vaccine for children aged between five and 11. The Hong Kong-based firm is led by Angus Wai, who modelled it after his former employer, Steve Cohen’s Point72 Asset Management. It had previously been approved for 12 to 16-year-olds. More Coverage ‘Killed’: Vile signs at anti-vax protest Research shows that the Pfizer vaccine is up to 91 per cent effective in children, the TGA said in a statement. Students are not required to be vaccinated in Queensland, New South Wales or Victoria but it is highly encouraged.1 billion quantitative fund rose nearly 20 per cent, according to a newsletter to investors and CEO Suhaimi Zainul-Abidin.

Students who present symptoms are urged to not attend school. .