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Do football coaches need to spend more time out of the game to be successful?

Do football coaches need to spend more time out of the game to be successful?


Do football coaches need to spend more time out of the game to be successful?

So-called 'career politicians' are often criticised for not having enough life experience before entering Parliament — but one academic believes the same principle should apply when it comes to coaching.

Coaches over the age of 50 often have more developed skill sets, an academic believes

, lecturer in coaching Fraser Carson has called for a rethink

Five AFL coaches have left their clubs for various reasons this season

"More focus needs to be placed on a coach's ability to manage people and that's why a successful coach needs to be open-minded and able to draw on vast experience."

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It's totally different from our image of holand. Not sure, but one thing's certain: academics don't have enough life experience and would benefit from having time away from academia.

Wayne Bennett urges rugby league to persist with World Cup 9s'We've got a history of getting out of things too quick. Hopefully, we'll stay with it and add something to the rugby league calendar.' - Wayne Bennett. ✏️ via troywhittaker98 RLWC9s

'Infrastructure spending needed' following 'significant downgrade' in growth figures | Sky News AustraliaLabor MP Patrick Gorman says there are 'serious concerns about the need for more infrastructure spending' following a 'significant downgrade' in growth figures for the Australian economy according to the International Monetary Fund.\n\n'There's a range of transport and infrastructure projects in Western Australia that could be brought forward,' Mr Gorman said.\n\nThe global growth outlook has been slashed to the lowest in a decade.\n\nLiberal MP Jason Falinski described the economy as 'pretty good' and said 'it's no time to panic and flap our arms'.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n\n They are just realising their failed Policy from the start of failure is failing! Who needs terrorists when when we have shit like this?

Australia’s new ambassador to US Arthur Sinodinos not afraid to call out ChinaAustralia's next ambassador to the United States has stressed the need to maintain the current global order as he calls time on his job as a Liberal senator. Jobs for the boys 😡 Good luck - global order is past time and is being eradicated. Just another corrupt yes man to lick Trumps boots.

Drought emergency powers 'fantastic example of what a state govt can do' | Sky News AustraliaAgriculture Minister Bridget McKenzie says the drought emergency powers being put into action to help tackle the crisis gripping Australian farmers is a “fantastic example of what a state government can do”.\n\nThe New South Wales government will temporarily stop allocating water for the environment, in favour of getting it to the towns that need it most.\n\nMs McKenzie told Sky News “drought is one thing that we all have to work on”, and by doing so, it is “going to give us the best policy response that our nation needs, because this won’t be the last time that we go through this”. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia What action you moron? Well of course, everything government does is always the best, government never makes mistakes, just ask it. Liberals 7 years in government and our farmers 7 years in drought. That is what Liberals called job well done, rest of Australians called disaster for our farmers and our country. We couldn’t expect anything better from this out of tach with reality government.

'People need to calm down': Universities defend the ATARUniversity vice chancellors have defended the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank, saying it might not be the best indicator of potential, but it is the most efficient way of ensuring student success.

Australians' record debt is making us work longer, spend lessAustralians are some of the world's most indebted people, and there's increasing evidence that it is changing our way of life. How good is household debt? Ohhhhh ABC! Learn MMT! No shit.....

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