Dita Von Teese looks back: ‘Going into that fetish store sparked my entire career’

25/06/2022 8:49:00 PM

Dita Von Teese looks back: ‘Going into that fetish store sparked my entire career’

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Dita Von Teese looks back: ‘Going into that fetish store sparked my entire career’

The model and burlesque performer remembers buying her first corset, partying with drag queens and a very special red lipstick

I met the photographer for this shootHe was a very shy art student and approached me to ask if he could take my portrait sometime. I said sure – so we met up and it turned into one of my first proper photoshoots. I did my own hair and makeup, and I remember him being a little nervous.

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Dita Von Teese in 1991 and 2022 Dita Von Teese in 1991 and 2022.Thu 23 Jun 2022 14.Revolut goes head-to-head with Afterpay, Klarna in Ireland Bloomberg Share post Revolut has picked Ireland as the first market to launch its buy now, pay later product, going head-to-head with the likes of Klarna and other fintechs in the rapidly growing area of lending.for the first time on record.

Later photograph: Pål Hansen/The Guardian. Styling: Bridget Veal.40 BST W hen Michael Noone set off on his solo walk from Old Trafford to Wembley stadium on Boxing Day to raise money for his football academy in Tanzania , it wasn’t the first time he had taken a journey into the unknown. Hair: Sarah Wood at Necia.9 million adults have a Revolut account. Makeup: Aimee Adams. “I just kind of stumbled across it,” he says. Archive image: courtesy of Dita Von Teese Heather Renée Sweet, better known as Dita Von Teese, is the 1950s-inspired model and performer who helped repopularise burlesque. “I remember that we were in a state of war and I could hear the sounds of war, and I had seen bodies in shrouds and tanks on fire on the highway,” she said.

Raised in West Branch, a working-class rural town in Michigan, she started her career as a fetish model and stripper before moving into burlesque and becoming a brand herself, launching vintage-inspired and fetishistic lingerie and makeup lines. I started volunteering in this orphanage, joined in a few games and found the football culture unbelievable. Revolut, which is seeking to become a super app offering a range of financial products, will allow customers to spread payments over three instalments, with qualifying customers given a credit limit of 499 euros ($760). Her tours are known for their ornate sets and costumes, a spectacle of giant champagne glasses and bronze clam shells. Aged 49, she takes her Glamonatrix tour across Europe this year. So I came almost out of curiosity more than anything I guess …” Noone started coaching a group of players in Mivumoni, a small town about 300km north of Dar es Salaam in one of Tanzania’s poorest regions. I met the photographer for this shoot at a late -night dinner.65 per cent fee per purchase. He was a very shy art student and approached me to ask if he could take my portrait sometime. “Every week there were more and more who kept joining our group,” he says. “Lots of families, including my [now] husband and other Afghans, have had to split up and go through on horseback, through dangerous terrain, and have been stopped.

I said sure – so we met up and it turned into one of my first proper photoshoots. I did my own hair and makeup, and I remember him being a little nervous.” As well as providing coaching and equipment for the growing academy, Noone – who divides his time between Mivumoni and Manchester – has rented two local houses for some of the players to live in and ensures they have a regular supply of clean water. Advertisement. This was taken during a transformative period for me – I was 19 and living in Orange County. My then boyfriend produced the biggest rave parties in Los Angeles. “Our project is in an area of huge poverty – there are high levels of typhoid, malaria and dysentery – so it’s a real struggle for them. I was having so much fun with all the club kids and drag queens, discovering psychedelic drugs and working as a go-go dancer. But due to financial instability, India couldn’t be their permanent home.

This was just before I first dyed my hair black, and the corset in the photo was the first one I bought. We’ve ended up having a hostel as well to give them somewhere to sleep. It turned out to be a pivotal item for me: while working in a lingerie store, I asked a girl where I could get a corset and she wrote down the address for this place I should visit. When I drove over there, I realised it was a really hardcore fetish store. Photograph: Michael Noone Noone adds: “My aim is now to try and improve that environment and showcase the ability that these players have. Going into that mysterious place could have scared me but it actually sparked my entire career. There was this gentleman sitting behind the counter who’d go on to become a friend for life. We’ve just started to get ourselves noticed over here at tournaments. It’s more, ‘Let’s apply everywhere and see where we get accepted’.

He was super nice and showed me all these photos of 50s pinup Bettie Page. It made me wonder why nobody was doing the vintage fetish thing, and in that moment a whole new world opened up for me. “When we’re on the map that is a real option,” he says. When I started working in the fetish industry, it wasn’t about nudity: it was a lot more about the mind than the body. I found it fascinating to meet people who liked to watch women smoking, or had foot fetishes.” Having used up his savings to get the academy off the ground, Noone has taken on a series of fundraising challenges over the past few months that have included running from Anfield to Old Trafford and his epic walk to the home of football that ended on New Year’s Day. Often men just wanted to watch me try on gloves or walk around in high heels.” After the family arrived in Sydney, they rented an apartment on busy Parramatta Road, and Zoe started at Leichhardt Public in the inner west.

It was erotic but it wasn’t sexual. I had mates with me for some of it at the start but almost all of it was on my own. While I was only 19 at the time, I felt safe and was always clear about my boundaries. I don’t have any terrible stories from that time because I was working with the best in the industry. When I got to Wembley Way I met some mates at Box Park and I was really struggling. As well as admiring Bettie Page, one of the other reasons I wanted to start posing for photos was because my boyfriend was addicted to porn and I wanted to be like the girls in the magazines he was looking at. So I got some photos done and showed them to him, but he turned out to be more interested in the girl in the photo than the real girl. Michael Noone at Robin Hood’s Bay in Yorkshire at the end of his latest fundraising walk.” Zoe Ghani and her family in 1987, after recently arriving in Australia.

Sign up to our Inside Saturday newsletter for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of the magazine’s biggest features, as well as a curated list of our weekly highlights. Around that time he had also told me about “this thing called the worldwide web”. “A friend of mine is sponsoring the shirts and a few local businesses in the UK have also been very generous. We ended up making one of the first websites for images of women – people could send in a cheque and I’d send back autographed pictures. Then I made a membership site. Mbwana Samatta’s short spell at Aston Villa in 2020 made him the first Tanzanian to play in the Premier League but Noone believes there is every chanceplentymore could come if local players are given the right opportunities. We used to do photoshoots at a place called Danny’s Hardware – the woman who ran it learned to write code and made the first adult website with images of models on. “Now when I think back, I would have explained that we were forced, and it wasn’t safe, and there was war and there was horror.

She was a real pioneer. “If I can find a pathway for someone like him then I would be very happy. Growing up, I was really interested in 40s and 50s glamour – during my childhood my mother and I would often watch movies from that era. I’ll never forget when I first got my hands on red lipstick: I was at home and put on a Cherries in The Snow revolving lipstick. I had curled my hair and there was this perfect light, so I took a Polaroid of myself and thought: wow. Discovering that I could be self-created was an important lesson for me.

There were no real role models from modern times that I had anything in common with, and there were no YouTube tutorials either. Instead I would study photos and movies from the golden age and practise and perfect the craft. Nobody cared what I did after graduating – there was no one pushing me to do well or saying: “You’re going to college.” I did OK at school – I always excelled in grammar and writing but I was very bad at maths. We didn’t have money, so my parents weren’t going to put me through further education.

I started working as a babysitter at 13, then got a job when I was 15 at the aforementioned lingerie store. Everyone around me was worried when my career started to take off. I wasn’t sure how I’d explain to my family that I was doing burlesque and I was a bondage model, and in the end everyone thought I was crazy. I even used to get made fun of a lot while walking around, just for wearing vintage clothes: “Hey! Did you just step off a movie set? Why are you dressed like that?” It’s more acceptable now to be different. Not that I cared particularly.

Before I was famous, I was just having fun and living my life. I was free, and it wasn’t until I was introduced to the mainstream media and had more people’s eyes on me that I started to hear more criticism. Often during interviews people would ask: “What are you going to do when you get older?” I always replied that I didn’t know. I was only 30. Read more I have always been solid in who I am.

I came up with this saying: “You can be a juicy ripe peach but there’s always someone who doesn’t like peaches.” Jean Paul Gaultier thinks what I do is clever and cool, so if one person sitting on a keyboard at home says I’m not talented, I think I know who I’m going to stick with. Throughout my career, I’ve had to adapt to physical changes. For three years I had a hip issue that was bothering me. And for the last three years I have had benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which is when the crystals in your ear get dislodged, so you have to move them back into the right place.

It first happened to me during a tour in which I was riding a giant lipstick – a mechanical bull mechanism, on which I was flipping my hair around a lot. One morning I just fell out of bed. I was nauseous and I could barely walk in a straight line. I remember worrying: how am I going to dance? But I soon learned how to control it. I found out the crystals settle in your ear throughout the day when you’re upright, so I had to sleep sitting up for a few days and be careful not to throw my head around too much.

It was interesting finding ways to reconcile with it. I thought: I’m just going to walk around the stage slowly the best I can. Nobody knew the difference. Since that photo was taken, I’ve become a lot less shy. That’s number one.

There’s more power with experience, and I’ve just refined every aspect of my life. My look, my performance, my relationships. It’s evolution. I’m way better at doing my eyebrows, too. Topics .