Distressed Aussie in 'moment of the Games'

Refused to quit with the finish line in sight

30/07/2021 11:15:00 PM

A slowing Tiernan collapsed with exhaustion with the finish in sight but bravely picked himself off the track to eventually stumble across the line. 9News

Refused to quit with the finish line in sight

Patrick Tiernan of Australia competes in the 10,000m final. (Getty)It was good enough for 19th in a time of 28:35.06 - but that's not what will be remembered.Officials helped a distressed Tiernan into a wheelchair as the Aussie shook his head in disbelief.

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He needn't have.Rugby star Jono Lance tweeted that he had "never been prouder to be an Aussie.""I just watched my favourite moment of the Games. Patrick Tiernan competing in the 10k final just put in one of the all time efforts and I recommend all Aussies to watch the end of the race."

Patrick Tiernan of Australia crosses the finish line. (Getty)Tiernan, 26, is also due to compete in the 5000m in Tokyo, with the heats on Tuesday.He was reported to be recovering well after receiving medical attention and rehydrating.It is not the first time Tiernan has embodied everything good about sport. headtopics.com

Barega's last-lap burst was good enough as he moved out in front with about 300m to go and held off the late charge by the two Ugandans, who were expected to go 1-2 in the first track final of the Games.Barega had no major titles in the 10,000m before tonight. His first was the big one.

He also put Ethiopia back on top in the 10,000m after Great Britain's Mo Farah claimed gold at the last two Olympics.Ethiopia's Selemon Barega wins the men's 10,000m final. (Getty)Farah isn't running in Tokyo after failing to make the British team.

The last Ethiopian to win the 10,000m at the Olympics was Kenenisa Bekele, who won the event in 2004 and 2008.Barega won at a largely empty Olympic Stadium.The men's 10,000m was the only medal event on the first day of track competition. Read more: Nine News Australia »

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Distressed Aussie in 'moment of the Games''Never been prouder to be an Aussie.' 💚💛 Bravo, Patrick Tiernan. 🙌 Unbelievable effort. Remember - these aren’t the park athletes of the AFL. It’s a global, professional sport. He was incredible. Unbelievable effort, can’t watch the footage without 😭😭😭😭

Aussie worried about comparisons to Shirvo\u2019s you-know-what'It is insulting to every one of his USA teammates. It’s unbelievable that it was allowed to happen.' Full story: Welcome to the embarrassment of what you created by being complacent. There's a saying in Australia. Dickheads gotta dickhead. Oh wait that's not it. It's SUCKED THE FUQ IN! 😉😉 Entitlement overload. He should not have been allowed in Japan. He definitely deserve to be thrown the book at. What a Cxxt! It’s the last time he’ll represent his country.

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‘Running on heart’: Aussie needs wheelchair after collapsing on track, still finishes 10k final'He is absolutely done and dusted. He is running on heart only here.' Aussie Patrick Tiernan collapsed on the track, but got back up and finished in a remarkable effort in the 10,000-metre final. Olympics MORE: (Courtesy of Channel Seven) It was hard to watch. So great that he finished the race. Well done mate As the Aussie is in struggle town these blokes are going hard at the finish line. He was right there with the best of the best right up to the bell lap, and trust me when you've spent so much time in the 'red zone' in oppressive conditions (still 25 with 95% now and worse on track with little breeze) the price paid will be done spectacularly