'Disconnecting us from our ancestors': China accused of destroying dozens of Uighur cemeteries

Some Uighurs are accusing China of deliberately smashing and scattering the bones of their ancestors in cemeteries across the asian powerhouse's northwest.


China is being accused of deliberately eradicating the graves of generations of Uighurs after tombs belonging to the Muslim minority group were reportedly destroyed and bones removed from major sites

Some Uighurs are accusing China of deliberately smashing and scattering the bones of their ancestors in cemeteries across the asian powerhouse's northwest.

Agence France Presse research combined with satellite imagery from Earthrise Alliance shows the removal of graves across a two year period.

"This is all part of China's campaign to effectively eradicate any evidence of who we are, to effectively make us like the Han Chinese."

Nurgul Sawut lives in Australia but has five generations of relatives who were buried in southwestern Xinjiang. She last travelled to the region in 2016 for her father's funeral.

US blacklists 28 Chinese organisations over 'Uighur abuses' in Xinjiang

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Hey but don’t worry lefties be like “oh whatubout the kurds!!!” But the Uighurs have been getting ethnically cleansed for last 5 years. Over 1million in concentration camps. fyi Echinanews chinaorgcn XHscitech Can you explain why such vandalism is occurring? Those lands have a history, a heritage which must be protected for all future generations. Like the temples & tombs in Syria or Turkey or Palestine. Uighur heritage is important also to all.

Careful SBS. China will cancel you.

US restricts visas to China officials over Uighur 'repression'The US has imposed visa restrictions on Chinese government and Communist Party officials it believes responsible for the detention or abuse of Muslim minorities in Xinjiang province.

ASX to fall as as hopes for US-China trade talks diminishAustralian shares are expected to fall sharply in early trade as hopes for a breakthrough in US-China trade talks continue to fade. There is no hope stop using fake narratives

It has become ‘bad for business’ to criticise China | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Andrew Bolt says it has become a “pathetic” trend among companies and governments alike, primarily in the West, to not criticise China because it has become “bad for business”. \n\nMr Bolt said the 'West' is “part of the problem”, and has become “too weak, too dozy and too greedy to stand up to this fast-growing menace”.\n\n“The dictator in Beijing must be laughing….as President Xi Jinping crushes all dissent and flexes China's power,” he said. \n\nMr Bolt was critical towards the Australian government for not responding by providing “the kind of armed forces we need… as the defence minister admits that China and technology are not waiting for Australia”.\n\nImage: Getty I guess FauxMo is not anti globalism like he'd like his followers to believe. Andrew himself is at times pathetic,,he should be on whinging radio,,just as bad for doing nothing!

Taiwan fears China's 'authoritarian' threat could turn the Pacific into another South China SeaAfter losing two more diplomatic allies to China, Taiwan's foreign minister Joseph Wu fears to witness a second South China Sea in the Pacific. its a strategic move to cut off foreign ties with many countries or at least downgrade it China is looking for dominance like Japan b4 WW2 Japan had less than 100mils China has got 1.4bils they need more fish n oil at sea so they want to be top dog in d Pacific

ASX to recover as Wall Street jumps on renewed US-China trade optimismAustralian shares are expected to jump in early trade on renewed optimism that the US and China might reach a partial trade deal — despite conflicting reports.

China slams Apple's decision to allow police tracking app for Hong Kong protestersChinese media lashes out at Apple Inc over an app that tracks the movement of police around Hong Kong. It is pointless blocking apps that have simple functionality that can be webpage based. China is just a big stupid bully. But it's ok for China to spy on all its citizen. Cry me a fucking river Good job Apple 👍 HongKongProtesters

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