'Desperate' single mum's 18-year wait for public housing

The single mum has been on the waiting list for 18 years. #9News

10/10/2019 6:20:00 AM

The single mum has been on the waiting list for 18 years. 9News

The extent of Australia's public housing crisis has been revealed in shocking fashion, with one single mum being left on the waiting list for almost two decades.

"Being homeless with my kids is my biggest fear," she said.Single mum Nicole fears being homeless with her kids.(A Current Affair)Another mum, Betul, is in a sadly similar situation."I'm the one who needs a house, but I can't get it," she said.

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This country is way to busy looking after refugees than Australians who are suffering. AUSTRALIANS FIRST! We know there is a housing crisis & it’s not going to be resolved by people sitting around on a list for 18 years. Move singles into 1-2bedrooms, gives houses to those with bigger families & limit length of leases. Public housing is not for life.

And had 3 kids in mean time..... making housing her harder. How the kids don’t look older than 10 or 12 Why are single people living in 3 bedroom houses when they could be living in a unit so families can have these homes, surely they can understand that . 😡 yet some illegal gets everything Um, she's been waiting 18 years, I assume those are her children in the picture, how old are they, does she have older ones ?

It’s always sad to see a homeless mother and children, and we should do as much as we can to support them. But, there are also plenty of cases where women should have put the needs of the family ahead of their own. Maybe men aren’t so bad after all sometimes. But hasn't stopped giving births, So who's the father or fathers of the 3 under 18 yr olds who are her kids.

I waited 17 years.... I’m not in the least surprised by this... How the hell can you be on a waiting list for 18 years?! And for public housing?!! Get a job and rent. Don’t these types have any dignity?! I wonder over those eighteen years did she have a job? Why Hasn't she managed to sort herself out in eighteen years? A fair few of them before she decided she could look after kids as well.

should give her a boat and loose her identity and she will get one straight up, you don't even have to do that now days just get off the next flight and make out as refugee's. and you have a mental illness. no help for Australians that's how they make money out of the system. 18? She started having kids about 10 years ago

fakeugees first, direct thanks to the ALP/Greens Viewer Discretion is advised. Nine News is 'FAKE NEWS'! This lady gone public what about the DV victims Qld state gov says they doing everything possible for them BS I know someone been waiting for transfer high needs 7 years all the department says you don't like it then rent private ..if your a refugees straight away gov is pathetic

Immigrants given first option of public housing. the children look about 10 Disgusting!!

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