Defence industry minister says she wasn't consulted about a 'laughable' FOI response

Journalists and politicians expressed their disbelief after a standard Freedom of Information request from SBS News was met with a cost quote of at least $2,515.


The Department of Defence was asked by SBS News to provide the cost of Defence Industry Minister Melissa Price's recent visit to Europe under freedom of information legislation. The department said it would take 142 hours to process the request.

Journalists and politicians expressed their disbelief after a standard Freedom of Information request from SBS News was met with a cost quote of at least $2,515.

“The department arrived at the FOI cost estimate on its own and my office was not consulted”, Minister Price said in a statement to SBS News.

Labor MP Brian Mitchell joined the chorus of critics, describing the department's costing as an"outrageous abuse of freedom of information laws."

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That’s mocking the taxpayer. No question about it. Asher_Wolf More evidence of corruption for ICAC - stifling FOI with unreasonable fees to save face when data is scandalous. I'd chip in for this FOI. How much do these dumb articles cost taxpayers? Standard fees and timeframes should apply, definitely not that high price though.

Dutton just stating facts: fellow ministerA key Morrison government minister in the relationship with China has defended the comments of his colleague Peter Dutton when he says the policies of the Asian giant are inconsistent with those of Australia. Absolutely. Australia needs to wake up and stop being worried about upsetting China, when they continue to hack our I.T. and try to interfere with our government and business. We managed to survive for more than 200 years without their investment - don’t be afraid of them.

Morrison downplays Dutton, China stoush - 9NewsScott Morrison has tried to downplay a stoush between his home affairs minister and China, saying their comments simply reflect the differences between the two countries. 9News Australia is democracy not communism Morrison trying to appear to be doing something, no comment extinction rebellion protests, or the plight farmers. Start listing the differences between China & Australia 🤔 9News 1. 1.2 million Australians don't live in China 2. 300,000 Australians don't go to Chinese universities......................

Jacqui Lambie rejects horse-trading with 'humanity' over vote to repeal Medevac lawsThe Senator with the deciding vote to determine the fate of the Coalition’s push to repeal the Medevac laws says she won’t be horse trading over 'humanity'. It was dud of a law that should never have been passed. We have Derryn Hinch to thank for it being passed. He had the power to stop it and didn't. It need to be repelled and asap. It just an excuse to get more illegals here nothing more. margo694 Stick to your guns Jacqui This is what labor and the greens are letting in through the backdoor because of medevac

Fresh off world record marathon run, Brigid Kosgei thinks women can run even fasterPaula Radcliffe's 16-year-old women's world record for the marathon is obliterated by Kenya's Brigid Kosgei in Chicago — and she says that women can go even faster.

Bond actress groped by ‘huge star’ during auditionThe longtime Bond star has revealed that a very well-known actor “put his hand” up her skirt in front of a room full of people during a past audition. Musta taken a lesson from that fw Trump She shouldn't come out and say this without naming him, now she has got people wondering who did that and that is not fair on all the actors she worked with. Name him, go to the police or be quiet.

Morrison defends Dutton after China accuses him of 'malicious slur'The Prime Minister seeks to downplay China's criticism of his Home Affairs Minister, who accused the Chinese Communist Party of behaving in ways inconsistent with Australian values. What's next on his list of insights? Our nations are different shapes? Seems to me he we pointing out the similarities. Opposition to demonstrations in Australia, free speech under attack, an authoritarian Government. It seems that Dutton is testing the authority of Morrison. From this response, it seems the answer is obvious.

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