Daniel Andrews is ‘well and truly past his use-by date’: Dutton

6/10/2022 2:20:00 PM

Opposition leader Peter Dutton says if ever there was a time for a change of government, it’s “now in Victoria”.

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Opposition leader Peter Dutton says if ever there was a time for a change of government, it’s “now in Victoria”.

Opposition leader Peter Dutton says if ever there was a time for a change of government, it’s “now in Victoria”. “I think Daniel Andrews presides over one of the most corrupt governments in the country,” Mr Dutton told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “The people of Victoria … who have suffered through the long lockdowns over the last couple of years – the intrusion into their lives, the bad decisions that Daniel Andrews has presided over, the practices that he’s championed, have been to the detriment of Victorians. “I hope and pray that they can change government down there because Daniel Andrews is well and truly past his use-by date.”

3 minutes agoOpposition leader Peter Dutton says if ever there was a time for a change of government, it’s “now in Victoria”.“I think Daniel Andrews presides over one of the most corrupt governments in the country,” Mr Dutton told Sky News host Andrew Bolt.

“The people of Victoria … who have suffered through the long lockdowns over the last couple of years – the intrusion into their lives, the bad decisions that Daniel Andrews has presided over, the practices that he’s championed, have been to the detriment of Victorians.

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So Dutton wants to change to a govt that federally was indolent and had no integrity I think Boofhead means back in Victorias reign...bit behind the times is Sspud. Amen! GreigCunningha1, you obviously are troubled. Women hater, sexist, homophobic, the whole package of Misogyny and extremist views. I hope PeterDutton_MP and Barnaby_Joyce report you to TwitterSupport for your behaviour. Misogyny homophobic

He suits Victoria - the narcissist capital of Australia. And what exactly does the liberals offer? A meet on a duo still claiming car allowance, a leader who thinks King Arthur is real. And no policies except corruption Just crawl back into your shit hole Sky. No-one's listening. In your dreams Peter Dutton.

Peter who? Lets have a bet on the outcome shall we? Maybe he’s a Nostradamus and knows the result of the Victorian election already? Nah….😂😂😂😂😂 COULDNT AGREE MORE BUT WHO.!!!

Premier defends criticism of Essendon CEO’s church after Guy slams resignation as ‘ridiculous’Premier Daniel Andrews says he supports LGBTQ+ and abortion rights in response to criticism from Opposition Leader Matthew Guy’s over Essendon’s appointment of Andrew Thorburn as chief executive. lachieabbott Show's how out of touch Matthew Guy is. lachieabbott So we will see Dan comment on other AFL administrators & players whose religious beliefs which are similar to the former NAB CEO church. sumeyyailanbey SimoLove rwillingham rachelbaxendale rachael_dexter 7NewsMelbourne 9NewsMelb 10NewsFirstMelb lachieabbott Says the reinstated leader of a failed party... No wonder he cant find voters

Spud said something bad about the dud 🤭 Hes rotten to the core Dutton proving once again that he's out of touch with reality. So says the Leader of the Leftovers and his propaganda arm, SkyNews Vote for Cook and get rid of Andrews. AndrewsMustGo AndrewsMustGo So is Sky News and others of their ilk. SKY NEWS. Run by a Foreign Paperboy. Rupert Murdoch! One more wannabe Ruler Of The World. That is all he is. Just like a Russian Tzar.

Mr 17% says what 🙄 Who ? Oh please! Here's Rupy again reaching out his tentacles to us from USA. Again going all out to brainwash the Yahoos who still live here. Unlike himself. He isn't even an AUSTRALIAN anymore. Sold himself to USA for MONEY The Almighty $.

‘Egregious attack’: Dutton wants Andrew Thorburn reappointedOpposition Leader Peter Dutton says no person should be discriminated against because of their religious views and that Andrew Thorburn should never have been forced to resign as Essendon CEO. Please follow back sky news australia team He’s not being discriminated because of his religious affiliations His bigoted hatred is another issue altogether RealityCheck he’s not a Christian FactsMatter

I live in Victoria and I don’t think it needs change. Pete were are okay, don’t interfere Dutton was passed his use-by date a decade ago… Lol - says the leader of the leftovers Dutton should realise Australians and Victorians know better than he does. That’s why he and his Liberal cronies are now “the leftovers” in a diminished force soiling the Parliamentary benches. Daniel Andrews will deservedly win the next Victorian election. Dutton will never win.

Has the potato already given up on federal politics and now has to moan about the political leader of a state nowhere near his own federal seat? Must be salty that his own approval ratings will never be as high as Andrews. Mr 17% 😂😂😂😂😂😂 Andrews will now need to take sick leave after the Dutton outburst - he must be shitting himself that the full force of the Left-Over Liberals is pitted against him!

small potatoes Now that is the funniest comment today

Victorian opposition leader calls Andrew Thorburn’s resignation as Essendon CEO ‘ridiculous’Matthew Guy criticises debate that led to resignation, after premier says church’s views were ‘appalling’ I would expect nothing less from a member of a party riddled with homophobes. Guess that’s Matthew Guy nailed his colours to the mast, making it clear that nobody should vote Liberal if they aren’t into enabling the further spread and platforming of religious bigotry. I find it ridiculous that this Matthew Guy, who was very keen to play the ' African Gangs ' race card at the last election somehow gets another go in the top job. But what are you going to do?

The best time was 4 years ago before this crazy destroyed the state, the second best time is now. Some people may be past their use by date, however with Sky Views, the Australian people will never be past their use by date Haha Dan Andrews is on a roll he’s done more for Victoria than the last 3 Premiers. Victorians have no intention of changing. Vic parliamentary liberal party wil be meeting In a phone box like their mates in WA

Liberal Democrats ? That's exactly what Aussie voters said about his government back in May. You people are scum. I've said it before & I'll say it again. Worthless nothings. Who cares what Dutton, Leader of the Leftovers thinks? Potato says what ? 🤪🤪🤪 I love this parody account 😂😂😂

Australia in a ‘very sorry state’ without freedom of thought and religionThe Australian Christian Lobby’s Wendy Francis says if we no longer allow people to have freedom of thought and freedom of religion, we are in a “very sorry state”. She said the “hypocrisy” of the Essendon Football Club and Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has been “well and truly exposed” following the resignation of Andrew Thorburn as the club's CEO, who has accused the media and community leaders of judging him based on his faith. “Unless you bow down to the new religion of diversity, and that is in regard to a woke agenda on sexuality, certainly even on life issues, then you will be cancelled,” Ms Francis told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “Every Australian needs to take note of what’s happened here and needs to be concerned.” Thanks to the anti fascist fascists.

Peter who As low as my opinion is of Andrews, it is orders of magnitude greater than any alternative we've had in a very long time. SpringSt How true , bad luck the liberal opposition is rabble it has ensured Andrews will win Hahahaha! Peter who? Lolz

‘Greatest argument’ for tax cuts is giving people ‘more of their own money’ backOpposition leader Peter Dutton says the greatest argument for tax cuts is giving people back “more of their own money”. “And what is proposed here is to reduce the taxation on people earning between $45,000 a year and $200,000 a year so that 95 per cent of people end up paying no more than 30 cents in a dollar,” he told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “And Labor is proposing, it seems, or at least they’re divided on, what they want to do at the moment. “To walk away from what was a core promise which would have a detrimental impact on those individuals but also on the economy more generally.” Duh?

SIT DOWN BOOFHEAD Well you, Dutton, would know all about 'past your use by date!' Never a truer word said, Australian Democrats A liberal politician saying its time for a labor politician to lose. Wow. news flash! Peter who? Dutton working for Labor now 🤣🤣🤣🤣 And Dutton would know he has been asleep at the wheel for the last 9 years.

Nah ...! Dan will win Vic State Election easily. Dutton can only wish he had Dan's popularity. Wasn't it just this week Dutton had a press conference with only one person attending. Mr 17% ~ Be Better and stay in your lane auspol Who cares what Dutton says or thinks. Mr 17% is irrelevant.

King Charles III could strip Prince Andrew’s daughters’ titles over Epstein affairKing Charles III could strip Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice of their royal titles over their father Prince Andrew's links with the late pedophile and financier Jeffrey Epstein, a royal expert claims. I agree Sins of the father? Why not just strip Andrew? Punishing children for the sins of their father... disgusting.

Lol that's quite amusing You got an alternative? No, thought not If ‘Ol Voldemort continues to “read the room” with such devastating aplomb, then the Libs are an absolute certainty for a VIC win. It’s in the bag. More sour grapes from another numpty languishing on the opposition benches. Black gangs again?

Womp womp PeterDutton_MP 17% man, nobody cares what Dutton thinks. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ SpewNews you are 💩💩💩 Hey 🥔 Spuds Well, Dutton is making inroads on the national front! Egotistical men....

Victoria should open up in the first wave of Covid with no vaccines so that cafe owners would be happy. The Liberals This is a guy that will always be in opposition Daniel seems like a corrupt leader with too much power for too long. Suppressing his people like an evil emperor. I’m sure he does. It isn’t going to happen though.

If Andrews loses he's seat, it will be the most spectacular political event ever seen in Australia. Auspol Springst totaly_wild I will never visit Victoria, Australia. Sounds like a prison. I'm so glad I live in NZ and not under this dictator. Peter Dutton's endorsement will kill any chance the Liberals had.

Now I'm going to vote twice as hard for Dan Andrews now that spud has said that IStandWithDan LNPCorruptionParty LNPNeverAgain We need a change in system … it’s all rubbish

The Leader of the Leftovers is irrelevant! auspol 🥱🥱🥱 Yawn. Everywhere Murdoch campaigns for the Liberal Party, the Labor Party wins. Qld, Vic, WA, SA, NT, ACT and nationally. Berejiklian got dumped despite Murdoch support and TAS Libs lost their leader soon after their last election. Go Murdoch! How would he know, he doesn’t even know where Victoria is

So says Mr 17% 😂😂😂 AndrewsMustGoToJail Nah, it was back in May, clearly. That would be fine IF we had a Victorian opposition that was competent, that was offering decent alternative policies & was ready to govern! Judging by this material from a anonymous Victorian Liberal insiders blog, it clearly isn't. They're a dysfunctional, incompetent rabble.

Who the hell is Dutton? Is he that irrelevant ex qld copper? And many of that are hoping. Problem is this pathetic Guy opposing him and his Liberals are a lazy pack of c$nts that don’t hit the streets to listen and as a consequence have a poor read on the voters thoughts.

IStandWithDan AndrewsMustGo So if the option is Guy backed by Dutton, I guess that 'never' is the preferred option No it was 4 months ago when we got rid of him. Just goes to show how irrelevant Dutton is. LiberalAus Leader sitting on around 23% as preferred PM sez wut? auspol springst DanielAndrews

🤣 Yep just in time for the COVID findings to come out. Haha so obvious If only Dutton had have told Scott Morrison not to give Evil Andrews a bottle of whisky. Victoria has changed forever and the Libs must reveal the truth about Daniel Andrews, or nothing will ever change. Well what do we change too since you are printing Dutton’s fables. The LNP are history with nothing to offer but empty words and hot air

If Dutton said so, any sensible person would vote for Dan. Because if ever there was a time for a needed change in government, it was May this year. Mr 17% said what now? 'Peter Dutton says...' There is the problem!!!! Not bad coming from the bottom of the barrel to be in opposition 🤣 I assume by “now” he means 2014. He is an expert in the public removing Liberal governments.

Seems like Victorians disagree! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mr 17% offering advice! auspol ummm let me see, which is more irrelevant, Sky News or Peter Dutton's opinion? It's fine Dutton says this but does he back it up about corruption. Want proof.

Sky News LNP biased crap. So says mr 17% spudthedud Will tomorrows news story be, Anthony Albanese thinks now is a good time not to change government? MurdochRoyalCommission agreed well overdue MurdochGutterMedia Vic Libs will be decimated at the next Vic election and Sky News is not a news channel....it's LNP propaganda.

So was it in WA, in Qld, then they got their arses whipped in SA, lost again in the NT & ACT! We await NSW eagerly!! Yeah? Nah! Matthew Guy isn't getting my vote. Mr 17% says it's time for a change?

If the Vic Libs get smashed it will be a reflection on Dutton's federal leadership as well as confirming the Vic state Libs are the most inept opposition of all time. Come on Vic's do a WA on them. 👍😁 Dopey Dutton & Lobster Guy leading the loser liberal party into the future 😂😂😂😂 His projection is most amusing

Says Mr 17%. If we wanted PeterDutton_MP views on politics in Aus we would first look down the toilet, then check down the back of the sofa, then as a last resort we’d look at his track record of meaningful contributions to political discourse in this country. Nup, not there. Set reasonable expectations like being wiped out more gracefully than WA. Doing better than Federal LNP rout is probably bar too high

You guys crack me up... you're so obvious Who cares about Dutton. A racist bigot who has authority control issues. I may not always agree with Dan. But there goes Dutton trying again to be a control freak in a realm he has no business in. Dutton hasn't lost that nasty cop syndrome even after he moved on.

Spud, then whack a couple of grand on Matty, Mat,Matthew for the win. Make sure it's your money you play with. You any idea how many votes go to Dan every time you open your gob in favour of Guy? You guys are sad......

What why? So we can have liberal incompetence like they have in nsw? No thanks. The LNP are past their used by date and Australia threw them in the bin along with the Murdoch media. You have such a big platform to spread your hate and Aussie’s still voted for the other guy Daniel Andrews can stand on his record. Peter Dutton wouldn't know a good leader if he fell over him/ her. It's something Dutton will never achieve, he's just too bitter & twisted.

Good one spud 🥔 🤣🤣🤣 I think you’ll find he’s just getting started lol Well, Dutton would say that. Wouldn’t he? Victoria would be mad to choose the Liberal traitors. When Victoria needed support and strength through the early years of Covid, the Liberals whiteanted their own state, rather than work together for the good of all.

And why do sky news and Peter Dutton, a member of the previous inept federal liberal government think they have a say in the outcome of the Victorian state election? What needs to change is Dutton Embarrassing

Why would anyone vote in Matthew guy? The bloke clearly can’t run a state, he can’t even run his party, or his campaign without mass resignations and issues with donors and Pentecostals apparently! Its time for u to go Dutton, Libs have learnt nothing... Lol MR 17% doesn't even understand he's literally leader of leftovers and Dan is highly supported in Vic. MurdochGutterMedia

Who'd he say it to? An empty room again? Who cares what that fascist says. PeterDutton_MP and who would you have mathewguymp you are so out of touch with Victorians remember how you ScottMorrisonMP treated Victoria Maybe it's not the govt as such but only a certain dictating leader. Cut off the head of the snake.

PeterDutton_MP thinks Andrews is past his use by date🤣🤣. Pot. Kettle. Black. IStandWithDan Yeah but why trust him. We all saw what he did to Harry Potter I've scanned the replies. Not one in support of Dutton I mean this is a News Corp page, there must one person at least. He really said that? 😂

Just start paying them less. It'll weed out the corrupt. “African Gangs” “Can’t go out for dinner” “Corrupt govt” PeterDutton_MP was part of the LNP grift set. They raped and pillaged Australians for 10 years all the while protected the raping and pillaging. The more Dutton and his leftovers are exposed on the media the further the LNP go backwards. Dutton is Labor's great asset.

Oh Spud. So desperate for the far, far right to make a comeback. The proles must know their place. But change to what? Dan Andrews may not be perfect but he is much more skillful than M Guy who still believes in King Arthur and Merlin the magician. We do not want Conservative politicians in government anymore, we want modern progressive people. Check out the Teals!

So how is Sky News doing on that internet thingy? I'll just check the comments........oh dear, let's try another channel Mr 17% would know about change of government, being a senior member of one that just got booted less than 5 months ago 😂 Blahahahaha. Go Dan IStandWithDan A guy sitting on numbers like 17% whose party just lost an election really shouldn't be throwing stones...

If Dutton were serious, he’d drag the Vic Libs kicking and screaming through a complete rebuild. They are pathetic. It’s their fault they aren’t being voted for, not Andrews’. Telling Vics to vote for his mob down there will work about as well as it did in WA. We went to restaurants at night, Potato Head

Haha hilarious. Imagine Victoria under Guy. Poverty a crime again. Rampant property developer mates. Getting even Royal Commissions. Union bashing thuggery. David Davis let loose causing drunken mayhem. Worksite chaos. Tax increases to pay for fake financial crisis. Asset sales to mates. Wow! And Dutton’s party is why they were thrown out on their ear and we now have a federal corruption body being put together?

No, it is Dutton who is long past his use-by date. I think he’s pretty neat Dutton revealed once again. Just a useful tool for his handlers. Always was. If LNP expects to survive at the next election, it had better start purging big time itself or the electorate will do it for them. Oh and i wonder why he has that opinion?

Peter Dutton, really? OMFG! 😂😂😂

haha, who cares what the irrelevent spud squeals. mr 17% and dropping like a lead fart. what a useless flog! 🥔💀 A show of real self reflection LNPNeverAgain The real question you should be asking is why PeterDutton_MP et al are so unelectable Dutton should 'read the room'. Well, duh, of course he's going to say that. His party is in Opposition there. He wants his party to be in govt. If his party was in govt, he'd be saying now is not the time to rock the boat and try a different party, just like he did in the Federal election. This is not 'news'.

Well…he would say that Yes well the opinion on elections and electability from a man whose 'in govt' party were smashed 5 months ago and whose popularity is down to 17% surely must carry a lot of weight and gravitas Dutton is a funny dude 😂 Breaking: Opposition leader says he wants power! NOW!!! What a propaganda channel you are!

Haha - the Libs have no chance 😂😂😂😂 Of course he would say that! But who cares?

Or anytime over the last 8 years He's s bit like The Block. Past his use by date. This is the guy who said at the last Vic election that Victorians were so afraid of African gangs that they were not going out at night. Why even report what he says. He’s an angry has been without a clue…. or a heart. I would have said after this...

No, the time for a change was earlier this year when Morrison got dumped on his corrupt ass. Did he say it an audience of one again? 😂 is Peter known for his timing and geography? Maybe he meant ‘soon in NSW’. The saddest thing is the LNP is TOTALLY UNSUITABLE as a candidate for leading Victoria ..WHO listens to that WASBEEN Dutton anyhow?

Bit rich coming from a bunch of Murdoch puppets but ok Ah the heroic 17% Fair and balanced coverage In your dream Voldemirt! lmao LNPCorruptionParty LNPNeverAgain More trustworthy than Peter Dutton is Michelle Grattan: 'parliamentary Liberal party is unfit ... with ... people ... who are embarrassments, taking up seats that should be better filled.' auspol LNP

Who gives a flying fck what Dutton thinks about DA?.. he's not even from Victoria. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Isn't Mr 17% cute, thinking his opinion matters. Dutton way past his he won’t make next election.

He did not know that the LNP had gone past their UBD, so no chance he can talk about Dan A. You have the shrivelled potato talking about use by dates? MurdochGutterMedia Let’s face it, everyone including the Liberals think Dan will win. It’s sort of smart of Dutton to get the anti-Dan movement to look at the Liberals as an ally because it could help him at the Federal level.

The Victorian Liberal opposition are about as popular as cat vomit on the carpet, so now is probably not the time for change. Since when has a a federal opposition leader gotten so much traction in the media and been able to commentate on state politics? MurdochMysteries MurdochGutterMedia murdochroyalcommission

Sit down in the back row We kicked your lot out National We no longer care what you think. Has Spud met the Victorian opposition? They are the only thing that saves him from being the worst opposition in the country 17 % sez wot? Loser. Leftovers. MurdochGutterMedia Said like a true non-Victorian.

hammerofleft We don’t need you sticking your bib in. Shhh PeterDutton_MP That should cement Dans reelection 🤣 vicelects vicvotes vicpol And Labor, LNP or any other Federal politician shouldn't be allowed to interfere in state or Territory elections. And vice versa - state politicans should keep out of federal elections.

Hey Siri, show me an example of desperation auspol No we had the change of government when we removed Morrison’s /Dutton’s LNP. Dutton ‘hopes & prays’, where the Hell did ‘thoughts’ go? A useless Opposition Leader campaigning for his fellow Opposition Leader If there ever was a time for a change of media in Australia it's now, Sky 'News' is well and truly past it's use by date

Says Murdoch media......that's been on the nose for years Get rid of f...kng Daniel Adrews Is Spud trying to be funny?

Another reason not to watch Insiders Well Dan is a conceited Muppet drunk on power , I'd take Mickey fucken Mouse over him 🙈 WTF would Dutton know? He didn’t even know that Scott Morrison had signed himself into 5 different Ministries within the Government where he was a senior member! Peter who? Courtesy of Crikey

If the libs really want to get in maybe Peter should 🤫 Any comment from Dutton about Victoria will increase the ALP vote No if there was ever a time it was when we got rid of Morrison and Dutton you lot just can’t accept that the people have spoken When poor old loser liberals get bitter at losing.

No one gives a fuck what Peter Dutton thinks. How embarrassing. Relevance deprivation syndrome. There's a daily double of enemyofthepeople the 🥔 and Sky News Aust. Dutton is irrelevant. Dutton? 😂😂😂😂😂 😆😂🤣😅😁😜😆 Desperate Dutton.. F o S! Surely you could find someone with a tad more credibility than former QLD police officer Dutton?

Quick. Someone tell me how popular Dutton is in Victoria

Its been building, Systematic pack-dog mentality by the unscrupulous Sky News and irrelevant Dutton. Disgusting predictable behaviours as always. Clean up you own backyard Dutton, and stop your manhunt Dutton says what? No one cares mr 17% is in opposition and in no position to comment as he is irrelevant. Sky trying for controversy desperately. They might as well be talking to the wall.

Nobody is interested in what the leader of the leftovers has to say except Murdoch hacks, embarrassing. Oh the comedy of Sky! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 News flash: Liberal politician urges voters to vote Liberal! Sky News... Bringing you edge of your seat journalism. Don't take advice from liberal losers like Dutton.

Sit down boofhead My Victorian communities have lost lives, properties, City of Beautiful Melbourne herself is still is unconscious & as we are Victorians we feel we living in third world countries. We need help from Australian federal Government to remove D. Dan Andrews with his LGBTIQ out soon.

“I think Daniel Andrews presides over one of the most corrupt governments in the country,” Peter Dutton The old trick. Accuse the other side of that which you are guilty. Lol Dutton just delivered the Liberal party of Victoria a kiss of death by daring to get involved in the state election VIC govt & Essendon FC ought to apologise to Thorburn & ought to invite him back to take the position of CEO of Essendon FC. Excluding people because of their faith isn't being inclusive & discrimination on the basis of religion is illegal in Aust. essendonfc VicGovAu theage

And when it DOESN'T happen, it is time for a change of LOTO. Someone with a brain. And that’s exactly what happened in May this year. Dutton says... ThisIsNotJournalism ThisIsPropaganda MurdochGutterMedia MurdochRoyalCommission Thanks dude from most corrupt government in Australian history.

Vic Libs think their beacon of hope is Peter Dutton… Murdoch media saying Murdoch party deserves to win because other party has been there a long time is not news, just (childish) propaganda. Edgy stuff, guys! Wow! Quite a shocking statement from a Coalition Opposition leader. LOL Will anyone want to inherit the massive debt?.

Don’t think he is a nice person Good to see he is focussed Bulldust If anyone is past it peter dutton is In fact he never got started Lacks humility and commonsense

Daniel Andrews is ‘well and truly past his use-by date’: Dutton 3 minutes ago Opposition leader Peter Dutton says if ever there was a time for a change of government, it’s “now in Victoria”.to save articles for later.Mr Thorburn sensationally stepped down from the role as Essendon CEO just one day after it was announced following significant criticism levelled against his links to a christian church.Read more The football club on Tuesday said Thorburn felt he could not serve in both roles and had offered his resignation, despite not holding the same personal views as his church.

“I think Daniel Andrews presides over one of the most corrupt governments in the country,” Mr Dutton told Sky News host Andrew Bolt. “The people of Victoria … who have suffered through the long lockdowns over the last couple of years – the intrusion into their lives, the bad decisions that Daniel Andrews has presided over, the practices that he’s championed, have been to the detriment of Victorians. Guy also said Andrews should not be telling the Bombers who to appoint as chief executive after the premier commented on the furore on Tuesday by saying he did not support the views of Thorburn’s City on the Hill church. “I hope and pray that they can change government down there because Daniel Andrews is well and truly past his use-by date. Picture: Twitter Stream more Australian news with Flash.” Read More . Credit: The Age Thorburn was appointed as Essendon chief executive officer on Monday, but resigned a day later following criticism of his role as chairman of City on a Hill, which is part of the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.