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Tennys Sandgren, Covid-19

'COVID positive' tennis player allowed to board chartered flight to Melbourne for Australian Open

'COVID positive' tennis player allowed to board chartered flight to Melbourne for Australian Open

14/01/2021 7:49:00 AM

'COVID positive' tennis player allowed to board chartered flight to Melbourne for Australian Open

American tennis professional Tennys Sandgren is on a chartered flight to Melbourne for the Australian Open , despite claiming he recently tested positive for coronavirus.

Print text onlyPrintCancelAmerican tennis player Tennys Sandgren says he has been allowed to board a chartered flight to Melbourne for the Australian Open, despite recently testing positive for coronavirus.Key points:Sandgren tweeted he tested positive to COVID-19 on Monday and claimed he also returned a positive result in November

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He tweeted he had been barred from boarding a chartered flight in Los Angeles before being allowed to flyTennis Australia said players would be tested each day after arriving in AustraliaSandgren tweeted he tested "COVID positive" on Monday, after originally testing positive in late November, and was initially barred from the flight containing international players out of Los Angeles.

But the world number 50 said he was then allowed to join the delayed flight, calling Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley a "wizard".Sandgren, a two-time Australian Open quarter-finalist, tweeted he was not contagious and had "totally recovered". headtopics.com

"My two tests were less than eight weeks apart. I was sick in November, totally healthy now," his tweet read.Tennis Australia (TA) would not comment specifically on Sandgren's situation but said it was following Victorian Government guidelines on players being allowed to fly to Melbourne.

"Some people who have recovered from COVID-19 and who are non-infectious can continue to shed the virus for several months," TA said in a statement.LoadingLoading"Victorian Government public health experts assess each case based on additional detailed medical records to ensure they are not infectious before checking in to the charter flights.

"Players and their teams are tested every day from their arrival in Australia, a much stricter process than for anyone else in hotel quarantine."The Australian Open will start at Melbourne Park on February 8 and run until February 21.The first players contesting the Australian Open are scheduled to arrive in Melbourne this evening.

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Nothing applies to Sports Stars. they can do what they please. in Australia. Sport Before People It's all about Revenue. Tennis players who have tested COVIDpositive must be banned from the AustralianOpen DanielAndrewsMP Well, Border Force can turn him around. I guess tennis has it's own set of rules

Unbelievable, should be turned away. Should have come to Australia in March before he got covid. Disappointed with the misleading headline, ABC News... 🙄 Disgusting. Of course he is 🙄 It’s all about $ and power! I say NO. Let Aussies in instead. This is shameful and it happens all the time for the powerful, rich and sometimes famous. Just cancel the Oz open....it can be played later.

Covid harakiri Misleading headline. The current positive test was the result of a positive test in November. You mean tennis player who recovered from Covid weeks ago? Clickbait. Wat... though they changed that rule... That clickbait headline is straight out of tabloid journalism & designed to foment hysteria. WTF ? You belong to us, & we deserve to have you do better by us 😡

Ffs this is an appallingly inaccurate statement? It’s common for any post covid person to continue to shed viral particles? His name is Tennys? Disappointing that the ABC is also going with this misleading headline. The tennis is not essential & can be played in Europe. No need whatsoever for it to be held here at this time

Why, cos he’s a “celebrity”? What a joke. Bringing in international sports players from countries rampant with COVID seems like an unnecessary risk and unfair given there are stranded Aussies. Typical left wing news outlet making more rubbish up. Such a shock 🤣 Boycott! If you don’t get there is no viruse after hearing this , there is no hope for you ! Wake up . This is them laughing at you .

Dollars first, common sense whenever. I’ve had a Covid test this week in Brisbane. Negative. Stranded. But green light for tennis players with positive tests. Fucking joke. This is EXACTLY why going ahead with the Australian Open was such a terrific idea. (Sarcasm obviously.) This won't end well will it.

Click bait again. ‘For people who have previously tested positive and have since recovered, it is common to shed viral fragments for some time — which can trigger another positive result’. Do better ABC Please read the article. He had covid in November, he's not covid positive. Seriously ABC, this is Herald Sun worthy click baiting, do fucking better.

WTAF Read the article before commenting. Tennis player called ‘tennys’? Does Victoria really have the toughest Covid restrictions in tennis history This is a sensationalist headline designed to create outrage. He had covid in November. He will still go through quarantine. As long as he follows protocol he poses no increased risks. ThisisNotJournalism

Why is he being aloud into this country? Send the guy home! My son is working at the AustralianOpen and if he gets covid19 from one of these selfish players, I'll be heading down to your office Mr Tiley! What about other people on the plane? This bringing people in from overseas is still proving to be a huge financial mess for Australians. It needs to be stopped.

Iheartskwerls Fucking sports Players still travelling Spreading infection People going to see them Just fucking stay home already. Ummmm WHAT?!?!? Ridiculous. The Federal Government has to intervene here and right away. The PM just last week stated that all travellers coming to Australia would have to undergo a COVID test prior to boarding any flights. Which incompetent individual allowed this guy to get on the plane.

Really, stupid stuff ! Stupidity to not cancel it. Who writes these effing headlines? Please tell the whole story and not just sensationalise things. I wonder which Australian family got bumped for this Send the whole bloody plane load back where it came from ffs!! We don't need this in Melbourne, or anywhere else in Australia for that matter.

Why is this pathetic event even going on?! Nobody wants it here, especially now They calling it a virus shedder and guess if the same happened to a strandedAussie even if it was a virus shedder they won't be allowed to come near the plane.Double fukin standards australian govt and all idiot premiers and shame on all our fellow Aussies who support this

I’m pretty sure that the AustralianOpen would have been just as awesome without the worlds 50th best male tennis pro (according to ATP rankings) 🤷🏾‍♂️ JustSaying Again another misleading headline and byline... who is the online news editor... dodgy stuff. this title is VERY misleading. Please change it.

and yet I've had two negative tests and cant come home from Brisbane. This is absolutely disgraceful. The ppl who allowed this . Are idiots and should be named People can't get back to Victoria from Brisbane and Sydney but they are bringing in a thousand or so tennis players? Whut What is this, the Ruby Princess of Tennis? Get this guy outta here.

Not journalism What's with the clickbait? He’ll get knocked out of the 1st round as well. Seriously I cannot see the sense in letting tennis players from all over the world, who in turn play all over the world come to Australia to hit a ball over a net when there is a global pandemic which we are trying to control in this country. All sport should be put on hold.

Why has it been so impossible for Australians to explain to PM Scott Morrison that his federal government has a Constitutional Responsibility for Australian Quarantine and he should at this late stage keep old and new strains of the virus out of Australia now & in the future? Money privilege, ,much. That’s cool. Let him board. Just don’t let him get off. FFS!

Geezus! They are just like all the other travellers that have come in over the last 12mths only they play a sport! Arreghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! What the ACTUAL F?!!!!!!!! So a positive tested person is just allowed to board and SPREAD it freely to others plus enter a state?!?!? And ofc it's to Melbourne out of all places!!!!!!! When can we Victorians get a breakkkkkkk🤯

FFS, different rules for sportspeople. We can’t cross the Vic/NSW border without a permit. If there is and outbreak of COVIDin Melbourne because of the tennis all those responsible for allowing in especially Australian Open tournament director Craig Tiley should be jailed. As usual, the inflammatory headlines don't tell the whole story. That said, I don't think holding this tournament with large crowds is a good idea by any means. Victorian people have fought so hard to get to where they are now with Covid.

Horrible I cannot believe the powers that be would be willing to risk all we have achieved over a Tennis game. This stupidity defies belief. Class action anyone? NO! Lol If he’s sharing a flight with other players, chances are they’re all going to have it too. What is the difference between the Australian open and the Melbourne GP

Fuk the tennis! So he says he twsted positive Monday, but is now fully recovered. I don't get it. Did he test positive Monday? He hasn't fully recovered until he tests negative. I'm very confused Sounds like a case of viral shedding months later if you all read the article instead of just the headline. He first tested positive in November.

So we can assume all on charter flight are at great risk another great chance of LOCKDOWN for Australians Click bait outrage headline! Do better ABC! ThisisNotJournalism WTH So covid no longer dangerous? Or just safe for tennis players? Sandgren tweeted he tested positive to COVID-19 on Monday and claimed he also returned a positive result in November

There are people in quarantine for over 30 days who have not been released despite Dr clearance. This will crush their spirit even more. So, he was covid19 positive for 3 months? 😳 Omg!this is ridiculous! Ffs, but Vics stranded in Qld and NSW gotta suck it up..... nice. Move to NSW, we treat people like grown ups.

I will be boycotting anything to do with Australian tennis this year. Bringing in internationals for a game is a stupid decision that brings unnecessary risks. And is a heartless act when so many Aussies want to come home. DanielAndrewsMP DISGRACEFUL. 💧all go quiet now This is so good if something happens again out of this Australian open process that eventually hit the community big time, that' d be so infuriating for people.