COVID-19 NRL updates: RLPA agrees to new NRL pay deal

5/05/2020 9:49:00 AM

NRL news as it happens on the developing situation regarding the COVID-19 global pandemic.


The RLPlayers has agreed to a pay deal with the NRL and players will return to training on Wednesday. Details -

NRL news as it happens on the developing situation regarding the COVID-19 global pandemic.

"All eyes will be on the NRL as the only live sport on television. There will never have been more interest in rugby league than on May 28.Craig Bellamy's side is due to arrive in Albury, where they have NSW government clearance to conduct group training, on Tuesday before hitting the paddock with the majority of NRL rivals on Wednesday.

White putting Broncos ahead of possible NRL CEO role"I don't think it's a job you apply for... if someone thinks you are good enough to do it, someone reaches out to you. It's not something that demands a CV into someone's in-tray," White replied.

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RLPlayers So.... players can only train in groups of 10. And only at a safe distance from each other.... how is this going to work? Exactly? 🤦🏼‍♀️ footyindustryAU RLPlayers Tad confused here. NRL has yet to secure financial agreement on 2020 broadcast with Ch9 and Fox, yet pay deal with players done. I appreciate the good faith position, and that players want guarantees before returning to training. But it would have been ideal to know TV $ first.

RLPlayers Hey NRL! You are about to be the only legit sport being played globally... Ditch Channel 9 and go global (ESPN)! The US market will be desperate for a real sport in 3...2...1... RLPlayers I thought the pay deal was not what they were waiting on... It's all about personal protocol, Health & Safety, and travel restrictions... You know for all those meatheads that can't think for themselves. Guess it was about the pay.

Boris Johnson speaks about his COVID-19 brush with deathUK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has offered more insight into his hospitalisation for coronavirus, saying he knew doctors were preparing for the worst. Bullshit More slavishly reported distraction from this lethal idiot's incompetence. Even myriad UK citizens know this was a gaslight to push herd immunity eugenics as safe

Elimination of COVID-19 possible in Victoria if lockdown enduresMaintaining the restrictions and border lockdowns could lead to the virus being eliminated, rather than suppressed, epidemiologists say. So after piling on Andrews over the past couple of days, change of tact by Nine Media. I wonder what could have brought this on 🙄 Yes they have been lying Don't overwhelm icus done There is no plan they lack transparency and the laws are stupid with no medical evidence We did this to flatten the curve and let hospitals cope . Total lie . What unrealistic goal does he have in mind ? Total destruction of the economy for some unattainable goal ?

Never waste a crisis: will COVID-19 be a catalyst for change at Australia's universities?The multibillion-dollar coronavirus shock to the sector has prompted a rethink of the international education business model. Scout time the university sector took a hit After years of sucking the blood out of overseas students, lowering standards to pump thousands of cash cows thru the 451 VISA scams The VCs need to be sacked. They mismanaged their business models by selling degrees to International Students No prize for guessing here!

'Epitome of the free spirit': 'Clancy descendant' dies in Paris from COVID-19Before he died from COVID-19 in Paris last month, the extraordinary adventures of Gerald Clancy Taylor held echoes of his grandfather, who is believed by some to be the inspiration behind Banjo Paterson's Clancy of the The Overflow. Ha yeah right A good article on a man who chose a different journey to the norm. Lost to coronavirus in Paris. RIP ❤️🙏🇦🇺 Great yarn

Victoria records 22 new COVID-19 cases | Sky News AustraliaVictoria has experienced its largest jump in COVID-19 cases in two weeks with 22 people testing positive to the disease from 13,000 tests. \n\nThe figure included 19 cases in workers at an abattoir and brings the state’s total number of cases to 1406. \n\nPremier Daniel Andrews thanked the 13,000 Victorians who came forward for testing on Sunday. \n\nJust under 56,000 tests have been conducted since the state government announced its testing blitz. Leftards want to stay home longer Lock down working well then It’s remarkable what happens when you expend the scope of who your testing... Other states should take note.

Sydney school shuts after student tests positive for COVID-19A Sydney school has closed for intensive cleaning and contact tracing after a student tested positive to the coronavirus. And DanielAndrewsMP gets shit for not sending all the kids back to school... oh and while we on it, the beaches are packed in Queensland because of reduced iso... causing problems for police, mean while Victoria are doing pretty good with no changes to iso! But schools are safe .... right ScottMorrisonMP ? 🙄🙄🙄 Oh, I thought kids don’t get the virus? And they also don’t spread it. So why the need for intensive clean up?

agreed to a pay deal with the NRL and players will return to training on Wednesday.Play video "It was a tough old moment, I won't deny it," he said.Larger text size Very large text size The complete elimination of COVID-19 in Victoria is still a possibility, but one that would require the maintenance – and perhaps upgrading – of the state's strict social distancing restrictions.Very large text size Ten years ago, Australia's international education sector was in crisis mode.

The RLPA agreed to a deal which will see players guaranteed 80 per cent of their contracted payment for the 2020 season. "It is full steam ahead for the resumption of the competition on May 28," ARLC Chairman Peter V'landys said." Johnson couldn't believe how quickly his health had deteriorated and had difficulty understanding why he wasn't getting better. "All eyes will be on the NRL as the only live sport on television. Premier Daniel Andrews and Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton have continued to maintain the need for one of the country's strictest lockdowns. There will never have been more interest in rugby league than on May 28.' Advertisement "But the bad moment came when it was 50-50 whether they were going to have to put a tube down my windpipe," he told the newspaper. "Rugby league is part of the social fabric of so many communities. Longer term, the downturn deprived them of an estimated $1.

In these difficult times it will provide a tonic for so many seeking a form of normality during a period where nothing is normal.. Health Minister Jenny Mikakos attributed the rise in part to the biggest day of testing by any state." Storm's Albury plan on track Melbourne are still Albury-bound but are ready to move to a new training ground if needed after local councillors voiced concern over the NRL team's use of a public venue. Craig Bellamy's side is due to arrive in Albury, where they have NSW government clearance to conduct group training, on Tuesday before hitting the paddock with the majority of NRL rivals on Wednesday. they were starting to think about how to handle it presentationally. An extraordinary council meeting is scheduled for Tuesday night with some members opposing the Storm's use of the Albury Thunder's rugby league facilities while the rest of the community cannot.' Credit: Getty Images Advertisement "This two weeks will really tell us what's going on," said Professor Catherine Bennett, chair of epidemiology at Deakin University. Melbourne remain hopeful of training at Greenfield Park, but are also exploring options to move to another venue if need be. Jenny McGee from New Zealand and Luis Pitarma from Portugal, he said, embodied the caring and sacrifice of National Health Service staff on the front lines of the pandemic, which has already killed 28,131 people in Britain. Advertisement 'It’s an extraordinary impact.

The Storm still intend on training out of the border town until at least Friday, with several local businesses expressing interest in hosting the side and providing whatever services needed. White putting Broncos ahead of possible NRL CEO role Broncos CEO Paul White has been touted as a possible candidate as the next NRL chief executive but says his complete focus right now is guiding his club through unprecedented times. Wilfred Lawrie Nicholas Johnson was named after Johnson and Symonds' grandfathers and after Dr Nick Price and Dr Nick Hart - the two doctors who saved the prime minister's life." Elimination is generally considered to be at least two weeks without an infection that can't be traced to a known source. White's contract with the Broncos ends on October 31 but he will stay on to guide the club through its most challenging period in history as it grapples with the unfolding coronavirus pandemic. In the wake of Todd Greenberg's departure, Andrew Abdo has been appointed as interim NRL CEO. Dozens of NHS workers have died in the outbreak. White was asked on Tuesday whether he would be putting his hand up for the job. In the past seven days, while overall cases have risen by 35, those with an unknown source of infection have grown by just five. "It’s an extraordinary impact.

"I don't think it's a job you apply for. Johnson called the NHS "unconquerable" and "the beating heart of this country" after seeing its response to the outbreak first-hand... The prime minister returned to work on April 27. Health Minister Jenny Mikakos. if someone thinks you are good enough to do it, someone reaches out to you. It's not something that demands a CV into someone's in-tray," White replied. Sign up to The Sydney Morning Herald's. The number of onshore international students in higher education is now sitting at 330,000, down about 30 per cent on last year.

"People have had a fair line of sight over me. Closed borders may also be required, with New South Wales experiencing higher levels of community transmission. "It's not about me at the moment, it's about the survival of our game. "To be honest, it's not a role I've ever coveted and I think you know me well enough to know that. My focus is very much on the Broncos. "Because you've really got no transmission, as long as you've got your borders closed, you can get on and function near normally. "We're in the midst of a global pandemic, I want to leave the club in good shape and my focus is the Broncos. International student numbers will still be significantly depressed in semester two.

" Bailey's Bunker: Seibold goes into bat for Boyd White said he would stay on at the Broncos until his job was done. "I've said to my chairman and board that I'll be here for as long as it takes to see us through the other side," he said. "Common sense plus experience in places like Singapore tells you as long as you've got a single case you can get another outbreak on top of you before you know about it," said University of Melbourne epidemiologist Professor John Mathews. "To be honest, under Peter V'landys' leadership, he's appointed Andrew Abdo in an interim role… they are a long way from contemplating a recruitment process for a new CEO. "There is so much work that will need to be done in terms of consolidation of this season, reviewing the CBA, the football department cap, there is a hell of a lot of work the game has to do and that has to come first before people put their head up and think about what comes next." White said he was not in a position as yet to say how long he would remain at the Broncos. University of Queensland chancellor Peter Varghese says the impact will vary from university to university.

"I wouldn't put a firm timeline on anything. Everything has been moving so fluidly and there has been so much change," he said. "My commitment is to the club and making sure we get through this tough period of time for our community and our game. When I'm satisfied we are through that, I'll talk to the board. "We're part of a collective here. But campuses will be looking to reopen for semester two," he says.

The game has never been more united in terms of our common determination to make sure we succeed. We will be the first of the major codes to be up and running, so the spotlight will be on us. We can't have any distraction from the here and now." Souths trio, Robinson cleared after COVID-19 tests South Sydney trio Latrell Mitchell, Adam Reynolds and Liam Knight, and Roosters coach Trent Robinson have all been cleared to return to club duty after testing negative to coronavirus on Monday. New pandemic protocols caused disruption on both sides of Anzac Parade as NRL players returned to their clubs for biosecurity briefings, with the three Rabbitohs presenting with flu-like symptoms at Redfern and Robinson working from home as he awaited test results. One senior academic figure sees an "overt hostility" towards universities in the government's restrained support for the sector so far.

A South Sydney statement confirmed the players had tested negative, while Robinson is understood to have advised the NRL and Roosters that he has been cleared as well. "Results have shown that all players have been cleared of COVID-19 infection," South Sydney's statement said. "The Rabbitohs are taking the NRL's health protocols very seriously, hence why these three players were sent for testing today." Roosters coach Trent Robinson. ©Paul Barkley/NRL Photos Education day an important milestone: V'landys ARLC chairman Peter V'landys said Monday's player education day was an important milestone in the recommencement of the competition. They are expecting a spike in demand because of a weak jobs market and Tehan has acknowledged that will need to be funded somehow.

"It's a great day for rugby league to see our squads assembling for the first time since the competition was suspended and I'm grateful to clubs and players for the commitment they've shown to ensure the competition resumes on May 28," V'landys said. "Every player participated in an education day which explained our strict biosecurity protocols to ensure players understand what they can and cannot do. "Our protocols are substantially stricter than the current government measures and we wanted to ensure the first day was devoted to educating our players - they know the future of the game rests with them complying with our protocols." RTS: It is tough for families Storm to relocate to Albury The Storm will be based in the NSW-Victorian border town of Albury for their initial training camp ahead of the return of the NRL season. With COVID-19 restrictions still in place in Victoria, the move will ensure the Storm players have the right facilities and environment to start training next week. The growth of international education has been a shared endeavour with Labor and Coalition governments, who encouraged universities to diversify their revenue streams, taking the pressure off the public purse.

Melbourne Storm CEO Dave Donaghy told the Storm website the concept would be re-assessed at the end of the first week of the camp. "As challenging as it may be, the team will head to Albury with a positive mindset and use the camp as a way to reconnect with each other after a six-week hiatus," Donaghy said. "Of course, we will continue discussions with the Government about options in Victoria beyond then and we hope to return to AAMI Park soon." Roache cleared of coronavirus Warriors hooker Nathaniel Roache has tested negative to coronavirus but he and teammate David Fusitu'a may be required to self-isolate for two weeks in hotel rooms before linking once more with teammates. Roache did not fly to Tamworth on Sunday with the Warriors after waking up with a sore throat and has since been cleared of contracting coronavirus. It has become a pillar of budgets – worth $39 billion last year.

Fusitu'a also stayed in New Zealand on compassionate grounds, and the club will look to bring both players back into Stephen Kearney's squad as soon as possible. Given strict procedures that require new arrivals to Australia to be placed in quarantine for two weeks, Kearney conceded that both players may be isolated from their teammates before resuming group training. "As soon as we can get the opportunity, or what that looks like, we'll be trying to get him over as soon as possible," Kearney said on Monday. "The process when David [arrives], we'll work through that over the next week, in terms of what that might look like. "He might have to go into self-isolation in a hotel room and that's obviously worst-case scenario which we've made him well aware of. She thinks there is a "middle ground" to be found where governments provide more funding for education and research.

" Broncos players get clarity on new restrictions 2020 premiers will be remembered: Seibold Broncos coach Anthony Seibold has told his players that this year's premiers will be afforded a special place in history because of the intensity of the shortened season. The NRL will resume the competition on May 28 after playing the opening two rounds before halting the season due to COVID-19 and has scheduled a further 18 matches for each team, as well as finals. Seibold addressed his players on Monday during a meeting and presentation about protocols they must abide by for the NRL to be able to resume playing and told them that this year's title is going to be"one to remember". "I think the depth of your squad is going to be important and if there is a bye there that is great but we are in less than ideal circumstances. "As I said to the guys, it is unprecedented and I do think that whoever ends up being the premiers this year they will be remembered for a long, long time. "Every university has been aware for some time of that and has strategies for diversifying their sources of international students.

"This is such an unusual year but it is going to be the most intense competition because we don't normally play 18 games straight. "If you get all the way to October 25 you have to be consistent for a really long time. That is why I think it is going to be a premiership to remember for the club that holds the trophy aloft." The Broncos will return to training for the first time in six weeks on Wednesday. Families set to join Warriors at eventual Central Coast base RTS ready to again defy the odds Warriors skipper Roger Tuivasa-Sheck is adamant the club will live up to its motto of continuing to defy the odds when they are based in Australia before the May 28 restart. But the inevitable reality is that enrolments, from China and elsewhere, could be suppressed long-term because of the COVID-19 shock.

The star fullback spent Saturday spending plenty of time with his family before the Warriors' flight to Tamworth on Sunday after the club was granted an exemption by the Australian Border Force despite the COVID-10 pandemic. They will spend a fortnight in quarantine, training together in the northern NSW town in preparation for the May 28 restart of the Telstra Premiership. "We're excited knowing we have the all clear to fly and looking forward to getting back together as a group for the first time in six weeks," he said. RTS: It is tough for families "It's going to be a real challenge for us all being away from our families but we're committed to getting back on the field to represent our club and our fans as well as everyone who loves sport. "We're thankful for all the work [CEO] Cameron [George] and the NRL have done to make it possible for us to get on with starting the season again. "I'm sure it will be the catalyst for some changes," he says.

" Furner: Clubs will adjust to 'new norm' Project Apollo committee member Don Furner is confident the NRL will have a revised draw by the end of next week. The Canberra Raiders CEO said his club was preparing for a much different return to work on Monday and was planning for a"completely different" business model for the next six months before hopefully returning to normal in 2021. Furner said the Raiders would fence off their training venue, have one point of entry and exit with no one allowed inside the perimeter apart from the 32 players and 18 staff members. They will be frequently temperature tested and monitored by the club medicos while all clothing and equipment will be washed and sanitised daily. "I would say by the end of next week we will have revised schedule. Spence says philanthropy and commercialisation help but are not the main game.

Obviously that has a lot to do with the broadcasters," he said on his club's website . "We are being very, very cautious, as everybody is, as we have to just to show that we can manage the risk and get everybody back working. "It's just the new norm. It might be for a month, it might be for six months. We just have to deal with it and we will. If people earn a high income because of their university education, they should pay more tax in our progressive tax system," she says.

" Last time they met: Bulldogs v Raiders - Round 12, 2019 League in UK gets $31m government bailout The 2021 World Cup and rugby league in England has received a massive boost with the British government announcing $31 million in funding for the sport. The bailout package will be used to help rugby league from the grassroots to the elite level - the Super League was shut down in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chief Secretary to the Treasury Steve Barclay told The Sun that with clubs at all levels financially affected by the crisis, he hoped the interest-free loans would prevent many of them being forced to close. RFL chief executive Ralph Rimmer has said previously the sport in the UK"is fighting for its survival" amid the unprecedented pandemic. Rimmer, in The Sun report, said:"This support enables the sport to survive, to reshape and to be ready to restart in this our 125th year.

" In a statement issued by the RFL, he added:"The RFL is grateful to the Government for understanding and acting on the case for the whole sport. "In these very tough times for the country and huge demands on Government, this is confirmation of why rugby league is important – our USP [unique selling proposition] – the sport's significant social impact in northern communities in particular. "Rugby league is not a wealthy sport but is rich in the things that matter most – outstanding sporting and life chances in often disadvantaged communities. "The effects of lockdown at the start of our season genuinely threatened the survival of our clubs at all levels and their ability to continue delivering those positive social and economic impacts. "Watching and playing sport together, including Rugby League, has a role to play in the nation's recovery.

We are part of that national sporting landscape." Cleary faces questions over video The NRL Integiry Unit has held further discussions with Penrith halfback Nathan Cleary on Thursday after the Tik Tok video surfaced of him in breach of social distancing guidelines. Cleary was initially called to explain his actions by the Integrity Unit earlier this week after photos were published of him with a group of women at his house and was subsequently fined and given a suspended one-match ban. He apologised for the incident and said he was unaware the photographs were being taken. However, he was asked to speak with the NRL again on Thursday after the video was released on Wednesday which showed him dancing while clearly being aware he was being filmed.

The NRL is yet to officially announce whether he will face further sanctions. NRL Classic: State of Origin I, 1998 Fittler - Breaches may cost star trio rep jerseys NSW coach Brad Fittler has cast doubt over the selection hopes of Nathan Cleary, Josh Addo-Carr and Latrell Mitchell following their social distancing breaches. Fittler was furious at the representative trio, who all played a part in the Blues' successful title defence last year, with Addo-Carr and Mitchell also earning Kangaroos jerseys at season's end. Speaking on Wide World of Sports radio on Wednesday night, Fittler said he would not be selecting them if it was time to pick his Origin squad but left the door open for them to redeem themselves by the time this year's rescheduled series plays out in November. "If we were picking the team right now, no definitely not," he said.

"We made a point a couple of years ago, everything is taken into consideration. "They need to understand they've put everyone under pressure and that's why sometimes it's easier just to say, you know what, go and have a rest, see what you can do for your club. "I wipe nothing out because a lot can happen in six months." Very public slip-ups a lesson for all: Graham Sharks skipper Wade Graham believes the"very public slip-ups" of four players will be a wake-up call for everyone as the NRL tries to get everything in place for the May 28 restart. Panthers star Nathan Cleary, Souths fullback Latrell Mitchell, Storm winger Josh Addo-Carr and Knights squad member Tyronne Roberts-Davis have been fined for breaches of social distancing measures brought in during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Graham told Triple M on Wednesday night that all players needed to be mindful of the consequences of stepping out of line. Earlier in the day, NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said players breaking social distancing guidelines could jeopardise the sport's chances of getting the government's approval for its competition restart. "I've seen over the last few days the very public slip-ups and it's not ideal for the game. Hopefully all the players have learned their lesson if they were being liberal with the rules and can really lock it down, moving forward," he said. "First of all, we need to create a safe environment to play the game again and also do our part like the rest of the community to get Australia back up and running again as soon as possible.

Bailey's Bunker: Lawrence uses own adversity to inspire others Graham, who is an RLPA board member, said the players were waiting on more information from the NRL over safety protocols before they returned to training. Teams are set to regroup for an information day at each club on Monday before returning to the training field on Tuesday. Meninga: Rep jerseys on the line Mal Meninga concedes the weekend camping trip that has left incumbent Kangaroos stars Latrell Mitchell and Josh Addo-Carr in hot water could see them lose their spots in the national side. The Australian coach joined a growing chorus of past players expressing their disappointment at the pair after they were fined $1000 by NSW police for allegedly breaching social distancing laws last weekend. They were fined $50,000 by the NRL on Tuesday with Tyronne Roberts-Davis and Nathan Cleary fined $10,000.

All four players have been also been given a one-match ban, which has been suspended for the remainder of the season, after the NRL announced they had brought the game into disrepute. Sixty per cent of the fines have also been suspended for the remainder of the season. Mitchell and Addo-Carr were charged by NSW Police over firearm offences. Mitchell, 22, has been issued with a Future Court Attendance Notice for the offence of give firearm to person not authorised by licence/permit. Acting CEO Andrew Abdo explains player sanctions The Rabbitohs star had his firearms licence suspended with a number of firearms seized by police.

Meninga said the damage could linger with both players ahead of Australia's next Test match, which may even roll into the 2021 season. "They have shown they can't be trusted in that sphere so for me, it makes me look at whether they are deserving of a green and gold jersey," Meninga said on Fox League. "We've got a values system that is really important, for how we do things. One of those things is about being good role models. "When you put on the green and gold jersey, you accept that mantle to be a leader in our game and in the community.

"Those two guys know you can't get into groups of more than two people. We know that. It's blatantly flouting the rules, it's not just rules but it's legally. "You're flouting the legal laws of this country." Warriors' move will bring squad closer together: Walters Queensland coach Kevin Walters believes the Warriors could develop into more of a tight-knit group if they have to relocate to Australia for an extended period.

How long the club will need to spend away from New Zealand will be determined later this week with the club awaiting details on the NRL's competition structure as well as advice from state and federal governments before they commit to a temporary base, likely to be at Lennox Head on the NSW North Coast. Walters told Sky Sports Radio on Monday morning that he believed the players and staff would form a strong bond by making a joint sacrifice of being away from their home base together. "Lots of those players would have gone on tours overseas for two, three months at a time where their wives and families wouldn't be in attendance," the former Maroons and Kangaroos representative said. "I see it as a huge advantage - the amount of time those guys will be spending together." NRL Classic: Storm v Warriors - Round 7, 2009 Premier to meet NRL on Queensland clubs The NRL will meet with Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk this week to work through the NRL involvement of Brisbane, North Queensland and Gold Coast.

The Premier, who on Sunday announced an easing of COVID-19 restrictions beginning this weekend that will allow Queenslanders to leave their homes for recreation, has already been presented with a detailed NRL plan on the extensive biosecurity measures to be implemented as part of a May 28 restart to the competition. NRL Classic: Roosters v Dragons - Round 8, 2017 Origin set to be at season's end ARL Commission chairman Peter V'landys has explained why the NRL is set to move the State of Origin series to the end – rather than the middle – of an abbreviated 2020 season. And he is also interested in looking at whether an app can be used to make it safe for fans to attend games or if the NRL should pursue Blues coach Brad Fittler's ballot idea if a limited number of supporters are allowed at State of Origin matches. V'landys told Triple M on Saturday that after he and league's two broadcast partners – Nine and Foxtel – met on Friday and agreed on May 28 as the return date of the Telstra Premiership, they then discussed how many rounds would be involved and where Origin would sit. "We've got a few little details to finalise with the broadcasters and hopefully that'll be done next week," he told Triple M .

But as far as Origin went, V'landys said there were two main driving factors for holding it after the grand final. "There's two reasons for it to be at the end of the season. One is the possibility that we'll have crowds – not the crowds we have a normal State of Origin but a limited crowd with the social distancing," he said. NRL Classic: Titans v Wests Tigers - Round 25, 2009 "And there's a few ideas we have in rewarding the emergency workers, and that came from one of the TV stations, which I think is a very good idea," V'landys said, not specifying if that meant both medical and bushfire front-line workers. But he's taken a lead from Fittler's idea last week that a ballot could be held to source the fans, who would attend.

"There's another [idea] where we put people on an app if you're a hard-core supporter, and you can stay at home for 14 days and isolate yourself and we track you on the app, then you can go to the game," he added. The second reason for Origin post-season was fairness across the 16 clubs. "But for me it's also about the integrity and authenticity of the competition. Because there is less rounds that will be played, no matter where we land on the rounds, there will be less than in previous years," he said. "You want to leave the player roster for the clubs to be able to get into the finals.

By having State of Origin mid-season, with less rounds, those teams that provide the majority of players will be at a disadvantage. "So in order to make it credible and authentic, that's one of the reasons that drove me to have it at the end of the year. It gives every club an opportunity to make the finals." Following Todd Greenberg's departure as CEO on Monday, V'landys is more than happy to keep NRL chief commercial officer Andrew Abdo as acting chief executive for as long as is needed. "Our focus at the moment is recommencing the season and the cost structure of the game.

The cost structure is not sustainable. It was going to be a train crash at some time – the coronavirus has just brought it forward," he said. "Those things have to be done now. We can't wait three or four months until a new CEO comes in. I'm going to take my time with the appointment of a new CEO because I think our priority at the moment is to get the game started.

" May 28 locked in after TV deals The NRL is set to restart on its proposed May 28 date after ARL Commission chairman Peter V'landys struck a deal with broadcast partners Channel Nine and Fox Sports on Friday. The length of season is still to be confirmed, with a decision expected early next week. A 17-round campaign looms as the minimum amount of games to be played, but broadcasters have significantly endorsed the Telstra Premiership's return to play date. Last time they met: Bulldogs v Cowboys - Round 2, 2020 It is believed the State of Origin series will be held after the grand final, pending consultation with the RLPA, states and clubs. V'landys had earlier on Friday conceded the game's broadcast partners"had a different view to the other" regarding how long the season runs, but told NRL.

com all parties are now aiming to restart the game in a month's time. "We're united on the commencement date, the target date being the 28th of May," V'landys told on Friday evening Bailey's Bunker: Seibold goes into bat for Boyd Players must follow safety rules or face penalties In announcing the NRL had committed to restarting on May 28, ARL Commissioner Wayne Pearce reminded players they would need to abide by safety protocols. Pearce, who on Wednesday said teams would be able to resume training on May 4 before the Telstra Premiership restarts 24 days later, said all players and club officials would need to ensure they followed the guidelines because of concerns for not only their health but for the general public. "In terms of punishment for players if they don't adhere or club officials if they don't adhere, that's something that we're working through as we speak," Pearce said.

"That's something that we want to consult with those stakeholders so that we get some feedback and can be fair and reasonable. "But we won't be compromising on what the standards of behaviour and the actions that are going to be required." V'landys - safety rules will be benchmark for all sports ARL Commission chairman Peter V'landys believes the safety protocols the NRL is looking to institute when the season restarts will be the benchmark for all sports to follow. The ARL Commission met on Tuesday and the Project Apollo innovations committee will reconvene on Wednesday to discuss plans surrounding the proposed May 28 kick-off date for the Telstra Premiership to start up again. Thursday marks one month since the competition was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"They are very comprehensive and I reckon will be the benchmark for other sports," V'landys told AAP in reference to the NRL's planned safety protocols. "It's been compiled using all different experts. [Apollo committee members] Troy Grant and Wayne Pearce have done a fantastic job and I think anyone who sees them will realise the risk is minimal. "There will be minimal risk to the players and the community. "And they would probably be at more of a risk if they didn't play than if they did play.

" We Stand As One Mary leaves door open for Frizell to stay Paul McGregor not only wants Tyson Frizell to remain with the Dragons for the rest of the year, he has left the door open for him to re-sign despite the star forward agreeing to terms with Newcastle. Frizell announced last month he would be heading to the Knights next season on a three-year deal but the NRL has paused all contracts being lodged amid the competition shutdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic. A Sydney Morning Herald report earlier this week indicated the Knights would be happy to accommodate Frizell coming to the club when this season resumes but McGregor told the Big Sports Breakfast on Tuesday morning that scenario would not be happening. "It's very hard to see a player like that walk out of your organisation but in saying that we are a professional sport and you don't always get what you want," McGregor said. "I wish him all the best because he's been a great player at the club and he's still got the season to finish at the Saints with us before he starts that journey.

"I'm not sure whether that contract has been registered by the NRL yet or how that works but he's always welcome to stay if he likes." Meninga favours end-of-year Origin Mal Meninga believes the State of Origin series would be a natural fit at the end of the season in a rescheduled NRL calendar. But the Kangaroos coach is hoping international rugby league can still be accommodated at the end of the year when the ARL Commission charts how the rest of the season will be played out when the NRL returns from the break caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In the original schedule for 2020, the Australian team was due to play New Zealand in October before travelling to England for three Tests. "I think it's a feasible option to have Origin [at the end of the season]," Meninga told Fox League Live .

"Origin is a really important part of the rugby league calendar. Obviously it's a great revenue raiser, and at the back end of the year I think it's not a bad idea because crowds might be allowed back into the stadium as well by then. "Being an internationalist I still want to do what's best for the international game and play after that, but that may fade into the distance." Greenberg resigns as NRL CEO Greenberg steps down as NRL CEO Todd Greenberg has stepped down from his position as NRL CEO, effective immediately, after four years in charge of the game. Greenberg announced his departure in a statement issued by the NRL on Monday afternoon which said it was a mutual agreement made with the Australian Rugby League Commission.

Monday is his final day in the job with the NRL's chief commercial officer, Andrew Abdo, taking over as acting CEO. ARL Commission chairman Peter V'landys thanked Greenberg for his contribution to the game. "The role of chief executive of the NRL is one of the most challenging and difficult roles in Australian sport, with a diversity of passionate stakeholders," V'landys said. State governments to wait on NRL proposal NSW deputy premier John Barilaro has confirmed the state government will consider allowing non NSW-based teams into regional towns on the advice of health experts in a bid to accommodate to the competition's planned resumption. Barilaro said teams would be able to access facilities such as recreational centres and training fields while being housed with limited contact to the local community.

The NRL are expected to put forward a proposal to state governments on Wednesday following Tuesday's ARLC meeting. "I've always said from the outset, it's about the protocols and measures that will be put in place to protect one, the players and two, the community," Barilaro said at a press conference on Monday. "But you are already allowed to travel to the regions for work. "So if you look at the sport of NRL it is an industry, it's a job for those players, it is work-related. We've never said anything more than that.

"Of course the message to the regions right now and to everybody is to not travel to regional and rural NSW and that's to protect the community. Bailey's Bunker: The conversation that kept Johns’ NRL dream alive "But in a contained environment using enclosed and closed facilities like our sport and recreation centres, you have an ability to manage the risk and that's what we're talking about. "There are a lot of naysayers and obstacles but as the deputy premier I'm helping and working with the NRL to find solutions." Meanwhile, Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has re-opened a case for playing State of Origin towards the end of the year in Queensland despite declaring last week that no further games will be played at Suncorp Stadium in 2020, including the Maroons' scheduled home fixture. After announcing no new Covid-19 cases had been reported in Queensland for the first time in 81 days, Palaszczuk said she had been in talks with QRL chairman Bruce Hatcher in recent days.

"As I've said from day one, towards the end of the year we will be open to that if the health advice says we're in a situation to do so," Palaszczuk said. NRL Classic: Broncos v Cowboys - Grand Final 2015 Cowboys yet to discuss prospect of relocation Paul Green says the Cowboys haven't entertained the idea of being moved to a locality in NSW for a few months so the NRL could resume games without having to worry about interstate travel restrictions. One option being floated around the resumption of the competition on May 28 would be to have the five clubs outside NSW – Cowboys, Broncos, Titans, the Storm and Warriors – put in a virtual quarantine situation until COVID-19 travel rules are relaxed. Former Broncos skipper Darius Boyd said if the time frame was lengthy like a four-month stay, he would not want to spend that long away from his wife and children to keep his mental health in check. Green was asked on Channel Nine's Sunday Footy Show if any Cowboys players had expressed any similar reticence.

"We haven't really [discussed it] yet because once you start that conversation there's so many questions that will arise that we can't answer," Green said. "There's so much still up in the air that we haven't really gone down that path seriously yet. "I will say we're committed to getting the comp back on and we'll do whatever we can. But we have to balance that with what's feasible and what's healthy for our players." The Queensland Grand Final In round two – the final week before the NRL shut down – the Cowboys flew to Sydney on a chartered flight, went straight to ANZ Stadium to play the Bulldogs at 8pm, then flew back to Townsville later that night to ensure greater biosecurity measures around the staff and players.

Green said his club would be willing to so that on a weekly basis, once play resumes. "That preparation was very different. It wasn't the worst prep we've ever had so I think it could easily become the new ‘norm'," Green said. "One of the challenges is how much time you actually spend at the ground. You don't want to to arrive too early and you don't want to arrive too late either.

So it's finding the sweet spot about that." Graham's first wish when pandemic's over James Graham knows what his first moves will be once people are allowed to move around the world freely. One of a number of English players contracted to NRL clubs 17,000 kilometres away from their families, Graham is feeling the strain of that distance especially when his homeland is being hit harder by pandemic. "I'm looking forward to getting my parents over – I never thought I'd say that," Graham told Offsiders on the ABC. "They've been doing it tough in England.

They've had to separate. I have a sister that works as a nurse and still lives at home, so Dad is living with another sister. "So I'm just looking forward to them getting here, and hopefully they survive it all, and just giving them a hug. "On a personal level, and day to day, I'm looking forward to just being able to sit in a café rather than having to get take-away. I do enjoy watching the world go by.

" Last time they met: Rabbitohs v Dragons - Round 19, 2019 Fittler floats Origin ballot idea NSW coach Brad Fittler has a novel idea to help create some atmosphere if crowds are not allowed in to the three Origin games in 2020 due to the pandemic. Fittler says he's hopeful the suggestion to place the Origin series at the end of the season – in other words, after the club rounds and finals are over - gives extra time for COVID-19 public sanctions to be lifted. He said the game needed to “think outside the square” to get fans into the stadiums. “Origin is all about the fans, without a doubt,” Fittler told Triple M on Saturday. “When you talk about [possibility] of no fans it really puts a big question mark on it.

“The fans actually bring the pressure to the game and also allow the excellence as well - players really standing up under the pressure. “The last thing I heard was the Origin might be played at the end of the year and that seems like a great idea. It give us every opportunity to have fans there. NRL Classic: Sharks v Broncos - Qualifying Final, 1999 “But I've even thought about another thing. There's that many people that like State of Origin that they could go into a ballot, isolate themselves, convince us that they'll turn up nice and healthy and corona-free.

” Granted the idea would have to be approved by the NRL, various government health and medical authorities, but Fittler feels the Australian landscape would look very different in six months time and such an idea could be accommodated. “It could make a hell of a story, a hell of a commitment by not just players, but the fans as well,” Fittler said. NRL players reveal their secrets Related .