Council weighs up fifth bin for recycling, while SKM clean-up continues

One council is considering adding a fifth bin to its recycling collection, as the receivers of SKM reveal what they find in council recycling delivered to them.


Far too much rubbish has been deposited incorrectly into council recycling bins. “Clothes, blankets, doonas, couch parts, gas bottles, car batteries, bowling balls, cricket bats, baby seats, printers, televisions.' And that's not the worst of it.

One council is considering adding a fifth bin to its recycling collection, as the receivers of SKM reveal what they find in council recycling delivered to them.

Cans do not need to be rinsed thoroughly before being recycled.

Now the council is planning to roll out a fourth bin for residents to separate glass from other recycling. And a fifth bin could soon follow, acting chief executive Anne Howard has said.

SKM site manager Peter Venditti with the finished product, plastic ready to be recycled.

While Surf Coast makes its preparations for extra bins, SKM's receivers KordaMentha have been overseeing a massive overhaul of the company's main Laverton North sorting centre.

“We get lawnmowers, we get DVD players, we get computers. The amount of monitors we get that can’t be recycled is astounding.”

Containers of used syringes are found daily in recycling deposited by councils at SKM's Laverton North sorting centre.

He said the “biggest killer” he had encountered since starting in the job was an engine block someone had put into recycling. “We tore a $30,000 belt because someone [else] put a car axle in their recycling. It stopped the plant for two days.”

A mountain of contaminated glass that will have to be sent to landfill because it is so mixed in with other products it cannot be separated.

He said the team he was overseeing at SKM would make sure its plants would work in a way they had not for years under the previous owners – who put a premium on bringing as much recycling to the plant as possible.

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