Coronavirus updates LIVE: Active Victorian cases drop for first time in two months; NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian warns of harsher restrictions

Live updates: Victoria has recorded 278 new cases of coronavirus, and an additional eight deaths overnight.

13/08/2020 2:03:00 AM

Live updates: Victoria has recorded 278 new cases of coronavirus, and an additional eight deaths overnight.

The number of active coronavirus cases in Victoria fell for the first time in two months, and NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has warned of harsher restrictions if she doesn't see more people in masks.

ByRachael DexterNew Zealand's Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters says Kiwis "from the Prime Minister down" are angry about the re-emergence of COVID-19 in the community.A fifth new case of coronavirus was recorded in New Zealand yesterday, after the nation recorded no coronavirus cases for more than 100 days, and authorities have not been able to confirm a source yet.

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Speaking on Nine’sTodayProgram this morning, Mr Peters said the government was stunned by the development.“At this point in time we don't know how wide the spread is. Whether it has dispersed outside of Auckland and whether we have a fix on all the cases,” he said.

The Deputy PM said New Zealand had been planning to start rolling back wage subsidies in September, signalling how the government wasn’t expecting a re-emergence of cases.“This is a case we were thinking we were out of there and people are pretty brassed off that we are back in it again,” he said.

“From the Prime Minister down we are all annoyed about this. We have to grit our teeth, it is not about the politicians or anyone else. It is about five million New Zealanders.“We have to get our team together and that has to be our number one focus.”

More8.56amVictoria records 278 new cases, eight deathsVictoria has 278 new cases of coronavirus, and sadly there have been another eight deaths overnight.We will bring you today's press conference via a live stream when it's on - we'll get confirmation on a time later.

8.49amNSW complacency a source of frustration: Deputy CMOByMary WardLoadingFederal Deputy Chief Medical Officer Michael Kidd has offered a blunt warning to NSW residents as pictures and reports emerge of people continuing to not social distance when out and about.

"People only have to look across the border into Victoria to see what happens when people don't adhere to the physical distancing restrictions and just don't follow what they're supposed to be doing," Professor Kidd told ABC News Breakfast this morning.

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"Everyone in NSW, look at the figures which are happening."At the moment we are still seeing this [stable] level of community transmission occurring in NSW, [but] at any time that could dramatically increase and we could have, in NSW, the same sort of consequences that we're seeing in Victoria. We have to all be doing everything we can to prevent that from taking place."

Yesterday it was announced that the Garry Owen Hotel in Sydney's Rozelle was fined $10,000 for what NSW Liquor and Gaming said was a "litany of COVID safety breaches", slamming the venue as "the worst pub seen so far".Over the weekend, the Riverview Hotel and the Dry Dock Hotel, both in Balmain, Padstow Park Hotel, Padstow Bowling Club, Marrickville Ritz, the Royal Hotel in Randwick, and Yai Thai Kitchen in Gosford were also fined for breaches.

Professor Kidd said the fresh cases in New Zealand after 100 days without community transmission were a reminder that international borders can never be truly closed."We still do have people coming into Australia, both people returning to the country and people who are bringing in essential goods and taking our exports to other parts of the world," he said.

"We are still at risk of having COVID-19 appearing in places where we think we have no community transmission."MoreVictoria most likely 'past the worst of it now': ExpertByRachael DexterVictoria should have a somewhat more 'normal' looking Christmas if "all goes well" with community suppression, a leading Melbourne epidemiologist says.

Professor Catherine Bennett, Chair of Epidemiology at Deakin University in Melbourne, told Nine's Today Program this morning that the peak of the second wave was most likely behind us now."It really looks like we are past the peak now," she said. "The main driver of the large numbers recently has been outbreaks and so the fact that the suppression of community transmission helps [by] preventing seeding new outbreaks really changes the... dynamics of the numbers we are seeing every day because we are now not replacing every case," she said.

Professor Bennett pointed to the fact that active cases of COVID-19 in Victoria dropped yesterday for the first time."So hopefully this pipeline, if you like, of people being exposed then becoming ill and possibly also triggering workplace outbreaks is now shifting so that we are starting to close down those existing outbreaks," she said.

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"We should see the numbers really drop quite rapidly once these outbreaks are contained and we stop, you know, having more people coming into [contact], whether it's working in hospital or aged care in particular."Professor Bennett said while the state might still have some restrictions in place by Christmas, if stage four is successful restrictions should loosen.

"If we see the numbers come down hard over the next couple of weeks, all being well, the restrictions will be much more mild by Christmas." Read more: The Sydney Morning Herald »

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here Ill do what people want to know for you Premier Daniel Andrews said the deaths included two women and one man in their 70s, six women and five men in their 80s, five men and one woman in their 90s, and one woman in her 100s. -----hmm resignDanAndrews hopefully its the tail of the 2nd waive now.

Gladys Berejiklian warns of 'further action' as 18 new coronavirus cases recorded in NSWNSW has recorded 18 new cases of coronavirus with 13 cases locally acquired and linked to known cases but two acquired without a known source. Please keen us open for business, Gladys !! Don't want to live of handouts. Close all pubs and clubs now. They are not essential. Oh I forgot the clubs association is running NSW. GladysB auspol Australia BenFordhamLive vanOnselenP So, 2x community transmission

Premier says NSW is 'on high alert' after 18 new cases recordedGladys Berejiklian reminded the state that the rules in place are effective as long as they are adhered to by all. LisaVisentin marywardy The premier continues to ignore the GPs in the state who see most of the patients and have established community based hubs to manage and prevent Covid as DanielAndrewsMP is still learning the hard way LisaVisentin marywardy Don't tell Jacinda Ardern, she shut the whole country down for 3! LisaVisentin marywardy NSW C-Virus cases linked back to Victoria “Gladys Berejiklian” Slow to Look down VIC Border, July Slow to put SYD Airport Arrivals from Victoria into quarantine 5 August Active cases NSW 255 Today Active cases NSW 289

NSW Premier warns 'further measures' will be brought in as school coronavirus cluster growsHealth authorities in NSW confirm 18 new coronavirus infections in the 24-hours to 8:00pm yesterday, including two new infections at the Tangara School for Girls in Sydney's north west. That's right Australia bend right over Are we still maintaining that schools are safe? Stop with this fake news. Scotty couldn’t have been any clearer when he told us schools were safe.

NSW on high alert as 22 new coronavirus cases recorded, Sydney school cluster swellsAt least 17 COVID-19 cases are now linked to an independent Catholic school in northwest Sydney, with NSW recording 22 new cases of the virus. 22 new cases, 16 locally acquired. So the magic gate that keeps the Covid19 out of schools is not working. Funny that. But aren't schools meant to be safe?

NSW records highest number of coronavirus cases in almost four monthsNSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian says there have been 22 new coronavirus infections in her state, including several fresh cases linked to a school in Sydney's north west. GladysB I urge you to give parents a choice of keeping kids home if they are concerned. Very simple to reduce the risks of community transmission. Parents are anxious and angry. You can't treat voters as lab rats. auspol Schools are safe, I cannot be any clearer than that. Schools are safe they said...

School outbreaks the 'tip of the iceberg' for NSW coronavirus casesA leading infectious disease expert warns an outbreak at a school in Sydney's north-west may mean coronavirus is more widespread in NSW than currently thought.