Coronavirus live updates: Fines of $63,000, five years jail for COVIDSafe breaches; Latrell Mitchell tested for COVID-19; Newmarch death toll climbs; New Zealand records no new cases

4/05/2020 2:30:00 PM

The draft legislation for the government's new COVIDSafe App has been released, threatening major punishmen...

Australians are being urged to download the COVIDSafe app as coronavirus cases decline, in order for the government to relax restrictions. 9News

The draft legislation for the government's new COVIDSafe App has been released, threatening major punishmen...

Emma Larouche 06:41 Passengers at Canberra Airport can now have their temperature taken by a cameras as part of a new COVID-19 measures.Share on Facebook Share on Twitter A 14th resident of the Newmarch House aged care home in western Sydney has died after becoming infected with COVID-19.The best award-winning journalists with unique and exclusive insights..

Canberra Airport Head of Aviation, Michael Thomson said it's the first major airport in the country to use the heat sensing cameras."We've been correlating temperatures verses temperatures taken through ear thermometers as well, to make sure that there's an accurate reading."This is a very sad time for the family and a distressing and challenging time for residents and staff as we deal with the impact of this dreadful virus," Anglicare said in a statement on Sunday." The camera will take the heat temperature of outgoing passengers at the security checkpoint.Application may not work as expected.Anyone with a temperature over 37.The changes will be implemented from next weekend with real estate agents urged to limit the number of people viewing properties and attending auctions and to follow stringent cleaning guidelines including ensuring people don't touch surfaces.8C will go through a second check with a nurse, who will carry out a temperature check with an ear thermometer.She was not sure if there was any alternative to her mother's accommodation given the circumstances.

If the temperature remains about 37.READ MORE New coronavirus outbreak at Melbourne meat facility NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said these measures were vital to ensure the safety of customers, property owners and real estate agents.Open Navigation Menu.8C, the passenger will be asked to complete a questionnaire, which may lead to an airline deciding whether or not the passenger can fly."We feel that by instituting these measures the airlines have a far better understanding of the potential for someone to get on to the plane feeling unwell," Mr Thomson said.Meanwhile, Anglicare chief executive Grant Millard said the organisation will raise the possibility of extracting residents from its Newmarch facility.While the testing process is voluntary, medical experts have endorsed what they say is a "responsible' and "prudent" measure."The vast majority of people who travel on airlines are interested in their safety and the safety of others," CEO of the Australian Medical Association ACT branch, Dr Antonio Di Dio said.There have been some 61 cases and 14 deaths related to transmission at the aged care home..

A piece of technology that could become a permanent fixture at the airport."Certainly in terms of international travel, there's probably going to be restrictions for a number of years to come," Mr Thomson said."We've clearly seen transmission that on the surface looks like there's been breaches of infection control amongst particularly the staff," NSW chief medical officer Dr Kerry Chant said..

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Coercion is not the way to govern . Threats will only impact the situation more. Why has it takn15 lives for them to test staff. If elderly in nursing homes have been isolated from family and each other, common sense would tell staff are the transmitters,doesn't take genius. How about treating the elderly as assets rather than a drag on the public purse.

looking counter clockwise Of course the Costello media have to push the party line. getting sick of it channel 9 And yet everyone complaining about privacy is on Twitter 😂😂 Ye na get f*cked The cases are declining without this app that doesn’t even work yet. And I see they are going behind our backs pretending it’s voluntary, but implementing it as mandatory in opening pubs and sports venues, yeh right, voluntary my ass.

It’s not going to protect you from getting the flu, they can’t run websites or call centres effectively, why is everyone so keen this is a good idea. How dare they wave this app around like a carrot for our basic freedoms, and what’s next, and who developed this app and when? Nope I wanna ask icke 1st cos main stream media and the PM r full of shit


Infection control breaches investigated as 14th resident dies at Sydney's Newmarch HouseAustralia has now recorded 94 COVID-19 deaths, after a 14th Newmarch resident died in New South Wales. This is a disaster The CEO of Anglicare needs to be replaced, infection control specialists went into the facility on 1/5 and residents are only being taken to hospital from 2/5 . What a criminal disaster . All should be charged with murder the lot of you ...know the place is infected and keeps all the old in there rooms ..unprofessional and incompetence the lot of you ..Sue the so call Nursing home and it's so call church...just wrong ..State and Federal Government

The UK, Sweden, US and soon India use a 'Symptom Tracker' rather than a 'People Tracker' App which seems more privacy friendly. I have downloaded covidsafe. I don't really trust the government but moving towards easing restrictions is the way we must head Government n media working hand in hand once again ...'do this or the restrictions will stay....'you want to go to the pub or enjoy footy again then download this!' pass

WA woman becomes latest COVID-19 victim | Sky News AustraliaAn 83-year-old WA woman has become the latest Australian to die of the novel coronavirus COVID-19, bringing the national death toll to 95.\n\n Give us the FLU numbers ... Give us the ROAD TOLL . 95 deaths are very sad for the families and close ones involved but this hysteria that will put us 500 billion dollars in the hole is absolutely horrendous and we know it , you know it and the whole world knows it . 83? Wasn't the flu? Wasn't pneumonia? How do we know it was Covid-19 when the numbers have been manipulated to suit their narrative? It seem as though everyone that is dying is only dying of ChinaVirus🤔 ThinkForYourself

Newmarch House relative speaks out over lack of communication with families of residents - ABC NewsElizabeth Lane says her mother, a Newmarch House resident, is a 'sitting duck' as the new COVID-19 cases continue to rise at the Western Sydney aged care home. CovidWa “To put this another way, of those 104 subjects who took 2,000 IU of vitamin D every day, only one got a cold or influenza in the entire year.“ Should the accompanying photo be one of Newmarch House this graphically shows the state of despair and isolation the residents must experience. The only folk who profit from aged care in Australia are the owners, usually doctors. What a thoroughly disgusting industry.

Coronavirus cases in Victoria climb by 22, including 19 more cases at meatworks - ABC NewsThe state's total of coronavirus cases rise to 1,406, as Premier Daniel Andrews says 13,000 people were tested for COVID-19 yesterday. And Tehan was arguing for reopening schools? It's still obvious too early for anything. It’s too bad the halal meat factory is having an outbreak Plus 2 who were returns from OS and were already in quarantine

Mitchell tested for coronavirus after being turned away from trainingA week after breaking social distancing rules, Latrell Mitchell has been sent to undergo a COVID-19 test after showing flu-like symptoms when he fronted South Sydney training. SMHsport As so he should! SMHsport (gets popcorn) SMHsport If these fools are allowed to return why can’t all sports

Coronavirus updates LIVE: Australians download COVIDSafe app more than 4.5 million times, global COVID-19 cases climb past 3.5 million as nation's death toll stands at 96Carriageworks, the Eveleigh-based contemporary arts performance space, has become Sydney's first major arts company to call in administrators as the coronavirus pandemic wreaks havoc across the industry Generally people have very little idea on the damage being done in the arts&entertainment industry. It’s a bit of a slaughterhouse and the JobKeeper help normally doesn’t apply. Unfortunately Many industry businesses won’t survival Damn, great venue, feck!!!