Coronavirus isn't really changing the way Americans think about Trump — except in this one town

Coronavirus isn't really changing the way Americans think about Trump — except in this one town

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18/09/2020 4:43:00 AM

Coronavirus isn't really changing the way Americans think about Trump — except in this one town

American voters say coronavirus is a top issue when it comes to whether to re-elect Donald Trump. But the vast majority of Americans used partisanship to form beliefs about coronavirus in the first place.

They're not deciding how to vote based on how the issues might affect them. Rather, the way they feel about an issue hinges on what party they affiliate with.Experts say many people are struggling to process the pandemic and how it impacts their political views.

"We've been talking to the same [3,000] Americans since early March, every six weeks or so," she explained.Behind the partisanship is a sense of trustNational polls show widespread disapproval of Donald Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic, but his base remains loyal to him.

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Oh well that's it! Theres no way Trump can recover from this. StupidLeftards So, basically the psycho globalist's Machiavellian scheme of getting Dumb Dems elected instead of President Trump using the pathetic 'plandemic scare scam' FAILED miserably? Only unnecessarily destroyed societies and ruined countless people's lives around the world.

Well I live in Pittsburgh and my husband and I are voting for Joe Biden! There was never a doubt in our minds. Trump is destroying this Country! He finally brought America to its knees! All news Australian ABC NEWS SBS news 7newsThis question the are pew. ♥i cry for independents freedom's. Dear your life are very important. govts Let society be free. rights are very important, and when we all have rights everything will be ok.♥

'Could be three weeks, four weeks': Donald Trump keeps saying that a coronavirus vaccine is imminentIn a town hall event taking questions from undecided voters, US President Donald Trump defends his handling of the pandemic and says a vaccine could be 'three weeks, four weeks' away. Trump is funny cool and smart He also said it was like a mild flu? he can have first dose

'He was confused': Trump contradicts his own CDC boss on timeline to deliver a coronavirus vaccineUS president Donald Trump says his own director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was 'confused' when he said it would take six to nine months for a coronavirus vaccine to be effective. Who to believe? 🤔 Where's the unbiased reporting of Biden's confusion, his daily confusion! DefundTheABC Constantly confused and incoherent donnie calls his CDC director confused.

President Trump 'very bullish' about coronavirus vaccine | Sky News AustraliaSky News host Chris Kenny says US President Donald Trump is 'very bullish' on a coronavirus vaccine being available soon and a plan to distribute it across America and the world. \n\nPresident Donald Trump has claimed 100 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine could be ready for rapid distribution by the end of the year in contrast to more circumspect predictions by health officials.\n\n“We’re on track to deliver and distribute the vaccine in a very, very safe and effective manner,” the President said.\n\n'If it's a good vaccine, if it works, then more power to him,' Mr Kenny said. \n\n'But I've got a feeling he's got his eye on the first week in November as the deadline to get this out and about'. \n\n\n realDonaldTrump Based on Donald Trump's nonexistant credentials as a doctor or research scientist. realDonaldTrump Trump is the vaccine realDonaldTrump Rightio. Is he in his lab cook8ng one up..

President Trump experiences 'tremendous victory' | Sky News AustraliaUS President Donald Trump has experienced a 'tremendous victory' following his brokered peace deal in the Middle East according to The Australian's Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan. \n\nIt comes as President Trump declared the 'dawn of a new Middle East' as he facilitated the official signing of an historic Middle-Eastern peace compact between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. \n\nLeaders signed the declarations during a ceremony at the White House with the UAE and Bahrain, the first Arab nations to sign diplomatic accords in almost three decades.\n\nMr Sheridan told Sky News the deal 'partially transforms parts of the Middle East'. \n\n'It's the most positive and historically important thing to happen in the Middle East in decades'. \n\n'This is a tremendous victory for Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu,' Mr Sheridan said. \n\nImage: AP \n realDonaldTrump Trumps done more on Mid East & China than any recent Prez - he should get some credit (but he doesn't) realDonaldTrump realDonaldTrump There not even at war

Trump promises a COVID vaccine will be delivered 'very soon' | Sky News AustraliaPresident realDonaldTrump says he believes a vaccine for COVID-19 will be available to Americans 'within weeks' during a townhall meeting with voters on Wednesday. realDonaldTrump Is there still people that believe’s anything he says? realDonaldTrump An election ploy. The scientists have been saying this I not true for weeks. Maybe, he, Ivanka and Jared should be the first so we can see if it really works. realDonaldTrump I really wouldn’t hold my breath! 🤔

Donald Trump doubles down on vaccine timeline, contradicts top expertUnited States President Donald Trump predicted at least 100 million doses of a coronavirus vaccine could be distributed by the end of 2020, contradicting a top government health official. Hmm who to trust, a highly educated doctor or someone who thinks groping women is okay? Such a hard decision Trump also said that the coronavirus would disappear thanks to “herd mentality “. So basically, Trump has no idea what he’s talking about and even reporting his nonsense is questionable at this stage. What for? Hoax pandemic. Death rate so low as to not even bother with Vaxx which will likely have more deaths from the actual vaxx.