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Coon Cheese unveils new name in the wake of racism claims

The makers of Coon Cheese have bowed to public pressure and finally changed the name of the longstanding brand.

12/01/2021 10:50:00 PM

The Coon name will be retired after more than eight decades in the wake of racism claims , with the company finally unveiling its new look.

The makers of Coon Cheese have bowed to public pressure and finally changed the name of the longstanding brand.

The decision to make a change was made six months ago in response to growing criticism that the name had racist connotations.It was originally named ‘Coon’ after American cheese pioneer Edward William Coon who died in 1934.But the word is also a racist slur against people of colour.

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“The name Cheer has the significance of pleasure and joy,’ Saputo’s chief executive Lino A. Saputo said.The new packet of rebranded coon cheese. Now called Cheer. Picture: SuppliedSource:SuppliedFive year-olds, Charlotte and Matisse, love a good cheese toastie, no matter what it’s called. Picture: David Caird

Source:News Corp Australia“We took some time to think about this, we wanted to do the proper due diligence and consulted with different focus groups and we narrowed it down to three to five names and resoundingly consumers thought this was the right reflection of what we’re bringing for families.

Last year the company said it decided to retire the long standing name as the Black Lives Matter movement made its way around the globe.“At Saputo, one of our basic principles as an organisation is to treat people with respect and without discrimination and we will not condone behaviour that goes against this,” the company said in a statement.

While some praised the new name, there was an outpouring of criticism on social media shortly after the news was announced.One person said: “Absolutely bulls*t. I won’t ever call it that.”I’m an Aussie and our Coon cheese is getting a name change to cheer cheese – another Aussie icon name gone,” another said.

Others argued there was no issue with the name to begin with, as it was named after its founder.“How ridiculous. It may well be a racist slur, but was the gentleman’s surname. Cheer cheese? I mean, really?” one woman wrote.One person described it as “cancel culture at its best”.


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It raciest my fuckin ass Coon is a NOUN, it has nothing to do with Heritage. People are selfish. This family name has been condemned because of another heritage. Sad I will still be calling it Coon and be quite cheery to do so. What a ridiculous name! Is that the best they could do? They need a new marketing consultant.

Should have with coony Get over it it has been coon cheese for years!!!! Can a white person say hello to a black person? Or is hello racist? Unbelievable what a disgrace. Next you won't be able to call milk white! Bega will be ‘Cheer’ing all the way to the bank Cheese is yellow... can we fix this racist issue please...

People truly have been pussyfied OK just call it WCB Tasty cheese and call it a day. I can finally sleep at night! Changing the name of this cheese goes a long way toward solving the problems of the World 🙄 Dumb Coonts The parent company name is SAPUTO (PUTO) meaning faggot in Spanish, so are all the homosexuals now gonna be jumping up and down so they change their name too🤣🤣🤣🤣

🥂 Nice to see the change rather than losing a great Coon cheese, but I say yo the freaking Racist bastard that started this shitfight🖕🖕no wonder racism is here with a racist like you and you know who you are. Any recommendations for alternative brands I can buy? Cheer is a little cheesy .... New name a bit 'cringy '

Changing the name wont change how it tastes so boycotting is just sad. I'm not an indigenous Australian either so no experience on seeing a slur every time I visit the shop that said I do feel sad that 80yo history is gone, the name is tribute to family and process they developed As soon as I heard there was going to be a name change I started buying Bega

This is the best name they could come up with That’s some crack marketing team they used! Over on facebook I just got shouted at for suggesting a guy might be a bit racist. Apparently he finds that word really offensive..and will continue to call the cheese 'coon'. Top level irony. Newspeak. Im offended by the use of ‘cheese’ as food. What about the poor cow? We should all go Vegan! Save the cows! 🥴

CheerCheese hello bega goodbye wokeness! Go woke go broke! CoonCheese So if your family name is....Black, Brown,'re in line to give it up? because you may offend this where we are heading....someone's name is now been shamed....OMG NO, just no. The name is simply awful. As bad as Vegemite’s 2.0 stuff up. Geez, are you that unimaginative that you can’t come up with something infinitely better Rarely bought it as Coon, refuse to buy it as Cheers. Bega Vintage keeps my pennies. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Coon bending over for the minority lefties is the best thing that has happened for Bega etc. I won’t be buying Coon again. This is such a bunch of shit. im no cheese connoisseur same cheese different name. Also just because they change it doesnt mean ill start using the new name 😂 Absolutely moronic. 1984 here we come

How would you feel? 🤔 cooncheese How ridiculous. As if the name of a cheese can create offence!! I am so very sick of ratbags and their own discriminatory biases being given such sway. Saputo you have lost more sales from the SILENT majority with this apologist move. Will not buy CheerCheese. Hey Mr Coon what do you think mate ? Rubbish, just rubbish.

On application forms the salutations will also soon change to include 'them', 'their' and 'Zee'. 😆😆😆 Cheers would have been better RIP Fucking cancel-culture bullshit! I will eagerly await the renaming of Jatz Crackers, Ritz Crackers, Cracker Barrel, HP Brown Sauce and Black Currants. How did these blatantly racist food names survive this long?

So long as they don't change the taste. Pretty sad turn of events. The name change is racist. I’m so glad to be grown up..because this is the only cheese I buy..and because of a few sookie sookies we have to change our life. Ugh growUP COONcheese isn’t being racist! Good move... Everyone Say Cheese....

Wish the people that are seething with anger about this apparent outrageous change of words were half as angry about racism... the entitlement Some niff nuff from probably got paid thousands of 💵 to come up with a ridiculous name like that So, Coon is the founder's surname, why then would they change it, pure ignorance on behalf of the protestors, didn't do their homework did they.

They gave in. Disappointing. Can we now look at rectifying the 3 real issues within indigenous communities centered around trans-generational trauma : 1.Alcohol/substance abuse 2.Domestic violence 3.Child abuse Indigenous Realchange thebigpicture TransgenerationalTrauma So sad ! how pathetic, these so called racist victims have such inferiority complexes - what a joke they are, got the popcorn 🍿 out to watch this play out

Politically correct bullshit pandering to a bunch of bed wetting white woke sooks! Just lost a customer, thank the one dickhead who had a whinge. What a load of shit, if my last name was Coon what some idiot get upset at that? It's cheese and not a word directed at a particular person. Grow up people. The CheersCheese name change just proves those on the cancel culture bandwagon have way too much time on their hands. CoonCheese was named after a man; not a racial slur

Poxy cheese would have been a more apt name. Coon/Cheers is the most flavourless cheese on the market. Mainland Vintage (and any other cheese for that matter) beats it hands down. So now they're profiling happy people.... 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ I’m sorry but Cheer cheese’.., give me a break always coon cheese to me

Everything is being called racist those days . What's next , Black and White colours & replace it with PINK ? Importing American wokeness to Australia. Get ready for a drop in sales. So it should be labeled ‘the cheese formality known as Coon...’ I must remember when I go into the supermarket that it’s a new name and I think a lot of people will forget

Always was always will be coon cheese to me This is redicilous, I'll never buy the rebranded name. The people who are crying racism are being racist themselves. Yikes. What a horrendous name! I'd imagine it won't be around much longer. Get woke, go broke The 85-year-old dairy product will be known as ‘Cheer’ cheese’ from July, its parent company Saputo Dairy Australia confirmed on Tuesday.

How stupid. Plenty of other options. Won’t support this bullshit. They have just given the children with anger issues a loaded gun. Omg 🙄 Marketing gurus pull off another ripper. Not against the renaming but 'Cheer'? ? So if I find the name 'Cheer Cheese' offensive I'm sure nobody will care. What nonsense! How disrespectful to Edward Coon.

Hate the new name. Marketing gurus pull off another ripper. Not against the renaming but 'Cheers'? ? I'm actually more offended they changed the's an admission they were being racist all along I buy Bega cheese so don’t really care. And this is why I switched to Bega Will be buying bega from now

There was nothing remotely racist about that name except to those with a political agenda to grind and financial benefits to gain. The man who first made the cheese had the surname Coon. This is just fatuous corporate virtue signalling and free publicity seeking. Should have linked it to the founder still somehow. E.W.C Tasty Cheese. Boring suggestion but acknowledges the founder and removes the name Coon from packaging. I think the company should have done more around education of name on packaging. Could have helped

This issue has been hashed over and debated for over twenty years - and now there's a change. Could it be falling sales unrelated to the 'racist' name that have inspired this pandering? Cheer cheese what is that? Sounds like something I'd get at Christmas time. This is the first thing that comes to mind.

What a load of woke people Coon is a family name Just trash that for a few Is cheer racist lol When is the ABCTV going to change the racist name Spicks and Specks? adamhillscomedy you are a racist and need to stop using your white privilege to oppress minorities. The name has connotations whether it’s intentional or not. About time they changed it

Should call it snowflake cheese. Cheer cheese, wont that offend people with a speech impediment? Your welcome, cheer cheers! 🤦🤦🤦 I give up Coon cheese is named after its American creator, Edward William Coon (1871–1934) of Philadelphia, who patented a method, subsequently known as the Cooning process, for fast maturation of cheese via high temperature and humidity.

Time for a new iconic Strayan cheese. I was Offended!! We don't really have a large cheer leader population in Australia! This is a small target market! People are so freakin stupid! This is the name of person, family name! Who developed a cheese making process! Cheers, this is gonna save me $5 when I buy other brand cheeses GowokeGobroke

Im offended by the new name ,change it please , back to Coon . That name is cringe. It's the future, 2215, cheer cheese is forced to change its name as the minority cheer peoples of cheerdonia celebrate a win for the ages Should have gone with 'Insolvency Cheese' The original owners name was Coon. How can a family name be racist? Maybe all people with the surname Black should change it? I’ll never by Cheer Cheese. Ridiculous.

🤦 How can they use the name CheerCheese? Doesn’t that discriminate against people with depression? This is disgraceful and they should be forced to change it. I'll never buy this product again. Caving into stupid liberals and changing your surname!? YOUR FAMILY SURNAME! What a bunch of weak lames. Is it not the family name that created the business? Next, if your name is White, or Black, will there be need to change? Where will this end?

That's a awful replacement name This is very racis. What a load of bullshit. what a shame? 😂