Contract talks resume with NRL to register new deals

4/05/2020 9:29:00 AM

More than 180 players able to resume negotiations.

Contract talks can now resume for more than 180 off-contract players ✅

More than 180 players able to resume negotiations.

Share via Email NRL players are back on deck and so are the game's endless contract talks, with more than 180 off-contract players able to plan for their futures again.Latrell Mitchell, Josh Addo-Carr and Nathan Cleary all came under the microscope after going against guidelines by being pictured and filmed with large gatherings.Play video But despite all players being subjected to strict biosecurity protocols which will be explained during an education day at all 16 clubs on Monday, the anti-vaxxers are not likely to be banned from training and playing if they don’t consent to the jab.01:16 "It's interesting with Jason's career, and it's a lesson to all kids about perseverance and the importance of self-belief as well, if you remember back in the Under-20s competition he was dynamic.

The NRL has confirmed that contracts can be registered once more after a six-week hiatus on new deals while the competition was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.Stars including David Fifita, Jake Friend and Cameron Smith are among those who had contract negotiations put on hold.The weak financial penalties have divided the game and on Sunday led to star presenter Erin Molan shutting down rugby league legend Brad Fittler with a cutting reply to his suggestion the trio didn’t put any lives in danger when they broke self isolation rules.The NRL's advice delivered to clubs, players and managers on Monday has coincided with a resumption of training ahead of a proposed May 28 restart date, however, any new deal must come with a clause regarding the potential lowering of the game's salary cap.The RLPA has strongly advised its members to adhere to the NRL flu vaccine edict, but won’t force anyone to abide by it.Any reduction in the salary cap would require an agreement between the NRL and RLPA.“I think the 20,000 fine was on the mark.The NRL has indicated that in signing a new deal, players must agree to a clause where their wages are reduced by the same percentage as any lowered salary cap." - Brad Fittler Jason Taumalolo in action during the 2019 NRL season.

"Until otherwise notified any Top 30 contract not yet registered by the NRL needs to include the following clause: Where the NRL, Clubs and RLPA agree that players' contracted Playing Fees will be reduced for the 2020, 2021 and / or 2022 seasons, the player agrees that his contracted Playing Fee will be reduced by the same annual percentage basis down to a limit of the agreed Top 30 (or equivalent) minimum wage for that season," an NRL memo read on Monday.“The rest of society get a $1000 fine for breaching these protocols, the players got that fine and then another $20,000 fine.The NRL and RLPA will still allow players a personal choice over whether they install the app on their phone after critics expressed privacy concerns over their data being accessed.Bailey's Bunker: Hess eyes Origin return In a normal season clubs begin looking towards the annual June 30 transfer deadline, with several mid-season moves typically made as teams bolster their rosters and players look for a fresh start.Whether that date remains as the transfer deadline is still to be determined in further talks with the RLPA, as is the usual stipulation for clubs to have a top 30 squad finalised by the end of June.How much more accountable do they need to be?” “I do think the rest of society aren’t going out asking for their game to be allowed to play again, which is going to cost possibly our game 200-300 million,” Brad Fittler said.Clubs such as Canterbury and Brisbane have had roster spots freed up by the departures of Corey Harawira-Naera, Jayden Okunbor and Izaia Perese over off-field incidents."It's important they download the app because that is our best protection.Players on development contracts will be available to play as soon as the competition resumes on May 28, easing the rule that required an NRL exemption for them to be named before June 30.I feel like there’s also a lot of cloud around what you’re allowed and not allowed to do and the first two of Latrell and Addo-Carr showed a lot of disrespect.To be able to come from Melbourne where everyone gets aligned with Cameron Smith and everything is because of Cameron Smith, to the Roosters and not only beat Melbourne in a Grand Final with one arm, which was possibly the best performance I've nearly ever seen, and then back it up again to be the first team.

Across the game, there are hundreds of contract matters to be sorted, including Moses Suli, who has offers from both the Dragons and Manly for 2021 and beyond, while Tyson Frizell's shift to Newcastle next year can also now be finalised.A short-term Raiders deal for Jordan Rapana can also now be lodged after the Kiwi international returned to training on Monday with the NRL's permission.“I don’t think that’s the issue that he was on that property, I think that’s his place of residence so that’s fine,” Erin Molan interjected."I'm sure that they will all feel comfortable and move forward.Brisbane will look to sort out several player options held for next season, with Anthony Milford, Jack Bird, Anthony McCullough and Jake Turpin all needing to act on clauses in their respective contracts this month.The Rabbitohs have already enacted options for Latrell Mitchell and Jaydn Su'A to remain at Redfern in 2021.“He has invited them.Related." While players won't be forced into either vaccinations or downloading the COVID-19 tracing app, they will be forced to sit through an education day on Monday.He took the game as a science, everything was process-driven and everything about him required planning, execution, review to get better the next time he did it.

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