Concerns over church in Australia selling bleach which its US leader claims can cure coronavirus - ABC News

5/05/2020 12:02:00 PM

Warning over church in Australia selling bleach which its US leader claims can cure coronavirus

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Warning over church in Australia selling bleach which its US leader claims can cure coronavirus

A US church that sells bleach it claims can cure coronavirus patients has a branch in Australia which is spruiking the product locally.

"This is bleach," Dr Harvey told 7.30."And it is dangerous."Deaths have occurred, serious admissions to hospital from this particular substance."It should not be on the market, the authorities should remove it."The clinical director of the NSW Poisons Information Centre warned there were very severe side effects to taking MMS.

"We've had four hospitalisations in the last year in NSW of various levels of severity," Professor Andrew Dawson told 7.30."I'm also aware of a patient in Queensland who became extremely sick and was hospitalised for several weeks."

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Yeesss, sell it to as many devout christians as possible! This is old news , that stuff has been around for at least 10 years, Its being touted for cancer & other ailments a quick web search would have told you that. Sold in many countries by charlatans president said it's cure so it must be 😉 Drink it down kids it’s all good

Which church. Hillsong? Seriously, let them take it. Make it a against the law to give it to a minor to protect them from their stupid parents first. A wise person once said, remove the warning labels and let nature take care of stupidity!! Pentecostal church. Another danger to society. When will there be a proper investigation into the pentecostals in Australia? Ruby Princes, destroying artefacts in WA & NT, paedophilia, blood of christ protecting from he virus, drinking bleach.

Yo ScottyFromMarketing is this your mob?

China hid coronavirus severity to hoard supplies, says US intelligence report - ABC NewsBeijing 'intentionally concealed the severity' of the coronavirus pandemic from the world in early January, according to the US Department of Homeland Security. Why dont you do your job instead of listening to propaganda, investigate this.. Wow, they're aware they fucked up but damned if they're gonna admit it. Says US Intelligence means it is a lie again.

Another snake oil potion Religion is not helping. They are actively making this pandemic worse. I wish religion would just disappear. Clearly believing stupid untrue fairy tales leaves you gullible and open to quacks and their snake oil. So far Covid19: 261 438 Gods:0 Oooh. How much? aussiejackie Cricket’s!!!😳

LyndaFrench19 Bet you he hasn't tried it but his happy to keep pedalling it like a 'Snake Oil Salesman'. ScottMorrisonMP It's just a money making scam using religeon as a ruse. Surely some smart legislator can come up with wording to stop religeon being so obviously exploited? One can't legislate against someone being an idiot but one can against those exploiting those idiots.

FFS if people are dumb enough to drink bleach there’s not saving them.... a glass of Exit Mould is only gonna make your so called pastors richer but sure, go ahead and drink it.... morons. Oh, please, let there be Karma.

Three charged in killing of US security guard over request to wear face mask to protect against coronavirus - ABC NewsThree members of a family have been charged over the shooting of a security guard in the US after an argument over wearing a mandatory face mask in a discount store. Unreal. Kills someone for trying to save him. Not right. A failed nation The right to bear arms is surely the dumbest constitutional right in a country that is nuke-capable.

PHW - Pentecostal Holy Water. I'm not concerned. Drink away god botherers. Dr. Fauci has known for 15 years that chloroquine and it’s even milder derivative hydroxychloroquine will not only treat a current case of coronavirus (“therapeutic”) but prevent future cases (“prophylactic”). So HCQ functions as both a cure and a vaccine.

Does this dodgy outfit have tax free status because it calls itself a church like Hillsong? Our we could just do nothing and see who's right. Despicable. Freaks Related to Hamilton-byrne? Watch the video. This how Fake News is created. Don't trust the media- they are not our friends. Have to have a few Roo's loose in the top paddock to listen to knob heads like this. Proper nut jobs

Australian intelligence knocks back US government's Wuhan lab virus claimAustralian intelligence agencies are struggling to find the evidence trumpeted by the United States that supposedly pins the coronavirus on a Wuhan laboratory. ‘... trumpeted...” Nice one’ but I bet it’s unintentional, nitwits. Good play on words ‘questioned’ . Of course they are investigating the communist land When evidence is manipulated to fit the designated political dogma - you get perverse outcomes.

To be fair, it does cure all those things and more if you’re retarded enough to ingest it! Forget that if there are people who believe this let them drink it all up! Putting The Onion out of business.!! Religious freedom is not absolute: like any group, process or movement, they need to demonstrate they are in the business of giving and fostering life, not damage and death.

Let Morrison be the first to drink. Drink it please This crap has been touted as an autism ‘cure’ for years 😡 Should be closed down immediately. Why, just because they claim to be a church, can they get away with it. If I tried the same thing I would be in jail. Disgraceful. Oh ffs. Who are these crooks? When the flock gets sick it’s going to be the taxpayers funding their health needs. And we all know churches won’t pay tax. Once again Australians covering the costs of religion. Just goes to show, religion really is poison.

Parks crowded as some US states exit lockdownThe number of US coronavirus cases has topped 1.1 million as the death toll continues to climb towards 70,000. Looks ok to me. Families don’t have to Be 1,5m apart. No wonder they can’t get covid19 under control. Dumba** Americans. Always about me me me. Freedom is a wonderful concept but it costs and they will be paying with there lives.

Added to the fake news pile of ABC trash. Religion. Full of nutter’s Bwahahaha Are/is anyone really interested seriously if this 'priest' is selling his 'followers' bleach won't that solve this problem on its own. I sometimes wonder if these ppl are following God's plan and She is doing her best to help us.

Makes you wonder why so many evangelical pastors have died recently 🤔 A little bit of Darwinism-in-Action can be a good thing. What I don’t get is why they are peddling something toxic like bleach? If you are selling snake oil, at least make it harmless Drinking that stuff makes this scene come to mind

Drink and cure the virus!!! Stupidity is contagious?

Julian Assange's US extradition case delay by coronavirus complications, will take place in SeptemberThe second part of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's US extradition hearing has been moved to September and will take place in a different British court.

StevePhilips16 Let natural selection take care of them. MiloWh007 Report to the TGA OFFS Tough to have sympathy. If you’re dumb enough to subscribe to a religion and blindly follow one, it’s wouldn’t surprise me that the clergy will ingest it...despite the word ‘POISON’ abbreviation ‘HCL’ or the smaller print ‘hydrochloric acid’ emblazoned on it.

De-register comes to mind Why was this story run? Obviously drinking bleach is total bullshit, *everyone* outside of some weird church/cult group already knew this and those guys don't watch the news. Honestly are people so stupid they would buy it? Natural selection. Churches like this should be disbanded.

So natural selection is back up and running. I love it

Leaked Trump administration figures project 3000 COVID-19 deaths a day in the USThe Trump administration is privately projecting that up to 3000 people will soon die each day from COVID-19 - a significant increase on current figures - even as the US President urges states to quickly re-open their economies. 6 AM May 5, Deaths per million population % USA 209 Spain 544 Italy 481 UK 423 Fake news as usual why don’t you report positive projections? When one leaks (pisses) into the wind it comes back and hits you in the face. Just like the left wing media printing so called leaked information

I hope they haven’t got a tax exempt status JoshFrydenberg Hillsong not much better same same Scientology Arrest. No less stupid than starving yourself all day for a month because allah says so . If this is true, please close the church down. They are dangerous and prepared to kill others, are they not?

RandaltsRandal I have no words. If you people are reading this you need to drink the whole bottle to effect the cure Don't know which is better.. Drinking MMS or Pete Evens Magic Blender Machine.? Absolute laughable! 👉 Why don't our authorities shut this down? We should ensure all those 'church' members should be taking their own medicine

Lock him up.

Totally ignore this stupidity; they are trying to profit from a bad situation by flimflaming people. News we needed to know! Thank you ABCCP. Darwinism at it's finest!! Let em take it. Natural selection What utter Crrrrrrrrap man!!! There’s bleach now instead of Jesus juice at churches 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️ There’s already an injunction against this dangerous snake oil in the US. Ban the product, prosecute the sellers. Inform the public. auspol

Touted by a fool last year to my vulnerable friend with stage iv cancer. It wont cure coronavirus, but it might just put an end to gulliblism and stupidity at some level.

Try it on trump. Should they be charged with selling a substance for use of drug taking. Surely this is like backyard medical practices, endangering lives. ABC on the SEO hustle Amazing how every deadbeat in the nation can be stirred up to have an opinion on a product they have never heard of. Frankly this nation needs a vaccine passport; a total ongoing dose of stupidity to lull the nation into the serenity it absolutely desires & deserves.

So who will be charged for this offence? Will be a media session of horror and outrage then be silenced in the usual numb blindness of who gives a. It’s not a “church”, it’s a money-making scam and Charles Barton should be arrested and charged. But they consider early death a gift? Don’t panic. Natural selection at work.

the old anal bleaching might make the anus more pleasing to those looking yet guaranteed to not to change the shit that passes through I mean, we are going to let them right? The gene pool really doesn't need these people that badly 😏 But cases It's evolution. Sit back and watch. Somebody definitely needs to come clean over this.

If there that stupid then natural selection will take over This is not true, exactly who is concerned? Politicians, religious leaders can suggest it is worth looking into or even say it is a cure. No one is going to believe that shit. MSM need to stop reporting on this, it just encourages these morons to keep talking their shit.

I don't think churches should be giving medical advice, but interestingly.... We also sanitise our drinking water & use it to neutralise preservatives in wine. It is being trialled as a cancer treatment, injected into the tumor. This is how Mother Nature gets rid of stupid people..

Darwin would be proud One dose cures stupidity bottoms up🙄 Is it the drinking kind or the injecting kind? Refer Charles Darwin It works. The virus will die when the body dies! aussiejackie Not this shit again... srsly SophiaLipschul1 TO All Aussies' Do Not buy bleach its just for Cleaning, WILL NOT CURE COVID-19 Dont drink it or INGEST IT U CAN DIE PLS LISTENwhoever said thi is Very Wrong--Dont Drink Bleach ty

LOL a 10 year old product from a fringe religious cult is suddenly Trump's fault. What's most disturbing is the ABC is now into fake news. It's time for an investigation into the entire organisation. Religion and quackery. Both survive on bullshit and rorting. What a disaster....

Oh let them take it. Don’t be a party 🥳 pooper. lets hope they all drink it Holy bleach lol have all of you downloaded the covid app? word has it that unions have agreed that all abc staffers will have their phones scanned upon entry to the offices. were are working on linking your vaccine records as well. great news hey?

Easy greater fool's... if you believe in fairies, hell why bother with science. Faith... Hope... No evidence. Sure let's buy that... What disgraceful journalism this is! SHAME ON YOU! Treating autism and acne as well? Lmao Is it being backed by POTUS

Is it the Jonestown sect? People pushing MMS have been around for ages - they’ve recently resurfaced with corona virus, but it really took off with the anti-vax/ causes autism movement. Is this what Trump was talking about? No it is not, despite what you maliciously imply. You are malevolent parasites upon the Australian populace.

All tuis American evangelicalism is dangerous crap. And our PM is a member of one of those cults too Just how stupid can Aussies be? I refer you to last year's election results Religion + America = 🤪 Left wing church no doubt. The followers of this church will meet their maker if they believe this nonsense.

Forget the warning, lock them up.

So it's clearly a pyramid scheme selling dodgy products. The ABC at it again making ignorant, claims that fits only their agenda of creating hysteria. Defiance the ABC, they do not report truth or accuracy and they dont thoroughly check the facts. They need to pray to God so he can grant them a brain 🧠

I had to triple check this wasn’t chaser How about the govt removes their tax exempt status? Disgracful journalism! Privatise their ABC now! Jail them all!

Instructional videos — found through links on the MMS Australia website — show people how to mix the two solutions together to make chlorine dioxide before diluting with water for drinking.Speaking on television, Mr Pompeo said on Sunday he had no reason to believe that the virus was deliberately spread.WhatsApp A US woman, her adult son and husband have been charged in the fatal shooting of a security guard who reportedly refused to let her daughter enter a Michigan Family Dollar store without wearing a face mask to protect against transmission of the coronavirus.Play video Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on Friday the Australian government did not have strong evidence linking the Wuhan lab to the virus.

"This is bleach," Dr Harvey told 7.30. "These are not the first times that we've had a world exposed to viruses as a result of failures in a Chinese lab. "And it is dangerous. ( AP ) "My office has authorised felony warrants against three individuals in the shooting death of Calvin Munerlyn," Mr Leyton said. "Deaths have occurred, serious admissions to hospital from this particular substance." Space to play or pause, M to mute, left and right arrows to seek, up and down arrows for volume. "It should not be on the market, the authorities should remove it. Loading In a series of comments last week, Mr Bannon, a former executive chairman of far-right website Breitbart and advisor to President Donald Trump, said China had to be held accountable for a "biological Chernobyl" and accused the Wuhan lab of premeditated murder.

" The clinical director of the NSW Poisons Information Centre warned there were very severe side effects to taking MMS. Loading The Secretary of State appeared to be referring to previous outbreaks of respiratory viruses, like SARS, which started in China. The daughter did not have a mask. "We've had four hospitalisations in the last year in NSW of various levels of severity," Professor Andrew Dawson told 7.30. Experts say the virus arose naturally in bats and make it clear that they believe it wasn't human-made. "I'm also aware of a patient in Queensland who became extremely sick and was hospitalised for several weeks. "And we believe she communicated with Larry Teague and Ramonyea Bishop, and they returned to the store and the shooting occurred." 'I would not drink that' Jarrod Cullen tested MMS after mixing the solution according to the church's instructions. Beijing has repeatedly pushed back on US accusations that the outbreak was China's fault, pointing to many missteps made by American officials in their own fight against the outbreak. Loading Talking points distributed by the Prime Minister's office on Monday morning reminded Coalition MPs that the CSIRO undertakes due diligence before entering into research partnerships.

( ABC News ) 7.30 ordered some products from MMS Australia and took them to a pool shop for testing. "Our job is to enforce the law. Following a protocol available through links on the Australian website, three drops of sodium chlorite were mixed with three drops of hydrochloric acid "activator" and then added to water. Pool service manager Jarrod Cullen tested the dose for free chlorine levels. He used a DPD 1 reagent tablet which turns water different shades of pink depending on the level of chlorine present. "And in this case, there's just no excuse for somebody to take this kind of an action over this kind of an issue. Sign up to our Coronavirus Update newsletter Get our Coronavirus Update newsletter for the day's crucial developments at a glance, the numbers you need to know and what our readers are saying.

The MMS liquid turned hot pink. As a comparison, Mr Cullen said tap water would usually remain fairly clear when tested. "This is quite strong," Mr Cullen said. "That's a level that would keep a pool free from algae, and I would not drink that." .