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.CNN is suing realDonaldTrump after a reporter was banned from the White House following a hostile exchange at a news conference.


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CNN realDonaldTrump Get the female staff member to sue this child for what he thinks it's his right to do and say as he pleases. What about some respect for the office? Just because this child didn't pick the winner in 2016, he still has to show respect for the American President.

CNN realDonaldTrump Good luck with that,

CNN realDonaldTrump Hopefully the White House staffer will sue the CNN reporter for assault.

CNN realDonaldTrump Haha after he hit the white house staffer who went to take the microphone.

CNN realDonaldTrump Too funny.

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White House still plans to ban CNN reporter Jim AcostaWhite House officials reportedly told Acosta they would suspend his press pass once a temporary restraining order expires. Jim should learn manners first It's called fascism... Yes SMH it’s because he’s a rude prick.. But act surprised because their is no footage available for you to reference and get confirmation of his actions hey? 🙄 Do you support this twat SMH? Got to stick together make the realDonaldTrump look bad mmm? 👊🏻👍🏻 Go Trump!
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Fox News backs CNN against White House over Jim Acosta banUS broadcaster Fox News backs arch-rival CNN in its lawsuit against the White House for revoking the press credentials of one of its Washington correspondents. What's Fux News trying to do? Trying to re enter the world of reality are they. He’s a Truth teller Fux News (because they do, a lot)
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CNN wins temporary legal victory against Trump's ban on White House correspondent Jim AcostaA federal judge in Washington is ordering the Trump administration to immediately return the White House press credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta, while the case is pending. We look askance at this and do not see it as an attempt to block free speech, just Trump's decision to remove his press pass, which will be shown up in court. Acosta's only one small man with a bad attitude, & thinks hes important. Your a nobody mate. 👍 Old news ABC wake up
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Trump administration threatens to ban CNN reporter Jim Acosta from White House — againThe White House sends Jim Acosta a letter saying it has made the preliminary decision to suspend his pass, just days after a federal judge ordered that his media credentials be temporarily restored. realDonaldTrump Acosta Leftist with a byline. realDonaldTrump Acosta White German American Christian Trump would ban all white Hispanic Americans like Acosta from America! In his Native Germany his blood people banned the Jewish settlers from the Middle East after 2,000 years. What harm did they do? realDonaldTrump Acosta Divorce Lawyers Staunton VA:Marital Residence
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CNN sues White House over revoked access for Jim Acosta after clash with Donald TrumpCNN is suing the White House over the revoked access of correspondent Jim Acosta who was barred after clashing with the president during a press conference. Trump playing his games again .I think he believes that he still on the apprentice show .Your’e Fired .How many in his cabinet has he fired .Trump the media has every right to question you’re pathetic behaviour . You are a spoilt brat If he doesn’t get his way he spits the dummy Acosta is just a grubby lefty journalist. The prick shouldn't have his WH press pass returned. CNN is a disgracefu andl vile organisation.
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White House shares fake video to support punishment of CNN's Jim AcostaSarah Sanders has shared a doctored video of CNN reporter Jim Acosta that appears to make his actions at a news conference look more aggressive than they were. Got to like US politics. A sign of things to come for Australia? You say it's fake in the headline but the article says 'appeared to have been edited'..... So which is it? Fake or suspected fake Facts are important.
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White House suspends CNN's Jim AcostaBreaking: The White House says it has suspended the press pass of CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta Good the dog deserved it. Now whatch all the toxic trump haters try and make excuses for his bad behaviour and his assault of a female. Acosta treated that woman doing her job like dirt, he has no respect for anyone but himself. Should be banned for life. CNN can send some other schmuck.
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CNN's Acosta is back in the White House after a court winA defiant Donald Trump is still vowing to draw up new rules for the media. Hopefully at the back of the room where none of his innane questions will get attention. He wins but millions are being bullied and censored by the establishment/ corporate elites. There are good reporters & bad reporters, he is certainly NOT good, he makes commentary to force the answer in one direction to a prefered point , just ask the question & see what the outcome is, then we can judge, dont give a crap about the reporters opinion. dont need his type.
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White House backs down and lets CNN's Acosta keep passThe White House will no longer seek to revoke the press accreditation of reporter Jim Acosta, CNN says. That is NOT how the President of America should be presenting himself to the rest of the world. He looks like a thug. The kind of user you are will determine how much RAM you need, actual size and weight and over all cost. Umm no, the new rules will see him relegated to the position of all of the other journalists. It remains the discretion of POTUS to ignore his dumb questions. journalismmatters
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White House vows to block CNN's Jim Acosta againCNN is seeking an urgent hearing after the White House again vowed to yank Jim Acosta's access, with the president saying there would be rules for reporters.
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Judge to rule on CNN journalist's White House returnA US federal judge is set to announce if CNN journalist Jim Acosta will be allowed to return to the White House after his press pass was controversially removed. 9News Is Acosta going to Cry to the Judge that Trump is being mean to him, and won't talk to him or answer his questions? If this A-Hole was smart, he would APOLOGIZE and take his lumps like a Real MAN!
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