CNN sues Trump administration for barring Jim Acosta

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CNN has filed a lawsuit against the Trump administration after the White House suspended the credentials of one of its senior journalists.


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The worst of misrepresentation. He isn’t barred from the White House, he just has to wait with the other portion of journalists that aren’t selected to come into the press room. He lost his free pass, that is all. Come on you are just giving trump fake news ammunition.

Perhaps add an additional one for slander against the reputation of cnn by the president. ‘Fake news’ could be his watergate.

Isn't Acosta a white Hispanic American Christian crossing swords with the white German American Christian Trump given his putrid hatred for Hispanics?In his Native Germany,blood Germans as the NAZIS with the same hatred for the foreign blood German Jews weren't so lucky!

Go cnn. Dont hold back.

About time the “Press” worked out there own amendment. Don’t they recite it in school everyday.

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Australia Latest News, Australia Headlines

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CNN sues White House over revoked access for Jim Acosta after clash with Donald TrumpCNN is suing the White House over the revoked access of correspondent Jim Acosta who was barred after clashing with the president during a press conference. Trump playing his games again .I think he believes that he still on the apprentice show .Your’e Fired .How many in his cabinet has he fired .Trump the media has every right to question you’re pathetic behaviour . You are a spoilt brat If he doesn’t get his way he spits the dummy Acosta is just a grubby lefty journalist. The prick shouldn't have his WH press pass returned. CNN is a disgracefu andl vile organisation.
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Trump administration threatens to ban CNN reporter Jim Acosta from White House — againThe White House sends Jim Acosta a letter saying it has made the preliminary decision to suspend his pass, just days after a federal judge ordered that his media credentials be temporarily restored. realDonaldTrump Acosta Leftist with a byline. realDonaldTrump Acosta White German American Christian Trump would ban all white Hispanic Americans like Acosta from America! In his Native Germany his blood people banned the Jewish settlers from the Middle East after 2,000 years. What harm did they do? realDonaldTrump Acosta Divorce Lawyers Staunton VA:Marital Residence
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Fox News backs CNN against White House over Jim Acosta banUS broadcaster Fox News backs arch-rival CNN in its lawsuit against the White House for revoking the press credentials of one of its Washington correspondents. What's Fux News trying to do? Trying to re enter the world of reality are they. He’s a Truth teller Fux News (because they do, a lot)
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CNN wins temporary legal victory against Trump's ban on White House correspondent Jim AcostaA federal judge in Washington is ordering the Trump administration to immediately return the White House press credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta, while the case is pending. We look askance at this and do not see it as an attempt to block free speech, just Trump's decision to remove his press pass, which will be shown up in court. Acosta's only one small man with a bad attitude, & thinks hes important. Your a nobody mate. 👍 Old news ABC wake up
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White House still plans to ban CNN reporter Jim AcostaWhite House officials reportedly told Acosta they would suspend his press pass once a temporary restraining order expires. Jim should learn manners first It's called fascism... Yes SMH it’s because he’s a rude prick.. But act surprised because their is no footage available for you to reference and get confirmation of his actions hey? 🙄 Do you support this twat SMH? Got to stick together make the realDonaldTrump look bad mmm? 👊🏻👍🏻 Go Trump!
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Donald Trump clashes with 'rude, terrible' CNN reporterA visibly angry President Donald Trump branded CNN's White House correspondent Jim Acosta a 'rude, terrible person' and an 'enemy of the people' in a testy exchange on national television. who cares about jim acosta 💩🧻🚽✅ Jim Acosta. A prime example of a reporter who placed himself at the centre of everything. Chances are he self righteously himself as a advocacy journalist, but he is entirely an agendaised propagandist. We’re likely to see more of the same now his ego is nicely bolstered by his win.
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Fox News backs CNN over Trump in Acosta legal fightEven reporters who dislike Acosta's style have said presidents should not have the right to pick which journalists participate in press conferences. Except the video wasn’t doctored (something you are claiming as fact) but changes to frame rates were a result of using different formats for uploading... anyone who up/downloads to YouTube has experienced this. FakeNews They didnt back him at all. They backed a free press....
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CNN sues White House over revoked reporter access | Sky News AustraliaCNN is suing Donald Trump after a reporter was banned from the White House following a hostile exchange at a news conference.\n\nThe president berated political correspondent Jim Acosta during a post-midterms briefing last week, after which the journalist was accused of assaulting an intern who attempted to relieve him of the microphone.\n\nPress secretary Sarah Sanders took aim at Mr Acosta for 'placing his hands on a young woman just trying to do her job as a White House intern' and he later had his press pass revoked.\n\nCNN is now suing the president, whose decision the network said 'violates CNN and Acosta's First Amendment rights to due process'.\n\nVideo source: CNN Kieran_Gilbert LET HIM SWEAT & PAY THE PRICE FOR HIS RUDENESS & GRANDSTANDING HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THE QUESTIONS ITS NOT A DEBATE YOU LEFTY INCOMPETENT STUPID SO CALLED JOURNALISTS Kieran_Gilbert Positive? How very Leftard of you. Kieran_Gilbert Credentials? Acosta travelled with the President to Paris.
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What it was like being in the room when Donald Trump took on Jim AcostaUS bureau chief Zoe Daniel was sitting three metres from Jim Acosta during the press conference which saw the CNN man banned from the White House. It was an extraordinary stand-off, even by 2018 standards. A very Grumpy Trumpy! If Trump doesn't act like a President why should the press treat him like one?
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Judge orders return of CNN reporter's press pass | Sky News AustraliaA judge has ordered the White House to temporarily return CNN reporter Jim Acosta's press pass. \n\nMr Acosta's pass was suspended after a heated exchange with President Donald Trump following the midterm elections.\n\n\n\n\n bwolpe CNN Acosta WhiteHouse ALL the World Witnessed the Disgusting way in which Acosta Refused to Hand over the Microphone AND aggressively Physically Fended Off the Woman Intern. He Is Judged Accordingly regardless of the Legal twisting & turning by lawyers. bwolpe CNN Acosta WhiteHouse As far as I'm aware they stopped Acosta personally for his behaviour and not CNN. CNN could have sent any number of their *talented* activists to fill the gap. kelliekelly23 bwolpe CNN Acosta WhiteHouse It wasn't a big win 4 Acosta. POTUS setup guidelines of media behaviour & can now remove any1 who breaks rules.
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