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Clive Palmer threatens High Court challenge to WA border closure after being denied entry

Clive Palmer threatens High Court challenge to WA border closure after being denied entry

22/05/2020 11:21:00 AM

Clive Palmer threatens High Court challenge to WA border closure after being denied entry

Billionaire mining magnate Clive Palmer lashes out at Premier Mark McGowan after being refused entry into WA, threatening a High Court challenge to the state's strict state border closure.

Key points:Clive Palmer was refused entry by the WA Police CommissionerHe says he will file a challenge to the High Court on MondayThe WA Premier backs the decision to refuse Mr Palmer an exemptionMr Palmer said he planned to take the matter to the High Court within days.

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"We'll be filing papers on Monday and proceeding with a declaration that the lockdown border closure of Western Australia is unconstitutional," he said."And there's no reason for it at the present time, and that it's just an impediment to the workforce getting back to work and the prosperity of the state."

Mr Palmer described the border closure as stupidity on the part of the WA Government."What [Mr McGowan] is trying to do is against the Australian constitution, and I've got no doubt the High Court will slap him down very quickly," he said.

"It's absolute stupidity. What's going to happen in three or four months when our economy is destroyed, people haven't got jobs."That's not an outcome that we want."He said he would be referencing two sections of the constitution which stated trade and travel between states should be free unless lives were in danger.

Mr Palmer also said he did not agree to "totalitarian" conditions which may have allowed him to receive an exemption if he had applied again."The conditions that they wanted to place on me were that I would tell them where I was going, who I was talking to, and what the subject matter of those conversations was," he said

"Which I wasn't prepared to do, that's my private business."'The medical advice we have is very clear'The WA Police Force would not confirm if Mr Palmer's application was rejected, saying it would not comment on individual cases.

But Premier Mark McGowan said he supported the WA Police Commissioner's decision."The Police Commissioner makes these decisions based upon the law and the rules we've put in place to protect our citizens," he said.WA Premier Mark McGowan endorses the Police Commissioner's decision on Mr Palmer.

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(ABC News: Andrew O'Connor)"So, I endorse the Police Commissioner's decision here. He's made it on proper grounds and with the correct purpose behind it."[He] has clearly said to Mr Palmer that he can't fly in and fly out because he's not one of the exempt people.

"The Police Commissioner has made many decisions to keep people out."Mr McGowan said so much work had been done to tackle the virus and he did not want to risk infection coming in from anywhere. Read more: ABC News »

Clive mate. It wasn't about the virus. It's you they are excluding. 'Damn...the door's too small'! Clive when the chips are down ,your just gum on the bottom of there shoe like the rest of us Hasn't he already got enough court cases to deal with? Or is that why he has to get to Perth? 😂😂😂😂 I wouldn't want him here regardless of covid.

Buy hima ticket to the US Two weeks about at Curtin airbase He’s not welcome back to QLD either And he'll fail at his high court challenge, just like he failed to sue FriendlyJordies YOKYOKbeers Keep him out if your state, he’s a walking talking pox. Completely selfish attitude. Me,me,me and who cares about the rest of the people. Ever heard of Zoom Clive? If PM's and royalty can use it, so can you. Pay your workers first before spending big in the high court.

'Entitled cry baby threatens...' Is a more accurate headline ABC. pedwards2014 Should be a permanent ban on Clive. the high court belongs to the people not just you, sorry Ipso. Can you also deny him every other state border please and thanks I think he is an evil selfish bastard - BUT - He may win his case under constitutional law. We should find a way to put such criminals in gaol!!

Quality control at the border of course he does. Never thought I’d say this but good one WA state gov! Spreading the Obesity Pandemic to WA? Tool funny how he squeals when the cards are in the other hand, all those mum and dad investors didn't get the same chance did they fatboyCLIVE Clive who? Another attack dog sent in by ScottMorrisonMP to bully the government into submission.

Whatever happened to the pot and a palmer party ? 😂 Oh look CliveFPalmer is trying to accomplish something. Cuteeee. Thinks he is entitled..stay home keep safe Clive, you do look unwell.😂 Pauline Hanson and Clive Palmer are just shit stirring for Morrison because Morrison can't stand it when the premiers ignore his stupid directives.

Why isn’t he in jail? The socialist dictatorship of WA let Stokes in & out ! Mark McGowan is the Member for Rockingham Does Chubby REALLY want to get into a stoush with the guy who represents the region that Bogan Hunters did a special on? We also have a Navy base that he served on before he entered politics Chubby really needs to check his life choices

Hell, can we just lock him out of Australia, Peter Dutton, never there when you needed, Peter just another failure. So who'll pay his legal costs? Us? He threatened Titanic 2. Too bad Clive you can’t afford it Another one that is unaccustomed to being told 'no'. 🙅 😂😂 best thing I seen all day. Clive not allowed in WA

Clive Dog! Apparently we are the only State with taylors and hairdressers Hahahahaha... even more respect for Premier McGowan. How long since anytime has said NO to Clive Palmer. boycottbillionaires 😂 Rich. He’s a bit rich, I mean. Wasting the High Court’s time on personal spiteful political trash. I suppose I should have expected that.

The rules are clear and needed to save lives. Piss off palmer. Well done WA who wants this clown anywhere near them WA - 'And stay out!' APPARENTLY HE'S GOT FOUR THOUSAND MILLION DOLLARS! 😂😂😂😂 Fvck off Clive we don’t need or want u in the West If there was someone we could legally rape as the Aussie people? Let's bend Palm over & show him what to be sorry for... stupid conservative muthaf*cka...

Ha ha Wish we could deport this shitstain permanently. Please take him and Pauline. Us Queenslanders have been punished enough. Why are we not surprised Thank you for reminding us Clive that, although we are 'all in this together' , some feel that they are still more important than others. It is 'your' world after all. I wish you and your ilk had the scientific, emotional and empathic intelligence to know better 'Thanks ' m8

The rest of us use Zoom for videoconference, is he too good to use that? Make it permanent. Keep him out of the rest of Australia. How does he have so much money to piss about with? There isn’t a mine in the world which can cover the costs of the ridiculous nonsense Clive gets up to. Lucky he’s got the plucky Australian taxpayer to subsidise him!

Why would you let him in I ask I have been temperature checked three times a day ever since 'all this sh!t started' - so if MarkMcGowanMP says I have spend two weeks in lockdown in Perth next week before I can head up North, Clive bloody well can too. FattyMcFuckFace wants different laws for him. Well done WA upholding the law, PS. If I had a choice, I wouldn't want this parasite in my state either. fossilfool

Every state should refuse him entry WA might be a big state, but even we’d be pushed to fit Clive and his ego in and contain it in one region. Best news! Oh Clive. Go get Tingled. Take the fucker on. Take your hydroxychloroquine and keep calm, Clive! Don't like the guy but I hope he wins. There are medical reasons for keeping Clive out of my state, he makes people vomit

Good riddance King Clive. Has to be admitted wherever he wants to go. It take years to get to the High Court, by which time the restrictions will have been lifted. Aaawwww !!!! Didums. 'He said he would be referencing two sections of the constitution which stated trade and travel between states should be free unless lives were in danger.' There you go Clive, now rack off like a good chap because WA lives do indeed matter, especially elderly lives.

Well, to be fair, WA set a precedence by letting Kerry Stokes in on the red carpet. Protect Australia from him. Keep him in his home state. he's pissed off we allow the other rich guys to come in. wally. I am so sick of hearing about Clive palmer You do that Clivey !!! Go right ahead How his ego must be hurting that a 24 buck an hour shop assistant is an essential worker.... And he isn't....

Go Clive go Now you know why McGowen has a 89% approval rating. He keeps Ass Hats like Clive away. Evil never dies. Case review What is the male equivalent of a 'karen?' Clive Palmer yeah nah... Flout the laws, or cite the laws, to suit. Can't see a problem here at all ... the Cane Toad Eradication program was designed to keep these pests from Queensland out of WA.

No matter how Clive squeezes the constitution it’s not going to give him what he wants. Dollar store Donald Trump can f right off What is it with these entitled clowns. First Hanson now Palmer. 🤦‍♀️ Good luck with that, Clive. If could close a border to keep out Clive I would go all out. Can we somehow make the border closure permanent for him? Getting COVID-19 is the least of our worries here when you are talking about Palmy.

Another reason why Qld should not open their borders. So they do not let Clive loose on the rest of OZ Bitter fems not happy 😁 The state premiers really need to stop all of this nonsense! Causing so much disruption & pain. openupaustralianow it’s time! Lucky WA being allowed to tell fatboy to go away!

Clive Palmer is a belligerent, blustering, bullying, buffoon and should never be allowed in WA. KEEP HIM OUT! A heart attack waiting to happen pathetic sook These border closures are becoming delicious 😂😂😂 He should be lucky he is allowed entry into the country... Western Australia has the right to protect intellectual standards not to mention he's a treasonous excuse of a human Never should Australia and Clive Palmer be in the same sentence auspol ScottMorrison insiders

What a clown. Mark McGowan is a God.... They only have enough food for 2.6 million people Clive, not enough for you chubby little bandwagoner and grandstander.. Stop encouraging him. Turn our backs! I stand with MarkMcGowanMP on this! Keep our borders closed! Who honestly gives a shit. Why give him the publicity, that’s all it is. Same as Pauline.

Hope his stateless Manus Island would be perfect lodgings for the bloated toad Clive Go get another life!!! I wish we could deny him entry in Queensland. Let him twist in the wind on the border Can we deny him entry to all of Australia. Spuds been rattling his cage! Palmer and Hanson are up to their usual publicity stunts to keep their names in public arena. Shallow fools.

Clive Palmer be like at WA border Suck it up princess! Whale migration is early this year... Can't we ban him forever? Has he done anything to help people in this pandemic Never heard anything from him in last two weeks. Now he is out of his cave and ranting.. fedupofpollys Well how about that, Clive was not able to buy this one.

All he does is sue people. And he usually loses. Good. FatBastard Wouldn’t let Clive into my backyard, well done W A Just so you know Clive, Victoria doesn't want you either. Old entitled white man is entitled. Who saw that coming? Keep him out ! Social_Distancing 😂 Piss off Clive He’d need a FUCKING BIG ENTRY ‼️

Clive is suffering from a delusion that he is Australian royalty 👑 😒 Lol keep your big fat Queenslander arse out of WA keep the borders shut MarkMcGowanMP 😂 I thought this was a chaser headline! Do you blame them He’d have trouble fitting through even if the border was open Tonight, we are all Western Australians. Je suis sandgroper.

Can we ban him from QLD too please? We don't want him either And ... 😐 Sadly because of restrictions we can't deport him to NSW... These comments are awesome. NEVER STOPS WHINGEING! Lots of Dough, but a Total WHINGER! L The rest of Australia should be so lucky Nothing to do with the covid Keep him out. We dont want him here. The bloke is self serving moron!

Why didn’t we think of this earlier? He looks sick. Ship him off to the US Hahahaha sucked in fat boy! well as long as the courthouse has a set of stairs, I reckon we'll be fine Best reason ever to keep our border closed. We do not need CliveFPalmer here. Ever. This toad gave us this rabble of a government.

Palmer all piss and wind Export clivepalmerm to the US not WA.... we don’t want the piece of **** clivepalmer Corruption yeah, deal with it. get a real problem mate there's a lot worse going on in the world right now. fcking dckhead clivepalmer coronavirus Palmer and Hanson, both idiots Douchebag This border closure is the gift that keeps on giving. 👏

Good on you Western Australia, just because you live off other people’s money doesn’t give you preferential treatment! Cant have Pauline getting all the free publicity Clive? Go for it dick head, spend your money and let's see how long it takes to get an answer via court system. Loves litigation our Clive. What he a spent in lawyers over the years would be put to better use in the community me thinks

queensland should do the same since he clearly left the state for an illegitimate purpose. No special privileges for the rich you corrupt fool 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Go for it Clive, we're light on entertainment at the moment Can we ban him from Victoria as well please? Info_Aus 🤣😂🥳 auspol Are Cliveparlmer PeterDutton & PaulineHanson going to pay for these frivolous High Court Challenges? Or do they expect taxpayers to pay ? I hope High Court shows some sense & rules are frivolous & they have to pay themselves. Selfish ppl whilst everyone suffering!

Curious, if he knows it’s closed why did he still try to get in? Wanker CliveFPalmer is Uber Eats' biggest fan Thank you CO VID-19 he can stay wherever he is. we don't want him here Fatty McFuckhead looking for attention again. Really this should be dutton's job to keep the leaches out of the country He should have used the alias Kerry Stokes

Pure publicity stunt, muppet 😂😂 Why only let one billionaire in? I don’t like commenting on appearances usually, but he appears like necromancy is keeping him up and moving more than ever. Umm, again, what were the risk factors developing the most dangerous, form of CV19 ? Let the man travel anywhere he wants, I say..

Good. Then bankrupt the prick... WASuccession Haven’t heard talk of succession for a while. Now’s a good time when nobody can go there and represent yourself........should be good for a laugh. Can I Laugh Uproariously, who wouldn’t want to keep Clive Palmer out of their Landscape. Smart Move, WA. I say let him in ... if he walks

Can we stop him coming back to QLD while we’re at it?!! What a Fatty McFuckhead He obviously hasn’t heard that we’re trying to keep all virus’s out of WA 🤨 Lucky them ,wish we could keep him out of Queensland. Clive should be kicked out of the Human race for cheating T-shirt - Designed right size 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 4.8/5 Stock available in USA 🇺🇸 Shop Here: T_shirt_Shop_k Shop Here: T_shirt_Shop_k Shop Here: T_shirt_Shop_k 10% OFF | 2 business days shipping 🇺🇸 8MCaXOU5P0

go for it bully boy Clive, we'll just like you less Yawn Fat rich bully, pull your head in son I think the Western Australians are capable of working in any situation Mr Palmer, how is it by denying you it is preventing ongoing work? As a hard working WEST AUSSIE Your corrupt actions and not paying your work force can stay in QLD.

OFCS. Sit down Palmer. Undesirable alien. Simple. Clive pay your x workers and maybe doors will open Oh god I hope he falls on his face Cheers WA 🍻 Keep them closed please. He is one of the main reasons we should maintain this. Thinks he can buy his way to anything. Sad day if he wins. It’s like this bloke can’t get rid of his money fast enough.

Shut up Clive Poor FattyMacfarkhead must be a hard life not getting everything you demand. SookySookylahlah I'm scared! 😱 😂 can WA vote for a law that CP is forever uninvited?! 🤷‍♀️ Stop giving this 5 year old attention. 🙄 Fat fuck! He thinks he deserves special treatment as a thank you for the $60m investment in last year’s elections.

The issue I see is the likes of other richie rich's can fly in and out freely but he cannot Makes a mockery of it all aren't you a picture of health Clive🤪 For a man with 'so much money' you think he could afford a fitting suit? Bugger NZ I’m moving to WA. 😳😳😳😂 Fat boy will do nothing.

Palmer 'to launch High Court challenge' to WA border closure after entry refusal Clive Palmer has been denied entry to Western Australia as the state government remains adamant interstate borders will remain closed for months. Good on you Clive! And thanks for the hydroxychloriquine He is not above the law . . if we can't go, he can't go . .

Palmer 'to launch High Court challenge' to WA border closure after entry refusal Clive Palmer has been denied entry to Western Australia as the state government remains adamant interstate borders will remain closed for months. Good on you Clive! And thanks for the hydroxychloriquine He is not above the law . . if we can't go, he can't go . .

Pauline Hanson threatens to take state coronavirus border closures to the High CourtOne Nation leader Pauline Hanson is threatening to drag an escalating spat over coronavirus border closures into court, with a constitutional law expert saying the Queensland senator raises an 'enormously interesting' point. One Nation is increasingly the only party standing for the ordinary Australians It's a sign of democracy that Hanson has a voice. It's a sign of how sick that democracy is that her ideas are given credence. Just waste more taxpayers money

Calls grow to unlock WA's last regional border closures to save businesses 'on their knees'The WA Government stands firm on its regional border closures in the face of growing calls from the Opposition to lift them immediately, with claims the restrictions are sending businesses 'to the wall'. Border with who? It wouldn't matter until it's safe to have more than 20 people in a venue. Liz Harvey is just looking for something to grab onto to be heard. Well WA has close to no cases so I don't see why they're closed. If politicians went without pay I'm sure they'd have a different policy.

Peter Dutton backs Pauline Hanson's legal challenge to Queensland's border closureHome Affairs Minister Peter Dutton has backed a legal challenge to Queensland's border closures, which some believe may be unconstitutional. Another waste of tax payers money What constitution? lmaoooo we haven't used one since 1906 and it is not even ours. Let's first get a Bill of Rights before we start talking about law, currently Australia has no such thing.

When coronavirus border restrictions mean Australians stuck in other states can't return home - ABC NewsAs the country's premiers argue about state border closures, many Australians have been left wondering when they can go home to visit family and friends. Maybe they will start to understand what it's like to be stuck in a camp with no idea how long it will be before you can get some humane treatment What's with all the whinging from Australians Thought they were a tough crowd Me thinks I'm wrong as the longer this goes on Qld are keeping their borders shut until their election., 🤔 I'm stuck in Far North Qld and have my first grandbaby who was born in Marchk is in SA. He's been ill and spent a week in hospital and I haven't been able to travel to even meet him. I was sad but now I'm getting really angry.