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Climate Protesters, Lone Protester

Climate protesters block woman from dead mother’s home

There are now calls for protesters causing disruption to cities to be jailed. Thoughts? Full story:

9/10/2019 5:17:00 AM

There are now calls for protesters causing disruption to cities to be jailed. Thoughts? Full story:

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says climate change activists causing disruption to cities should be jailed.

In Melbourne, at least 100 activists are expected to camp each night in Carlton Gardens. Protesters on bikes will block a number of intersections along Gertrude, Hoddle and Johnston streets in Carlton this morning.At 3pm, “swarming teams” will meet at Bowen Lane for briefings “before heading into the city to disrupt business as usual”, and from 5pm protesters plan a “disco disruption” in the CBD.

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In Sydney, protesters aimed to disrupt trains this morning with flash mobs through numerous carriages to talk to commuters about climate change.Extinction Rebellion protesters at Central Station in Sydney this morning. Picture: Damian ShawSource:News Corp Australia

The protesters started at Belmore Park before moving into the station.Source:News Corp AustraliaProtesters are planning to meet at Belmore Park outside Central Station at 9am. At 1.30pm, more protesters will meet back at Belmore Park ahead of a “take back the streets” rally.

NSW Police urged the group to not disrupt travellers and commuters.“The rail network is an integral part of the integrity of the city, so I would ask that protesters not disrupt people going about their day-to-day rail travel and to ensure that they are safe,” Assistant Commissioner Mick Willing said.

An Extinction Rebellion spokeswoman said the group’s actions would not be disruptive but instead would involve activists simply boarding trains and speaking to commuters about climate issues.In Brisbane, protesters are planning a “water birth for a better earth” event at Southbank River Quay, while “swarming flash mobs” will roam Queens Gardens through the week.

In Adelaide, protesters will disrupt traffic and plan to hold a “block party” on Friday night.On Tuesday night, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said “enough is enough” and that she wanted protesters sent to prison.“Someone is going to get hurt,” Ms Palaszczuk told

The Courier-Mail. “Most people do the right thing, it’s just this group who need to be brought under control.”She vowed to fast-track proposed laws to jail protesters for up to two years if they use “dangerous devices” such as drums with concrete and locks. The laws will also give Queensland Police increased powers to search people for such devices.

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“I say to protesters, ‘What if it was your mother or grandmother that was held up from getting to hospital because of your actions, blocking streets?’,” she said. “It’s time to get these laws passed. We will bypass the normal submissions period and get them promulgated within days.”

On Tuesday, 10 Extinction Rebellion protesters — including Paul Jukes, who suspended himself in a hammock from Brisbane’s Story Bridge — were arrested and charged after blocking roads, chaining themselves to fences and attaching themselves to devices such as drums filled with cement.

There were 56 arrests in Melbourne on Tuesday, according to the group, and more than 40 people have been arrested in Sydney so far.‘DISGUSTING’: PROTESTERS SLAMMEDA woman has broken down in tears as rowdy climate change protesters barred her from reaching the home of her mum who passed away on Sunday.

The Melbourne woman, named as Sally, was approached byA Current Affairthe Extinction Rebellion crowd.“Dad passed away 10 months ago and Mum passed away on Sunday at home in that building,” she said, fighting back tears.“I’m supposed to be there having hospital beds picked up, mats picked up, lifting machines picked up. I heard that these d**kheads were here yesterday so I rescheduled it, and I’ve come along this morning (and) they’re here again.”

She added that she could try do a loop and park further away and walk but leaving her house that morning she fell and dislocated her knee. “I don’t know what I’m going to do,” she said.“I just want to get to the home so I can start organising all the clean-up, medicines and drugs that are there from the palliative care and the hospital bed that Mum died in, and I’m sitting here. D**kheads, I don’t even know what they’re on about, what’s it for?”

Reporter Reid Butler told Sally it was “for the environment” and “civil disobedience” was the tactic.“F***ing environment. People are more important,” she said. “They think it’s so important but what is important is the everyday, good Australian people just trying to go about their everyday lives. It’s not fair.”

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A Current Affair reporter interviews climate protesters.Source:SuppliedDisruptions are set to continue in major cities today.Source:SuppliedSally added, “I brought one of my dogs because I didn’t want to come to the house alone as it is and now I just can’t even get to the house. It’s just disgusting.”

TheA Current Affaircrew spoke to some of the protesters and explained Sally’s situation, asking if they would let her pass.She started to slowly drive through the crowd, but a lone protester jumped in front of her car before others quickly intervened. As she drove past, Sally leaned out the window and called the woman a “b**ch” as the protester said “sorry”.

The program also interviewed an elderly man who had been prevented from getting to hospital. “What a joke, won’t let people go around their own business,” he said. “I’ve got an appointment for cancer at St Vincents, I’ve got to walk and I’m not allowed to go up there. They won’t let me go. What a joke.”

Melbourne woman Sally was prevented from reaching her mother’s home.Source:SuppliedHer mum died on Sunday and she was trying to clean out her belongings. Read more: »

give them community service cleaning up parks seriously why stop there why don't we just arrest anybody who disagrees with anybody else. Yes jail the dickheads Yep, lock them up. Twits. Totally agree.. this weak government needs to step up simply jail them .. Crazy people protesting climate change its not going to stop industrial companies look at adani

Great idea My issue. If I by my lonesome held a single protest in the middle of Flinders Street & Swanston Street I can all but guarantee I wouldn't even unfurl a banner before being attended to be dozens of police.... Yet do it in numbers & it's tolerated. Get into them... Yep. Lock them up. These dopes have been watching the going ons in Hong Kong😊 Well keep watching team Australia and note how mainland china deals with disrupters😄

Most Protesters need to get a job in whatever field they are protesting about & actually make a difference. Unnahh1 They should have been jailed from the get go, piss week judge's, piss week governments You want to protest go to Canberra & block the politicians from getting to work you idiots, its not like anything will change if they dont turn up to work climateBS

They should be dealt with like the Russians would. Nothing wrong with protesting but don’t get in the way of people try to get to work so they can feed there families. Idiots Yes let’s start jailing protesters. China would be so proud of us. Habitual disrupters could be goaled. Why should the so-called 'rights' of one group of people be permitted to overtake the rights of another group? When your actions impact adversely on others, something has to be done.

IF THEY USE DANGEROUS DEVICES. Water cannons first please, then jail. Protests are important. If it wasn’t for the protest rallies in the 60s over Vietnam We would have lost many more young Australians. That didn’t freely sign up What do you mean now? Should have been that way for ages now Dogs hit in squirt bottles works well, so does stinky cheap perfume in their mouths.

Jail all protesters and activists froze their asset and income as well as welfare payments a lot of fake accounts in your stream here ... I support the protesters and will join them in the future. We no longer a free country? Nonviolent protesters should not be jailed. auspol 100%. Lock. Them. Up! ExtintionRebellion auspol KAK

It is domestic terrorism. They are a public nuisance & are led by dangerous activists. Throw the book at them! The government needs to answer a very clear question: what have you done to secure better future for Australian? And absolutely blocking intersections will not lead to any solutions. Water cannons and tier gas them to make them disburse

Hand them a rope please Here is their real objective Agree Drive the bastards over Public nuisance.....fine them Yep. Shipping containers in the desert, chain mesh fence and fill them up. I hope they don’t try and use the legal aid system, considering they hate the “state” so much. Yes Lock them up Jail the PM, treasurer and energy ministers - they're the ones committing crimes against Australians. Irresponsible leadership, no fiscal clue, and no idea about energy or environment.

These people are heroes. How will those who deny climate crisis respond to their grandchildren if we are pushed to extinction? Wilful oblivion is culpable. Unfortunately the only thing being achieved is pissing ppl off who possibly believe in climate change, but worst of all they are giving the govt ammunition to use to turn ppl against them. Really don't think they're helping their cause

Seize their assets! Yep! Get them out and lock them up please It’s not fair we have to pay for their actions. Most have no clue anyway. Abosuluty jail minimum. 3 months Glue them all together like a giant ball of snot, then just leave them. This is just like Antifa. Don't be deceived people, this is just the beginning...of the end!

Throw the book at them Couldn't agree more Yep! No, just pick them and their concrete anchors up with a forklift and put them in a local park and leave them. Let them cut their own way out. Right now Governments are just feeding spoilt brats If they block roads, absolutely. Makes complete sense. Jails are at capacity, so let’s jail innocent people🤦‍♂️

Do it. Jail 'em and all those that did the same for SSM, Suffrage, ending slavery, ending wars, feeding starving children, Aboriginal recognition, whales, bank greed, the right to not live in fear of automatic firearms.... Sorry that's what has to be done sometime to get things done 🤔 Also block freedom of speech while you’re at it... nobody should have any freedoms any more, just accept the government line at any cost!!

3 months gaol for anyone who stands on the right side of an escalator and blocks my passage... or if they park outside the white lines!! Kill em all ! 👍😀 Jail and maybe a little rough housing 😀 What’s the point of protesting if they don’t disrupt? More awareness is needed or cities won’t be able to function anyway with scarce food and water resources globally

Mandatory. Do it now 'YES' Bloody oath. Jail the living shit out of them 12 months no Parole! Yep. Demonstrations are one thing, disruption of people just going about their business is ridiculous. Full extent of the law required for these idiots. Do we have a Commissioner with the guts to do it? Good!! Yes, I think arrest them. Not sure they’re real protesters. Real climate change activists would approach this more sensibly.

They should be fined and sentenced to community service. Pick up rubbish. Do gardening/yard work for the elderly and infirm. Clean graffiti. Perhaps committing to truly serving their communities could give them the civic and personal pride that they are so clearly lacking. Use them to fill potholes. It’s time that protestations, which disrupt the lives of citizens, were made illegal.

This is the best thing ever 100% chance of getting the entire country to turn against climate change I love it🤣 Enough pandering to extreme minority groups who are getting too big for themselves. Let them know the consequences for stupid actions. These cretinous fuckwits should be shot on sight. But in the event that’s not plausible, then gaol away!

Get the battons out over the head Na, just leave it up to the public to see to it. Police can stay out of it Yep, do it. Don't these people have jobs to go to? No they are the freeloaders that are bleeding countries dry and use these agendas so they will think people will praise them because they support a cause. Pity this cause is unfounded.

They have the right to congregation but not the right to disrupt the lives around them. People have missed getting medical treatment because of their stupid tactics if the cause disruption arrest them. The government hasn’t answered for the laws that where made up from lies about the protesters having devices that harm

👍🏼 I swear some people are professional protesters who turn up at any protest going with the sole intention of causing disruption, if you want to protest do it in a park, not out in the streets where people are trying to get to work or an emergency vehicle is trying to get through I respect everyone's right to protest whatever the fuck they want to protest, unless they don't respect my right to free passage. Some of us have to get places on time, or risk being fired

They are not protesters. They are committing dangerous acts. They should be arrested, charged, tried and punished if found guilty. The Community has rights. Yes please. Absolutely Hell yeah Definitely jail them it might make them think about their disruptive actions to the general public. About time! Protest is one thing. Disrupting the public’s progress is another.

Because the useless magistrates won’t do it, basically, it’s not even worth discussing. We've been here before If I’ve learned nothing else from the climate protests, it’s that Australia is packed with whinging pricks who are more concerned about getting to work on time, than saving the environment. Heads up. The environment is more important than you, and your jobs.

The people who should be gaoled are every single Australian conserrvative, climate change denying, fossil-fuel loving politician who refuses to support & fund practical policies/schemes which reduce greenhouse gas emissions Take their dole payments off them... can’t see a jail term would even happen when u can’t get jailed for murder these days

Round them up ,put them on a boat so they can demonstrate in the middle of China!!!! They should be sent to a 100% emissions free camp in the middle of the desert, there they can live their dream? Jail the climate change deniers, they’re the real criminals Everyone delayed should take them to small claims tribunal for the cost of the delay.

Yes, stopping people moving freely in a public place is terrorism. why is that not done already?! are you waiting for them to hurt innocent people?!

Former mayor arrested for involvement in Extinction Rebellion protestsA former Victoria n mayor was among dozens of protesters arrested for blocking a major Melbourne intersection during climate demonstrations. Hippies So the government and police have come for the scientist? What a bunch of ferrals causing havoc for honest tax payers trying to get to work in our capital cities.. I’ve had a extra long shower this morning to make up for those scum bags Greenies who haven’t had one for weeks ha!!

Global climate 'rebellion' sees mass arrests and blocked roadsClimate protesters from Sydney to New York blocked roads Monday, sparking mass arrests, as they started two weeks of civil disobedience demanding immediate action to save the Earth from 'extinction'. For goodness sake, if you're going to get out of bed and blindly parrot a narrative concocted by oligarchs, at least change out of your pajamas. themarchofthemouthbreathers The most pointless, leaderless and weakess group ever - no creativity at all, like a blast from the 1970s handbook of demonstrating. The destiny of the group is in the name - extinction. Apparently 72% of Australians worry about climate change ... 23% about immigration. But the “liberal” party (please do us all a favour and change that deceiving name) will press on with its narrow minded agenda.

Climate protesters willing to 'sacrifice liberty' as six more arrested in SydneyForty-four protesters have been taken into police custody in Sydney since Monday afternoon, as the global environmental movement stages a week of demonstrations worldwide. natassiazc Arrest them all and stop the payments of welfare recipients, are causing more co2 due to traffic being stationary natassiazc The hidden agenda of XR natassiazc What do you call the jailing of six climate protestors? A good start. Haha

'You're hurting me': Elderly protesters dragged from climate change rallyPolice arrest dozens of protesters during a climate change demonstration in Sydney today, including elderly activists who were dragged away by force. Hope these Elderly protesters do prison time. Heroes 🙌 Boohoo the world might get 1 degree warmer in 100 years

Former senator Scott Ludlam among climate protesters arrestedDozens of protesters have been arrested around the country as the Queensland and Victoria n premiers questioned the effectiveness of the demonstrations. You say that like it’s a bad thing Onya Scottludlam

Climate protesters won't win many friends, Victorian Premier says Victoria 's Premier says he does not think climate activists will win many friends as demonstrators block traffic and trams in Melbourne 's CBD for the second day in a row. Here's an idea. How about these climate alarmists start their own self sustaining communities and show us idiots how it's done They've won my Heart. At least SOMEONE cares about LIFE and the PLANET. 'Sorry to interrupt your routine, but: BIG BUSINESS IS DESTROYING LIFE AND EARTH'. Until your cars and air-conditioners don't work, and they start selling 100SPF sunscreen, robot-humans won't care. Meanwhile ER Melbourne are being lambasted on twitter for being too willing to cooperate with the authorities so I guess he's not wrong?