Chinese-language signs didn't change voters' minds, AEC says

Australian Electoral Commission claims controversial election day signs saying the 'correct way' to vote was Liberal cannot be proved to have swayed voters.

8/10/2019 8:08:00 AM

Controversial Chinese-language signs saying that the 'correct way' to vote was Liberal cannot be proved to have swayed voters, the Australian Electoral Commission claims. auspol

Australian Electoral Commission claims controversial election day signs saying the 'correct way' to vote was Liberal cannot be proved to have swayed voters.

Very large text sizeControversial Chinese-language signs saying that the "correct way" to vote was Liberal cannot be proved to have swayed voters, the Australian Electoral Commission claims.The commission says legal challenges against the victories of Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Chisholm MP Gladys Liu in the federal election in May have failed to demonstrate that the signs changed voters' minds and has asked the Federal Court to throw out the case.

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The elections of Josh Frydenberg and Gladys Liu are being challenged over these signs that appeared in their electorates.Oliver Yates, the unsuccessful independent candidate for Kooyong, and Chisholm constituent Vanessa Claire Garbett have gone to court, complaining that Chinese-language signs were likely to mislead voters because they were in the AEC's colours and told voters the "the correct voting method" was to put a 1 next to the Liberal candidate.

The AEC admitted "it is possible" that voters in Chisholm and Kooyong had read the signs or were told about them by someone who read the sign, but said the petition failed to show that people changed their votes.Advertisement"The petition does not set out all, let alone with sufficient particularity, the facts or matter on the basis of which the petitioner alleges that the two-candidate preferred result is likely to have been affected by one or more of the illegal practices," the AEC said in a filing to the court.

LoadingComplaints were made on election day about the signs, but the AEC said it had formed the view the signs were not illegal and they did not need to be removed.Mr Yates and Ms Garbett say the conduct of printing, publishing and authorising the signs constitutes "illegal practice" and that the court should declare the MPs "not duly elected".

The Chinese-language signs appeared in front of at least 29 booths on polling day in Chisholm and Kooyong, and at some, the Liberal Party signs appeared next to official AEC signs.Mr Frydenberg won his seat of Kooyong easily, winning 11,289 more votes than Greens candidate Julian Burnside in the two-candidate preferred ballot. But the election win in Chisholm was much tighter, with Ms Liu's margin just 1090 votes in the two-candidate preferred result.

Both Liberal MPs say the signs were unlikely to have misled electors and noted that the acting Victorian state director of the Liberal Party at the time, Simon Frost, had "not set out to mislead any voter"."Rather, Mr Frost sought to explain to voters who could read Chinese and who were considering voting for the Liberal Party how to do so in a valid way, and also to encourage voters who had not yet made up their mind to vote for the Liberal Party," their court filings said.

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It cannot be proved that the signs 'did not' effect the votes, but they may have - Is this conclusion from the guardians of our electoral system good enough - I think not... LIVPresident Terrible and very troubling AusElectoralCom decision, that serves only to transfer perceptions of corruption to the AEC itself.

Outrageous. The sign clearly mimicks the official AEC colours and style and was intentionally used to the advantage of one party. That might not change the outcome of the voting but should be enough for a criminal investigation at best and a new voting maybe. Ruling fails the 'pub test' ! LNP ❤️ CCP If the signs don’t influence voters why are there so strict rules as to where signs can be placed, particularly near voting booths. AEC making a fool of itself.

yes of course the AEC would say that! You want a multicultural society where immigrants live in enclaves & are encouraged to retain their language/customs undiluted, this is what happens. If Liu ran as a Green or for ALP, she'd be applauded by ABC for the added diversity she brings. So Liu won 2-party preferred by 1080 votes out of approx 100,000 voters. If 541 (0.5%) were influenced and voted liberal because of the signs the result would be Jennifer Yang winning. But the unofficial official looking signs had zero impact on a anonymous vote. Riiiight.

Memo all candidates. Next election, print your pamphlets in the AEC colours and make them look like official instructions. No problems. Trouble is, apparently, it won’t sway voters. F****** AusElectoralCom - asleep at the wheel. AusElectoralCom yet another regulator asleep at the wheel and/or stacked with puppets to do the bidding of a corrupt government.

Racist to imply Australians of Chinese heritage are gullible to election signs. Lesson: Cheat. Play dirty. That is how you won elections and how elections have always been one. Stop trying to fight unfair with 'taking the high road'. It never works. So when do we ask questions about who is running the AEC, links to govt & whether there should be concerns about how the May election was managed & monitored. These would be normal questions in any democracy by the fourth estate bc it sure sounds like a dodgy position for the AEC

You want a multicultural society where immigrants live in enclaves & are encouraged to retain their language/customs undiluted, this is what happens. If Liu rans as a Green or for ALP, she'd be applauded by ABC for the added diversity she brings. How the hell the AEC can determine this one way or another is beyond me. Do they ask every Chinese? Do they tell the truth. Or are they guessing? I reckon they're guessing & hoping dumb schmucks will believe them 'cause they are a govt organisation, and know things.

Seems the AEC is determined to undermine itself. They were the last Australian institution that we had confidence in. Sigh. My questions:- 1) How were they able to copy AEC banners in advance of polling day? 2) How much 'lead time' did they have to replicate the banners, translate lies into Chinese etc. 3) Who did the banners & when? 4) Did someone at the AEC leak info to the Gladys mob in advance?

rharris334 Proved to have swayed voters can not be the standard. It was deliberately misleading. That should be all that matters.

Federal Court urged to dismiss case against Frydenberg, Liu | Sky News AustraliaThe Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has urged the Federal Court to dismiss cases against Treasurer Josh Frydenberg and Liberal MP Gladys Liu after they were each accused of using official AEC branding in mandarin election signs.\n\nComplainants argued signs deliberately misled voters by replicating official AEC branding.\n\nThe case against Mr Frydenberg was filed by his unsuccessful Independent challenger Oliver Yates who is seeking to force a by-election in Kooyong.\n\nThe AEC argued it was impossible to know whether voters changed their ballot based on the signs.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia JoshFrydenberg GladysLiuMP Of course they want it thrown out. They did nothing on the day of the election when it was reported so better for them if the court doesn't suggest they were completely incompetent. JoshFrydenberg GladysLiuMP Yawn .....just like the purple signs Labor had in other elections as well ? JoshFrydenberg GladysLiuMP Waa waa Labor - peak hypocrisy from you 👎😡 auspol

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