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China the ‘most dangerous threat’ to Australia’s existence, says Jim Molan

Retired army general and Liberal Senator Jim Molan says China remains the most “dangerous threat to the existence” of Australia, but Canberra is not adequately prepared to fight a war in the Pacific.

28/07/2021 1:45:00 PM

Retired army general and Liberal Senator JimMolan says China remains the most “dangerous threat to the existence” of Australia, but Canberra is not adequately prepared to fight a war in the Pacific.

Retired army general and Liberal Senator Jim Molan says China remains the most “dangerous threat to the existence” of Australia, but Canberra is not adequately prepared to fight a war in the Pacific.

Mr Austin slammed Beijing’s unwillingness to “resolve disputes peacefully and respect the rule of law” but reassured the United States did not “seek conflict” with the emerging Asian superpower.The secretary’s comments come after both China and the United States underwent major military exercises over the past week, with both preparing for a possible naval-based war centred on Taiwan.

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Mr Molan said as the likelihood of military conflict increases over the coming years, Australia’s defence capabilities have become more obviously deficient.“We’re not well prepared to fight a war in the Pacific at all, defence department mobilisation reports have produced information quite publicly which indicate that this is the case,” Mr Molan told Sky News Australia on Wednesday.

But he warned Australia’s “deep belief” that the United States would “always be there” is misplaced.Mr Molan pointed to US President Joe Biden who recently alluded to a “shooting war with a major power” over increased cyber attacks.A U.S Marine participates in an Urban assault as part of Exercise 'Talisman Sabre 21' on July 27 in Townsville. Picture: Getty headtopics.com

U.S Marines from MRF-D (Marine Rotaional Force Darwin) participate in an Urban assault as part of Exercise 'Talisman Sabre 21' on July 27 in Townsville. Senator Jim Molan has warned of a future war in the region. Picture: Getty“That’s absolutely terrifying because American military power has fallen 30 to 50 per cent since the end of the Cold War,” Mr Molan said.

“It means that If something happens in relation to Taiwan, if there’s a fight that the Americans are not confident that they can handle a Taiwan scenario.“We are going to be on our own and we’ve got to start taking seriously what the Australian Defence Force can do and what the nation can do and how prepared it is.”

The Coalition government last year pledged $270 billion towards developing Australia’s defence capabilities including a $1 billion plan to begin building its own guided-missile program.Our ships are working from the same playbook on#TS21🚢

Check out the best imagery we have so far from the five navies that are training together to build shared skills on#TalismanSabre Read more: Sky News Australia »

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JimMolan Pls tell me apart from trade, has China invaded or had any war with any country since its civilisation. JimMolan JimMolan A superpower is back after 150 years of absence. The essence of people's will for freedom will prevail over guns and propaganda. The inferior coward wants a war which no one wins admist great atrocities. The power of the mass is yet untapped.

JimMolan Senile Jim Molan thinks Australia can take on China. Hello, we lost wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan to a disparate group of Taliban. Any Chinese military tactician with savvy would blow Australia out first because the Chinese see us as cowards hiding behind the USA. JimMolan Why would China want to fight Australia they own most of the country already

JimMolan Maybe this will give the Snowflakes something really to Sook about 🤣🤣 JimMolan Not corona viruses? Phew JimMolan We must stop the yellow peril from advancing south

China calls US policy 'misguided' in high-level talks China came out swinging at high-level face-to-face talks with the United States on Monday, blaming the US for a "stalemate" in bilateral relations. Hardly 'news'. Bleeding obvious. Who? Wun Hangs Lo? off course they have specialy using Australian politicians who have no idea what they doing. as always US and allies have a long history of destroying independent nations in the name of democracy, Australian citizens shouldn't be paying for it ,wine was only small one

China reports highest COVID case numbers since JanuaryThe Chinese city of Nanjing sees a surge of COVID infections as the nation reports its highest case numbers since January. 🦇 76 in 1.4 billion Really a small thing with respect the monster surges in all other developed countries...

‘China must crush the US’: Global TimesChinese publication the Global Times has provocatively claimed China must 'crush the US' by gaining an economic advantage and predicted relations between the two nations are likely to fail. Thats JOES job isn't it. They STOLE it, and everyone knows it. Global Times is just a nationalist tabloid with deliberate provocations. It’s selling better this way (as any western tabloid journalism) and is the most cited among the foreign media, another source of fame ($$$). GT does not represent the official government position.

China wipes out $US100 billion industry as it widens crackdownOpinion: China sent shivers through its markets and demolished the wealth of many entrepreneurs with its crackdown on its private education sector, writes Stephen Bartholomeusz We'd save millions if we didn't give exclusive rich people schools subsidies. It's a pity that doesn't happen here - our private education sector is a sham.

‘Stop playing with fire’: China sends US sinister warning China has demanded the US immediately “correct its mistakes”, warning failure to do so will see America come face-to-face with the “determination and capability” of 1.4 billion Chinese people. Geesh - the Chinese are so insecure !!! These “super powers” will never fight one another. They only fight the less fortunate. Eighty years ago, the people of Germany described the Jews as demons. They themselves played the role of heroes who saved the Empire. Today, the people of U.S portray China as a troll. They themselves play heroes who save the world. The ghost of the Nazis never left this planet.

China slams western media for posting ‘ugly’ photo of weightlifter China 's tabloid newspaper The Global Times has taken a swipe at western media for their 'shameless' photo of one of their their Olympic gold medalists in action. Why do people keep doing things to upset these poor people. It's cruel and it's really unfair. FarkChina China labelled the photos of their athlete ugly not western media. Besides everyone knows power sports are grueling ?