CheckMate: Mark Latham's problematic claim on Australia's transgender population

7/10/2022 1:25:00 AM

CheckMate: Mark Latham's problematic claim on Australia's transgender population

Latham, One Nation

CheckMate: Mark Latham 's problematic claim on Australia's transgender population

The One Nation MP used the latest census data to claim transgender people are over-represented in public debate. But a lack of 'meaningful data' means the size of Australia's transgender population remains unknown. is a weekly newsletter from RMIT FactLab which recaps the latest in the world of fact checking and misinformation, drawing on the work of FactLab and its sister organisation, RMIT ABC Fact Check.

CheckMate October 7, 2022We also sort fact from fiction when it comes to the global use of nuclear power and explain why a Labor senator was found to be misleading when taking the credit for increases in welfare payments.The former Labor leader then provided an answer.

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And yet you fail to Fact Check ABS stating that a “person’s reported sex can change over the course of their lifetime” 🤷‍♀️ Since humans, like all other mammals, cannot change sex, why is this appropriate to record? Let 'em play dress up. It's all good fun. Seriously ABC News you can do better than this!! Who cares what Latham says 🙄

Rubbish Once a thug always a thug Latham must have a Dick problem?😂😂 Again… shuddup Mark. 'Middle-aged, White Male claims another group is over-represented' in public debate Pivot Historians will look back at this time and wonder how such an insane ideology took hold for so long. The data is only meaningful when it suits their agenda.

Pass me the dildo

New health care guide a 'one-stop shop' for families with special needsStruggles accessing support for her own son lead a West Australian researcher to create a new document that will make it easier for families of people with a disability to manage their health care. Are these indigenous or non-indigenous families? Anglo or European or Asian or Middle Eastern or Islander heritage community of Aussies since 1901?

This guy is such an arrogant ignoramus. Who gives a fig what his misinformed opinion is? Hahahahaha...he's right of course ...our sick biased leftarded friends at thier abc just dont like what he said so they are having a little has a sick obsession with trans people. Let’s be clear, whatever the number is, it’s a tiny minority! So whether it’s 0.17% it 4% still doesn’t change anything

There is only as many as there are because it’s a social contagion. The ABC is a cheerleader for the Gender Fluidity movement which harms children. The ABC harms children. So are affluent professional class white men in their 50s. I would like to see some decent 50 something blokes from tradie backgrounds with little money a positive attitude and who can tell a good joke to replace these professional whingers.

Same census says most Australians are not Christian Just another irrelevant past pollie 🙄🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ What a useless fact check organisation

Rate rises push house values lower across Melbourne, except in one suburbRising interest rates have pushed house values lower in every Melbourne suburb analysed, except for one that is defying gravity five months since the first hike, new figures show. | heagney_melissa and Kate Burke

One Nation politicians probably shouldn’t be talking about weird little minority groups having undue influence. Trans people are just trying to live their lives. Problematic but true ITS OBVIOUS THE TRANSGENDER AND OTHRS ARE IN NO STATE OF MIND TO DECIDE ANYTHING // THEY DONT EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE EVEN WHEN STANDING IN FROUNT OF A MIRROR NAKED WHEN ITS STARING THEM IN THE FACE //

It isn't transgender people making the debate public. It is all the people who feel the need to insert themselves in other peoples lives. Mark Latham himself is problematic Well ABC keeps fking with people's heads so I expect the numbers to go up So the ABS are admitting they added questions to the census, the results of which cannot be relied on to produce meaningful data? That seems like a waste of time. Maybe leave Mark Latham alone and get suck into the ABS!

ABS: 'Our data is shite.' FFS ABCNews continues making itself totally irrelevant by reporting on these totally irrelevant leftover politicians. He's been on the nose for YEARS! If Mark Latham considers 43,220 Australians an insignificant number how many Australian lives would he consider significant or would any number of non-binary Australian lives be insignificant in his mind?

'No one will be spared rainfall this week': NSW prepares for 'difficult' few daysPremier Dominic Perrottet announced the Warragamba Dam wall would be raised as he warned residents to prepare for a 'difficult summer' with 'significant flooding' ahead of rainfall this week. should have been done last year.

What a load of rubbish. Less than 1% of the population is shoving their ideology down our throats and subjecting our kids to it. When will a political party call out this nonsense? There is a much larger agenda here people and it’s got nothing to do with inclusivity. Wake up So, what Latham said is correct, unless you play semantic games? I think what (for one) fear more than anything else is the casual disregard for consistency in language which catches honest interlocuters out without any consideration of intent.

Only one Mark Latham and look at the noise he makes. How is his gated community going? Ahh a problem that affects us all. Time to defund until they reflect diversity of thought. 'RMIT ABC Fact Check' 🤣🤣🤣 I am Trans, most definitely did not tick ✅ ‘non-binary’ on the census. If they want to know how many LGBTIQ people there are in Australia asking the question would be a good start. auspol

'problematic claim, says ABC of the Trump-Russia sham 😅😂🤣👍 'Problematic' Transl: 'He's right, but we don't like it.' Hilarious article. I do assume it is for comedic purposes?

ATO stats: One million Australians face top tax rate by 2030The number of Australians paying the top tax rate has doubled to half a million people over the decade due to bracket creep biting into take-home pay.

Great reporting. Really hitting some mainstream issues here ABC. 🙄 Why does the ABC incessantly promote this bullshit? Why do you want more people cutting off their willies? Why the heck do people like Latham and Deves get so up in arms about such a small percentage of the population? People are taking notice of what this man says !!!! Wow, who would have thought.

Twisted old bigot. A drain on this nation. auspol TL/DR Although what Mark said is not wrong, ABS have basically said their questions are useless. Sounds like you are playing a game of chess against ABS RealMarkLatham 😂 So the census is used by government but now they say don't use it..Just sounds like we don't like the results so use these figures...Same as climate change numbers isn't it ?

Can we have one day a week where the ABC focuses on mainstream topics rather than fringe, minority issues?….please…. Humans can’t change their gender. 'While typically based upon the sex characteristics observed and recorded at birth or infancy, a person's reported sex can change over the course of their lifetime and may differ from their sex recorded at birth,' the bureau explained.' How can you change your sex?

'One-eyed focus on profit': Star 'unsuitable' to hold casino licence in QueenslandAttorney-General Shannon Fentiman has accused the gaming giant of "literally having a one-eyed focus on profit". Casinos have no place in our society. They are built for suckers.

He’s right!

Meghan and Harry release official portrait to ‘compete’ with one of new King and heirSky News host Andrew Bolt says Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have released an official portrait. “Just in time to apparently compete with the official King and Prince William, plus wives,” he said. “And they’re hand-holding – that’s now their trademark, of course.” Meghan is always in the power position in their portraits. Usually the male is straight on and the female is angled. But not with them. Isn't that a bit telling that she takes up more of the Photo than the actual Royal.. Shows why she's so hated, everything must always be about her And why do we care that 'regular' people take (and post) a portrait? She drags him around like a show Pony. Sad.

Thu 6 Oct 2022 at 10:07pm RMIT ABC Fact Check and RMIT FactLab present the latest in debunked misinformation.Help keep family & friends informed by sharing this article save articles for later.Premier Dominic Perrottet on Wednesday announced the Warragamba Dam wall would be raised by 14 metres to help"save lives and save properties" and help future-proof Western Sydney from flood risk this summer.

Help keep family & friends informed by sharing this article Copy link Share For many families, taking care of their health while managing an intellectual disability can be challenging and require additional support services, which can be tricky to Copy link Share CheckMate is a weekly newsletter from RMIT FactLab which recaps the latest in the world of fact checking and misinformation, drawing on the work of FactLab and its sister organisation, RMIT ABC Fact Check.4 per cent since April, CoreLogic data shows. You can read the latest edition below, and to have the next newsletter delivered straight to your inbox. Dr Skoss's son, Andrew, has Down syndrome and, she said, one of the big difficulties has been navigating the health system. CheckMate October 7, 2022 Good morning, This week, CheckMate tests Mark Latham's maths on the number of transgender people in Australia. 25+ news channels in 1 place.

We also sort fact from fiction when it comes to the global use of nuclear power and explain why a Labor senator was found to be misleading when taking the credit for increases in welfare payments. "We need to think about how we teach him and support him to make good decisions and to develop all those health literacy skills that are going to be really useful for him as he grows. In the first-home buyer stronghold of Kalkallo, in Melbourne’s outer north, house values are a wafer-thin 0. The problem with sex and gender data in the 2021 census Posting to Facebook late last month, One Nation's Mark Latham posed a question: How many transgender people were there in Australia? The former Labor leader then provided an answer. "Today the ABS [Australian Bureau of Statistics] reported that the non-binary sex option was marked on the 2021 Census form by just 43,220 respondents or 0. ( ) During the pandemic, the research academic developed a guide to help families access information.17 per cent of the Australian population. The Reserve Bank lifted the cash rate another 0. "Never have so few made so much noise … It's the ultimate in minority politics: to listen to the transgender activists and debate in Australia, you would think there are 17 million of them, not 0. "It can be really tricky to find. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a severe weather warning for people in the Riverina, Upper Western and parts of Central West Slopes and Plains and Lower Western Forecast Districts.

17 per cent of the population!" Census figures quoted by Mark Latham came from a new question on sex that "did not yield meaningful data", the ABS said. ( AAP: Daniel Munoz ) But while 43,200 people selected the non-binary sex option, the ABS warns against using the census figures to draw conclusions about the number of transgender, gender diverse and non-binary people in Australia." Dr Skoss said people with intellectual disabilities were more likely to have common health conditions under-managed. CoreLogic research analyst Kaitlyn Ezzy said house values in the cheaper end of the Melbourne market had held up better than in expensive inner-city suburbs. An ABS article published on September 27, the same day as Mr Latham's Facebook post, offered an explanation. For the first time, in 2021 all census respondents could select male, female or non-binary in response to the question about sex. Dr Rachel Skoss has created a "one-stop" resource guide for health professionals, carers and families of people with intellectual disability. "However," the article noted, "this addition to the sex question did not yield meaningful data. The flipside of that is the more affordable houses tend to stay more stable.” The BOM have warned that major flooding could occur at the NSW inland rivers from Thursday and Friday.

" Moreover, it said the results "cannot be used as a measure of gender diversity, non-binary genders or trans populations", which are separate concepts to non-binary sex. Dr Skoss said it was a guide to health literacy, supporting the health of people with a cognitive impairment or intellectual disability. Sex, as the ABS defines it, is based on a person's "sex characteristics, such as their chromosomes, hormones and reproductive organs". "While typically based upon the sex characteristics observed and recorded at birth or infancy, a person's reported sex can change over the course of their lifetime and may differ from their sex recorded at birth," the bureau explained. "The organisations could provide the guide to those workers, and build their health literacy and their skills, and [build] understanding about what they can do to support the health of the person with disability," she said. House values in Donnybrook and Mickleham, close to Kalkallo, fell by 0. Gender, on the other hand, "is about social and cultural differences in identity, expression and experience as a man, woman or non-binary person", according to the ABS. The 2021 census did not ask any questions related to gender." Leticia Grant's daughter, Allara May, lives with the rare genetic condition called Angelman syndrome.” The Premier explained there would still be processes to be worked through between the state federal governments to ensure the “complex project” progressed but insisted the critical infrastructure declaration would ensure its completion was not delayed.

While the bureau has produced standards for questions relating to sex, gender, variations of sex characterstics and sexual orientation, such questions were not included in the census, the make-up of which is decided by the government of the day. The data excludes suburbs with fewer than 20 sales. "The Government determined the 2021 Census should collect data on sex but not information on gender, variations of sex characteristics or sexual orientation," the ABS article stated. ( ABC News: Grace Burmas ) It causes delayed development, problems with speech and balance, and people with Angelman syndrome often smile and laugh frequently, and have happy, excitable personalities. According to the ABS, the results of the census showed that the concept of non-binary sex was "not consistently understood" and was "perceived in different ways by different people". Those people who selected "non-binary" as a response to the question on sex were able to provide more information in a text box; one third chose to do so. "Allara needs help in every area of living," Ms Grant said.4 per cent, or by $361,304 since April, while Malvern values dropped 12. . The cost of damages would also be reduced by up to $8 billion,” Mr Anderson said.