Carrie Lam warns Chinese military could be called into Hong Kong

Carrie Lam warns Chinese military could be called into Hong Kong

8/10/2019 9:38:00 AM

Carrie Lam warns Chinese military could be called into Hong Kong

Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam says her administration does not plan on enacting more special powers but also won't rule out further Chinese intervention.

Key Points:The emergency laws had not been invoked since 1967Teenagers were shot and wounded in the protestsHong Kong leader Carrie Lam has urged young people not to engage in political activitiesMs Lam has, however, ruled out using colonial-era emergency powers to introduce further new laws after a long weekend of protests saw widespread defiance from demonstrators over the ban on face masks that she instituted.

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Ms Lam made the comments as Hong Kong braced for further protests this week.Those protests had previously turned ugly as authorities and demonstrators clashed — with the altercation at the weekend marking the first clash between protesters and Chinese troops stationed on the island.

Here's what you need to know about the ban on protesters wearing masks, imposed under a colonial-era Emergency Ordinance that was last used over half a century ago.Ms Lam was adamant Hong Kong did not need further Chinese assistance to deal with the protesters.

"I cannot tell you categorically now under what circumstances we will do extra things, including … calling on the Central Government to help," Ms Lam said.On Friday,, which protesters have used to shield their identities. Those powers had not been used since 1967 when there was a pro-communist uprising against the British.

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Yes freedom is worth dying for The protesters in Hong Kong are willing to die for freedom so i don't see how bringing in the army will help A puppet! Should be expelled Disgraceful and incompetent governor. Should’ve stepped down months ago. Sell out HK, sell out the ppl there. The biggest joke ever 🤬 Do it and she will be grilled in the history book

The military won't be involve as long as those rioters dont attack the military camp. no need for military, riot police from mainland china will be more than enough to clean up the shit. Interesting that mainland does even want to send police to hk. Why not just resign C for China, C for Communist, C for Control, C for Coercion, C for Chilling, C for Cilling

Be quick. The Chinese military is a paper tiger. And the world stands idly by? The aussie answer this headline is ‘no shit Sherlock’. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Modern day Tiananmen in the making Why else they doubled the size? She is on their payroll & she will do it and no one will say a word. Yes finally!!!! I'm sure they are already there, dressed as 'Hong Kong police' and 'concerned citizens'

Misstep after misstep by Carrie lam is the singular reason this has lasted so long. She is the one which keeps stepping it up & the protesters respond as such Do it already, western backed thugs have done enough damage Cheered on by a throng of ABC journalists. Fascists !!!!!!!! Hong Kong StockMarkets and property will crash! Same as Carrie Lam

whats the bet they arent there already... dressed in police gear Surprised they’ve let it go this long

Chinese military warns Hong Kong protesters as they defy emergency lawThe Chinese military warned Hong Kong protesters from atop a People's Liberation Army barracks on Sunday, the first time it has become involved in the city's crisis. KirstyLNeedham The Sydney Morning Herald, did you ask your conscience when you do the fake and biased news? The military warned the rioters when they tried to assault the military camp. KirstyLNeedham How long can the red army hold back KirstyLNeedham There are 200,000 Australian American and British CITIZENS amidst HongKongProstests. 🇦🇺 ScottMorrisonMP AustralianLabor LiberalAus 🇺🇸 realDonaldTrump TheDemocrats GOP 🇬🇧 Conservatives UKLabour YOU have the economic power to STOP TiananmenSquareMassacre 2.0!

Violence flares in HK as protesters defy mask ban | Sky News AustraliaViolence continues on the streets of Hong Kong as thousands march with their faces covered after a failed political bid to have a mask ban overturned. \n\nChief Executive Carrie Lam brought the mask ban in under emergency powers on Friday. \n\nPro-democracy protestors and police have clashed several times as thousands challenge authorities in both Hong Kong and Beijing.\n\nPolice fired tear gas in several areas as confrontations between officers and demonstrators flared.\n\nImage: AP This will only last until a VIP's loved one dies in the back of an ambulance because of the delay caused by these social parasites. The rest of us be damned. Ask TimWilsonMP he’s there in his pink polo shirt. Why is an Australian politician protesting in HK you might ask. Is Dutton going to name and shame him and cut his taxpayer paid salary.

Hong Kong's use of emergency law sparks warning from PayneDelivering her strongest comments to date on Hong Kong, Senator Payne said 'the invoking of emergency laws was very concerning to Australia'. ErykBagshaw So should Dutton and Cash be more tolerant against people protesting against climate change ? ErykBagshaw Mind our own business, Dumbo! ErykBagshaw Glad to see this! Australia must take a stand in defence of these Hong Kongers who are fighting so nobly for democracy

'They can't arrest us all': Activists defiant as Hong Kong court rejects second shot to block mask banThey haven't won this time, but activists feel the High Court has acknowledged the anti-mask bill is controversial. HK cannot completely ban masks, some people need to wear surgical masks to avoid disease & pollution & gas masks to avoid tear gas. Faceless rioters who are too shameful to face the world and sneaking around like filthy rats in the drain spreading epidemic... mask-wearing Hong Kong protesters who associate with far-right hacking group Anonymous are contradicting their own democratic-fetishising agenda as they advertise socialist-communistic right-wing propaganda

'Cable ties, street barricades and a $40 bike lock': Hong Kong demos inspire Extinction Rebellion's 'accessible' disruptionExtinction Rebellion protesters are planning to copy civil disobedience tactics from the unrest in Hong Kong to try to disrupt Australian cities. Perfect for the office run (and back!) Protest has to hit without someone being on the receiving end. It’s about energy. Disrupting traffic, thus being directly responsible for increasing vehicle emissions and getting the public offside will definitely help the cause. 🤷‍♀️

Anthony Albanese blasts Liberal MP Tim Wilson in Hong KongLabor leader Anthony Albanese has sledged government backbencher Tim Wilson for joining Hong Kong's pro-democracy protests, accusing him of focusing on himself. Tim Wilson is a hypocrite and now Albo has just proven to be also. Gives you a strong clue as to which side of democracy and freedom Albo sits. Tim Wilson has no business to meddle into other countries' internal affairs. That's not good for Australia.