Calls for Australian political parties to introduce a 20 per cent target for non-white candidates

A new policy paper published by a Chinese-Australian think tank has argued for greater measures to ensure greater racial diversity in parliament.


A new policy paper published by a Chinese-Australian think tank has argued for greater measures to ensure greater racial diversity in parliament.

A new policy paper published by a Chinese-Australian think tank has argued for greater measures to ensure greater racial diversity in parliament.

The document, published by the China Matters think tank on Tuesday, also said Chinese-Australians are in many cases being barred from entering leadership positions due to public belief that they are influenced by the Chinese Communist Party. Mr Chiu argued that less than four per cent of Australian federal MPs were currently from non-Anglo or European backgrounds, compared to approximately 15 per cent in Canada, and close to 10 per cent in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

To remedy the deficit in politicians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds (CALD), Mr Chiu recommended that political parties adopt a 20 per cent target for non-white candidates.“We actually have to set some goals, because if you don’t have goals you are not going to be able to drive the change,” he said.

“Preselection processes should be halted if no genuine attempt is made to find diverse candidates,” the paper read.Australia's new parliament is no more multicultural than the last oneMr Lo, who quit politics due to frustrations with an anti-Chinese sentiment, said he agreed with introducing measurable targets for racial diversity.

Hong-Kong born Liberal MP Gladys Liu came under fire“By driving Chinese Australians away from our political system, we are effectively marginalising them even more and that actually makes them more vulnerable to foreign interference,” he said. "Our sitting MPs and Senators include those with family heritages (but not citizenship) from the following countries: Italy, Greece, India, Singapore, China, Germany, The Netherlands, Lebanon, Norway, the former Yugoslavia, Sweden, the United States, South Africa, New Zealand, Austria, the United Kingdom, France and others," they said.

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Aus is already a leader in parliamentary racial diversity in our region of SE Asia. Only NZ could claim to match our diversity. I’d challenge anyone to name another country in our region with more parliamentary diversity than us We could use the Chinese Congress as a model. And what about diversity in Chinese politics? What we do need is more indigenous reps

At all times, no exception Positions should be filled based on the best for the job, not skin colour nationality or sex. I suggest we adopt a system like in America, if you're not born there you're not eligible for the top job. The same should apply here More infiltration & subversion by United Front Beijing. Imagine the Chinese Communist Party proposing to its 1.4BN population that 20% of politicians should be non-Han Chinese. They would be laughed out of the country. This is absurd & racist.

diversity happens when it allows for it - 2nd gen allocations will push for more cultural indifference to mitigate different minority populations - there's nothing wrong with that.. the whole white vs rest of the world crap only lasts while your involved in community sources This think tank is so trustworthy isn't it🤬🤬funded by Australian tax payers?Hmm..wonder what they could be up to?'China Matters is backed by pro-China big business &is registered as a charity. But it outsourced policy organisation...'

We're a democracy, you have to be voted in. China should be kept at arms length not embraced, 1.4billion population will overwhelm Australia in all ways. Ok, just no more Chinese, I mean globally they are a majority, so clearly we must protect minorities like whites and blacks from their global domination. When China has 20% white ppl in the PRC, let’s talk.

Trump calls for investigation into Sanders’ campaignPresident realDonaldTrump is demanding an investigation into BernieSanders' campaign after insisting that the rival is getting unfair help - from Russia. realDonaldTrump BernieSanders realDonaldTrump BernieSanders Omg. Who could dream this stuff up. realDonaldTrump BernieSanders What a bullshit misleading headline 🤦

'...candidates should put in winnable seats to ensure the measures are more than box-ticking.' I think Australia is currently experiencing enough bending of its democratic process, so, NO! So where is the think tank to get more indigenous Australians into parliament? ScottMorrisonMP didn’t you squash that idea?

How much ethnic diversity is there in Chinese politics ? ? ? Wait they lock them up in when they speak out. I see SBS fakenews is very happy to promote racist identity politics. Racism Chinese style. You can see it coming year ago. Where is the European , Aboriginal etc think tanks. Oh course they do. So they Can infiltrate and take over the country. Gov really needs to get tough

Okay but minimum height of 2 meters. The sooner our various Houses of representation mirror our society, the better. I for one feel that the time for male Anglo Celtic domination is well and truly past it's use by date. So mandatory candidates based on race...not commitment, contribution, experience, morals and values...mmmhmmm sounds like reverse racism to me


NZ Opposition leader calls for action against Australia's deportation of Kiwi criminals | Sky News AustraliaNew Zealand Opposition Leader Simon Bridges is calling for action against Australia over the deportation of Kiwi criminals.\n\nSince 2015 Canberra has sent more than 1,800 deportees back across the Tasman.\n\nKiwis can be deported on bad character grounds of if they have been sentenced to more than 12 months in prison. \n\nNew Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has previously argued deporting New Zealand citizens was corrosive to trans-Tasman ties. \n\nMr Bridges has also weighed in on the debate, telling Sky News “what is good for the goose is good for the gander” and it is time for New Zealand to stand up to Australia.\n\nImage: Getty And his solution is? Let the Oz taxpayer keep them in prison? Your citizens, you deal with them! Note to Bridges- Criminals of whatever county are NOT welcome in Oz. We already have too many of our own. The bombing to commence in 5 minutes... He’s a comic. Or he’s an idiot. I wonder what action he’s asking for? Maybe a travel ban to Australia for New Zealanders.

Scraping political parties would be better for our democracy. Call for more Australian representation in the Chinese parliament ... er, no sorry, no whites allowed Will let the communist has greater infiltration in AU political system.... Purest entitlement...What about all the black and brown people that have been targeted for centuries!!!!

More Chinese Communist Party Members Which is exactly what they do not do in China.. Be patient people. The govt will sell you the whole thing within 2 yrs. Just kidding you can have it now Yes sure why fight for Australia? Just take over parliament. Already own most of our assets.... No set quota needed...All we need in parliament...The representatives who are best suited for the job... Regardless of race, religion or gender...One criteria - Merit

Not if any of them are anything like GladysLiu who rigged her voting signs and our 'Police' in the area, AusElectoralCom ... sided with her!

Calls from kids to drug support line spikes as government tips in $900,000The government will spend $900,000 to bolster Australia's national family and drug support helpline service after a spike in the number of children calling for information to cope with parents struggling with addictions. Australians are drug using racists! Phuk them!

is actively supporting the clandestine takeover by the Chinese communist empire. is traitorous and the EnemyOfThePeople The spy is at work Any Australian Citizen, with all possible other nationalities through heritage denounced, has the right to be a politician. Put your hand up and get elected. Fair enough. Let's dump One Neuron

PeterPyke What about more indigenous people in parliament Yep let’s go to China and ask if we can be elected to their leadership group. Death,Lies and Chinese Spies 😱 LiberalAus ScottMorrisonMP GladysB RC OutSiders Dangerous slide. We need to create a society based on merit and fairness. Quotas sound like a communist allocation.

knarfnamduh Hahaha, I can just see Hanson popping a few valves over that one..

Calls for Australia to 'get involved' in Assange extradition trial | Sky News AustraliaBarrister Greg Barns says “there is still room and time' for Australia to 'get involved' in the Julian Assange extradition case.\n\nThe Wikileaks founder underwent the first day of his extradition trial on Monday where he is facing charges relating to the publication of classified documents.\n\nMr Barns told Sky News Assange’s crime was to reveal “the war crimes of the US” but he “is an Australian citizen facing an effective death penalty for that fact”.\n\n“There is now some greater urgency in the matter and more people now saying why doesn’t the Australian government get involved,' he said. \n\nHe also said the report of secret recordings of Mr Assange were “an egregious breach that ought to be concerning to all Australians” because “it showed a level of misconduct on the part of the US”.\n

That would be a NO for Chinese dominance ... they have taken our land, water, milk, baby formula, houses but NEVER our government - we shall not be socialist or communist BS. We are Australia, not China So you get a seat just because you’re not white Oh awesome so China is gonna have 20% Australians in their governing body ?

There is no such thing as racial diversity when but comes to China. It's either the Chinese Govt way or the Chinese Govt way... auspol 🤔 Racial Diversity or just more Chinese? Oh ffs.... Earn your place you grubs Thats racist Chinese Australians huh? Are they CCP operators or actual Australian citizens? But trust the anti Australian to promote it. Who pays your bills again?

Of course. What else would that sort of think tank recommend? Bet they held the meetings at the local Chinese restaurant too.

Calls to strip Ardnt of honour ‘is a nasty pile on’ | Sky News AustraliaThe push to strip men’s rights activist Bettina Arndt of her Order of Australia over comments she made about murdered mother Hannah Clarke and her three children has devolved “into a nasty pile on,' says Sky News host Chris Kenny. \n\nMs Ardnt has been widely criticized after she “congratulated” Queensland Media for keeping an open mind about whether Rowan Baxter, who burnt his family to death, was “driven too far” by outside forces.\n\nMr Kenny said while Ms Arndt’s comments were unacceptable, it seems many want to “co-opt” this tragedy.\n\n“It seems there are a lot of people desperate to co-opt this horrible murder into their culture wars or their effort to defeat their political enemies,” he said.\n\nIt’s is pretty ugly seeing people use a tragedy like this to taint and smear their ideological opponents”.\n\n\nImage: News Corp Australia Hey Chris,seriously if your opinion mattered, you would be on the major networks. Chris Kenny defending the indefensible. What is it with these Sky commentators? They defend paedophiles, they defend the Catholic Church's handling of paedophile priests, and they defend wife beaters/killers by defending Arndt. Shameful!

Diversity eh? ..... How many 70y/o retired Catholic ex Truck Drivers with 2 total knee replacements do you have in Parliamrnt huh? ... huh? ... huh?. Oh! Please! What's needed is people with experience OUTSIDE of parliament I’ve often thought that there should also be a quota for people with mental disabilities. Say , 10% Why should neurodivergent people be excluded from public office? - it seems wrong

Great to see commitment to merit and individual freedom over socialist identity politics in these comments. I don't buy at all that Australia is some kind of racist, xenophobic nation. We are way more tolerant than most of the countries people migrate from, which is why the come. Sounds like a racist policy. nomoretargets

Hahaha.... SBS have to question timing of this. Not going to be well received under the circumstances. You don't really think anyone is going to buy into pc tactics by the CCP No race based targets. No no we see through your race card no CCP involvement Think there is all ready lots of nations representation in our parliament what it got do with Gladys what’s her name bring her team to parliament

Australian think tank or Chinese Govt think tank

Australian share market slumps more than 2pc in early tradeThe Australian share market slumps 2.3 per cent at the open, following steep falls around the world overnight.

so is this why Morrison let the chinese students in from China, having just watched re the Coronavirius more concerned about thos No from me on this non sense. There should only be one target - 100% merit. We need to focus getting current corrupt mob out of parliament & electing politicians who are not career criminals & thugs. & why GladysLiuMP on that cover? To remind us that she cheated for that seat?

Hypocrites whie Morrison sends Tamil family to Christmas Island It would be good to see a push towards membership of all parties accurately reflecting our demographics. They’d have a more varied pool to draw on for pre-selection, hopefully reducing the bias (real or perceived) towards Anglo-Celtic men.

The document, published by the China Matters think tank - think that states the intentions of the document - China matters We need to reduce the 'ethical diversity' - and start ensuring the government obey the law or face prison. Has any rorting LNP minister been properly held to account yet? Why not Greek, Italians etc. quota

I think I’m really over racial diversity. It’s not doing anyone any favours I'd rather 50 percent women.

'Chinese-Australian' lol First Canada now Australia; her majesty is forcing communism down the throat of unsuspecting colonies. I see many incompetent morons in charge, driving the whole country down the sewer. when did SBS become such a haven for racist commenters? Or is this what everyone does now cos ... Chinese?

Why are tax payer funds being used to platform racism? Bad move anything that is design with Diversity of outcome is fraught with danger it’s starts allowing the minority to pick who they want their nstead of what the majority voted for. Another racist action against white people How do you account for Penny Wong being elected as a senator. If you are a respectable person that genuinely cares for 🇦🇺 welfare, you will get your chance. There’s no need to set a criteria, that might easily be manipulated.

On merit alone. By 'greater racial diversity' they mean fewer Anglos to block their agenda. BOg off! Fine, as long as they don't cheat to get there

Yawn. All this focus on inane identity politics is just a ruse for foreign influence in our politics. Another way for the CCP to invade influence and ultimately take over Austraila. CCP already own half of Austraila. This is where the identity politics pursued by the left is leading. Any group that collectively can scrape a % will be asking for their own quotas. Do you see the stupidity of that? How is that for the best of the country?


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