'Buy Australian, or we may be gone in six months': Fashion's plea

'Buy Australian, or we may be gone in six months': Fashion's plea

9/04/2020 5:51:00 AM

'Buy Australian, or we may be gone in six months': Fashion's plea

Australian designers have united to send a clear powerful message: support us, or we won't be around when this is over.

Fight for survival: Designers Nikki Campbell (left) and Sophie Coote, of SIR the Label.Credit:Janie BarrettCampbell and her business partner, Sophie Coote, are trying to keep their brand running from her apartment near Sydney's Tamarama Beach. And while online sales have been "doing well", the pair agree there's a misconception in the market that brands can easily make up the ground they have lost by temporarily shuttering their physical stores.

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"It’s taken a lot more work and focus [to get results]," Campbell says. "We have shifted in our crisis management. We are sitting on a lot more stock. Online, thank god for it, but it’s not enough to maintain our entire business."Advertisement

Leila Naja Hibri, chief executive of the Australian Fashion Council, has heard devastating stories of brands having negative sales days, when returns outnumber sales, and thinks most fashion brands are at least 80 per cent down on their regular takings.

The industry needs support to make it through, which is why the council and a cohort of labels, including SIR, are joining a new initiative dubbed We Wear Australian.We're on the brink of something terrible if we don't do something about it.Leila Naja Hibri, Australian Fashion Council

Ms Naja Hibri remains positive that the crisis response to the pandemic could be a "propeller" for positive change within the industry, and business more broadly."[Our industry is] small enough, agile enough and young enough to change and show the rest of the world we can choose to put people over profit, creativity over business, and [protect] the planet ... money will be an outcome but it won't be the ‘why’, it won't be the reason for existing," she says.

The We Wear Australian campaign is the brainchild of industry figure Richard Poulson and is encouraging the public to support Australian-owned fashion brands wherever possible through special offers running throughout April. In return, participating brands will donate a share of profits or excess stock to two charities, Dress for Success, which works with the fashion industry to help underprivileged people trying to enter work, and Thread Together, which redistributes excess stock to needy communities.

LoadingMs Naja Hibri acknowledges that while not everyone has the disposable income at the moment to buy new clothes, the campaign is about preferencing Australian-owned brands wherever possible, or they may not be around in six months' time.She says while many Australian-owned brands manufacture overseas, "their head offices are here, they export, they attract tourism – all of that adds up to a lot ... A lot of the dollars are for Australia.

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"We're on the brink of something terrible if we don't do something about it."For Campbell and Coote, their focus is on releasing small "drops" of stock monthly that favours basics and comfort wear. Then, it's about preparing for the hopeful post-corona boom.

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Its not Australian if its produced of shore might be a australian registered buisness in australia but not aussie made so all money is going into sweat shops not the aussie system please educate me if i am wrong Not interested in Australian owned, they’re a cop out. Give me Australian made thanks - Cue, Nigel Lincoln (recently shut 😔), Woolerinas, Redback Boots, Bowral Boxers to name a few.

If you’re receiving any of the stimulus, including the $750 handout, and spend it outside Australian biz, you are borrowing from your future tax dollars to send it overseas. BuyAussie Is there anything made in Australia? just like they supported Australia by getting the clothes manufactured in china/Thailand/India/pick your slave labour country of choice. And they'll bleat on about how expensive it is, blah, blah, blah

Lol it's their business right. Try living in Penrith if it's too expensive to live in tamarama. Try selling your product at an affordable price and sell more for less. Marketing 101. Excuses is all I can here. Nothing new in 20 years Move manufactuting back to Australia, make it known its made un Australia and Aussies will bqck the indusrty. . Don't jack uo the prices either. 50% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

We should have been doing this all along. Supporting our own businesses. Like the car industry. Another one bites the dust. ' Buy Australian' has to be the go to business position right now & into the future. Lets get manufacturing back here. Stop making over priced shit Unless you sell PJs - sorry! Not everyone is a twig

Produce high quality readywear in a wider size range and stop using booble head bordering on anorexic catwalk models who look like clones and commission some textile designs from Australian designers that are not retro geometric or floral You will be gone in 6 months because won’t let us see the article

Who’s buying anything besides lounge wear? This initiative MUST be heralded as the new NORM, and we can bring back MANUFACTURING across All industries PROVIDED THAT unions relax their high demands eg. The Auto industry that they destroyed by their RAPACIOUS demands (REMEMBER?) AlboMP AustralianLabor ScottMorrisonMP

Being on trend or fashionable isnt at the forefront of the Nations mind at the moment. I'd think this would be obvious. Go and get the jobkeeper.

Senate passes $130 billion JobKeeper wage subsidy schemeEligible workers will from May get $1,500 fortnightly payments for six months after the federal government's $130 billion wage subsidy scheme passed parliament.

Australian shares set to rise, investors buoyed by signs US coronavirus outbreak may be near peakThe Australian dollar jumps 1 per cent overnight as the $130 billion JobKeeper wage subsidy package is passed into law. I'm living in Canada and watching the US closely. Don't know where they're getting their info from, it's only just begun in the US No way. And watch them dump even further once they realise how rekt global economies are.

Parliament passes $130bn economic lifeline | Sky News AustraliaThe largest rescue package in Australian history has passed Parliament, with $130 billion to be pumped into keeping around six million Australians in jobs. \n\nEligible businesses will receive a flat rate wage subsidy worth $1,500 for each worker they employ. \nBusinesses which do not pass this on to their staff could face a fine of up to $600,000. \n\nLabor tried and failed to extend the package to an additional one million casuals who fell through the cracks. \n\nBut the government again re-iterated those left behind can apply for the boosted JobSeeker welfare payment. \n\nSpeaking with Sky News, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg lauded the package, which will kick in from the start of May. \n\n“Scott Morrison has made it very clear to the nation that he expects this to go for six months or more so our legislation has been sunsetted… for around six months.'\n\nImage: News Corp Australia Don’t forget it’s Borrowed money we will have to pay it back: WB We will be paying back 'LIBERAL PARTY DEBT' for decades. We are still paying for the debt of the war in Iraq chasing WMDs that never existd because of the LIBERAL PARTY We’ll be paying it back in increased rego and green slips and fines.

Government's $130bn JobKeeper package passes the SenateBREAKING: The Government's $130 billion JobKeeper wage subsidy package has passed the Senate. Eligible workers will soon receive $1500 fortnightly for six months. 9News So impressed with the way Australia is handling this compared to the rest of the world. Keep going ScottMorrisonMP. Great work. Now pay people who get pensions and allowances an amount closer to that so they can live properly. Attention;

Japan declares state of emergency over coronavirusJapan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has declared a month-long state of emergency for Tokyo and six other prefectures to ramp up defenses against the spread of the coronavirus. The third biggest economy and I the world is hibernating now! We are going to have the worst year of the living memory ☹️ A lot of countries would love to have a Japanese spike right now. At 31 cs per million residents they have one of the lowest infection rates in the world, especially for a G7 nation

Parliament to pass $130m wage rescue package today | Sky News AustraliaParliament is set to pass the government's $130 billion wage rescue plan to support six million Australians. \n\nA skeleton crew of MPs was flown to Canberra in Royal Australian Air Force aircraft in order to pass the rescue plan on Wednesday. \n\nAdditional safeguards for workers were put in place overnight following negotiations between the government and workers unions. \n\nMore than 700,000 businesses have so far signed up to the scheme, which will provide them $1500 a fortnight per employee they retain during the epidemic. \n\nWhile Labor said it would support the scheme, Opposition leader Anthony Albanese is pushing for a special Senate committee to scrutinise the unprecedented level of spending “to ensure oversight during this period”. \n Yeah Mate Scotmo keep printing money...I do not know you will do better to get out of the crisis Scotmo Australia or Maduro Venezuela