Bushfire global warming alarmists have ‘memory of a goldfish’ | Sky News Australia

Andrew Bolt noted that the biggest recorded fire in Australian history was in 1851 when five million hectares in Victoria were burned. #TheBoltReport


Andrew Bolt noted that the biggest recorded fire in Australian history was in 1851 when five million hectares in Victoria were burned. TheBoltReport

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says people claiming each new bushfire is proof of global warming is “what you’d expect from people with the historical memory of a goldfish”.\n\nMr Bolt noted that the biggest recorded fire in Australian history was in 1851 when five million hectares in Victoria were burned. \n\nHe also criticised recent expeditions to see melting ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctica which became stuck in ice in the process.\n\nImage: News Corp Australia

Sky News host Andrew Bolt says people claiming each new bushfire is proof of global warming is “what you’d expect from people with the historical memory of a goldfish”. Mr Bolt noted that the biggest recorded fire in Australian history was in 1851 when five million hectares in Victoria were burned. He also criticised recent expeditions to see melting ice caps in the Arctic and Antarctica which became stuck in ice in the process. Image: News Corp Australia

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And they happened in February, not September Andrew Bolt is the dolt History has been a big thorn in the side of the hysterical warming ideologues it's no wonder they try to ignore obscure even erradicate this history that makes fools of them and strongly demonstrates natural cycles over long periods this does not fit the extreme Left narrative.

Perhaps Andrew they should have called in the aerial bombers to extinguish the fire? Or maybe they lacked today's facilities to control fire. This is a stupid comparison! LyleShelton The 1851 fire bombing aircraft had way less capacity and range (as in zero/zero) as did the fire trucks. The forested area was 10 times as large. And the population 1/10th. They did have broom handles with wet canvas to beat the flames out though.

We’ve lost 40% of our forests since the Robertson Acts (1861) you numpties, and the rest is highly fragmented. Read a book. No volunteers back then. Got any scientists to support your denial? How about actuaries? Farmers? Any university departments? Any major businesses? Anyone at all except ‘opinion leaders’?😂😂😂 And no one says these fires are directly caused by climate change or that they are proof of climate change.

Ah the facts will set you free. Truth it appears is now in the eye of the beholder The history of bushfires, before human memory, is recorded in every tree trunk in Australia. It is a simple process to chart the bushfire history of every area over many hundreds of years. Bolt does not need to speculate. He could consult research. Inform himself.

They didn't have the capacity to stop it We do Fukwit..'

Australia successfully retains the Ashes on foreign soil | Sky News AustraliaAustralia has retained the Ashes on day five of the fourth Test at Old Trafford.\n\nNeeding eight wickets to secure the Urn away from home for the first time since 2001, the tourists were forced to work all day before they finally sealed a 185-run victory.\n\nJason Roy and Joe Denly began the day at the crease and thwarted the Aussie attack for a while, before the hero of Day Four struck again.\n\nPat Cummins dismissed the struggling Roy for 31, and then claimed the big scalp of Ben Stokes. \n\nWickets were falling steadily for the home side, who were 8\u002F178 shortly after tea.\n\nA gutsy effort from Craig Overton and Jack Leach threatened to cut short the Aussie celebrations, but eventually they broke through.\n\nSteve Smith was named player of the match for his 211 in the first dig.\n\nImage: AP What happened to 'man of the match' PC crap from Sky.

Presumably because there was more forest and grass cover and no fire brigade, etc? Morons Yep and it was 47.2°C in the city streets. 👇 Victorian Climate is not Qld climate/ ecology . I grew up in Victoria and have lived 25 years in Qld. If we are seeing fires like this in our subtropical forests, then it’s not a good omen for NSW and Victoria

OMGTheMess lol. I heard they had trouble with the water bombers. There were far fewer people living in Austrslia back then. That's the big difference. ANTICOM_Aus 😂😂😂 the climaphobia is hilarious.. of it wasn’t so toxic! 🥴🤦‍♂️ This is a fire prone nation. Indeed many plant & animal species have adapted over time. Eucalypts regenerate. Pines do not. It’s the scale & ferocity of recent fire events that threaten this balance. Nature knows best. Listen to it. It’s warning us.

Ah yes my memory of 1851 is as fresh as a daisy, Mark Twain sailing down the mighty Miss, Ned Kelly mid suit wrought, Charles Darwin wanders the Galapagos and Henry Parkes but a young upstart Liberal in Tenterfield. Doesn’t stop Andrew “Blot” from being a moron though qldfires Bolt overlooks the fact that without modern fire fighting equipment & equivalent knowledge & manpower this scale of tragedy can be prevented. It’s the frequency & HOW EARLY the fire season is starting that is the concern. Our local CFA chief sees a future of year round fire risk.

If Andrew Bolt had a brain.... We have these now.

Protestors call for Trump to ‘liberate’ Hong Kong | Sky News AustraliaThousands of protestors have gathered in Hong Kong for a 14th weekend of demonstrations where crowds chanted the US national anthem and called on President Donald Trump to “liberate” the Chinese-ruled city.\n\nHordes of people marched past the US Consulate pleading for American lawmakers to get involved as they prepare to discuss a bill demonstrators hope will lead to possible sanctions against China and Hong Kong. \n\nBy the end of the day, the peaceful protests descended into violence.\n\nChief Executive Carrie Lam announced on Wednesday that the controversial China extradition bill — which has been the main catalyst of the protests — would be withdrawn.\n\nImage: AP NigeriaNewsdesk this is what we call a popular mass protest. Not the tiny group of hooligans in South Africa. Sorry HK, here in the West we won’t do anything about Chinese aggression. They will come and massacre all of you and we will do nothing. Just like we did after the Tiananmen Square massacre. Money speaks louder than human rights. Sorry 😐. HKPoliceState When the power, cell phone network, internet, satellite access jammed and all media is turned off, that’s when it will begin!

Amazing, bushfires in 1851 - who knew. Was the biggest recorded bushfire at the end of Winter like the bushfires we are currently experiencing? OMGTheMess This is why Bolt and any conservative fails at science In 1851 Victoria was not as populated, and firefighting apparatus was limited to horse and cart.

Bolt has got to be the biggest dickhead at sky no it’s Fido so much has changed since then 1851 ffs Hang on...and it wasn't the fault of coal power fire stations or Trump? climatechange ClimateEmergency ClimateHoax I remember when I was 7, I had a Paddle Pop (chocolate) that melted really fast one day in Summer. I had a Paddle Pop (rainbow) last Summer and it hardly melted at all. I agree with Andrew...these 'alarmists' are ignoring facts.

Councils are in developers’ pockets who build estates among the gum trees. Greens woke wankers have short and selective memories. Embers landed on our houses in Newtown. LyleShelton So you don't believe in proof. So fire seasons getting longer more hurricanes and tornadoes in America flooding in Victoria and severe weather variations. Are you people stupid global weather change is occurring.

So just because we’ve had something worse, the devastation caused by this bushfire is unimportant?

Liberal Party ‘found lacking’ in female representation | Sky News AustraliaBroadcaster Jane Marwick says the Liberal Party has been found “lacking” and has “been too slow to come to the party” on the issue of female representation in parliament.\n\nDuring a meeting with the New South Wales Liberal State Council, Prime Minister Scott Morrison said he wants to see more women running for parliament at the next federal election.\n\nOf the Liberals in parliament, almost a quarter of MPs and senators are women.\n\nSpeaking to Sky News, Ms Marwick said while she does not support gender quotas, the Liberals need to encourage more women to join the party so the preselection process can be looked at. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia ScottMorrisonMP He has realised he and his goon squad can more easily bully and intimidate female..and the LNP will sweep it under the carpet for him later ScottMorrisonMP ScottMorrisonMP fake news

You guys are the worst. It’s got to the point where I need to block you so I’m not infuriated by your BS headlines and crap humans every damn day. Science doesn't care about your ideology Bolt. LyleShelton What, before fire trucks and hordes of firefighters? What a shit statement Lyle. Totally illogical comparison

Idiotically fails to consider the myriad of differing variables. Less clearing, fewer fire fighting resources, poorer observations, less prep, less timely response. Bolt has brain only slightly bigger than a goldfish! Andrew Bolt continuing to miss the point That is not a scientific argument. It is acnectdotal distraction.

LyleShelton 1951 Queensland - major drought - 5 million acres burned out. - back when CO2 was very low & it was record cold according to the crooks at CSIRO who admitted to doctoring the temperature data. Bushfires Drought auspol Yep. London burned once too. However throwing a bucket of water is different from a chopper and a water bomb. Jeez he is such a twat

‘Cringeworthy’ to mention bushfires are all to do with climate change | Sky News AustraliaThe Institute of Public Affairs’ Evan Mulholland says one of the more “cringeworthy things” raised amidst the “devastation of bush fires” is a green politician “claiming it is all to do with climate change”.\n\n“It’s really harrowing at a time where families are going through the worst,” he said.\n\nSpeaking to Sky News, Mr Mulholland said “we economically hamstring ourselves”, despite Australia contributing just 1.3 per cent of global carbon emissions, so “it won’t make a difference in the scheme of things”. \n\nImage: News Corp Australia evmulholland Cringeworthy to assert that increased frequency of bushfires has NOTHING to do with global warming. evmulholland And evmulholland Must be pretty awkward to be in the climate denial business right now🏭📈🔥

The race to link bushfires to climate change by the loony left always ignores the cause of the fires. We are seeing more & more bushfires caused by carelessness with power tools, machinery, poorly managed hazard burns & of course, arson. Incidents that didn't happen in the past. Back when less clearing, fewer fire fighters and zero water bombing aircraft.

LyleShelton Hi Lyle, there always has been bush fires, and the fire fighting abilities would mean they would get out of control faster in 1851. The argument is that global warming makes the frequency and risk of occurance higher Andrew Bolt continues to appease his Murdoch mafia denying masters by trying to downplay the impact of the Queensland fires when the seasonal timing, frequency and intensity of events are what needs to be discussed. ClimateChange

After more than a quarter of a century of firefighting i have seen the fire seasons extend by 4 months and volatility increase exponentially. Man made ClimateChange is real and this is only the start. Stop denying facts and force the most dirty per capita country to act! From memory the predictions were for more frequent and intense fires, not the complete absence of fires up until global warming... but who needs an expert in the face of outraged bullying (opps balanced opinion...) ?

matthiggins07 there were bush fires back in 1851? LyleShelton Would love to see the other things Andrew Bolt said today if that was the comment the social media manager landed on for tweeting. Way to make your commentator look like a complete numbnut. Yes, because it has been bigger in the past, it must invalidate the present situation. My god it is a wonder you even got into university, but no surprise why you didn’t stick it out. You are as deep as a sheet of A4 paper, and just as blank.

Did Bolt stay up late to research that? How about looking forward 50 years instead of looking back 170 yrs....dimwit

Welfare changes ‘a clever ploy’ to distract from economy | Sky News AustraliaSky News contributor Stephen Conroy says proposed changes to enforce drug tests on welfare recipients is another “clever ploy” by Prime Minister Scott Morrison to distract from the economy.\n\n“In a week where the economy has tanked into almost negative growth he’s pulled the hoary old chestnut out, finding a new way to beat up on welfare recipients, as a complete distraction,” Mr Conroy said. \n\nImage: Getty\n your a joke conroy labor with conroy tried to destroy the media tried to destroy free speech now gutless conroy pretends to be the media which labor conroy tried to destroy conroy Gillard labor the enemy of free speech and freedom How good are liberal recessions 😂 Why not build up the public service and go after the big companies & high wealth individuals not paying their fair share of tax? Or raise revenue by not giving cash tax refunds to people who didn't pay tax?

Yes because it burnt uncontrolled and uncontained. What a ridiculous comment from Bolt. I shouldn't expect anything less I suppose. auspol I’m sure Victorian fire fighting capabilities and forest cover density were exactly the same back then. Do you think we’re all idiots ? Why would Andrew Bolt say the 1851 fires (which killed 12 people) were the worst in history, when 2009's Black Saturday fires killed 173? Surely property isn't more important than people?

1851, I'm guessing vegetation was thicker due to less land clearing having been done. There were no fire tracks. Hell, there were no fire trucks. No water bombers. No containment lines. Bolt is completely unable to answer the 'why might that be' question. How many lived or farmed there? Not the hot air that’s been spewing out of hos ass for the last decade 🤔!

And the firefighting equipment used in 1851 was state of the fucking art shit. Must have been climate change! Meanwhile, experienced firefighters with decades of experience are saying that the fire season is getting longer and fires are burning where they never used to. You guys keep parroting Bolt though......

bush fires are not proof at all idiots !

Parliamentary ‘tests’ expose Coalition as ‘agenda-less’ | Sky News AustraliaLabor Leader Anthony Albanese says the Coalition should focus on the economy rather than political games after Prime Minister Scott Morrison boasted he likes to “set them tests when we come back to parliament”.\n\n“I’m just trying to help. I know they’re struggling to work out who they are and what they’re about, so I just thought I should ask them a few questions every time we come to parliament,” Mr Morrison continued. \n\nThe Coalition is pushing the Opposition to support the expansion of the cashless welfare card trial and mandatory sentencing for child sex offenders, while Jacqui Lambie’s suggestion to drug test politicians is gaining momentum as the Morrison Government courts the independent senator’s support to drug test welfare recipients. \n\n“He should be governing; instead, he’s still acting like an Opposition in exile on the government benches,” Mr Albanese said.\n\n“I just find it amazing that so soon after an election the government exposes itself for the fact they don’t have an agenda.”\n\nAttorney-General Christian Porter said “every piece of legislation that we’re introducing is being introduced for very good reason”.\n\nImage: Getty AlboMP albanese fake medivac bill is labors agenda to flood the country with labors votes on boats albanese is throwing the poorest Australians who have nothing out on the street homeless for labors fake medivac bill AlboMP albanese fake medivac bill is labors agenda albanese is throwing the poorest Australians who have nothing out on the street homeless for his labor fake medivac bill so albanese can bring in votes on illegal boats AlboMP Is this Albo's attempt at humour? Of course Albo would know all about Opposition, that's where he has spent the majority of his Parliamentary career.

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