Bridget McKenzie's comments rejected after saying she'd rather be on welfare in Australia than anywhere else

Emergency Management Minister Bridget McKenzie has declared she would rather be on welfare in Australia than anywhere else in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

29/07/2021 10:33:00 AM

The minister responsible for emergency payments, Bridget McKenzie, has been called out over a suggestion that she would rather be on welfare in Australia than anywhere else in the world.

Emergency Management Minister Bridget McKenzie has declared she would rather be on welfare in Australia than anywhere else in the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Share on TwitterThe minister responsible for emergency payments, Bridget McKenzie, has been called out over a suggestion she would rather be on welfare in Australia than anywhere else in the world.It comes after the federal government ramped up support for individuals affected by Greater Sydney's extended lockdown, including extending support to some welfare recipients.

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People who usually work 20 hours or more will get $750 per week and those who work less will get $450.Welfare recipients who have lost eight hours of work a week or more will get a $200 top-up on their regular payments. READ MOREMore financial support is on the way for people affected by NSW's COVID-19 lockdown

But there are 350,000 people on welfare supports in Greater Sydney lockdown areas who won't get any extra help.They can't look for work because they're in lockdown and will not be offered coronavirus supplements that were given out last year.

Senator McKenzie defended the exclusion of unemployed welfare recipients from disaster payments.She said the scheme was designed to supplement the incomes of working people and argued everyone left out could access to a"strong and supportive" welfare system instead.

"When you look globally at the economic impacts on individuals we can be very, very glad we actually live in a country like Australia where we have such a strong social network of welfare payments," she told ABC radio."I would rather be on welfare here in Australia than anywhere else in the world going through this global pandemic." 

READ MORENSW reports record 239 COVID-19 cases and two new deaths as authorities further tighten restrictionsIn response to the minister's claim, an economist for think tank the Australian Institute said Australia had the one of least generous unemployment payments in the developed world.  

"Australia has a terrible unemployment benefit when it is compared to unemployment benefits in other countries - we rank last in the developed world out of about 37 different countries," Matt Grudnoff told SBS News. "In almost any developed country in the world, you would be better off being on unemployment benefits than Australia."

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Mr Grudnoff said he was concerned that there had been a lack of additional support provided for people on welfare during the lockdown in Sydney."The way that our unemployment benefits are structured at the moment - there are people in Sydney who are in poverty," he said.

"They can’t get out of it - they can’t go and work - they can’t go and look for work and that’s just wrong." Read more: SBS News »

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Her current job is a wellfare job. Slush funds for friends is the best welfare job in Australia. The rorter BridgetMcKenzie (the rorter) (SportsRorts) proving what a fool she is. auspol CoronavirusAustralia COVID19NSW Welfare AustralianCouncilOfSocialServices ACOSS JobSeeker AustraliaInstitute MattGrudnoff MorrisonGovernment BridgetMcKenzie RachelSiewert

Do the members of the LNP ever stop and think about what they say? Or are they just so ignorant of the struggle many people have just to survive? They obviously live in a little bubble on high incomes, never having to worry about mortgages, rent, putting food on the table… AlphWilliams Once a thief always a thief

PetraAu lets make it happen She maybe next year, I wonder what her electorate thinking of her ? SeanBradbery Make it so. 😉 How much is this clique member getting a year to rort ? They'd say anything this mob This is just another example of BMc's inability to be a sensible Minister.She really has no idea of what it is like at present for unemployed people to live on $280 a week. Rents cost more than that - or maybe she would't mind sharing a ROOM with 3 other people?

It's true. Complain about welfare in Australia and you'll complain about anything. Ours is among the best.

Number of unused AstraZeneca vaccines in Australia tops 3 millionThe World Health Organisation says Australia should give unwanted vaccines to countries that could use them. latikambourke Emperor1G latikambourke Or people could just take them, and stop listening to the disgraceful scare campaigners - whose actions have been a large part of getting us in the sh1t latikambourke Everyone who has spread disinformation or publicly uttered the words 'I'm waiting for Pfizer' should hang your heads in shame.

yakillinme1 Mackenzie;another rorting liar in this fascist fed gment. 'Australia has a terrible unemployment benefit when ... compared to unemployment benefits in other countries-we rank last in the developed world out of about 37 different countries,' Economist, Matt Grudnoff told SBS News. Vikkik88 She is levels below contempt

Perhaps she should give it a go then. These sort of people revel in going for coffee aware the hospitality person serving them is casual employee therefore under employed and low income ? How can you trust anyone who is involved in pork barreling Sport rort, parliamentary travel entitlements for personal benefit, dual citizenship, opposed to same-sex marriage despite her brother being gay.

Who is this woman? How is it we elect such blunderers? She IS on welfare!! LNPCrimeFamily Grifter… The minister responsible for sportsrorts who was not reprimanded for her corruption but was given a higher paying job for her dishonesty shouldn’t be in government. lnprortsinc LNPCorruptionParty its true welfare recipients in Aus are doing much better than others money what else anyone wants!! but its not fair system.. all Aussies should get the payments as all people are equals in a democratic country !!

Number of unused AstraZeneca vaccines in Australia tops 3 millionThe number of unused AstraZeneca vaccine doses has increased to three million, despite repeated claims that Australia’s vaccine rollout is being hampered by a lack of supply. | latikambourke latikambourke Thank the media. Well done guys latikambourke You the media have demonised AZ and scared people off take some responsibility latikambourke How about using the surplus for some good old vaccine diplomacy with our neighbors? I think they would prefer it to the SinoVac

WittaTwitta we can but wish Let’s make sure she experiences it for herself then by making sure she does not have a job in Federal Government after the next election. OutOfTouch Corrupt LNP Sooo... Do I need to move to a LNP or marginally held seat to get this payment or is it available to everyone?

Easy to say for a wealthy politician Realty LNPShitShow so out of touch with real world, cause their world is oligarchs, qanon, conspiracy theorists, antivaxxers, prosperity pentacostals etc a group of minority, screwing Australia over If they are so good maybe it's time to link politicians wages directly to the welfare rate. Let's start with a 1:1 ratio and see if we get any measurable drop in talent or increase in corruption.

MsRonnyB Hopefully she’ll get a chance to try it out soon (her senate spot is up at the next election). MsRonnyB Because you’d be shot? Instead off experiencing robodebt, she's used a colour coded spreadsheet to assist her rorting the taxpayer Can and should be arranged for Bridget M — ASAP

Live exports suspended over welfare concerns in JordanAn Australian exporter says live export sales to Jordan have been stopped due to 'unacceptable conduct' in a breach of animal welfare rules. They shouldn't be occurring in the first place. BECAUSE abcnews Live export should be non-compliant with animal welfare rules for live exports.

Silly woman. We need better quality ministers than this. They let her near the petty cash tin? With her history? auspols It’s what happens when the LNPCorruptionParty have been allowed to have their heads in the public trough. They lose all sense of reality McKenzieMcSportsRorts Well, easy to say when your “welfare” is rorting millions of tax payer dollars. LNPCrimeFamily SportsRorts

In fairness to Bridget 'rorter' McKenzie, she meant she'd rather be in an LNPCorruptionParty marginal and where you can live like a king on pork. Sportsrorts Wish she was... Ol’ bridggydidge is at it again is she - mixing up privilege for (her own) welfare. Maybe welfare recipients could band together and start a sprorting club inside an LNP electorate and get some decent money that way 🤷

The whole lot of them should spend a month in public housing or on a waiting list on the dole for a month. Rotating amongst them all and call it empathy training. An over priveledged sacked and reinstated rorter like senbmckenzie would say that, as she works on the next policy to oppress the masses, accepts donor money from the wealthy billionaires, and buys her next property.

‘We can’t have vaccines and vaccination dividing the country’: Chris KennyWell, some of your hosts on Sky News are inflaming the situation and creating this polarization by validating the anti-vax/anti-lockdown rhetoric, to the detriment of peoples’ health. But that's the whole idea. Worried about it taking his job?

She’s a liberal, she and welfare have never met😎 Then put her on Jobseeker for a year, right now as penance for her blatant rorting and abuses of power. mackaysuzie Lowest unemployment $$s vis-à-vis last wage earned ration in OECD. They're in full election campaign mode; lying and shitting themselves at the same time.

LyndaFrench19 Counting down the days till the ALP put a strong independent ICAC. Every politician found guilty should have all the parliamentary perks removed! Sunsplashsun Well shes living of the taxpayer and doing some quality sports rorting. Her daily meal allowance is more than some people have to live on

She already is... Accumulating a lifetime pension for doing sweet f*ck all Her credibility is zero. Easy to say Bridget isn't it👎👎 MaBovill Simple - make her live on Jobseeker alone until next election ScottMorrisonMP JoshFrydenberg

Scott Morrison expecting everyone who wants a COVID-19 jab to be fully vaccinated by ChristmasBut the Prime Minister says no one can guarantee Australia would be fully open by the end of 2021 because of the unpredictability of the Delta strain. Just in time for the first one to wear off Why would you believe anything he says. His lies are never ending, now saying his “not a race” comments were in regard to TGA approving the vaccines. Approval was given in Jan & Feb he made these comments in March. The Covid safe app is a metaphor for this government. Big announcement, promises the world and delivers nothing.

I take it she has had the same empathy coaching as Morrison, privilege is wonderful thing eh Bridgy. You are on welfare. You've been sucking at the public teat for 10 years and achieved absolutely nothing. You epitomise that if a dole bludger. I for one have no problem if she goes onto welfare in Australia.

🤦‍♂️ I mean, is she IGNORANT or LYING? How good is sports rorts Can’t believe she’s not on JobKeeper yet. That’s disgraceful. Taking the piss out of common folk struggling through lost employment, closed businesses. Well, it’s true 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’d rather be on welfare in AU than anywhere else in the world “Australia has a terrible unemployment benefit when it is compared to unemployment benefits in other countries - we rank last in the developed world out of about 37 different countries …”

This person should be removed by any means necessary.

Experts say anti-lockdown protests reveal a ‘much deeper-seated problem’ in Australia right nowExperts say a growing frustration with the government’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic was a key factor that led thousands of people to partake in illegal anti-lockdown protests around Australia. Yep. What about the BLM protests during lockdowns? Most are not antivaxers, most have had all their vaccs, except do not want a COVID vacc due to the long-term effects and efficacy of the Vaccine are not currently known and that there may be adverse effects of the Vaccine that are not currently known.' They know exactly why majority of Australia will not be taking this experimental mRNA poison. We know the agenda. We are waking others up to who are confused by the shaky narrative. We have the answers to the questions. We know the truth. We won’t back down

Well the corporate welfare is second to mine So she saying that she gets over 2500$ a month if she was on welfare? Find that hard to believe. Because that’s how much it is in Denmark. Perhaps she’d like to try it for a month. She should do it. Swap her parliamentary salary for the dole Is she wrong? After sports rorts she should be in a prison cell.

Another ScottMorrisonMP dud and embarrassment of a Minister. Maybe the NBN hasn't been hooked up properly in the Burble yet, but these loafing troglodytes are aware of the googlenets or perhaps ask geeves is more likely? Research mother fckers.....its not hard. Perhaps too much credit is being dished here - zero fcks given more likely

Me too, tbh She gets paid by the taxpayer to do nothing. How is that not welfare?