Brawls and arrests as climate activists Extinction Rebellion disrupt London trains

London police say they've made arrests as climate change protesters disrupt morning train services in the city's east, complete with wild brawls on platforms.


Climate change activists from the controversial Extinction Rebellion group have disrupted rail services in the east of London, sparking a physical confrontation between angry morning commuters and a protester

London police say they've made arrests as climate change protesters disrupt morning train services in the city's east, complete with wild brawls on platforms.

"Arrests have already been made and officers are working to quickly resume services," police said in a statement.

Activists with the Extinction Rebellion movement demonstrate in London earlier this week.

The move comes after police on Monday evening outlawed activists from assembling in a designated site in Trafalgar Square after a week of disruption.

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Let's disrupt a environmentally productive mode of transport so people can go back to their carbon emitting cars. Real counterproductive there. But they are not climate activists!!!!!

'The international rebellion continues': Extinction Rebellion vows to fight on despite banActivists from the environmental pressure group Extinction Rebellion defiantly vowed to continue their planned two-week campaign of demonstrations in central London - despite a police ban what is that flag make of rofl, you can't 'ban' a protest... (or to be clear, you CAN ban it, but no one's going to listen.) We have to declare a looney protester emergency!

Pro-democracy lawmakers disrupt Carrie Lam's annual policy address | Sky News AustraliaPro-democracy lawmakers in Hong Kong have disrupted Chief Executive Carrie Lam’s annual policy address. \n\nProtests followed Lam into the chamber where members shouted and jeered as she tried to give her speech. \n\nShe instead delivered her address in a pre-recorded video.\n\nImage: AP HongKongProtests

'It's been a year dominated by lunacy and stupidity by activists' | Sky News AustraliaSky News contributor Chris Smith has scoffed at modern activism, telling host Peta Credlin that 2019 has been “a year dominated by lunacy and stupidity”.\n\nMr Smith’s comments come after the Greens tried and failed to get a hot air balloon over Parliament House on Tuesday emblazoned with the slogan ‘it’s a climate emergency’.\n\n“They don't do their homework,” Mr Smith said.\n\nMr Smith then rounded on animal liberators who trespass on private land to rescue animals at abattoirs, before finally taking aim at Extinction Rebellion. \n\n“The animal ‘libbers’ - they go and stay on private land which you’re not supposed to do, so they’ve forced legislation that makes it illegal,” he said. \n\n“Then you’ve got the Extinction mob who created these craft classes by sticking themselves to the ground… it’s just total stupidity.”\n\nImage: News Corp Australia\n How do the collective GENII explain the warming of the other planets in our Solar system, that do not contain humans? Smiths sole qualification being, failing year 8 science. And the lunacy and stupidity from the RW that infest sky and of course Morrison

More than 370,000 sign e-petition for climate emergency declarationA parliamentary e-petition calling on the government to make a climate emergency declaration has attracted a record number of signatories - three times more than the previous record-holder, which called for the removal of GST on menstrual products. Let's see. 370,000 out of a population of 25,000,000. We'll assume that those that voted are politically motivated. Renders the figure insignificant. Bots at work I see. All of these petitions are crap because anyone can sign from any country & if you have multiple email accounts you can sign a number of times.

More than 370,000 sign e-petition for climate emergency declarationThe biggest e-petition in Parliament's history has been submitted, calling for legislation to reduce the causes of anthropogenic climate change. e-petitions submitted by people with multilabel email accounts=fraud, my question how naïve is the age or is it complicit in spreading manipulated information? I do find it rather amusing there’s a hot air ballon in the background .... surely there’s enough hot air outside parliament that you wouldn’t need the gas flame to use said balloon....

More than 370,000 sign e-petition for climate emergency declarationA record-breaking e-petition has been submitted to the Australian Parliament, calling for the government to declare a climate emergency, two days after a crossbench motion to do so was blocked. | jennynoise jennynoise nows the time for independent verification of the claims jennynoise I didn’t realise Australia had so many crazies 😳 jennynoise Out of 23 million

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