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'Brain hasn't fully developed': Serial climate change protester sentenced to probation

'Brain hasn't fully developed': Serial climate change protester sentenced to probation


'Brain hasn't fully developed': Serial climate change protester sentenced to probation

A serial climate change protester who spent several hours locked to a car in Brisbane's CBD as part of week-long demonstrations is sentenced to six months' probation.

The police prosecution argued Mr Herbert should be sentenced to one month in jail as no other punishment he had been given had worked as a deterrent.

Magistrate Daley suggested a"rehabilitative approach" and sentenced him to six months' probation for two of the charges.

Outside court Mr Herbert said he had been"trained" in handling the legal repercussions of his protesting.

"I am way more terrified of not doing anything, than of receiving the punishment I am getting."

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Understatement That is a very negative headline and report on this, ABC. What happened to impartial reporting? The age finds that 84% of people support the protests, the people commenting here must be the 16% that think the poor of the world should suffer so the rich can profit. Fuck them for choosing poverty, am i right. can i get an Amen?

Given that he is standing up for civil/human rights perhaps the should put his arrest count in context by comparing him to other civil rights campaigners. Do journalists at the ABC study history? When you confront an oppressive system, it will try to oppress you. So arrested 11 times breaks bail conditions 3 times and now given probation he must live in terror as to what his next appearance in court will bring 2 days in the naughty chair

Brain hasn't fully developed, perfect candidate for an reporter, you'd better make a job offer before the BBCNews snaps him up So we have lost our Democracy? It's the only explanation. Wow Father's who rape their daughters get unsupervised access to their offspring via the AustralianFamilyCourt. Men who kill their wives don't garner this much animosity.

So, the Magistrate has scientific evidence re brain development or is it purely circumstantial evidence? 🤣Well, to be fair, it IS true that the sub-frontal cortex switches off at about the age of 14 and doesn't become fully functioning again till men are about 22. Lots of stupid shit gets done in those years. Sitting in a car is probably stupid but, not the worst he can do, tho.

He has a brain? This MAN is fully aware of what he is doing and is a repeat offender. How many times do you have to slap him on the wrist?

Worker in ugly clash with city protestersA mother in labour has been caught up in traffic mayhem from climate change protests on her way to hospital to give birth. lock them up and taser the wankers Spare a thought for people on low lying islands losing their homes, and the poor farmers losing their livelihoods while you desperately try to find the one person who was inconvenienced during the protests. That woman should be happy people care about her babies future Hmm maybe some water cannons 🤪😉

That pretty much sums up all of them in 4 words beautifully So he has to behave for 6 months or he goes straight to prison, perhaps, it depends on the exact terms of the probation what 'behave' is. So why are underdeveloped idiots like him allowed to vote and drive cars? At 20, a man is responsible as an adult under the law. That Judge should have been a social worker.

Lets focus on climate and not the protesters. Yes i saw quite a few XR losers in Perth today whose brains definitely hadnt developed 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 🤣 So if some fronted court 8 times since June and it wasn't 'climate change' protest related, do you think they'd also be receiving a slap on the wrist and a $350 fine ? Is this punk the new lefty pariah in Australia ?

He needs a good flogging Sometimes the stories just make me laugh! Still chuckling! A gross misuse and misunderstanding of neuroscience for the judge to base their decision on.

Labor feels the heat in climate change grudge matchPerspective: The party without power seemed to act as if its decision was the most important | CroweDM CroweDM QLD election influence is moving south and this has Joel in a flap.

he borrowed DanTehanWannon's excuse Anarchistic Doomsday Cult wants you to repent for your carbon dioxide sins. That’s typically the case

There are three types of climate change denier, and most of us are at least oneClimate change has been reframed as natural, and climate action as unwarranted — but denial can take many forms. The ABC is the one that mislabels HumanCausedGlobalWarming 'climate change' which feeds the obfuscation behind the more extreme types of AGW denierrhea. PseudonymTsunami Absolutely no one denies the climate changes, but only a fringe of nutters think the world is going to end Bullshit

'Australia is in freefall': Climate protesters cause mass commuter outrage Extinction Rebellion protesters continued disrupting major intersections, buildings and transport routes across Australia in day three of a week of climate rallies. Good job on him

'I wear that badge with pride': Boris Johnson's dad joins ranks of climate protesting 'crusties'The father of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has joined climate protesters in London, after his son urged the demonstrators to pack up their hemp-smelling tents and leave. 🤣 ladyhaja Idiot!!!!!!! Not news. Stop wasting my money.

Fury at Extinction Rebellion over plans to shut down London airportClimate action group Extinction Rebellion has been panned online after announcing a plot to “occupy and shut down” a London airport to demand government action on the climate crisis. Murdoch's still attacking Climate change protesters using “Koch-style” tactics

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