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Hayfa Adi, Yazidi

Bought and sold 20 times, but no-one's slave: Hayfa Adi's story

Bought and sold 20 times, but no-one's slave: Hayfa Adi's story


Bought and sold 20 times, but no-one's slave: Hayfa Adi 's story

Hayfa Adi was abducted by Islamic State militants in northern Iraq, held for more than two years and repeatedly raped, beaten and traded like livestock. Now living in Australia, she is trying to find out what happened to her husband.

"A lot of people took me, tortured me, hit me," she says.

"We had to show our hands. White was considered nice. And they'd look to see if our hair was beautiful and long."

"They tied my hands and legs, blindfolded me and gagged my mouth. They hit me and kept me locked in a room.

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Wondering if she was enslaved by any of the Australian terrorists and their befuddled wives who now want to return to Australia. Hundreds of thousands were murdered, enslaved and brutalized by these primitive, ignorant religious zealots, anyone who wants them here is crazy.

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