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Bioela family likely to be allowed to live free in Australia, decision expected imminently

Bioela family likely to be allowed to live free in Australia, decision expected imminently

14/06/2021 10:39:00 AM

Bioela family likely to be allowed to live free in Australia, decision expected imminently

The federal government is understood to be on the verge of announcing a solution that would allow a Tamil asylum seeker family that has been detained for several years on Christmas Island, to live freely in Australia.

Print text onlyPrintCancelThe federal government is understood to be on the verge of announcing a solution that would allow a Tamil asylum seeker family detained for several years on Christmas Island to live freely in Australia.Key points:Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is considering intervening in the case

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The ABC understands senior ranks in the government want a positive outcome for the familyThe youngest daughter is currently still in hospital in Perth with her motherImmigration Minister Alex Hawke has been considering intervening in the long-running legal battle by issuing the Murugappan family with visas, or by allowing them to apply for a range of visas.

It is unclear precisely what Mr Hawke will decide, but the ABC understands there is a strong will in the most senior ranks of the government for a positive outcome.Mr Hawke and senior ministers including Josh Frydenberg have been inundated with calls from colleagues, concerned about the family's fate, since four-year-old

.Her mother, Priya, went with her, leaving her older sister and father in detention.Mr Hawke is also expected to decide whether the rest of the family will be allowed to travel to Perth to be reunited with Tharnicaa and Priya, following a request from Western Australia's Health Department.

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Come on mr Hawke, make a one off decision to allow this loving family to stay and live in Biloela. The man of the family worked at abattoirs and kept his family on wages. Not asking a cent from government and children born here. Have some sense! Pls Biloela. Ffs. Your journalists? Learn to spell. The entire process has been dragged out by the Department and convoluted the paperwork in a Too Hard Tray, the cost borne to date is astonishing. The sensible thing is to let them live in Biloela free. It's a Beaurocrosy stuff up by Civil Servants and the Minister.

Long overdue. I’m saddened by the treatment this family has received. Shameful These illegals have cost the taxpayers of Australia millions in lawyers fees so get in line wait ur turn come in legally. Not so, they have been given permission to reside in Perth that is as far as the offer goes. The underlying issue of the extreme delays in the Australian court processes which have allowed these matters (among many others) to drag on for years is not being adequately acknowledged or addressed in this emotional furore. We should all be furious about 'justice delayed etc'.

AWSOME SAUSE!!!! Community detention is NOT freedom Finally,, not sure if this liberal government has any but we call it empathy. The LNP are drowning us in a sea of leaks & announcements but there’s still no certainly for the Biloela family

Barnaby Joyce joins calls for Biloela Tamil family to stay in Australia as decision on their future imminentNationals MP Barnaby Joyce has joined a number of his Coalition colleagues to call for a Tamil asylum seeker family currently detained on Christmas Island to be allowed to stay in Australia. The Morrison Government need to find compassion KNOW YOUR ALLIES KNOW YOURSELF KNOW YOUR ENEMIES KNOW EVIL, THE DARK SIDE School of the Americas – AKA “School Of Assassins.” CAUSE & EFFECT, REAPING WHAT YOU SOW Popularity contest rather than looking at the actual legitimate reason for their being deported. Sad for all involve that they have now become political footballs and even sadder for the innocent children they now have brought into this despicable situation.

Thank you for being sincere and honest. I can't even imagine myself with a huge payout of $ 4500 in just a week of investment with: Lorenaortizfx Election problem solved Immigrants who paid get PR/Citizenship. Immigrants with no $ are illegals. You either deport them or grant them asylum seeker status send them to other countries or let them stay. Locking up kids for years with law abiding parents who make honest living pay taxes contributing ...

the gals’ dad is a Tamil terrorist killed many people in Sri Lanka , his background must be rechecked To work Kirribili would have involved FULL TS Vetting! Been there done that back in '75 PM&C. It was the question Penny Wong didn't ask that she should have! No way ASIO would have passed Burned Spy Wifey! Uberstinkenkipfler or Pissulo must have signed off!

The children are Australian born. Australia should be proactive In preventing the mistakes of The colonists Good to ur famile i hope one day me be in australi mjrowland68 believe it when it happens. I won't vote for this decrepit government no matter..should neve have been allowed to continue Wow so setting a precedence. Break your own laws regulations and policies. Nice one!

‘We are all compassionate’: Ministerial decision on Biloela family within daysActing Prime Minister Michael McCormack says a decision about the future of a Tamil asylum seeker family will be based on humanitarian considerations as well as health and legal advice. katinacurtis Another crowd of Myanmar nationalities in Ulsan, South Korea also took part in “Global Myanmar Spring Revolution Day” in support of CrphMyanmar & NUGMyanmar. Black4Rohingya June13Coup WhatsHappeningInMyanmar katinacurtis Just let them resettle and use $7M to help refugees katinacurtis Yeah sure, sure 🙄

Proof positive that Morrison government will do anything tomorrow to distract from tonight's 4Corners Whatever gets this beautiful family HometoBiloela... And btw, ScottyFromQanon, sending Tharnicaa & her family home won't distract us from you being UnfitForOffice auspol denniallen I wonder if Morrison got a glimpse of how the world was looking at us over this when he attended the G7..

denniallen Goodness I hope so …if ever a family paid there dues it’s this one.. We only had to pay £10-00.. Whatever it takes to end the Murugappan family's suffering. So what if *moral outcomes have politically selfish motives? As long as the right and the Good triumph. I hope so..... Here's f'ing hoping 😜

I image Kirribilli is on offer until they can get organised. All of the kids could play together. No babysitters needed Looks like anchor babies are back on the menu boys. Only took their Australian born daughter to become extremely ill. Enjoying all the progressives endorsing leveraging children against the courts if it suits your ideological agenda. I wonder where those people will be when the child trafficking ramps up again. Never-mind, they will be there, farming media attention off trafficked children too.

'This has gone on for too long': Split emerges within Coalition on future of Biloela familyOpinions are split within government ranks over whether a family currently detained on Christmas Island should be allowed to settle in their adopted home of Biloela . The courts have ruled against this family time and time again. Time to send them back to Sri Lanka. It really saddens me that LNP politicians have come to the party before our ABC. Internal polling must be a concern for some Liberal's. The abuse of children was not a problem for all of them last week. They all voted for the repeal of Medivac.

amandavanstone there ya go Amanda you very ordinary conveyance Call me cynical but it seems this announcement will be the perfect distraction from Morrison’s failed vaccine rollout, his failure to establish quarantine facilities and the unraveling of his ties to qanon conspiracy theorists. Where is this news coming from. Nothing solid from the government & Morrison doesn't want them to settle in Australia, so until it happens we can't believe this hype. What's more the Family & their lawyer have been told nothing. Which is not surprising. Arrogant pigs, this govt

And repercussions for locking up 2 Australian children in a concentration camp for 4 fucking years will be Empathy training Who spell checks for the ABC? BILOELA. Hopefully there will be an appeal to help them get back on their feet. I would be happy to donate DO NOT TRUST THEM... they may fly them off shore 😳

What fortuitous timing 4Corners ScottyQAnon mjrowland68 Better write up some legislation quickly, before you know it, every asylum seeker and illegal immigrant will be pumping out babies like rabbits, then playing the sympathy card to cheat the system. Here’s hoping 🤞🤞🤞❤️

Parents relieved as exemption allows some kids in India to return to Australia - but worry remainsFamilies who have been granted an exemption to have their children brought from India to Australia say they are relieved, but hope the process can be made smoother for others. They always not happy and complain about us. What is this thing about taking two-year-olds to India and leaving them there? What kind of parents leabe their children in another country or sent them to one.

About time!! Hope they don’t get required to live permanently in Bioela. Will be hard to visit them. Won't believe it til I see someone eating that crow. YES I knew that care was just a second away. Thank you, bring them home, NOW rubbish !! the abc and all the greenie do gooders can man the beaches to greet the oncoming amarda

Only 3 years late with that announcement! CrossBiddy What a pissant Govt we have. Scott Morrison just trying to buy votes now coming into election. He has had 2yrs to do this and did nothing Fabulous news, but it would seem government is trying to distract from tonight's 4Corners. I’ll believe it when I see it. Not before.

Walk a mile in their shoes, but don’t be a suckerLetting the Biloela family stay in Australia, simply because they are here already, is the politics of proximity winning out over principle | Opinion by amandavanstone amandavanstone Morrison is no Christian amandavanstone But they ar3 still here, in prison for years and going nowhere. Let them have a life. This is despicable. amandavanstone Yes the fairest decisions have been made so far, all the best to the family, everything will be ok 👍

Hope they're vompendated for false imprisonment. Shamefull!! AustralianStory Dont let the ScottMorrisonMP remove this “embarrassing issue” off the MSM front pages by way of a temporary 6 month visa for the BiloelaFamily; only to put them back on ChristmasIsland after the Federal election. LNP ministers are sweating 😓

🙏🏼 Send them home 🇱🇰 About time. The episode reveals the weakness in the government and judiciary. This is not a basis for contending with Chinese grey zone tactics. The security of Australians will not be supported by this alarming ineptitude. NO WAY. Never forget who locked them up for years and withheld medical aid from a child for a potentially lethal health issue. The Liberals.

Well given the parents pass immigration checks I don't see a problem with accelerated approval based on medical problems. But then I don't want to see a bunch of kids suddenly getting sick... This is going to set an awful precedent

‘We are all compassionate’: Ministerial decision on Biloela family within daysAn imminent decision about the future of a Tamil asylum seeker family will be based on humanitarian considerations as well as health and legal advice, Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack says | katinacurtis

Another 1000000 on the boat. Welcome to Australia. Until it happens don’t believe these liars What so Australian journos have information, but the PMO won't allow you to release it? theage smh . The kind of journalism that has destroyed Australia over the last 9 years. Or a gamble on hope? What's wrong Nine, would it be awkward at the Nine HQ fundraiser? 9NewsAUS

They could have left this family in Biloela- where they were working and helping the community! Instead of dragging them from their beds at 5am. Went home to Sri Lanka 3 times while waiting for ‘refugee’ status because he feared for his Sri Lanka. Economic refugee much? auspol Must have been serious pressure from....G7 or all of us who think the LNP stink? Hope it's true!

Attention . I know we all make errors but I draw your attention to Biloela spelling because hopefully it will be tomorrow's biggest story of the day. I freaking hope so. Has there been an announcement ? Can we trust that this is what the Govt will do? Mumbonator If Morrison thinks this will change Labor supporters' votes at the next election tell 'im 'e's dreamin'. DOING THE RIGHT THING MORALLY IS ITS OWN REWARD.

The trauma of the children is not by the Government, it's because the parents engaged in illegal activity My God are Aussies really that stupid? They have been proven not to be legitimate refugees not only by Australia but by New Zealand and USA Make an exemption for them and legal precedent set, welcome everybody, the flood gates are open.

Please, we can’t make these poor people live in Australia, let’s find them a nice country to live in which hasn’t treated them like trash. By the way their names are Nades, Priya, Kopica and Tharnicaa Murugappan. Try it. mjrowland68 Only because of the pressure that’s been put on them! So the answer to how long can you lock up a family in Australia is about to be answered. It will also answer whether we are a democracy or a tyranny.

sammostyn My gawd I hope so. said it earlier, the government are going to annouce something in an attempt to drown out the Scomo QAnon 4corners report Another back tracking by the libs front bench. They could lost the next election just on all the sounds bits they done and then back tracking. Like yeah pollies are meant to be masters of spin but this lib government has not mastered when to talk and know when to shut the f up

I wonder if Dutton is prepared to pragmatically accept political expediency now that his long term efforts to be cruel to this family are about to be overturned on the basis that the poles no longer support it.

Australia stil questions the quality of a PM and government who jail a family for 3yrs. ScottyTheMonster Its not the current govt its immigration law past years ago. The govt is just upholding the law. The sri Lanka family lied on their assylm application n were suppose to return to Sri lanka. If the govt band the law then what about the other 10 thousand that are on deportation

This shouldn't be news. And this abject failure of a Govt deserves no credit for it. They deserve to be punished for torturing a family and threatening the life of a four year old girl. Being a part of our country should have just been so. It was before the LNP 'intervened' Strange this is all happening when 4corners about to run the PMs QAnon story…….coincidence not! ScottMorrisonMP playing the Australian people.

And the racists & xenophobes are *furious*. Glad to see that humanity prevailed. But it is obscene that it got to this point. Welcome home! These children are Australian Fed Govt’s responsibility because of the lifelong consequences for the girls of Govt’s unnecessarily heavy handed, cruel over reaction by holding family in hardline detention

The LNP and Labor want to use this as a deterrent, it sure worked, I won't vote for either party..... Shame on ScottyFromDamageControl for taking so long. They only act when it hurts them electorally. I'll believe it when I see it. Although if it coincides with 4Corners I guess there's a nice distraction.

Queue jumping. Shameful.

Please let this be true Literally a terrorist. Let's hope they don't sue. Lesson: If you can harness the part-time consciences of bored women you can achieve anything 💕