Joe Biden, The Breakfast Club, Charlamagne Tha God

Joe Biden, The Breakfast Club

Biden sorry for telling African Americans they 'ain't black' if they consider voting for Trump

Biden sorry for telling African Americans they 'ain't black' if they consider voting for Trump

23/05/2020 4:23:00 AM

Biden sorry for telling African Americans they 'ain't black' if they consider voting for Trump

The likely Democratic nominee's remarks to The Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne Tha God draw a swift rebuke from the Trump campaign and Republican supporters, as well as some black Democrats on Twitter.

Charlamagne invited Mr Biden back to the show, saying he had more questions ahead of the election."You've got more questions?" Mr Biden replied."Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black."

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Mr Biden called his record on racial issues "second to none".Comment 'arrogant and demeaning'He and Charlamagne agreed he would come back on the show another time.Before the apology, the Trump campaign organised a conference call with reporters where US senator Tim Scott, who is black, said Mr Biden's comments were "arrogant and demeaning" and "negative race-baiting rhetoric".

Biden adviser Symone Sanders said in a tweet that the remarks were made in jest."He was making the distinction that he would put his record with the African-American community up against Trump's any day. Period," she said.Lawyer for Biden accuser quits

Meanwhile, the attorney working with Tara Reade, the former Biden staffer whoalleged he sexually assaulted her in the 1990s, said he was no longer representing her, just two weeks after he first began working with her.Douglas Wigdor said in a statement the decision to drop Ms Reade came on Wednesday, and that it was not a reflection on the veracity of her claims. But he offered no specifics on why he and his firm are dropping her.

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Keep putting your foot in it don’t you joe Old racist Sleepy Joe. 🤣🤣🤣 That’s it? You’re not going to run 50 racist headlines about Biden? Big surprise. Joe Biden is a liar when Viet Nam war he said stop aid to republic Viet Nam, no refugees from Vietnam. But he said wrongly about Africa _America again. Why? He is a racist to all Asian ethnic and African. His son involved corruption in Ukraine. He is ahzeime forget all.

He is a sorry soul! What about ALL people in jail can’t READ! Pathetic! ABC will now run a series of articles and programs on Biden and his racism. Oh wait..... he's a Democrat. Sorry, my mistake. The above ABC tweet will be the last you hear about it. Hypocrites. Twiddle Dee and Twiddle Dumb 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♀️

You would never get an apology from Trump Wonder if JohnBarronUSA will be giving him a serve? Joking. I understand why he said that, if African Americans have suffered from Trump’s “policies”. It was probably ill-considered. Clowns in the circus. Is this the first of JoeBiden's 'deplorables' moments? I understand that ABC 'journalists' do their best work on their knees ... but really !?

Joke Biden!!! 🤣🤣🤣 Your apology is not accepted! Step down from the presidential race're not fit to run for the country! Where is Sanders? Can't Biden pull out now? the only reason you’d vote Biden is because of the alternative... Sounds like 'I'll do better to hide it next time.' It seems Biden and the democratic party still did not understand why Hillary lose.

They AIN'T black, they are BLIND! They may be black but they sure ain't smart! JoeBiden 🤦 The biggest chance DonaldTrump has of winning the 2020 election is the Democrats’ amazing capacity to lose it. Looks like the Democratic Party cannot put anyone forward so, we are doomed to 4 more years without government.

Thank God for BLEXIT and the work of RealCandaceO Pathetic minimising of Biden’s racist comments. Not speaking works wonders. That's all he has to do. Shut up. He wins. Plantation grade racism. Just imagine the media hysteria if Trump said 'they ain't white if they consider voting for Biden'! Trump haters will forgive Biden

America is screwed Ohhh its ok. says it ok for hair sniffing joe to say racist things. Now go about your business. Nothing to see here. Sorry? What for? I’ll bet he fucking is! 😡 Still, the current state of politics in the US is Candidate Shitshow on the left, and President Ultra Mega Dangerously Incompetent Shitshow on the right.

Stupid, but at least apologetic. So better than stupid and arrogant. The US really is stuck between a rock and a hard place, huh I’ve heard the left critique conservative Indigenous Australians with “should know better”. Naturally TheirABC would downplay Biden's comments. Imagine the ABC’s reaction if realDonaldTrump had said that.

As part of the story why did the ABC feel the need to include an entirely separate issue in the article on Joe Biden's accuser, Tara Reade, lawyers dropping her as client? Someone needs to explain that editorial decision. Uh.... that’s ok then 👍🏻 Two old guys, exchanging vibes . Who's coming up Trumps while the other is Biden' his time

Why “ain’t” instead of “are not” Are trying to jive talk. joe the bigot. I know I’m being ridiculously petty but I learned it from the left and it’s nice to take out for a spin every now and then Stupidity beyond belief. If Trump wins it will be because of Democrats stupidity. The USA needs Biden not because he is an outstanding candidate but because he is the only democratic candidate and the country cannot afford 4 more years of Trump.

The FBI investigates trump for racial discrimination in the 70s after multiple complaints about trump property’s not allowing black people to own or rent apartments. Just saying...... Me, as a non-American: His sorry but he meant it. How are the DEMs going to hide him for the next six months. Cant wait for the debates between creepy Joe and Trump, if Joe will be around long enough. He's a walking talking gaffe machine.

Time for a generational and gender change in global politics. No country for old men. We are kind of accustomed to seeing Trump with two feet in his mouth but it irks when the Opposition does it politics ethics TRUMP OR BIDEN, I FEEL SORRY FOR THE USA! Yeah that's a definite screw up. Wtf Vote for the Nazi sympathizer all you want. And if your black or Chinese or Jewish, so be it.

It’s a reasonable point Biden was making. But given there’s no nuance in politics or life anymore, sure - apologise. America really is doomed... How does this get an easy pass? DefundtheABC And so his self destruction begins Well ... he’s said sorry. All is forgiven ... is Trump said something similar there would be Arricle after article from the MSM declaring him a racist

For sum time I've been unable 2see comments 2most of the pages I follow after some years of being able to.(Can any1 shed light on why that is?)That hasn't been a serious problem tho I'd really like to see the ones to this story. damn abcnews auspol uspol nytimes australian Oh, well that's alright then... We'll hear no more about it lol That works for the left.

Sorry his true views slipped out This guy is a lunatic. Well I aint black so I suppose he is right What is it with Democrats and their ability to pick the candidate who is least likely to beat Trump? They’re exactly like the Aus Labor party, you would think they don’t really want to win an election at all.

The Democrats (left) have always been racist. It’s in their elitist DNA. it’s hot sauce Hillary all over again As Tha God said in the interview its nothing to do with Trump, it’s about getting something for the black community as he see’s democrats taking the black vote for granted with nothing in return. Dems need to offer something other than being the lesser of 2 racists

“‘Poor’ kids are just as bright and talented as white kids' Joe Biden Bahahahaha the old Democrat playbook showing its true colours If media and Dems keep this nonsense up they deserve Trump. I think PressSec maybe onto something here! The tots over at the may indeed require visual aids to learn a little quicker? OBAMAGATEGATE

It really is a battle of the senile old men. Showing your true colours ABC supporting this rapist. Sure he is 🤣🤣 That is one of the most stupidest things I’ve ever heard. And he’s the best they can manage Trump calling Obama incompetent is a classic example of the pot calling the kettle black We had WAY MORE white slaves. Why is it only black slaves are discussed. White slaves were treated much much worse. Black slaves sang songs about being glad that they were not the lowly white slaves because there was nothing lower but NO ONE talks about that.

Just retire pal. Joe is trying to pull a Shorten!!! Just shut up until November idiot and it’s yours. Such a stupid thing to say. As if some old white dude is the arbiter of what it is to be Black. It is astounding just how racist the `land of the free` is and remains so. The daily use of racist speech and terminology is staggering, particularly by folk claiming a college education.

He'll get 98% of the black vote anyway. Trump is doomed unless he also plays racial politics, but I doubt he'll start to go after the white vote, until it's too late. I think Biden meant to say 'get back on the plantation!'. It's a real stupid thing to say, but where's the lie? Yeah but Bernie yells and is mean and isn't a real Democrat. Fcukin Dems are gonna lose in Nov. Idiots.

I missed your original story on Biden's racist rant. Oh, that's right you were too busy with your thumb on the scale to type. whats the ole saying ...something about frontrunners... nothing to gain and everything to lose With the population, the size of the US, don't they have someone with a modicum of intelligence who can stand for the Presidency?

The circus that is the USA continues. Has Trump ever apologized FOR ANYTHING? Sorry not sorry... YouAintBlack Really Bloody disgrace ABC damage control for another countries politician, gotta love how much our journos get out and about. On twitter. Don’t you love it how the ABC articulate this sort of headline in a non-critical way because it’s Biden. But, if it were Trump, they’d have an ‘analysis’ talking about his supposed racism. DefundTheABC

Sorry he’s made an ass of himself ...the guys utterly senile...and a promoter of color politics... The part the ABC left out of it's Twitter headline, glib & sad for the ABC 😢. Y'know... there are plenty of better candidates that could get the nomination. Nothing is set in stone until the convention. Just sayin'...

Donald Trump says he finally wore a mask, but refused to be photographedUS President Donald Trump says he wore a face mask while touring a factory in Michigan but 'didn't want to give the press the pleasure of seeing it'. His supporters think this is acceptable behavior from a President. The US is fucked. So what's the point? Vanity is such an appropriate word.

Trump threatens to remove funding from Michigan | Sky News AustraliaUS President Donald Trump has threatened to remove funding to Michigan over its decision to use ‘mail-in ballots’. \n\n“We don’t want them to do mail-in ballots because it’s going to lead to total election fraud,” he said. \n\nMichigan is planning to send out applications for mail-in ballots to its voters to avoid further spreading of the coronavirus, but will not send ballots themselves. \n\n“This was done illegally and without authorization by a rogue Secretary of State,” Trump tweeted. \n\n“I will ask to hold up funding to Michigan if they want to go down this Voter Fraud path!”\n\nMeanwhile, the President said he was at the end of his two-week long regime taking the controversial anti-malaria drug to fight off COVID-19. \n\nDespite the drug being unproven, Mr Trump said he was happy with the result as he continued to test negative for the coronavirus. realDonaldTrump Fascism in practice. Mail ballots make it easier for people to vote. He is set against democracy at this point. realDonaldTrump Fake news Trump Steps Up Attacks on Mail Vote, Making False Claims About Fraud realDonaldTrump Mail ballots, like our plebiscite are open to cheating. This is the only reason they are used !

Another scandal is engulfing Trump — and it's got nothing to do with coronavirusUS President Donald Trump is launching a brutal attack on the Government's inspectors-general right when America needs independent oversight the most, writes David Lipson. We really deserve better from state funded media than 'Orange Man Bad' all the time. The ABC is an institutional scandal. Yeah, you got Trumpf for sure this time ABC, one day the ABC may realise its part of the problem ?, maybe ,,,

Trump pulls US from Open Skies treaty, accuses Russia of violating termsThe United States steps back from the Open Skies treaty, accusing Russia of using it to identify vulnerable locations to attack within the US should conflict arise between the two nations.

US ends lockdown, Trump slams China for 'mass killings'All 50 American states have now partially emerged from coronavirus lockdowns as President Donald Trump lashed China over global &x27;mass killings&x27;.

Maskless Trump visits Michigan Ford plantUS President Donald Trump has visited the crucial US election battleground state of Michigan to visit a Ford car plant amid tensions with its Democratic governor over coronavirus, opting not to wear a protective face mask for the cameras. Why not mask?Wish? Fake news he was wearing a mask while touring the plant then took it off while speaking while no one was too close to him. Please stop the lies you are better then that Great news!