Barnaby Joyce says coal is all about 'affordable power' for poor Aussies

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Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce is backing a study into a new coal power plant while painting himself as a champion of the poor, so they can have affordable power.

Deputy Labor leader Richard Marles argues the Coalition is preparing to fund new coal projects in a bid to satisfy conservative backbencher

Tensions were high in the Coalition party room on Tuesday between conservative Nationals MPs, who wanted the Government to focus more on coal, and moderate Liberals who believed more needed to be done to tackle climate change. The former Nationals leader believed a feasibility study into the Collinsville plant would show it was viable.

"Because they're building high-efficiency, low-emission coal-fired power plants, and apparently we're the one country that although we want to export the product, we won't use it ourselves."


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When did this guy ever care about the poor Australian?

Good old cant keep it his pants Barnaby. All the sincerity of a used car salesman and the credability of a vegetarian shark. What would you know about poor Aussies arent you the one bitching about how your 100k salary and tax payer funded travel isnt enough to pay all the bills?

Yes Barnaby fair sentiment. Exactly what percentage of the cost of electricity rise is to shore up the network due to liability from bushfires ?

What a legend

He doesn’t give the tiniest shit about those people.

How would he know?

because they could get away with snatching money from this minority. Left yelping about listening to scientists and researchers is laughable when the govt ignored advice that increasing taxes on smokers was now causing more harm than good. None of that tax grab was spent on

just tax the obese rather than leave their already frugal financial resources alone and give them free healthy food instead. The first instinct is to enact a tax that will increase their levels of stress and anxiety and make them need the comfort of their cheap sugary treats even

same people who put rainbows on their profile pictures and share memes about the awfulness of body-shaming and bullying generally, are the very people whose first instinct is to punish the obese with sugar taxes (no discussion of subsidised or free vegetables for the poor,

serious debate and policy options, and serious thinkers on climate change responses,are contaminated by the dross that currently accompanies climate outcry. Unless the people on the Left can show that they see all individuals as worthy of respect and consideration(the same people

why should they care about the future of the planet for your children and grandchildren. They see the lack of compassion, lack of nuanced debate, the trendy 'wokeness' of privileged virtue signallers for the empty, vacuous, hypocritical nonsense it is, and serious debate and

justifiable target for ridicule. If you don't care about the livelihoods of people in suddenly disliked industries, or about hypocritical nastiness toward low-imcome smokers or obese sugar indulges or any of a handful of unfashionable groups in society, then why shoud they care

24. but the lack of compassion shown by many on the Left (who trip over themselves to virtue-signal to friends and on social media about 'wokeness' and their abhorrence at the mistreatmen of currently fashionable minorities and social causes has made the Left laughable and a

23. ever increasing living expenses. Govt contracts to dodgy training/educational institutions are about as socially useful as the recent waste of taxpayers' money on the recent sports rort. Moving to renawables is important, and our responses to climate change are vital, but

22. from redundancies. Some employment training company will make a fortune from the taxpayer's by offering symbolic but useless courses to mining workers but, frankly, that taxpayer money would be better spent on being paid directly to laid-off workers to cover their ever-

21.feignimg 'benign' petermalism toward. The mining workers you're keen to make unemployed will suffer reduced longevity, unaffordable dental care and the health consequences of that, increased risk of depression and substance abuse, the stresses on family that often ensues from

20. poor dental care among low income smokers causes a serious threat to heart health. They forego doctors appointments and medications, as well as no longer affordable dental care, so the virtuous 'tax them' refrain has detrimental health costs to the very people you're feigning

19. (never equivalent financial penalties on the vices or risk-taking hobbies of the rich) actually cause harm to the health and well-being of the hypocritically singled-out victims of vice taxes. Low income victims lose money that they would otherwise spend on dental care

18. dislike of tobacco companies, but has morphed into a nasty cruelty towards smokers. The sugar tax, if it gets a foothold, will not stop at the initial tax, but will be regularly increased like a juggernaut to flog the poor. These taxes on the poor (but never equivalent penalt

17. repeatedly shown that it won't care about this people. You can loathe Gina Rhinehart and mining magnates all you like, but loathing workers and feeling self-righteous about your calls for their penury is morally repugnant. The mistreatment of smokers started with a justified

16. nasty and unpleasant. The Left needs to look at the way it treats untrendy low income people. Show that you're prepared to give up some of your livelihood to protect unemployed miners financially. Once unemployed and with limited prospects, Australian society has repeatedly

15? new financial penalties on. I may seem to have gone off on a tangent about penalties on the poor, but this contempt for others in society is becoming a feature of the Left. The dismissive contempt now for workers whose livelihoods derive from the mining industry is rather

14. wealthy drivers could forego some comfort and prestige by making do with repairing old cars, and could increase the incomes of local mechanics. Funny how it is always the sub-optimal lifestyle choices of the poor that the Left is keen to launch further or new financial penalt

13. care about the environment, SUVs should be banned or hugely taxed unless the owner lives in a rural area where a 4 wheel drive vehicle is necessary. New cars (manufacturing costs to the environment) should be discouraged and incur large financial penalties. Wealthy drivers

11, choice to do something that's bad for them. Wealthy people, on the other hand are fit to choose to overimdulge in carcinogenic beverages. Dangerous rich peoples sports should be taxed commensurately with poor people's risky omdulgemces and, if you care about the environment

10. to advocates of sugar taxes. Alcohol is carcinogenic and causes untold social harm, so should be taxed at the same rate as tobacco if there was moral consistency, but wealthy people also drink, whereas smokers are low income and should be treated as unfit to make a choice to

9. punished financially 'for their own good'. But also, the true sentiment, obese low-income people are figures of derision, another group to be treated with contempt. Their struggling financial well-being and freedom of choice isn't a moral consideration to advocates of sugar t

8. 'woke' activists are the first to want to levy taxes on sugar and junk food, because the kind of people who can't afford to fill up on three expensive healthy meals a day and who find comfort in the brief buzz of a sugary beverage, should be punished financially 'for their own

7. to be nasty to despised minorities. Australians (not all) are currently going through a phase of getting off on being nasty to members of groups they don't like. And, not content with being nasty to the working poor who smoke, 'woke' activists are the first to want to levy

6. dissuaded from smoking by tax increases. Now, the financial penalties are (a) because all the major parties will do what they can get away with, rather than doing what is right, and (b) smokers are now a despised minority and the current moral code is to be nasty to despised

5.further punished with cruelly high (and now no longer effective)quarterly increases in tobacco taxes(just to be mean, not out of a caring if misplaced paternalism since the point of effective financial disintentives was achieved long ago for those who could be easily dissuaded

4. doesn't entitle one to be inhumane about the livelihoods and dignity of others just because they work in an industry that is now despised. The same 'woke' people who shout about climate change are the same people who think that the working poor should be further punished with

3. nor other industries. Being fierce about the need move away from coal ignores the human cost of people in coal areas losing their livelihoods. Feeling virtuous and self-righteous about one's concern for the environment doesn't entitle one to be inhumane about the welfare of

2. advocate just as loudly for huge increases to unemployment benefits and proper retraining for those who lose their jobs. Retrenched people in their 50s face a bleak future. They generally don't have skills that can be utilized in the burgeoning renewables industry, nor other

BarnabyJoyce is an idiot, but people who are (rightly) pushing for renewables need to be more thoughtful and nuanced in their demands for policy change. People are (also rightly)worried about their livelihoods. If you want to end coal, advocate just as loudly for large increases

Barnaby also believes politics is all about huge piles of cash for do-nothing grifters. Hey Barnaby I have a few sms reports I'd like to send you, will only cost a lazy $600k

I thought that was the party line before they stopped feed in tariffs on renewable energy...

You call coal : affordable power really? What about solar it’s free all you have to is invest in the panel with no possible damage to earth. All this politician is too busy polishitting!

The liberals are being clever with what they say instead of talking about the environmental impacts they pander to the middle class (though it’s wearing of) it’s pathetic.

B.J. is too busy gripping his ankles for the highest bidder to fill his void. Why are these idiots so afraid of nuclear power on such a stable continent? Earthquakes, Tsunami's and Volcanos are all but extinct in AU.

PCKJ3627 And enormous kickbacks from the coal industry to loyal parliamentary supporters. Win win eh Barnaby?

This is not journalism ABC. Stop spreading misinformation spoken by ideologues, and do some real reporting.

Sorry., Barnaby, but 'Clean coal' is an OXYMORON!! = Gas. which we have in abundance is 7x better in terms of emissions.

Barnaby_Joyce Affordable power? Coal? No. No way. Never. Fossils are fiscally irresponsible. So are political fossils. COSTS: To build / run per kWh: Solar $1050 / 1.2 cents Wind $1600 / 0.26 cents Hydro $2600 / 0.18 cents Coal $3500 / 9.0 cents Nukes $6000 / 18.0 cents

Once upon a time there were some very bad politicians who were leading Australia. One in particular was Barnaby Joyce. He would become red every time he lied. He was red all the time! He like many were under an evil spell placed by the wicked witch Gina who hated Australians.

Joyce doesn't give a shit about poor Aussies. He's lying.


Does Barnaby realise that those poor Aussies are the same people mattjcan refers to as Dole-Bludgers? askingforafriend

He has just one position when it comes to letting coal companies shaft Australia. Shameless.

Canberroo He's not 'painting' himself as anything...he's just articulating his views (as he should), views , by the way that are shared by many people!

Lmao 😂

'Poor Aussies' or 'Pissed Aussies' ?

Joyce needs to get educated. He really sounds like a total d$ckhead. Then again, his donors interests would not be supported. followthemoney

Completely untrue


Then why do we get power from solar panels for free?

Table the facts, Barnaby.

BS if it was power would be free's our treasure they are selling overseas , then have the audacity to sell power industry and tell us power would be cheaper Still waiting for $550 from Tony Abbott he promised for carbon tax auspol GuardianAus smh abc730 australian

mvmsdazza australian power is UNBELIEVABLY EXPENSIVE-Im sick of these fools talking abt 'affordable power' when clearly many (large families) go without food to pay their energy bills. It will get worse with these ClimateChange DENIERS in govt as no Air Con will be a threat to life auspol

BS it is ALL about people like the Canavan family empire and Palmer and GinaR the rich and powerful mining magnates. So called cheap power for the 'poor Australians' is a con to sucker them in. While Billions of dollars are in the offerings for these mining people.

I wish BJ would go and spend more time with his family again.

Barnaby Joyce lies. There, fixed it for you.

Poor Barnacles looking to pay his power bill on backbench salary.

Barnaby obviously has a financial interest in coal. He couldn’t be more wrong.

Barnaby Joyce is a monumental patronising pratt.

Despite the delusional ramblings of this back- bencher he got re-elected. What does that say about Australian voters and abysmal standards we set to represent us in Parliament?

I thought Coal is all about MatCoalcaine and political lobbying $$$$$

It’s a desperate call from a desperate politician. Coal lobbyists are calling for blood. auspol

Since when has Barnaby cared about poor Australians? I mean he complained when his salary fell to $200k. No idea what it must be like to be poor.

Dunno how he figures that when all signs point to it being bloody expensive and getting worse Oh and if you're poor then you're gonna be hit way harder by the effects of climate change this troglodyte is keen to double down on

Claims might be better wording

Exactly. I'm on the pension so I don't eat till next pay because the bill is 650

Renewables are of course cheaper but the poor need to be kept in ignorance and spoon fed the coal lie. Voting against our own interests has been the sole aim of government since the Howard era.

Put your coal on your cornflakes buddy Barnaby_Joyce and leave ‘affordable power' to the people who know and aren’t permanently sozzled

I bet some of those poor people could benefit from the $29 Billion subsidies we give to fossil fuel industries.

For Barnaby -- he thinks its all about being re-elected eg. to hell with the rest of the country...ClimateActNow renewables

How many millions do mining billionaires give him ever year?


Better headline: 'Weirdo lies again'

he would wouldn't he


No it's about more money in the pockets of some LNP MPs families and their powerful mining industry mates. auspol MSM

Why is the ABC even giving this loudmouth stooge for ma$$ive vested interests any airtime or credence at all? He's the performing monkey of fo$$il fuel organ grinders.

should note that Barnaby Joyce is pushing a lie in the title of this article. Renewables are currently cheaper than coal & more reliable, and as technology advances renewables will get even cheaper & more reliable.

Coal is all about wealth of self and his mate Gina ,,


Honestly ... what psychotropic drugs is he taking

ABC Factcheck says Barnaby Joyce is talking out of his arse.

OMGTheMess Barnaby would be right FakeMedia

No it's not. It's about doing the bidding of powerful interests and a big splash of self interest. Fixed it for you.

A calculating tool.

I’d much rather see removal of all asbestos roofing and solar panels put on all rental properties. (QLD)

Barnaby_Joyce if you stopped stealing our tax dollars with your dodgy deals and pork barreling we could have both cheap and clean power. SportsRort porkbarrel auspol

We should have got started on making renewables available and affordable for people decades ago. Plenty of people don’t even have to pay electricity bills with solar installed in fact they are credited money.

Yep! I agree, Barnaby. Bring back the briquette heaters! 😛

Barnaby has become an agrarian socialist now, he's the best type of bloke, always fighting for the little guy, espeically when that little guy is named Gina, Clive or Twiggy.

Since when is coal affordable? Barnaby clearly has not seen his latest electricity bill. My husband and i have 3 kids and we both work and we still cannot keep up with our electricity bills


Umm - south Australia ?

Um...has he checked with South Australia on that?

God bless you Barnaby....

who cares what he says? why is this news?

This government loves the poor and will create as many as they can

Joyce is full of it. it dose not matter to him if Aust becomes the back water of the world. as long as he can keep putting money in Gina's pocket so he can keep getting his kickbacks.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Barnaby caring about poor ppl? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍🏼🤣🤣🤣🤣

Barnes so out of touch. Remove all subsidies and renewables win hands down.

And his expertise would be in? Rorting, cheating, coal-loving? Why the bush listen to him I have no idea. And why the ABC parrots his nonsense is also beyond belief.

But But.. coal has been in the energy mix all the time ..Why hasn't it already brought prices down.. seems like a little bit of ad lib fibbing going on here !

So why the fuck have I just received notice that my power costs are increasing by $120.00 per year?

The cost of the planet counts right now. Stop making excuses for using coal...

Im a poor Aussie Battler and Joyce talk is all bullshit.

For an accountant, he doesn't do those number thingies so good.

Please Barnaby_Joyce just stop talking

Yes, the money he gets for being a coal puppet will make more power more 'affordable' for HIM!

He’s right. Nuclear would be better - zero emissions + base load - but for Doomers it’s not really about the science....

Elephant in the room: high electricity prices caused by market failure. Privatising didn’t work.

Dirty Power and the LNP government collusion with mining magnates hasn’t reduced electric prices yet! LNP are in their third term now, so I think Barnaby is telling lies. We have heard this talking point before. Member for New England should reassess his key stakeholders!

Barnaby Joyce is a fool who’s done nothing to support “poor Aussies” & everything for himself.

Are people still falling fo this?

He has got to be kidding what a wanker🤮

He is, poor too can't manage 2 families on his salary

Here's an idea, BarnabyJoyce Barnaby, how about being part of a government that lifts people out of poverty, so that they don't have to rely on cheap, dirty, CO2 emitting coal power!? 🤦‍♂️auspol ClimateChange LNPfail


Barnaby Joyce should be thinking of the future of his children not thinking in the now. People like him are destroying the planet and they have no right to do so.

Maybe give each poor Aussie home owner a free solar panel and installation? And subsidize 'green energy' options through electricity companies, so that it doesn't cost extra

Nope, that's not what it's about

Clive's $83M in LNP sure was a very very astute investment! He's laughing all the way to the bank!Loves Barnaby and his lying cronies!Clive knows they are crooks! I heard him say that in a luncheon meeting on his campaign trail!Clive needs huge amounts of coal for his Titanic II.

I'd pay You to use it.

'With all subsidies taken out, solar PV & wind wipe the floor with gas, coal and nuclear. Levelised cost of solar and wind is about $50 per megawatt hour, half that of gas and coal’s $100 per megawatt hour even without a carbon price.' SMH today

So a power source which the worlds largest fossil fuel hedge fund has now exited, banks won't finance new projects and insurance companies won't touch is supposed to give us lower power prices....Lolzzzzz! Pull the other one or keep being delusional Barnaby! 🙄

So many dumb people making use of freedom of speech.... rethinkdemocracy

He can say whatever he wants I guess, as long as he knows, most Australians think he’s full of it. No one cares less about the poor than everyone in LNP. liar alwayslying hatesthepoor lnpsuck

Barney wants coal to push up the prices of his “investment”land he purchased before the train line was announced - insider trading

I’d rather he paid for my solar panels

No it's will raise the cost of power

Who cares what a dried up alcoholic has been has to say Let him die alone in a ditch

I think what he meant to say; 'Coal is all about 'money generating power' for rich (LNP) Aussies'.

Coal is about lining your donors pockets at the expense of poor people...

I get what he's saying but had Aus moved earlier on green power we could be now exporting power and manufacturing/selling to the world green related power products but we have idiots running this country.

While Barnaby’s ideas are direct from 1973, 2020 says the exact opposite.

Our power bills should be zero considering how much resources we have and sell overseas cheaper than we pay!!! LNP is double dipping , selling our resources overseas then selling back to us for an inflated price is theft auspol theage GuardianAus smh abc730 thedrum

This is FALSE INFORMATION and should be disregarded. Please seek facts from qualified authorities on matters on importance.

Solar panels on the roof are affordable power I know it's true because I can afford to turn my lights on now

Bullshit! Renewables can produce electricity more cheaply, even with storage.

Crap, not my ABC.

Barnaby Joyce would sombody tell this guy move on. Tell him coal is not helping Climate Change and our planet leave the dirty stuff in the ground and focus on clean energy. He is stuck in the past,time to move on BJ or move out.

Or stop having policies that keep waves low and business profits high.

The mans a fool! A dangerous one!

cleanenergy renewableenergy need to stop this coal addiction

Is that the same poor who are being f..ked by the LNP through Robodebt? He gives zero f..ks about the poor and cares only for the interests of his donors. Barny knows not to bite the coal dust covered hand that feeds him.

You need to embrace this sensible idea, ABC. If I had my way you'd be sold off.

If the beetrooter really cared about the poor he'd be wanting to put solar panels on their roofs.

Hey, it’s another change of message for Barnaby. The reasons may shift, but his support for coal never wavers. It’s almost like the AEC donations show the coal industry funding the gNats. Barnaby: the best retail politician (because his allegiances are always on sale).

It’s about keeping Gina Rinehart happy so that BeetRooter can keep getting the tens of thousand$ in kickbacks from her

Coal is all about Barnaby Joyce and his irresponsible insatiable greed.

If it is affordable why then is the government funding the next one? If affordable then the private sector would be easily able to fund all the next ones to be built!!!

I'm a low income pensioner, after 2y I have recouped my financial outlay for my solar system. From now on I will be in credit. Just more bs from Joyce.

Barnaby Joyce is a fool.

As if Barnaby or any of them care about our electricity prices.

As if Barnaby, Morrison, Taylor and Co. care about electricity prices! They use this lie to cover fact they get huge donor dollars from coal mining interests.

Nothing affordable about current Electricty prices if my latest bill is anything to go by. billshock

He is owned by the Coal lobbyists....selling out my children future for his fat wallet.

We don’t need coal. Solar is cheaper and faster. We need water. Lots of water. After building the Bradfield scheme, we would have a food bowl in central Aus to feed the world. Bucketloads Of jobs and no pollution. Now how hard is that.

BeattieNgiare Power isn’t much good if all the water is used up and there’s none of it left for the farmers though...

Then why are ACT retail power prices falling this year, the same year they hit 100% renewable energy? Meanwhile elsewhere prices continue to skyrocket...

This isn’t news

Why not start building steam driven trains again? Basically the same technology as a coal and steam driven electricity generator.

If Renewables are so cheap then why are consumers paying the RET subsidies to renewable power generators. Surely they are so cheap and efficient they do need subsidies.

How about water Barnaby ?

Solar is all you need. Not coal. If the govt was to provide decent subsidy and loan schemes for Aussies to install solar panels, not only would it free up $$ for people to spend which helps the economy, but would also reduce our emmisions. But that would cut $ from LNP donations.

BeattieNgiare No. Coal is all about Barnaby's corporate sponsors. Renewables give us affordable power, jobs, and a healthy planet.

Headline should be corrected Barnaby says coal is cheaper but we know he's being told to say that that by his donors.

auspol Joyce also told us to expect $100 roasts - among other things ..

All the more affordable since their houses have burnt down.

Why amplify deceit by repeating it. Didn't you read 1984? Lies repeated often enough are accepted as 'truth'. Do better!

Really since when his statement is a blatant lie.tell that to the people of NSW whose cost of electricity has skyrocketed gone up some 300% over the past ten years .try hard bullshit artist.

Has he seen the subsidies the coal boys get?!?

The people in Australia with the most affordable power are those who invested in Solar Panels - those wedded to a system based on coal fired power stations pay energy bills 2-4 times higher...

What absolute's all about lining Barnaby and Gina's pockets!!!

Joyce really is being dishonest. Reinhardt mouthpiece. It is the privatised energy retailers who govern the price ppl pay. Govt aren't going to target them because that is core forces. Essential utilities should never have been privatised

silly Barnaby_Joyce - the LNP alyeady have a policy for poor Aussies. Its called robodebt . ScottyfromMarketing will fill you in, its a great laugh.

Barnaby JOYCE IS LINING HIS POCKETS AS USUAL. How dare he talk about ‘POOR People’ as though we belong to an alien race. WHY ARE THERE POOR PEOPLE in Australia in 2020? WHY? That is the question!

Mr Joyce needs to tell us about any and all discussions he’s had with Glencore in the past 6 months. The_Nationals PRIME7Wagga PRIME7Tamworth ABCthedrum theprojecttv vanOnselenP auspol

Won’t get a coal build in under 10 years.

Lies. 'It’s still everybody’s perception that it is cheaper to make power from coal than it is from renewables, and it is no longer the case,' BarnabyJoyce Barnaby LNP Coalition Coal renewableenergy Auspol that right? 😳 How does this apply then 🤷🏼‍♀️

Then why are electricity prices so high?

But Barnaby thinks sleeping around is an opportunity to improve your bank balance so can you really trust his judgment?

Why don't they use the $500 that was going to come off our power bills?

We need clean air even if people can’t afford it. Best thing to do is force African countries Into poverty so Australians don’t have to make sacrifices.

Coal has nothing to do with poor Australians what it's to do with is 1)Carbon footprints 2)Contempt for controlled burns that might have restrained the spread of the fires 3)Australian unique wildlife which will be damned lucky if it is not extinct


A pity he didn’t think of poor Aussies when he spent $80M for non-existant water

He's a rich Aussie, so what's in it for him... Gina.

Why give this lie the headline as if it’s a fact?

judy_gresham Barnaby is a fossil.

Roof top solar is more affordable.

price decreases are happening as a result of renewable power- arrgh

How sick can you get coal is all about revenue that governement gets from sales. Poor Aussies wait up to 12 years for public housing.

No, Joyce is wrong again. Coal is all and only about exploiting the land for the benefit of the LibNats' rich mates and overseas 'interests'. Poor Aussies are just used as bait.

ABC why do you even report such juvenile claptrap from Joyce?

In a parallel universe.

Taking coal out of the market is why electricity is expensive.

If auspol was real about affordable power they would support demountable solar power systems for tenants living in rentals

Here we go again, Barnaby Joyce with the attacks of stupidity as money clouds his judgement? auspol

We've had coal for years and its never been cheap.

barnaby joyce is selling out Australia to his employer gina rinehart! How can we continue to let Australia be looted by criminals? auspol mining corruption

Greed coupled with deliberate lies = dangerous sellouts in power

He is a wholly owned subsidiary of Gina Rinehart, though. And politicians wonder why they are despised by ordinary people. auspol ClimateEmergency

Really Barnaby_Joyce. Look at your own Australians for the truth of renewables. Coal is dead. Stop flogging a dead horse.

Bollocks. It's all about him being in the pocket of the miners, especially Gina, his best bud. They're not the Australian government, they're the mining government. Go back to the bottom of your bottle of red Barnaby.

I am so sick of this s*it!!! Electricity costs could be halved by tomorrow morning!!! I know it. You know it. Politicians know it. Not a single one of them has the balls to do anything about it.

It's not 'affordable' if it kicks up economic externalities. Eg, 10% off electricity bill is not worth increasing fire season/scorched earth, especially if I work in tourism and suffer massive declines in revenue and have more expensive insurance.

So profit by coal barrons mean nothing... good they can make up for lost taxes and give it all to the public purse!

If he really cared about the poor, he should stop subsiding coal miners and use those savings for the poor. If he cares about his own self interest, he’ll keep protecting his fossil fuel, planet polluting mates... you scratch my back etc...

Why even report Barnaby_Joyce bullshit if it's completely false. As for no subsides on coal, that is bullshit too. It's subsidized by 29 Billion per year.🤦


W ⚓

How little respect for their own citizens! Imagine being environmentally aware and being told that it is your very own economical 'class' that is justifying coal use!😡 Maybe the Aussie govern't gods need to address the inferior Aussie welfare/working poor economic system, huh?!?

We've had coal for as long as I can remember and I've never experienced 'affordable power' yet ....

There all full of themselves convining themselves they telling truth, bit like most men and women ive known with some actually going as far as lying to police cliaming false accusataions, all liars cheats cowards

Gina must be tightening Barnaby's wedgie!

Stop spending Money Govt perks & Manus Is & Christmas Is, then you could spend it on Schools and Hospitals.. For Poor Australians

Do your homework Barnaby. Coal is more expensive than Renewables.

Its not very loyal or patriotic nor fair to tax payers is it Barnaby cheap power to the poor thats an insult to my intellligence as most usually do thinking of saving their own skins

Coal is more expensive than solar and is on the way out tho...

We both thsts not true Barnaby, when the government privatize all public own assests since.the early 80s starting with state lottery which funded public roads health education its all excuse by labor greens to, its actually theft from tax payers & rudd pinkbatt deaths if it was i


auspol Why do you persist with the ramblings of this idiot? Most renewable has minimal maintenance and is free once established. Coal, nuclear and gas cost more to maintain and build.

Them those same 'poor Aussies' that lost their homes in the fires?

For the sake of ones sanity and to protect what remains of our badly mauled planet, I find it is best not to pay any heed at all to deranged, semi agrarian, halfwits like this odd little fellow.

We only poor because your theft of our money.

He is deluded, new coal fired power is more expensive and dangerously dirty

The weatherboard nine hick

Let me guess: You believe him

Bullshit our power bills have never been so high and that’s with his dirty coal . Privatisation is what’s caused price increases. Renewable power is cheaper.

I really think that Barnaby has lost it!

It's also literally killing the planet which costs EVERYONE.

Anyone actually believe him?

What a load of shit

That’s bull twang!

Dear Barnaby, I have a dream of someone inserting that piece of coal up your fundamental orifice as solar, gas, wind etc. becomes the answer to 'poor' Australians.

more BS

Report this too. auspol MSM

I believe our scientists .

Fact check required here folks. Tarriff 11 (std power) in Qld: 2013 26.73 c/kWh 2016 22.24 c/kWh 2017 25.89 c/kWh 2018 25.3 c/kWh 2019 23.66 c/kWh Data from my Ergon accounts - NB no payments required due to solar panels! Dont ever let the facts get in the way of a great myth.

Case in point of the ABC being infected with the same corrosive click hunger as commercial outlets. The tweet text and social media preview serve to platform misleading Coalition propaganda that is not at all a key point of the fairly straight-playing story it links to.

He knows that’s a lie. What a grub.

Coal is all about political donations for corrupt politicians.

Barnaby has this wonderful talent to drive the left crazy like Trump.

Wind solar oceans harnesses abunancr of sustainable cheap acessable long term non carbon free powerful sorce of mother nature just like the fires floods and much worse to come.aussies are slow proofs in the pudding unless 1 has to get somewhere & their running late, tons of bull

New report by the_AEMC : electricity prices set to fall substantially over next 3 years because of extra renewables on the grid. (Yes, renewables make power cheaper, like we've been saying)

There are ways to make anything a better solution but not when the mentality is 'four legs good two legs bad'

Well he would, wouldn't he? We all know Barnaby has been at the forefront of caring for the poor and disadvantaged in Australia, don't we? Don't we?

No, it's all about profits for billionaire mining companies & political donors.

No amount of paint or clever costume could obscure the foul smell of this auspol. Barnaby_Joyce

Why would anyone take anything Barnaby Joyce says seriously? Let him go back to feeding cows and talking to the sky. He said himself, he wants the government out of his life. We owe it to him to help him achieve this.

I thought we were bribing the states to generate power with gas?

Which is why south australia with the most renewable power pays half what everyone else does for electricity?


There’s nothing affordable about the current price of power

Barnaby Joyce says Christianity is about moraless people for FAKE Christian Aussies.. beetrooter

Double plus good doublespeak, Banarnaby

There is no greater fool than a Farmer who turns his back on science.

Who exactly does he think he represents?

Barnaby is not an expert. Barnaby does not listen to experts. Barnaby makes stuff up.

Excuse moi - special drought envoy reports in text format (apparently nothing else exists), please, before we hear or read another word from this person regarding anything else in politics. YOU HAD ONE JOB!

Who do you classify as a 'poor Aussie'? When Tony Abbott went to the back bench he was horrified that he would have to go back to being on a smaller salary. Is he poor? What's 'poor' Barny? People don't like to be called poor anymore, they prefer to be called disadvantaged. Dick!

ACT is 100% renewable and our electricity prices are dropping auspol

Any mention of the health impacts for those living near mines, along transport routes or near power stations? Cheaper housing in those locations! Yay! But more sickness. Boo. Anything abt the long term impact on health from coal fires? School & work days lost? We deserve better

Is that what your buddy Gina told you?

If Mr Joyce wants cheaper power for all us poor folk, then he should put forward a bill to re nationalise the electricity network. I am sure a lot of his electorate would vote for that to happen !

The truth is the numbers no longer stack up for fossil fuels. This is a fact. How can poor old Barnaby not get it? Is he corrupt or just stupid?

Who honestly believes this windbag anymore?


Coal is all about money in Barnaby's (Gina's) pocket.

What an absolute embarrassment this guy is.

When he will take his eyes away from tax payers money and leave us alone

I know how your heart bleeds for 'poor Aussies'. You have no shame BarnabyJoyce

For what we'd subsidise it, you could put solar on everyone's house and we'd hardly have any bills. How corrupt are these pollies seriously.

Why why why does anyone report what this turd says?

If he was worried about “poor” Aussies he would not be part of a government hell-bent on funnelling taxpayer dollars to their wealthy mates. The hypocrisy and deceit is breathtaking.

Was the BeetRorter given another FAKE 45k award from GINA to day that!

You know I think we are too stupid to save ourselves, but as the rest of the world see us burning down the place and adding astronomically to world pollution. Might turn on us and say change your fossil fuel dependence or be politically and commercially ostracised

You lot missed the ship due to ineptitude! They can’t even keep gas up to the bloody service station let alone power generation. Solar and wind now, makes sense for car industry?

Good to see Barney concerned about poor people. Can't wait for his plan to get rid of homelessness. Saint Barnaby! He's full of shit. He's just trying to appeal to simple minded people to keep them from really thinking about what the real problems are. We need AFundamentalShift

And for the Rich as Well !!!!!

As a Member of Parliament, Barnaby_Joyce hasn't done a single positive thing for poor Aussies. auspol

Hardly anyone gives a crap, Barnaby. (Second image is amount Aussies would spend /year to cut emissions)

What Joyce means is that coal makes life affordable for him.


Can fact check these types of statements before they are posted, and include the fact check in the post. This is the type of journalism I need and follow. Enough is known, even by energy illiterates, that there is something wrong with this statement. Joyce is lying.

This is exactly what you get when people refuse a modern, nuclear power BASELOAD to then embrace other affordable options. Modern nuclear fuel cycle is such that it is near renewable now. But too many are stuck in the PWR/BWR tech days. Thus, we'll just keep burning things 💁‍♂️ 🤦‍♂️

Renewables have a shorter life shelf, cost more and let's not forget the unprecedented use of petrochemicals and 'non green' generated power just to manufacture them. No one's talking about this are they !?

Bwahahahahahahaaha. He really is an idiot I wonder if he has seen my $550 per year that the Mad Monk promised

Another lie. Renewables are far cheaper and affordable. Its about lining the pockets of his mates.

But YOU do have ‘religious attachment' to coal’ Barnaby Joyce It obsessive,unnatural & fanatical. & Let’s not mention your irrational, irresponsible & inappropriate conflict of interest relationship with Gina. Mate, go away. You are utterly & completely irrelevant. DinoJoyce

Why would coal power be 'more affordable' than renewable power that is cheaper? Joyce is talking bullshit as usual. Under LNP power prices have increased 150%. More affordable? Pull the other one you self-interested rorter.

Barnaby is a nob. Who voted for this idiot? I want my kids to have a great future. He can't see past the end of his hat.

Barnacles , grow up. Tax payers end up paying twice. Once in subsidies and the second time to the power companies subsidized. Of course the cost to the environment is socialized. I am now paying more for power then ever before , despite the Morrison/ Frydenfolly threats. POQ

Subsidise solar more, there's your cheap energy for poor people

Yeah well not many people listen ro him

Barnaby Joyce..Psst ‘For first time since Victoria was Queen, Britain ran weeks without coal The United Kingdom has adopted ambitious emissions reduction targets, making it the first major economy in the world aiming to end its contribution to global warming by 2050.’ LNPfail

It would be be more affordable if you were sacked and a paper mache replica was placed in your seat at parliament house

Gina called. She left her knickers under the bed.

Because they're building high-efficiency, low-emission coal-fired power plants.....' That’s lie...Joyce. 2/2 A whopper of one! Britain outlines plans for 2025 coal-power phase out - Reuters


How come most folk I know, especially climate change deniers, have solar? They all say it cuts their electricity bills dramatically.

Imagine the hike in costs if industry needs to rake back the massive cost of building a giant coal boiler

“Because they're building high-efficiency, low-emission coal-fired power plants.....' That’s lie...Joyce. 1/2 ‘Spelling out the coal exit – Germany’s phase-out plan’

If 'poor Aussies' believe what he said, it can probably partially explain why they are poor.

Out comes Barnaby’s ‘corrugated iron persona’. Empathy with the masses. TOTAL bullshit.

OMG $6m to be spent on 2 feasibility studies Yeah that’s affordable Barnaby, you pay for that.If you pay for it, I’m all for it Then we can all “have religious attachment that the poor people can get affordable power& that we can get dignity in people's lives,' JoyceBScontinues

Who gives a fuck what this guy says?

No consequence Barny

Just a heads up for Barnaby - electricity is not affordable for a lot of Australians now. This has more to do with Privatization than it does with how it's produced. The corporations delivering our power only care about making profits and not about the 'Common Good'.

When is someone from going to point out to Barnaby that SA had lowest wholesale electricity prices in Oz in November & December, produced by 65% renewables, and ask him how this fits with cheap coal.

What a poor excuse for a politician meant to be representing country people. BarnabyJoyce only represents himself and his donors, anyone who thinks otherwise is misguided. auspol

Every one wants to S*** Can Barnaby_Joyce but why would you sell our coal to someone else to generate power while we pay through the nose. Same applies to buying defence force uniforms and equipment. Develop and support industry here

Oh yeah you can help poor auusies by raising the rate, and targetting tax cuts at the lower end.

Power prices keep rising. Try a different lie.

Burnaby Joyce says a lot of things, none of the things he says are true, ask his ex wife.

Affordable power? He's joking right?

Our electricity bill has never been lowered...the cost has always risen despite lots of filibuster from politicians. We turn the heating off in winter bc the gas bill is huge. The only way to reduce a bill is solar panels! Joyce has no f....I g idea! auspol

I meant BarnabyIsWrong

Get ours started up Again in S.A. then.

That’s right he would that he’s poor....and apparently can’t afford to provide for his two families.

Barnaby is wrong.

What does beetrooter have to do to be binned? Seriously, he has posted drunk ramblings, usurped his party, lied, charged ridiculous expenses, challenged for leadership again, lined his own pocket and cheated on his family. What am I missing? auspol

Will the ABC pray for them to , or just give them more coal powered pollution?

No Barnaby... Coal is all about affordable private jets for the super wealthy (Aussies & others)...

The attraction to coal is about LNP donors. Renewables are cheaper. Shouldn’t the market decide

Renewables are a hoax while no one wants to talk about the total cost of implementing these green energy schemes. Where are toxic solar panels to be disposed of at their end of life? Or batteries?

haha 😂

Sympathy for the poor? yet us 'welfare bludgers' can all go on the Indue card too, because we're all on booze and drugs?

Better headline: 'Barnaby lies about coal providing cheaper energy'

If the LNP has cared abt our energy prices, and heeded the International Energy Agency warning 20 yrs ago, they’d have settled on a Co2 policy then, and stuck to it, so business could invest w confidence. Barnaby and his ilk are the reason power generation is now a crisis.

After 14 of these he certainly knows what he’s talking about..

Fact check this you muppets. Barnaby is lying.

Barnaby also said 'we should not have gay marriage as gay people are unlikely to stay loyal to the one partner'... Ooooppppssss!

What surprises me is that the fossil fuel industry hasn't gone bankrupt!!! Are you still buying from them?

It's coal based now, so why is it so expensive!! Is he saying we're being screwed now? If so, would you trust them to drop the prices in the future?

Did he say that while shouting at the clouds.

Yet, if you paid attention, it is the ACT and SA that are reducing their power bills - due to renewables, not coal

'I have a religious attachment that the poor people can get affordable power, and that we can get dignity in people's lives,' Mr Joyce said As long as they know their place-'Please Sir, I want some more' There is no god, barny

Are you going to ask every backbencher their opinion?

And the Scott Morrison government is making Aussies poorer. Well done voters, Morrison is a dud.

Barnaby Joyce picks up his $40,000 'award' from Gina Rinehart!!! Australia needs to get rid of these corrupt, primitive, egomaniacs that are willing to sellout the country & betray the people for their own profit & gain. They are traitors willing to destroy DEMOCRACY! auspol

And who will invest in the order of $ 5-8 billion in any large scale coal steamer that won’t come on line for many years down the track? The nationalparty are a truly a corrupt, uneducated Pack of fools, voted into office by 5% equally the like minded nitwits?ClimateCriminals

On a like for like basis a new coal power station is about twice as expensive as wind or solar, so new coal fired power will not generate cheaper energy.

Flick off bananababy

Wait what....You saying free natural renewable energy (wind, solar, waves) is NOT more affordable than open cut mining Who would have thought!!

Why is Barnaby in Darwin? He is a back bencher from New England. Is he ever in his electorate?

Barnaby still pulling his pudding

In some third world countries like Lebanon they stopped using coal.

Very dangerous to make a lie the headline.

'Disgraced backbencher lies again.' Fixed it for you.

The ABC needs to get serious about lies like this from our Government rather than just repeating them verbatim & amplifying the lie. Why doesn't the ABC have a Lie Tracker like WaPo does for Trump? auspol

My solar power cost me less than 10 cents per kilowatt hour, WTF is the drunken lunatic on about?

I thought that coal was all about “mega profits”💰💰💰for BarnabyJoyceLNP’s very special friend & benefactor GinaRinehart❗️auspol

Barnaby Joyce says using more expensive technology is the way to delivering cheaper power; also, cheating on your wife is the way to strengthen family values. A real ideas man.

This is justbeingsilly - auspol

Barnaby_Joyce also said he was definitely sure he was not entitled to NZ citizenship, and while having an affair and arranging jobs for his mistress, he was preaching about morals. He’s a sad joke.

It's all about the weatherboardnine

So it's poor Aussies now?

By any measure of rational, intelligent and objective analysis of energy production costs , renewables are and continues to be cheaper than coal. But then again Barnaby is neither rational, intelligent or objective.

If the amount of money the government had subsdised coal with had been allocated to renewables decades ago there wouldn't be the problem!!

Barnaby Joyce couldn’t give a dam about affordable power. He only cares about his power. Mining magnates interests are his only concern.

A lie, and easily provable. Why are you repeating lies?

The ABC needs to get serious about lies like this from our Government rather than just repeating them verbatim & amplifying the lie. Why doesn't the ABC have a Lie Tracker like WaPo does for Trump? auspol

Rich Aussies will get nuclear. All coal power diverted to poorer households. 🤪🤪🤪

Doesn't Barnaby Joyce realise as the uptake of renewable energy increases so does the competition to sell power/energy to the public at an affordable price? AusPol SackBarnabyJoyce StopFossilFuels

Does Barnaby Joyce get paid for life after leaving Politics All the others do. Australia is Broke because we pay Politicians for Life Just ask Bob Hawke and his Cabinet Especially if you where not even alive then but pay Tax Now

Oh FFS like Barnaby really gives a shit about poor Aussies. What a pity he doesn't talk about putting up Newstart for the real poor in Australia, the people who never get a go, for many reasons that are out of there control.

Um pretty sure SA was the only state to report decreasing energy prices recently, and that was due to their investment in renewables. So respectfully, NO.

bullshit It is about more billions to exploit for mate Coal jobs are dead end monotonous The work is mostly done by conveyor belt n robotic dump trucks

Lumps of coal in the head?

Our so called 'green Aussies' in this thread are to blind of the real problems right in front of their eyes, /behave/corow like dead beats when it comes to healthy environment, the left/the dumb. To build one windmill='200 ton of Coal is needed'now do the mathX thousands windmls


Spot on Barnaby

Isn't the sun free?

BJ gives bj to coal industry. BJ doesn't give a rats about poor people. Poor people are going to be the worst affected by runaway ClimateChange. LNPfail policies are utterly against poor people. Minimum wage, Newstart etc

northway_debbie Barnaby wouldn't know his arse from his head. The cheapest is renewables. Coal gen would run at a loss for most of the day when solar is lowering the wholesale price down close to zero. Same would apply to nuclear. Loss making ventures. LNP = DUMB auspol

Why are so many Australians taking up solar panels to lower power bills & not just burning lumps of coal?

Barnaby Joyce is about as much an expert on coal as he is on happy marriages

More lies from Barnaby_Joyce renewableenergy cheaper than coal. After construction its virtually free, not paying for millions of tonnes of polluting fossilfuels each day for decades auspol Cheaper electricity from wind & sun GretaThunberg AdamBandt LennaLeprena

Yeah well that ain't been going so well has it Barnaby....

Did Gina slash his yearly bonus? I can imagine she’s regretting backing this dud.


Barnaby simply wants to be in the news. Why should we pay any attention to him

Coal is more expensive than renewables. If coal provided cheap powered then where is it? Fact is only new renewables coming into the market despite Barnaby's govt of crooks & cranks has kept a lid on prices. PS. ACT 100% renewables and some of the cheapest power in the country.

If you want to listen to the COALition’s policy on power, watch this video.... case closed.

Oh is THAT what it’s about. I am so convinced! 😮

Oh dear, so now power should only be affordable to the rich according to Joyceless.

Hey Barnaby, what about all the subsidies?


This is a man who couldn't live on 300,000 per annum when my take home pay was $210.90 per week and I had to pay rent and public transport costs and eat. The man talks through his ass

I thought Barnaby wanted the Govt out of his life... wish he walked his talk 🤫

Barnaby and others like him are all about denying the facts aren't they...

So that’s why he wants to subsidise it

Speaking as a 'poor' person. The power bill comes quarterly and you can get a few notices before they shut it off, hopefully it's in someone else's name. How disconnected is this guy from reality. I'll pay extra on power. the alternative is mass extinction

Poor Barnaby

Except coal is more expensive!

Perhaps the beetrooter can explain why my power bills have tumbled, dramatically, because of the solar panels on my roof?

How about the ABC report on all the countries currently building and committing to coal power plants, Cambodia the latest. Coal lifts countries out of poverty whilst Australia ships overseas it's residents are paying some of the highest energy prices in the world!


Translation: I want my old job back! 😭

So regional Australians, don’t complain when your homes burn down. You did vote for them 🤷‍♂️ auspol

The ABC has failed to develop a reporting system which can cope with systemic lying. The article shouldn’t have been writen, or, the headline should have read “Barnaby Joyce, falsely, claims coal is about affordable power for poor Aussies”.

If Barnaby_Joyce hasn't heard that renewables are beating coal at generating cheap power hands down, he's either dodgy, willfully ignorant or both. His track record speaks for itself. I'll go with the latter.

This multimillionaire farming thief selling himself as having concern for the poorer Australian. If you buy that, you're a fool.

But it’s only affordable due to the high degree of government subsidies paid, take that crutch away and it’s a dead donkey

The fossil industry has been good to these guys those days must be numbered. India just signed or about to sign a massive solar farm package.

Oh yeah, remember he is struggling financially too. Pity those windfarms are so unsightly (Abbot), Barnaby agreed.

Oh please Barney wouldn’t give a flying f about poor people.

If we want affordable power for poor Aussies, we should subsidize roof top solar, not coal companies and billionaires.

Give it context or don't run it. You're feeding the horse shit

Oh yeah, right! It's Robin Barny Hood now!

Coal had its chance and prices sky rocketed you silly beetrooter renewables But now you want to build a NEW coal fired power station in one of the sunniest, most beautiful areas of the world 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ unjustifiable ClimateEmergency

The LNP font give a rats for poor Aussies!

Barnaby as if you care about anyone but your self.

Yeh but Barnaby is a.twit

Hello ratio !

Then Barnaby speaks rubbish. Who'd have thought it?

Why is it costing me so much then?

Barnaby is a fool

Barnaby why don't you go away as no-one wont's to hear what you say you had your turn and had an affair great

Nope: it's all about profit for fossil fuel corporates.

I am a poor Aussie, I have given up on cheap power. For me it is all about No Blackouts No Load Shedding.

That’s a lie. How can you get cheaper than a source of energy delivered to you for free? Put your efforts into finding a way to store that energy rather than digging dangerous shit up out of the ground

It’s all about his future with Gina Reinhart.

Ok Boomer

This bloke needs to give it away.

Why is the country run by idiots. Everyone needs to vote for the future when the environment is involved. Renewables are almost on par with coal.

Oh how the beetroot laughed as he skipped through the blackened ashes of the forest, past the charred koalas, over the brook filled with dead fish to the clearing where he gleefully counted the 30 bits of silver in his coal powered pension fund.

what a lot of DRIBBLE.

Watch your back Barnaby_Joyce is out. He cares about Australia as much as ScottMorrisonMP does

Are these people on drugs? How is coal delivering anyone affordable power? Power was cheaper with a carbon tax ffs.

That's what Adani said about N Queensland!

Show us your modelling. And assumptions to get there

But a combination of renewables and the battery is dropping prices in SA. Why would Barnyard want to go with a more expensive option? Does Gina have some compromising pictures?

Yeah, just IMAGINE poor ol’ Barney having to subsist on $200,000 per YEAR! He NEEDS those coal industry bonuses! Let’s destroy the country so that he can chuck another lobster on the barbie! Why don’t you stick a big lump of coal where the sun don’t shine Barnaby_Joyce auspol

Barnyard is talking through his arse

Well, he would be wrong.

Barnaby also said that we didn't cause climate change and it's some sort of vendetta from God. I'd stop paying attention to Barnaby.

Then why is the power not affordable?

Only two realistic choices......Coal or Nuclear. Once the green nutters become extinct and go back to making beads I guess Nuclear for sure.

You’d think encouraging solar which feeds power back into the grid and can result in power credits rather than bills is better for poor people.

if they hadn't sold off our power supply (and our water and our communications), it would be affordable and reliable and safe, for consumers and for the workforce.

Barnaby continues to lie profusely. The ignorant will believe him and the fossil fuel industry will continue to cheer him on.

Lay off them mushrooms Barney.

Coal is the most affordable power that could provide consistent output regardless the weather. Sad, but truth. Maybe Aus should re-visit the idea of building nuclear plants. Unless battery technologies improve dramatically in the next couple of years, renewable is not sustainable

auspol Poor delusional Bonkaby FFS solar power is without doubt the cheapest form of power... I think you’re conflicted

that's weird because renewables are cheaper. I guess they could pile on more coal subsidies to push it back down again.

Barnaby concerned about poor people, I assume he means himself given he stated he cannot live on $200K +.

Barnaby if the coalition government spent some money on social issues and improved the lack of poverty in Australia instead of looking after the more fortunate. I am one of the more fortunate but feel for those who are struggling

Never forget who that Grub works for. It's not us.

Exactly who does Barnaby think he’s fooling here?

You continue to give this failure a voice, who cares what Barnaby thinks?


He said wanted the govt out of his life... Maybe he should get himself out of govt?

Who care what Beetroot thinks. WHY give this loser Any publicity.

Solar is generating at less than coal. He needs to quit the Nationals and create his own party with Canavan and Christensen. He can call it Gina's lapdog party

No it’s not. It’s all about protecting big mining interests as opposed to good government.

Labor still sitting on the fence. Want to go woke but know that's not what a majority of Australians want. At least barny says what he believes.

Hahaha, this idiot reckons he can’t live on his $200,000 salary, so would he know 🤣😂🤣

Spot on. We're not going to roll over for the Climate Cult.

What a wanker.

Because hydrogen, solar & batteries are don’t donate to the Nats?

he's such a caring individual

Except that renewables are cheaper ...

ah thats right Barnaby_Joyce ... Poor people like you, thats right remember how you are doing it hard trying to make ends meet. And having to pay for all of your kids, and Ex and your current squeeze beetrooter

Fact check: Is coal a more 'affordable' energy source? Especially considering the cost is the destruction of all civilisation?

If that's the case, why have power prices only increased since Abbott scrapped the carbon tax and promised everyone they'd save $500 on their power bills?

If coal power was the the most economically feasible source, why is the market avoiding it like the plague and Barking Mad Barnaby demanding the government build it.

Spot on Barnaby, via the LNP coal companies certainly did get affordable power.

Poor Australians are dying fighting fires. Poor Australians are dying inhaling smoke from fires. Poor Australians are losing the family farm.

Who is going to tell'im

Yeah, Nah. Only thing that would make sense with coal is Gine pumping coal money into Barnaby's pocket. AuspolSoCorrupt

Someone should really get the merchandising rights to this guy. He is only gonna get better with age.

He clearly hasn't read the latest national energy market price report.

Dickhead and has not read what the BOM, CSIRO and our own government has written about the climate has changed. Should be last person to be interviewed by any rational person about coal's future which has none.

It’s all about keeping Gina happy

Like it (or him) or not he is correct. Low income people and families have struggled in the last few years with ever increasing power bills. It is not for the wealthy to say 'I don't care', because they can afford it.

BJ is so out of touch, he thinks alternate power are his jumper leads in his Ute

Virtue signalling prat.

Hes not wrong

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